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The Magic of Mirrors

May 28, 2013

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I love decorating with mirrors and have them generously sprinkled throughout my home.

In addition to adding decorative flair, they open rooms up by reflecting light and adding visual space.

I vary their shapes, sizes and styles to keep it interesting, but the common element is always the light and depth they add to the otherwise small rooms.

Exquisitely Unremarkable bedroom mirror
Mirror, Mirror on my bedroom wall....

They're a staple in my décor arsenal and I believe I have at least two in every room.  

If the placement is done with thought, it's not overkill, no different than having several paintings or signs in an area. 

There are no rules, decorating with mirrors is pretty straightforward.

Of course, I once read a quote from a designer who said that mirror placement can be very tricky for the amateur decorator, that it is not the mirror you should be focusing on, but rather what is being reflected in the mirror.  

That visual can make or break a room.  

It is probably no surprise to many of you that I wholeheartedly disagree with this pro. 

While I do agree with the general premise of the statement, you want a pleasing reflection, I have never found the reflected view to be a problem. 

I love every corner of my home, so every reflection is just another view of what I've created and adore looking at (even if it is the backside of my front door)! 

I place mirrors where I think they will look good, the end.

Exquisitely Unremarkable ornate mirror

The only real tangible advice I have to share regarding mirrors is make certain that they are hung according to the directions and have the proper weight support. 

Bad luck aside, n
o one wants a broken mirror. 

Exquisitely Unremarkable round mirror

These are some of the mirrors I have peppered around my home.  

I admit it, I'm a total junkie. 

This corner of my daughter's bedroom may border on excessive, but it works. 

The large mirror over the dresser reflects the light from the windows on the
opposite wall. 

The round mirror next to it and small pedestal mirror are useful for makeup application and the small mirrored box is just pretty!

Exquisitely Unremarkable white mirror

The powder room is very tiny and lost its only window when we added to the kitchen. 

I wanted to paint it a dark color anyway, so I mitigate the absence of natural light by putting a very large mirror - a mirror that got a makeover when we changed the bathroom  decor to white - over the vanity and another smaller one on the opposing wall. 

I always use the largest mirror I can fit on the wall in a bathroom since the rooms tend to be small and, besides, you can never have enough mirrors in the bathroom.

Exquisitely Unremarkable red mirror

This white mirror really pops on my red wall. 

It still pops in the renovated bath. I just painted the plastic mirror frame to look like wood.


This mirror is just a small accent piece in the den. 

It's the mirror I painted and added a raised stencil to recently. 

In my small, dark, windowless hallway, I grouped three mirrors together to open it up.

I didn't buy them all together, but I made sure that the wood was the same color and finish so that they look uniform.

I'm not usually a matchy-match girl, but when grouping objects, some aspect of the composition should be similar, to tie it all together. 

When we updated the hallway, I painted all the mirrors white to give the space a cohesive look.

Also, grouping items in odd numbers adds  interest.  

For example, on this wall, I have three mirrors (the ideal number for a group), a sign and a shelf, giving me a perfectly uneven five.

This venetian style mirror was super cheap at Ikea.  It may also be my favorite.

I fell in love instantly. 

It's not the same style or period as my antique rock maple bedroom set, but it adds some sparkle and elegance to the room.  

It's also completely unexpected in the space, which draws the eye to it even more.

Since my goal here is always about empowerment, I urge you to experiment with mirrors in your own home.

Forget the rules.

Hang up those mirrors.

And add some magic for fun.


Do you use mirrors for form or simply function? 

Or do you take the vampire route and just stay away?  

I'd love to know! 
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  1. now I KNOW you HAVE to come and decorate my home looks like a frat party threw up in it...well without all of the beer and vomit! Seriously...mirrors are a great idea...I just have NO clue where to get them and where to put them but NOW I have a clue what I need to do! THANKS!

    1. You, my "Middleage" friend, are funny even in comments! I seriously doubt your house is anything but lovely, but mirrors are always a nice addition...and I am super cheap, so I get them at Marshalls or TJMaxx or Target! I have also been known to shop at garage sales, thrift stores and at the curb! A little spray paint and it's the ultimate bargain! ;) Thanks for the visit!

  2. Amen to the magic of mirrors!!! I love using them in decorating! In fact, I think if I bring home another mirror, my husband may kill me!
    Jenna @ Rain on a Tin Roof

    1. Same here, but they are just all so pretty and unique, it's so hard to pass them up! Thanks for popping by to comment, Jenna and I totally plan on using your banner at our kids' pool party this summer! So pretty and now I am all set with the how-to!

  3. Nice decorating idea that goes with any decor and adds a fresh new look that does not go out of style.


    1. Thanks for the comment Beth! I always like to read your kind remarks! :) Kim

  4. Amen! there's one way of using a mirror that I think you didn't mention - I like using mirrors as trays as well for display, it reflects the light from above and just gives anything on that mirror tray an extra sparkle!!

    1. Great tip Vel! I didn't think of that...may have to get one of those for my coffee table...hmmmm! Going to hit Pinterest now and add a few to the board! Thanks so much for the comment!

    2. You have very unique mirrors; I'm sure they are placed beautifully throughout your home. I have a bunch of mirrors in my house: they add flavor to any room.

    3. Thank you for the nice comment, I agree, they do add something special.

  5. So many great, unique mirrors! I love the way mirrors really open up a room. Thanks for linking up at Project Inspire{d}!

    1. Randi, with such a small cottage, I can use all the optical space I can get my hands on to open these rooms up~ the unique and pretty are a nice bonus! You ladies always throw a really great party with lots of inspiration. Thanks for having me and popping by to take a peek!

  6. Love all of the mirrors! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  7. I love decorating with mirrors also! Thank you for linking up at HickoryTrail

  8. Other than the bedrooms and bathrooms, I only have one other mirror (in my family room) in the house. You've inspired me to get some more - they are easier than artwork and if I hit Home Goods they will be reasonably priced. I sense a shopping trip in my future...

    1. How fun! I love a shopping trip, especially when there is a bargain involved! I'm glad you found some inspiration and thanks for the comment!

  9. Kim-
    I'm a big fan of mirrors as well! Have you heard of Mirror Mate? You should definitely have a look. They have sponsored the last two design blog conferences I was at and their product is ingenious. Here's a link to their site: Kind of cool how you can change the look of your mirror without having to take your mirror down.

    1. I have seen them, Jeanne and you are right, ingenious! One of those, "Why didn't I think of that?" ideas for sure! Thanks for the link!