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20 Easy Craft And Decor Ideas For Christmas

November 29, 2016

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Here's a collection of 20 easy craft and decor ideas for Christmas. Come peek at the pretty, get inspired and get ready to decorate for the season!

20 Exquisitely Unremarkable Easy Craft And Decor Ideas For Christmas

Ah, Christmas!

I've spent the last several days unpacking santas and listening to Frank Sinatra sing it's that time of year, when the world falls in love...

Well, I don't know about that, but it's certainly the time of year when I fall in love with my home decor again.

There's something about the lights that makes everything old seem new again.

My home is like a girl getting ready for the prom. Sparkling from head to toe in the jewelry that only comes out for special occasions.


Well, today, I'm sharing some of that special decor from Christmases past for those friends who've never seen the collection before.

If this is a second (or goodness third!) viewing for you, I would like to say thank you for sticking with me for so long and let you know that I have included a new craft.

And I put it right up front so you can peek and go, but of course I would love you to stay! 😊

Without further ado, and in no particular order, here they are.

20 Easy Craft and Decor Ideas for Christmas

To start, here's a new spin on an old favorite.

A few years ago, I made these wildly popular floral candle rings.

This year, I layered them over evergreen rings for a brand new look. Very festive.

And very easy.

Red Floral Christmas Candle Rings with evergreen sprigs

For the front door, I made an easy triple wreath.

Even if you think you have no crafty skills whatsoever, you can do this and look like a champ.


Part of a Christmas triple wreath on a white door

Another simple way to add some seasonal flair to your entryway is with a dollar store snowflake wreath.

This one can be kept up throughout the snowy months, too. It's been my most popular pin on Pinterest for years. 

Easy to see's doable, inexpensive and very customizable.

White snowflake wreath on blue wall

Old puzzle pieces laying around?

Whip up a few ornaments, gift tags or name cards with paint and glue.

Puzzle Piece Christmas gift tags, ornaments and place cards

My candy canes do double duty during the holidays. Decor and snack!


I do have to replenish them throughout the season, but very worth it.

Christmas candy canes hanging on glass candle hurricane

Counting down?

You could purchase a special treasure or whip up a DIY advent calendar garland out of inexpensive treat bags. 

Snowman, Penguin and Santa Gift Bag Advent Calendar Garland

Or you could recycle this week's newspaper. Just stuff the cones full of treats!

It's a rustic and a bargain.

Newspaper Cone Advent Calendar in basket with red wreath on front

Counting down with an Elf on The Shelf instead?

Well, the North Pole is cold. He may need a coat. Brrr. 

This one is so easy to make, even the kids could help out.

Elf On The Shelf Wearing A DIY Red Felt Coat

I made it out of felt, because I used all of my yarn on these super sweet (and super easy) mini Christmas trees

Well that and I can't knit anything fancier than a scarf.

Santa figurine standing in front of Christmas Yarn Trees

They look great next to my Merry Christmas sticker sign

It's an easy and inexpensive way to get a professional looking piece.

Merry Christmas sticker sign

I have also made Christmas signs from old ceiling fan blades.

These are truly my favorites.

Recycled fan blades with Christmas tree and snowman painted on front

Although the holiday gift bag signs made from the dollar store bags on a plywood boards are a close second.

They can be elegant, whimsical, rustic or traditional to fit your decor, depending on the bags you choose. 

Merry Christmas Gift Bag Wooden Sign on mantel

They can even be ornate, if you place them  carved wooden boards from the craft store.

Clearly I like signs. 

Happy Holidays Peace On Earth DIY Gift bag sign

I also love making Christmas printables

I whipped this one up in less than five minutes and placed it in a cheap frame.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas printable framed on counter

And in the kitchen, an easy apple/ pear crisp.

Ok, ok, my husband made it. I'm really much better at crafts than cooking.

Easy Apple Crisp in a cast iron pan

Lastly, there are the tours. Here is the Christmas tour from my first year of blogging.

Lots of red.

Lemon and Limes in Rooster Planter for Christmas Decor Tour

This is my rustic style Christmas living room from last year.

Less red.

Rustic Christmas Living Room with lit tree at night and buffalo check chair

And my bedroom dressed for the season.

Almost no red.

But still perfectly festive.

Christmas Decor In The Green Cottage Bedroom

I am also sharing a few crafty ideas that aren't really Christmas posts, but for some reason, rank high on the Christmas craft sites.

Like my infamous red hydrangea wreath

Red Hydrangea Wreath

My crocheted potholder garland can be displayed all year long as well, but during Christmas it invokes a toyland feel.

Can you even stand the cuteness?

I mean look at that pantsuit!

The same look can be achieved with actual Christmas potholders.

So sweet. 

Pot Holder Garland hanging on a white wooden kitchen hood

And that's that!

You made it!!

That's all twenty crafty decor Christmas ideas.

And it's not even December yet!

Oh boy.
20 Easy Home Decor Christmas Crafts Collage
Do you have a favorite?

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  1. So many great creative ideas, Kim! 'Tis the season!

  2. Love all your crafty ideas. I think my faves are the painted fan blades and the triple wreath and the snowflake wreath. Oh I love them all. This was fun to see.

