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Let The Shopping Begin!

November 04, 2019

Shopping from home is the best and when you find a retailer you love, it's even better!

Cozy Christmas Prints

Last year, I shared how I love old sayings.

I think it's because I was raised on them. My mom was the undisputed queen of dishing them out.

Growing up, virtually every life lesson came wrapped up and delivered in one of these tidy little packages.

Simple words to illustrate her points, but the older I got, the more I realized how true they were. That's clearly why they've stood the test of time.

Take one of my favorites, what goes around comes around. 

In the old days, we used to buy everything from a catalog. We shopped from home, cuddled up on the couch.

Then the age of mall shopping dominated.

We braved the cold, shopped til we dropped and carried it all home. Well, that doesn't look like it's going to happen this year.

I think a lot more of use will be on the couch, snug and warm, shopping from home. Just like those catalog days. 

One of my favorites online shops is Every now and then, I shout out an item from their store on my Facebook page and people go wild.

What is this store? Love this shop, thanks for sharing! How did I not know about this? These are actual comments I've received, so I'm always happy to show off their pretties.

It's a neat shop, a curated marketplace that shares boutique seller items in limited quantities, so they go quick. 

Last year, I shared a few pretties in early November and by that time, believe it or not, things were sold out within minutes of pressing publish.

I think this year with the influx of online shoppers it's only going to get worse.
So I decided to update this post  and get it out to you early, so you have a shot at what you like! 

UPDATE!! This is the second time in 2020 that I've updated. In October, basically everything I shared sold out. So here are my latest picks!!

Here are my top 5 picks!!

1. First up, are these Farmhouse Christmas Pillow Covers. 

There's no easier way to add a little holiday flair to a room than with pillows...but who has room to store new ones for every season?

I don't, certainly not in this cottage. However pillow covers are are easily folded up and tucked away.

Plus they're way less expensive than buying a new pillow. Done.

Farmhouse Pillow Covers

2. So the gnomes I shared last time sold out quickly.

However you can still grab these adorable Bottle Cover Christmas Gnomes.  

Whether you use them to cover a gift bottle or keep them yourself, they're bound to be a crowd pleaser and at this price, you can do both!

Bottle Cover Christmas Gnomes

3. Wooden signs make great decor pieces and great gifts...which is why the last one I share sold out in a jiffy.

I tried to find just one that caught my eye, but there were really just too many cute ones to choose from. 

So here you go, a whole collection of wooden signs.

Wooden Christmas Tree Sign

Which is your favorite?

4. Up next, are these darling Felt Christmas Garlands.

I shared them on Facebook and everyone went wild over them. There are tons of patterns and colors to choose from.

This one is my favorite though.

Felt Garland

 5. Last but certainly not least, are some pretty prints. These are always the most popular items that I share and are gone in flash.

Luckily, they keep getting in new ones from new artists.

Cozy Christmas Art is the latest.

I like the name!

Cozy Christmas Art

I'll update again, if these all go.

It looks like it's going to be a very online Christmas season.

For both gift giving and decorating.

And Christmas decorating shopping is my favorite. 

How about you? 

  1. I love this Kim. I love shopping from home too and these are great ideas. Beats going out in the cold and dealing with the crowds. Going to check these out now. Have a great start to the new week.

    1. Totally beats the cold, Kris…and not that snow has been dropping in some parts of the country, I’m really not into going outside!!

  2. Hi Kim,
    I had to come back and tell you I have been shopping on Jane. What a wonderful site. I have found some great gifts. This site has so many unique and very reasonable things. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Oh yay!! I’m so glad I shared!! It’s a dangerous little site, it becomes very addictive, very quickly. ☺️

  3. Such great ideas! I am with Kris above, I shop right from my computer! Have a great week :)

    1. Thanks Christina! And I agree, nothing better than clicking for Christmas! 😉

  4. I have only one more thing to get and I am done with my shopping. I miss those catalogs. I loved getting JC Pennys and Hubby love seeing the Sears tool section. Those were the days.

    1. We used to circle away in both those books, Betty…with Mitch Miller singing in the background. Fun days!

  5. Get the cow, get the cow!!!!!! And the pretty little red truck and the cookie tin!!!!

    1. Isn't she just the best? I am smitten for sure...

  6. I had to sign up to let me know when those beautiful prints were back in stock! They are a great idea for teacher gifts :)

  7. It's never too early to shop! I remember the catalogue days; online shopping just doesn't seem the same to me though with nothing physical to pore over. We used to look forward to getting the new Christmas catalog every year. We were three girls so we'd fight over who got to see it first (it was Mom of course!). My believe sign would be red too!

    1. That red sign has my name all over it, Sara!!

  8. I decorated for Halloween today (really more like candy corn and pumpkins because I don't like the scary...) But I'm seriously thinking about decorating for Christmas early and NOT decorating for Thanksgiving this year. :D So.....I really appreciate this post! I love the little gnomes.

  9. October is definitely NOT too early to begin to shop. In fact, I actually shop (sort of) all year. If I see something I think someone might like, I grab it:) I have already ordered several things online. Last year I probably did at least 90% of my shopping online. I just don't like the crowds in the mall anymore. I remember the SEARS CHRISTMAS CATALOG! When that arrived in the mail, we kids were beyond thrilled. I would look through it for hours, circling all the things I hoped Santa might bring me. That is such a special memory I hadn't thought of in a long time, so thanks for reminding me:) I have bought several things for myself and for gifts through Most things have been great, but a couple things have been duds! That's the downside of shopping online!!!!

  10. I have bought on this site since you introduced it to us awhile back. Christmas will be here before we know it. We have frost warnings already. Ugh I think it is beginning to look like Christmas not fall here. Have a great night. Hugs. Kris

  11. JANE looks like a fun shopping site, Kim! I'm sorry to say that I had never heard of it before - I have been burned by some online shopping places and am leery of trying out new ones. But since you've endorsed it and they do have lots of wonderful items, I will give it a try. Thanks!

  12. Hi, I am off to check out Jane's shop! Thank you for sharing.

  13. Aw! The bottle cover Christmas gnomes are so cute! I do love them!


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