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I'm In Love With Jeff Lewis And I Know It's All Wrong

June 11, 2013

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Are you a fan of Jeff Lewis, his modern decorating and design style? Me too...and I know it's wrong.

This is about as modern as it gets in my house.

I can admit it now, because it's over, but earlier this year, I think I may have had a midlife {decorating} crisis. It's pathetic really, being reduced to a common and boring stereotype.

To think that after years of very predictable behavior and steadfast commitment, a schoolgirl crush could change it all.

What's worse, is that I involved my husband in this farce, making him watch each week as I ogled and longed for the decidedly modern decorating style of Bravo TV designer Jeff Lewis.
I knew it was wrong.

I'm a country girl.

Stacked Farm Animal Stencil

I love farmhouses set in Iowa, Connecticut and France. I drool over wrap around porches, painted rockers and red gingham curtains. I love well worn furniture and braided rugs. I repurpose and upcycle.

Some of my most cherished pieces have literally been picked out of the trash.

The trash!

Trash To Treasure Chair

Jeff Lewis and trash do not mix...I knew it would never work and yet, I couldn't help myself. I was strangely attracted to the clean lines of his designs, the bold patterned wallpaper, black and white color palettes, glass tile and, I cannot lie, the OCD.

It was a powerful draw.

That crazy brand of decorating OCD is something my husband and I do not share. Attention to detail is what sets a good design plan and a great one apart.

I match the flowers in our garden to the outdoor cushions. I coordinate the tissue boxes with bathroom d├ęcor.

I walk around at night, before bed, staging the house. As I pick up the remnants of the day, adjust the lighting, fluff the pillows and rearrange the flowers, my husband tells me to come sit down, this isn't a magazine shoot.

Obviously, he doesn't get it.

Cottage Style Decor Ideas

The house should always look like a magazine shoot. Jeff Lewis gets it. He thinks the water bottle labels in his closed refrigerator must all be facing the same way. Of course, they do.

If only that were the worst of it.  Unfortunately, my crush went much deeper than the OCD. As I mentioned earlier, it really was all about his style.

The modern aesthetic really caught my eye. It was so different and exotic. The clean lines and sparsely placed accessories left important visual space; each element was given room to really stand out.

After an episode of Flipping Out, I would look around my house and suddenly it felt cluttered and dingy, the abundance of long loved accessories was stifling.

His dark finished cabinets and sleek floors were so alluring. They were fresh, looked expensive and felt uptown. A few weeks into the season and my garbage finds looked like, well...garbage.

My husband was understandably not happy about my wandering eye. Divorcing my current style would be a very expensive proposition. 

Glass Cabinets With Fabric

Thankfully, it's been a few months since the last season wrapped up and I am really starting to love my stuff again.

This is one case where distance has not made the heart grow fonder. While Jeff's luxurious designs and tony West Coast mansions are heavenly to look at, and fantasize about, as the saying goes, I wouldn't want to live there.

I just don't think I would be comfortable.

While I cannot deny feeling an occasional tug at the sight of the new season promos and I have weeded out a few accessories, overall, I like the feel of my mixed fabric floral couch.

Stenciled Pillows

I like my roosters, my handmade curtains, my homemade wreaths and my thrift store junk.

Of course, when the season starts again, I will be front and center with my remote and the DVR.

I mean there's nothing wrong with a little eye candy, right?

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  1. Oh Kim...there is NOTHING wrong with a little bit of eye candy! I am pretty sure that you were just fascinated with his sense of style and not his backside! ;) I cannot decorate to SAVE my life but I know that I do not feel comfortable at all in a sterile feeling home so I am SURE that I would not feel that way in your sounds and looks lovely! Now...ahemmmm...back to that eye candy... ;)

    1. It's really pathetic that for me eye candy is a custom sofa or some really nice landscaping! Man, I am old! :)

  2. We might just be one in the same...I am a more classic cozy type of person but feel like I would like to live 2 lives...mine and then a Jeff Lewis type of home life. Being a mom and actually living in my home without having a full time staff like Zoila makes it clear to me that it just wouldn't work. Too clean and sterile, but I still love it too! Audra @

    1. Yes, Audra, a Zoila would be nice, wouldn't it! I just love his designs...maybe when the kids are grown or when we win the lottery~ I will hire him to decorate my vacation home! :)

  3. Bottles all facing the same way in the frig...hmmm, I'll say he is OCD!!! Eye candy is good but give me the good ol comfy pillow any day.
    Now if he could unclutter my house, and organize all the papers that come into it, making it a disaster zone,(and an OCD's nightmare) I might find him attractive as well!


    1. That would be one OCD patient you wouldn't want to cure! ;)

  4. There is definitely nothing wrong with a little eye candy! I rarely watch TV, but I've seen that show before. His design and aesthetic is more my style, as I like things clean and fresh and minimal. I wish he'd come to my house and do some decorating!

    1. Lisa, I don't usually watch tv either, but there's something about a good design show that I find irresistible...that and a NJ Housewife! Don't judge ;)