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A Simple Wooden Rooster Sign

April 11, 2013

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Make a super simple wooden sign with wallpaper decals.

Sometimes words get in the way.
I have a weakness for decorative signs. My style is a cross between country cottage and farmhouse so they are a good fit. I am also just one of those people that loves quotes and sayings. I have many of them peppered around my home and it makes me happy when I catch sight of one of them in my daily travels.

The words make me giggle or inspire me in a way that accessories like candlesticks cannot.
However unlike candlesticks, unless I want my house to look like one of those tourist shops I could spend hours in when I go on vacation, there is such a thing as too many signs.

On top of that, I do not have a big house, so I have to be strategic where I place them and how many I put in one room.

This became a problem in my kitchen, when I needed a sign over the window, but I didn't want it to compete with the several others nearby.

I decided I liked the idea of a sign, but not the sentiments (plus I find lettering stressful) I made a very simple piece of sign-inspired art and mostly out of leftovers to boot!

I had a piece of plywood hanging out in the garage and cut it to the dimensions I desired. Mine is four feet long by six inches wide.

I am lazy, so I did not prime it, plus I was going for a bit of a barn look, I was ok with the wood bleeding through. I painted it with some red paint I had leftover from my kitchen walls. I let the two coats dry overnight.

My "artwork" was from Wallies, wallpaper rooster cutouts.  Wallies come pre-pasted in a bunch of different patterns. I purchased years ago, but they are still available today.

I played around with the design a bit and then used decoupage from my art closet to adhere the Wallies to the board with a foam brush in an arrangement I liked best. 

Several hours later, I went over the entire board with Mod Podge to set and seal it.  When the piece was complete and dry, I turned it over and added a picture hanger to the back... and voila, a wordless sign!

A few years later, I flipped it over to lighten it up! Now I have two rooster signs and a different look for winter and summer!

Rooster Sign

Do you decorate with signs?

Fall Sign and Wreath
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  1. I liked your simple sign decorating project. thanks.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and checking it out!

  2. I love signs too, but not too many or the meaningfulness of the message gets lost. My favorite sign hangs in my kitchen. It is large and simply says "Gathering Room." Although not inspirational, I knew when I hung it in my new house that I was truly home. It is the place where all gather when we host a party and the place my family and I gather to talk about the day's events. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree with you Lisa, even a simple sentiment can be inspiring and touch us. I think signs are one of those really personal pieces that make the difference between a house a home. Thank you for your thoughtful comment!

  3. I actually like signs as well, my only sign reads,"Good Food(not true)Good Friends (absolutely)Good Times(for sure)but our family pictures on display in our home have captured memories of a lifetime.

    1. Ha Ha! I like your sign description...mine would (read) the same way! Family photos are the ultimate decorative sign! Love it!

  4. I just read this. Great idea! I have four pictures of chickens and roosters hanging in my kitchen (which I purchased inexpensively from the Christmas Tree Shop). My son has adopted one of the chickens. He makes the chicken a new hat out of paper for every holiday! Sue

    1. Great's one of those awesome things your kids do that you will remember forever and the memory will make you smile whenever you look at that those hats!