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Thrift Store Finds

July 30, 2021

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Hello friends!

Happy Friday! Any great plans this weekend?

I'm looking forward to a little shopping.

Thrift shopping to be exact.

Thrift Store Price Tag on a galvanized tub

It's actually been a really long time since I've been thrifting. 

Once things shut down around here, a lot of my go to thrift shops closed. 

And to be honest, the yard sales dried up, too.

While my community shop was never all that inspiring, what's left is even worse.

There are mostly Goodwill and Savers type stores, that focus mainly on clothes, which I don't buy second hand, or higher end antique style thrift stores.

And the prices are much higher than what I want to pay for items I plan to makeover. 

So last week, when my girls and I traveled to a new shop, we were beyond excited.

If you caught my Instagram story, you already know this tale, but for those of you who don't follow me there, here's what happened.

The shop was located in an incorporated village, about 30 minutes away. We'd been to the town often, and knew parking regulations were tough.

However, even with pockets full of change and plenty of time to scope out a spot, the one and only we could find, allowed for 15 minutes. The end.

Not willing to be deterred, we took it. My eldest daughter stayed in the car, as the getaway driver, in case our shopping time ran over.

Meanwhile, my youngest daughter and I set our phone timers for 14 minutes and scurried across the street and down the block to a teeny, tiny shop to see what kind of treasure was hiding inside.

We had seen the shop online and it was small, so we figured we'd have plenty of time to peek around. 


The shop was amazing!! There were tons of treasures jammed inside and it was immediately evident that 14 minutes was not going to be enough.

Unfortunately, we were on the clock. So like contestants on a game show, we moved from one area to another, scanning the shelves, scooping up items, before the buzzer went off. 

With just two minutes to go, we headed to the register, checked out and darted back to the car with seconds to spare. 

We did look for another spot, eager to go back inside, but none were available. 

Once we were home, we had a chance to really look at what we purchased. We were so rushed in the store, there wasn't time to examine everything. It was seriously just grab and go. 

And since today is Friday I figured it was the ideal day to share my finds.

Way back in 2017, I showed my finds off on video. Maybe someday I'll do that again, but today, I have pictures. 

Here's a peek!

Ceramic Cow Piggy Bank

First up, I found this super sweet ceramic cow piggy bank. He was too cute to leave on the shelf and I knew that with a bit of spray paint, he'd be completely transformed.

Stay tuned!

Next, I found these plastic lined wicker planting baskets. I swear they're brand new.
Plastic Lined Wicker Planter Baskets

I don't think I'll do anything to them, since lately I've been bringing a little bit of warmth and natural color into my rooms.

I'll probably put live, but since that's not my strength, maybe faux plants inside. Simple.

Another pretty gardening find is this metal flower bucket. LOVE it.

Galvanized Flower Tub

I'm a huge fan of galvanized tubs, but they can be pricey. This one was $2...and still had its original price tag on the bottom. 

It's another item that honestly looked brand new.

Thrift Store Price Tags

So far so good, right? 

Well, get ready, because the best two finds were so last minute. 

On the way to the register, I found this little piggy.

Painted Wooden Pig

I was smitten instantly. He's another "perfect, as is" little guy, but I have a few ideas to make him even better. 

I hope to share a refreshed version next week. 

The last thing I grabbed is my favorite. Shhh...don't tell the others.

But come on.

Red Rooster Crock

It's a red crock with a rooster on the front. I mean if that doesn't have Exquisitely Unremarkable written all over it, I don't know what does!

Plus, I think our meeting was meant to be.

This shop was small that my daughter and I couldn't both fit by the register. So I stepped back while she was speaking the shopkeeper. 

And it was tucked into a corner, I never would've seen otherwise.

Red Ceramic Crock

Needless to say, I'm not touching this one. 

There's some intentional distressing on the rim and some unintentional marks elsewhere, giving it a perfectly imperfect, vintage appearance. 

Now, speaking of my daughter, she also found a few items for her room.

She's a huge jewelry lover and enjoys organizing and displaying it. This hand painted tray is made for a few rings.

Hand Painted Ceramic Ring Dish

And cup...will hold even more. This kid is a ring junkie.

A Glass Punch Cup

We can't decide if this is a votive holder or a punch cup. Any ideas? We'd love to pin it down.

Last on the list, is this adorable Lenox frame. It's a mini. 

Lenox Heart Frame

She's very sentimental and Lenox was my mom's favorite. This particular style matches the china she gave me, so she couldn't pass it up. 

Our grand total was about $16 and change with tax. Every item I purchased was $2, I think hers were $2, $1 and .50. 

All in all, it was a super successful shopping day.

And one we hope to repeat very soon.

There are tons of great looking shops in nearby towns, and we plan to hit them all.

I'm just hoping we won't have to play beat the clock again.

But around here, you just never know. 


