Rustic Farmhouse Curved Kitchen Bench DIY

August 01, 2020

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When we were unable to find a curved bench to fit our farmhouse inspired, cottage style kitchen, we decided to make one ourselves.

However, when we stumbled on a few picnic benches at the curb, we opted to make them over instead.

With fabulous results and for free. Here's the complete how to...

Curved Picnic Bench in the garden.

Hello friends!

As promised, I'm back today with the full DIY, step by step tutorial, to show you exactly how we turned a pair of straight wooden picnic benches into a curved one in an afternoon.

Now, I'm not going to lie, without my husband's skills and power tools, this never would've happened. It's definitely not my normal, quick and easy craft or do it yourself project.

However, since we couldn't find any instructions like this on the internet, I thought I would share the details in case someone else out there was looking for a similar solution to their own bench woes.

Isn't that what friends are for?

Of course, the easiest way to get a rustic farmhouse or cottage style curved bench for your kitchen or dining room table, would be to grab an old picnic bench and paint it.

Short of finding one on the street or in a shop, this is the next best thing.

And hold on tight, because in order to be thorough, we took a lot of pictures of this building cheat.

Here's how we built a curved dining bench.

So I explained in my last post that we'd found these two benches at the curb. Neither one was perfect.

Two Wooden Picnic Benches on the patio

They each had some portion of rot, so we decided to use the best parts of each to construct one sturdy curved bench for my 48" round table.

We started by measuring the area where the bench would fit and then measured the wood and marked it for length.

Next up, we had to make a pattern for the soft round curves. We knew we'd need something to trace, but our first instincts, to use a round bowl or can, were off.

The curve was too severe.

Man drawing a curve on a wooden bench with a tennis racket for pattern

Then, while poking around in the garage, I spotted the tennis racket, with its oval head and knew it'd work better.

We placed it on the bench and used a pencil to create the perfect curve. We repeated this process on the other side, so the piece would be symmetrical.

Measuring and marking a wooden bench with a pencil and a tennis racket

It did take some measuring and some eyeballing to get both ends right. A little bit of science and a little bit of art. I like the art part.

We used the same racket on the other side of the bench to create the inner arch, as well. This way the curves on both sides of the bench would compliment each other.

Using a tennis racket to draw a curve on wood with text that says tennis racket curves

When the pattern had been clearly marked, it was time to break out the saw. First he cut the length in a straight line.

A wooden bench with curved edges cut into it

Then he cut along the pencil pattern lines to rough out the shape. Keep in mind the bench top was still attached to the legs at this point.

Wooden bench with curves cut and wooden scraps on top of it

Once the cuts were all made, then the legs were removed from the seat and the seat pieces were separated from one another.

Wooden legs and bench top disassembled and spread out on lawn

The top pieces were then sanded and routered to soften all the sharp edges and add a professionally finished look to the bench top.

Close up of bench with routered edges laying on theon lawn

We peeked at the leg pieces on both benches and chose the best ones and then put the bench back together.

We didn't alter the height of any of the leg pieces, because they were already the proper height for the table.

Curved Picnic Bench in the garden

But we did need to cut the small supporting cross beam to fit our new, shorter curved seat.

To finish it up, we - and you already know I've time I've written we here, I really mean he - used a two part putty epoxy to fill in some of the large gouges, dents and cracks in the wood.

A finger applying wood putty to cracks in the wood of a bench

This type filler mixes easily in the palm of your hand and dries quickly for sanding and painting.

Which was the next step.

Later that afternoon, we whipped out the same paint we used on the kitchen walls and gave it two coats. To give the wood that aged and weathered look, we roughed it up a bit, by running sandpaper over the edges.

And that, my friends, was that.

All done.

Curved white kitchen bench with plaid black dishes and a red throw

Super pretty and custom curved.

It wasn't exactly a quick and easy transformation.

But I finally have a custom curved bench for my kitchen nook.

And now, so can you.

  1. Awesome awesome!!! Great re love of this bench. So much prettier now. Happy Weekend.

    1. Thanks Kris! I have to say I love the look and it's very comfortable, too!

  2. Great DIY Kim and instructions for anyone wanting to make one for themselves.

    I never touch the power tools.


    1. Thanks Cindy! I don't touch the power tools either...closest I get to a power tool is the glue gun. Ok, maybe the sewing machine qualifies, too. Hahaha!

  3. What a handy husband you have!

    1. Thanks Jenny! His brain works is mysterious and wonderful ways. 😉

  4. That was such a good idea! I love how they turned out!

    1. Thank you, Mari! I love a good trash to treasure makeover.

  5. Very nice tutorial. It looks great. You guys are really clever.

    1. Thanks much, Lorri. We do work well together.

  6. I like the way the bench came out Kim. You and your husband worked great together on this project. I hope you all enjoy this bench for many years.

    1. Aw, thank you Julie. This was fun project to tackle together and it was totally free. I think that was the best part!

  7. Looks great. I love curves instead of straight lines. Happy Sunday.

    1. Thanks Linda! I love the curve, too… Hope it’s a great week!

  8. So simple, and so incredibly perfect too. What a great idea Kim. You're hubby really is a super star for turning your dreamy vision into a reality

    1. Thanks so much! He really knocked this one out of the park!

  9. What a team you make. You both are creative and problem solving. I will remember the tennis racket the next time I need a perfect curve. ;-)


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