Patriotic Shirt Apron DIY

June 10, 2019

How To Paint A Flag Pocket Apron

Summer, summer, summertime!! Woo Hoo!! It's here, it's here!

Ok, well, technically, it's almost here, but as a devout summer girl and island dweller, when the weather arrives, the season arrives! And it has arrived.

I just adore summer, it's my most favorite season of the whole year. I get to sit by the pool, drive with the windows down and my daughters' song on the radio, hang out at the beach, walk on the warm docks and best of all, barbecue with friends.

Speaking honor of the upcoming July 4th holiday, I made myself a patriotic apron and I can't wait to wear it. And long as someone else is cooking. I'm just in it for the fashion.

Last week, I finally got around to upcycling an old men's dress shirt and turned it into a super cute (if I do say so myself) full length gingham apron. It was a very simple DIY that took me about fifteen minutes to complete from the first cut to the last stitch.

Men's Dress Shirt Apron Upcycle DIY

Painting my own version of the American Flag on the pocket? Yeah, not as simple. Not for this girl anyway. Despite my prep work and the precautions I took to keep the paint "in the lines", I still managed to make a mess.

But that's ok, for me crafting isn't about being perfect, it's about enjoying the process and creating something I love. It's kind of my decorating and DIY mantra, because honestly,  if I strived for total perfection every time, I would never try anything.

This way, I get to jump in and try something new without all the pressure. It really is freeing. Besides, I think that the quirks are what makes a handmade treasure so special.

By now you must be dying to see my apron, I'm sure! So let's go.

I started by placing a piece of cardboard in the pocket I was going to paint. It provided me with a flat, hard surface to work on and prevented any paint from bleeding through to the fabric underneath.

Taping Off The Pocket For Painting

Next, I mixed my paint with a bit of fabric medium so it would be wearable and washable. Let's face it, no one needs an apron you can't wash.

How To Paint On A Shirt

I painted one blue stripe across the top of the pocket and then proceeded to paint the rest of the pocket red. I did overlap the colors just a bit for interest. I needed about two coats of each color to get the shade I wanted. Then I let them dry.

DecoArt Americana Paint For Flag Painting

When I peeled my tape off, I noticed a bit of bleeding. That's the not perfect part. I was able to wipe some of it off and was going to try to scrub the rest of it away, but I was afraid I'd make it worse, smearing it over larger areas, so I left it.

Painting On Fabric

Some of the bleed was covered up by the white stars I stamped onto the pocket. I thought three stars were just enough to add a festive accent.

Patriotic Flag Men's Dress Shirt Apron DIY

As for the rest of the mess? What mess? All I see is a darling apron decorated with red, white and blue.

Patriotic Gingham Shirt Apron DIY

What do you see?

Wait! Before you go, I'd like to thank my sweet and talented friend Benita for hosting this month's installment of 10 on the 10th where we're all about July 4th fun.

July 4th Crafts

Pop on over to visit my super talented and patriotic friends and see what they have in store for the holiday!


  1. Ready for a barbecue!!! Happy 4th!

  2. This is adorable. You will be styling for the fourth. Great job.


    1. Thanks Cindy! I just need to pry it away from my daughter. She's taken a real shine to it. 😉

  3. Love it. So cute!!! Look at you girl with your crafty self!!!

  4. such a super cute idea! I am in love with the apron and love the look. This would be an awesome thing to make for our July 4th gathering. I am such a slob cooking so I am in need of an apron to wear and this would be darling. Thanks for the share.

  5. Kim, I love it! You already had an adorable project with that apron, now, you've bumped it up about 40 notches! This is so adorable...perfect for BBQ fun on the 4th! Great idea! Love and hugs!

  6. Kim, your patriotic apron turned out great and nope, can't tell there was ever any bleed-through! ;) I've never seen a men's shirt cut off so the neck can be the part over your head ~ genius!!

    Really fun idea and I'll have to make one for my daughter and daughter-in-law. :)
    Happy summer hugs,
    Barb :)

  7. It's so adorable with the patriotic pocket you painted! What a great idea. :)

  8. How on earth does your brain work, lady? I see a gingham see a patriotic apron!! Love it!

  9. That is so cute! You are very creative!

  10. Very clever - also love how you recycled it into an apron!

  11. What a hit your apron will be on the 4th! I love the pocket too, and my goodness what exciting news I found when I read previous posts and found out your daughters are now performing artists! They are so pretty and talented and I know they have an amazing career ahead of them. Well done, Mama!

  12. You are so clever, Kim. I never would have thought of making an apron from a button-down shirt! Fabulous!

  13. Kim, just really cute. What a great idea. You have such great ideas. I only have them after I have seen yours! Thanks for your visit. I can remember my daughter's first steps just like it was yesterday and now I have a 59 year old little girl!! How did that happen??..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

  14. Looks good Kim, great idea.

    All the best Jan

  15. Again Kim, you amaze me. Another fun idea!

  16. The apron repurosed from the shirt was cute enough but adding the patriotic pocket is just adorable.

  17. Very festive and super cute, Kim. You'll be the hit of the bbq! Hugs, Nancy

  18. Best apron even, Kim! You are all set for the barbecue.

  19. You are the best Kim. I so love your writing style and the tuts you share. The shirt apron was brilliant but I love how you turned it into something special and unique


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