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Crafty Easter Inspiration

March 28, 2013

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Peep!  Yarn chicks my kids whipped up from tinfoil balls and scraps from our craft closet.

Ok, so Easter is really closing in now and the pressure is on- it's time to color eggs.  Coloring eggs has never been one of my favorite things to do.

As a kid, I think I loved it, but as a grown up, not so much.  I hate the mess, your hands get covered in that indelible dye, not to mention everything else that it comes in contact with and the eggs never look the way they do on the package- they are usually drippy and uneven, the stickers don't stay on and that wax crayon is too fat to work with.

The whole thing does not sit well with my perfectionist tendencies.

Springtime animals and Easter egg cupcakes - super kid friendly!

I figured there has got to be a better way, so the kindergarten teacher in me went looking for some easy homemade versions and I was pleasantly surprised!  There are a lot of really great foolproof options out there, for really fabulous looking eggs, using stuff I bet you already have in your house like markers, tissue paper, glitter and paint.

I have compiled some of my favorites on Pinterest.  There are also Easter wreaths and directions to make some cute yarn critters to decorate your table. 

Hippity- Hoppity!

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  1. You must have been reading my mind! I dyed Easter eggs with the kids yesterday, and it was just a big, sloppy mess. The eggs looked pathetic, the dye seeped through the newsprint and stained my kitchen counters pink, and the kids got bored with it after about 5 minutes. The whole time I'm left thinking, "This is supposed to be fun, right??" I'm *totally* using your modge podge idea to rehabilitate our sad little eggs, and using them as a centerpiece for Easter! Oh, and I borrowed the muffin tin trick from Pinterest - epic fail. I overfilled the cups, so with each dunk of an egg the colors ran together. Next year, we're ditching the dyeing and employing all your crafty ideas instead! Thanks, Kim!

    1. Oh boy! I'm sorry my post was a day too late for you! Thanks for the skinny on the muffin tin trick, I was hoping that might ease the mess a bit. I'm sure your "rehabilitated" eggs will be gorgeous nonetheless! Happy Easter!