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About The Author

This is me...Kim, craft writer, DIYer, author and creator of Exquisitely Unremarkable and the girl behind those bright red, grocery store tulips since 2013.

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Wife, mother, cottage lover, freelance writer, former teacher, theater costumer, artist, amateur decorator, home stager, professional volunteer, closet singer and, for the last ten years, craft and DIY writer.

It was an unexpected path for sure.

I started writing for me, as an escape during a very difficult period. My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease at the same time two siblings had been diagnosed with cancer. 

It was a dark time and I needed a distraction.

I found it at home, with crafts.

And over the last decade, it's become my passion and my joy.

I'm often asked for decorating advice, so I try to share some of it here, along with a few of my decor tricks and some very, very easy, but elegant looking crafts.

That's the key. 

My goal is to inspire you find the beauty in your everyday surroundings. And to empower you to transform your own spaces with inexpensive, simple DIYs and some basic and realistic decorating advice.

Even if you've have never crafted before. 

I share things that anyone can accomplish, on a tiny budget, regardless of their skill level.

Because trust me, I'm not that skilled.

I'm also a total homebody, so I rarely share about travel. And I'd rather clean my cottage kitchen than cook in it, so if I do share recipes you can bet they're easy, too.

Most importantly, however, I'm a writer and love to share my words. There are no short posts here.

I like to tell the tale.

I also enjoy a little sarcasm, and while I may write about decor like it's very serious business, it's all tongue in cheek. It's my brand of escapism.

Lots of very dramatic DIYs with happy endings. Well, mostly happy endings.

And if I can occasionally make myself and others laugh or think along the way, well, that's a bonus. 😉

Professionally, my DIYs and home decor crafts have been featured in many national and local publications, such as The Huffington Post, Country Living Magazine, Country Sampler, Good Housekeeping, and many more. 

I've been quoted in articles that have appeared on YahooNews and and about decorating your home on a budget.

I've been a contributing writer for local print papers, and and a craft designer for the Bowdabra Bowmaker Official Blog. 

I've also been honored to receive several awards from both US and international entities for my blogging, my crafts and my freelance writing. None of which I ever imagined when I started writing about tulips all those years ago.

Unexpected for sure.

For more fun facts about me you can check out this old post, I try to update it every now and then so it's current.

If you want to stick around, that's wonderful.

There's always room for friends.

You can sign up for email delivery so the fun always comes to you.

Hope to see you in the comments! 😊 Kim