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Springtime Swap

April 04, 2013

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Swap out winter decor for spring accessories and watch your home bloom!



So the weather is getting warmer and I should probably start packing away some of my winter clothes.  It's still cold outside, but not hat and mitten cold, so I'd look kind of ridiculous wearing my really heavy sweaters and a wool coat.  Besides, I'm done with them.  It's been a long, chilly winter and I'm ready to move on to bright colors, lighter fabrics and fresher accessories.  

After all, it's spring now.  

So I really should get on it...but I'm not going to, that job is boring and annoying and I am not as much of a fashionista I used to be, I mean, I love new clothes, but I'm much more into decorating now and so I'm much more excited to start swapping out winter for spring in my home.

Right about now, lots of stuff in my house resembles that wool coat.  Heavy blankets, dark window coverings, I can't wait to pack away the red velvet coverlet on my bed and crimson placemats in my kitchen.  Those lovely rich colors and textiles light me up in the fall and winter.  They give my home a cozy air, a warm, let's go sit by the fireplace feeling.  They make every room a great place to curl up, read a book and escape from the cold...ahhh...

...and that wonderful feeling lasts until about April, and then, the rooms feel closed in and those exact same accessories are suddenly heavy, drab, dull and stifling.  I need to pack them away as quickly as I can and replace them with spring.  I love those days.  My whole house feels different, someone just opened the windows and let a whole new season inside.  It's like buying a brand new  wardrobe, a giant pick me, a complete makeover. 

I don't usually make this an expensive process, as I love the base in every room and changing a few accessories can have a dramatic effect on a space.  I have certain pieces I cherish and reuse every year.  They seem brand new when I pull them out, as they've been tucked away out of sight for half the year.  

I do splurge on a few new items, usually small things, new hand towels, a bedspread or throw, I make new curtains and I am kind of a dish collector.  I love to wander around Marshalls, HomeGoods, any discount home store, hitting the clearance aisles looking for cheap inspiration.  

A few quick seasonal changes and I am in love with my house and my accessories all over, well, at least until October!

Quick Spring Update Tips

*You get the most bang for your buck on larger statement pieces, like bed coverings and throw pillows.  Pillow covers are great- store bought or homemade, they make storage easy.

*I change out curtains to let more light in and shower curtains to brighten the room.

*I pick up throw rugs in some spaces for a cleaner feel, it also preserves my rug- saving it from wet beach or pool feet.  I remove cushions from some of my chairs for the same reasons.

*I rotate out some of my accessories like heavy candlesticks and frames, replacing them with glass and light colored items. 

*I bring the outside in, cutting everything from forsythia branches to zinnias for vases.

*I make sure not to forget my front door! ;)

Do you redecorate for the season? 

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  1. I also enjoy the change from Winter to Spring, both inside and outside my home.

    1. Ah yes, outside too...I have redecorated the inside of my home, now I have to wait for the trees and flowers to catch up! Thank you for the comment!

  2. You have inspired me to "bring on Spring"! I love how you decorate with a clean and fresh look. Keep the posts coming, I need the help!

    1. Thanks! I'm so glad that my post inspired you!

  3. I like your article

    1. Thank you and thank you for taking time to comment! :)

  4. I adore your choices of color for the seasons. It is warm and inviting, while setting a nice tone for the time of year.


    1. Thank you Beth! That's exactly what I was going for!

  5. I love your comforter for spring! It looks so happy and fresh!

    And I never thought to change things up by changing out some accessories in the house. I always change out stuff like floral arrangements, but I never thought to switch out candlesticks or even rugs. My husband is not going to like that I found your website.....:-)

    1. Thanks for the comment Lisa! I am glad you found a useful tip...and as far as the hubby goes, if he is anything like mine, he probably won't even notice! ;)