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  1. May I ask why the daughter in the car didn't just keep putting in change to keep the meter going?

    1. Hi Cate! Great question. It's an incorporated village and not all spots have meters. The 15 minute spots didn't, instead they have village officers walking around monitoring the spots with their ticket pads at the ready. When your time is up you must move and make room for others. A meter would've made it so much easier!!

  2. Great deals...Looks like a great shop!!!Good for you...

    1. Thanks so much! I can't wait to go back!

  3. What fun finds! I have something 'piggy' on my wish list to find - I'm not sure what I want, but I'll know it when I see it, so far I haven't seen any :-) I think the clear pressed glass piece might be a bowl - maybe for candy (mints?), or something like that. I have a few similar pieces that I use in the sewing room to hold pins, etc.

    1. Thanks! I love pigs. I have a collection and have a hard time turning away when I see one in a shop. I hope you find what you’re looking for soon. And thanks for the clue, I think you may be right about that little bowl…but now I want one for my sewing area. So charming!

  4. Kim, I love those kinds of little shops and you picked up some sweet stuff. I believe that little magical cup could be a cup to serve custard in. It probably was a part of a set at one time. But, maybe not. It is cute anyway. I can't wait to see what you do with the little cow and only you could find something better to do with that little piggy. It is cute already..I hope you can do more shopping, it is so much fun..Happy Summertime..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy! Someone else commented that it was indeed a dessert cup. You know your dishes!! It was apparently part of a 50's giveaway, free with oatmeal! Now it's going to be the beginning of a collection, I think! We'll be on the hunt! Happy Weekend!! xo

  5. The little clear glass bowl is a vintage dessert cup. It was included in boxes of oatmeal as a "premium" during the 50's. There were several different pieces of the glassware manufactured, such as juice and beverage glasses, small saucers, cereal bowls, etc. They came in clear, dark green, and amber. I was a child during that time, and my grandparents had a huge amount of the various pieces (they apparently ate a lot of Mother's Oats!) that I discovered one time in an empty chicken coop on their farm. My late mother-in-law collected them for a while, and we used the dark green dessert cups at family dinners and for snacks. They are still available in thrift and antique shops, although not as plentiful these days.

    1. Wow!! Thanks so much!! I knew there was someone out there who knew what it was...but the history lesson is a bonus. My daughter is a huge fan of vintage items, and hearing this, she loves that little cup even more now. Not a bad score for buck. That truly is treasure!! Again, thanks so much for taking the time to share, you just made our day!! ☺️

  6. Great finds! Sometimes, it's better not to have too much time to think about a purchase and go with your gut, which appears to have led you to items you were meant to have!

    1. Thanks Amy! And I think you’re right, too much thought and we might’ve spent more or put back a few things that were really meant to come home with us!

  7. Oh my word - you struck gold! But what a shame about the 15 minute limit. That red crock screams you! :)

    1. It was funny running through that shop. Probably not such a bad thing, we were almost out of cash! Haha.

  8. Wow you had a great shopping trip. As soon as I saw the red crock with the rooster I said gold.

    Completely, Exquisitely Unremarkable!

    Happy you got out and had some fun.

    1. Thanks Cindy! It was fun to get out there again! Even if it was only for 15 minutes.

  9. Hi Kim,
    The red rooster crock is so you. Love the little mystery cup too. So sweet. Love the pattern on it too. You got some great treasures. Have a great weekend. xoxo

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! It was a fun and treasure filled day that's for sure! xxoo

  10. Hi, I believe the mystery cup is a jelly dish, that probably had a matching metal spoon with the same design on the handle, possibly a tray also, from the late 60'searly 70's. Fun shopping trip!

    1. Very interesting, Sandi! Thank you. I really hope we can nail it down!!

  11. You are certainly wearing the Thrifting Crown for this month. Great finds, Kim and I can't wait to see what you do with everything!

  12. You found some great deals and some fun items and all in just minutes!! How fun is it to shop with your girls. My girls loves thrifting too :) I'm excited to see what you have planned for your finds!

    1. Thanks Cindy!! And shopping with my girls is the best. I'm glad they enjoy it the way I do. I'm sure you agree!

  13. You found some great stuff! I do love anything galvanized. Lots of the people at the lake are putting it up in their bathrooms, lol. I think your glass cup is a custard cup. Or a dessert cup...I like it!

    1. Are you talking about galvanized walls in the bathroom? I've heard that's a big thing lately. Interesting!

  14. I enjoy a good thrift shop too. And I think you found a fun one. We have a new one in our little village called The Farmer's Wife. I have gone twice, both times coming home with treasures.
    I like everything you found and I can't wait to see what you do with all your treasures.

    1. Ooh! Just the name alone says it all!! SO charming and chock full of treasures, I'm sure. xo

  15. Sweet treasures! That red rooster crock is perfect for your kitchen.