    1. Thanks Kris! I am partial to those fan blades this year, too. They're new and sparkly! ;)

  3. Hi Kim, all the ideas here are incredible and so festive. Your talents are over the moon.
    Thanks for sharing. xo

    1. Thanks you so much, CM! You just made my day! :)

  4. I have to have a favorite?? Okay. The bookcase!! And the fabric wrapped chair cushions. And the pot holders. And.... No. I don't have a favorite. Who could? Wait! I know! YOU are my favorite - blogger! Merry Christmas, and it's not even December.

    1. You are so nice, Nancy!! Merry Christmas to you, too!! :)

  5. Love the cute snowflake wreath - it's amazing what you can do from DT bargains! I adore the puzzle piece wreaths w/buttons, too.

    1. Thanks so much, Barb!! I'm all about cheap supplies and easy to make crafts! Glad you enjoy my process! :)

  6. My favorite is the gift bag signs...LOVE! I am still trying to decide what to do with my front door and your ideas are very helpful Kim :)

    1. I am so glad you found some inspiration, Karen...and those gift bags are addictive. I found a few more and have the wood all ready to start crafting!

  7. Ole bah humbug me is slowly getting inspired! The trouble is, when I'm fully inspired, it's all over...LOL.

    1. Haha...right there with you, Florence. Moving slower this year for sure...I think the warm weather has curbed my holiday enthusiasm. NOT that I am complaining about warm weather! ;)

  8. So many fun ideas and I like that they all look doable. I think the snowflake wreath is my favorite.

    1. Thanks Amalia! The snowflake wreath is one of my favorites, too…I can leave than one up until March…sometimes April. Which isn’t always a good thing! ;)

  9. You're the queen of repurposing Kim! I love all these projects, but I'm especially intrigued by the three wreaths. I clicked over but can't figure out how you tied the wreaths together. You mentioned you tied a know in the back but what was it tied with? The ribbon doesn't seem to go all the way around. Speaking of which, is there any reason you didn't continue the ribbon around the back to secure them together?

    1. I’m going to have to go back to the post and fix the language, Doreen. Thanks…sometimes, what I have in my head, doesn’t translate very well in the written word. Yes, I did what you said, I used the ribbon to loop one wreath to another and tied it in a simple knot. Then I moved the knot to the back of the wreath, behind the branches, to hide it. Essentially you are just looping the wreaths together with ribbon. Not tricky at all…except my directions! ;)

  10. Kim, you are so clever. Love all the ideas. I have about a million plastic snow flakes that I don't really use any more (but can't seem to get rid of) and as I put my snowmen out for the month of January, think I will fashion one of those snowflake wreaths. Love you Christmas rooms from years passed. Can't wait to see this years..Happy Holidays..Judy

    1. I say make the wreath, Judy! It's so easy and really does look pretty in the winter against the backdrop of real snow. I have also seen people make chargers out of them to dress a winter table. I like that idea a lot, too...

  11. My favorite is the triple wreath! So cute and festive! I love the yarn trees as well. They remind me of my childhood. :)

    1. That triple wreath is on my door right now, Lisa…thanks! :) The yarn trees are in my daughter’s room. She picks her favorites and relocates them. It’s ok with me…that’s what Christmas is all about right?

  12. Oh! SO much fun and so many ideas in one place, Kim. I love them. I love that cute little snowflake wreath- the kids could do that one easily. Fun. Fun. Fun. Thanks for all the ideas! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana...and yes, the kids could totally do that. SO easy. Trust me, if I can do it, they can do it! And probably better! ;)

  13. Cute ideas for Christmas, Kim! My favorites are the triple wreath and the painted fan blades. :-)

    1. I really like those, too, Melanie...they were fun (and super easy) to make! And thanks!! :)

  14. Great ideas and I have pinned many of them.
    I like how you said your home was getting ready for prom.
    xx oo

    1. Haha…we just went through prom in June. Lots of sparkle. It’s fresh in my mind…although I honestly think Christmas costs less!! ;) Happy weekend!

  15. I love them all! I have to say my favorite is the snowflake wreath! I am a little partial to snowflakes....

    1. Thanks AnnMarie! I am partial to snowflakes, long as they're not on the ground! ;)

  16. I love all of the craft ideas but my favorite so far is the painted ceiling fan blade. I just love those! Love and hugs!

    1. Thanks Benita! I love the fan blades,too. The garbage picking to find the fans, I could do without. Ha! ;)

  17. I remember most of these but not that snowflake it along with the others :)

    1. Thanks Deb...that's an oldie...but still a goodie, I guess! :)

  18. Great ideas, Kim! If I had to choose one fave, it would be your Rustic Christmas living room....that photo could be a Christmas card!

    Warm hugs,

    1. Thank you, Carol. I really do sit in the room often at night and stare at the tree...

  19. I think YOU sweet Kim, are my favorite!!!!!!! And the last picture with the red chair is absolutely PERFECT!!!
    Thanks for all of the ideas and inspiration!

    1. J…you just totally made my day!! Thanks so much for your super kind comment and for always coming by to peek at my posts. It really does mean the world.

  20. I remember all of these. It's fun to see them all gathered in one place. Reaffirms your amazing talent for creating beautiful decor (and food)! xo

    1. Thank you, Nancy...I do like making things. And eating things! ;)

  21. Kim there are so many projects here to make and I really cannot decide which I like the best. The snowman sign is really great and perfect for the whole winter. And all of your wreaths are really cute and all so very different.

    1. Why thank you, Mary!! I really do like that snowman.