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Creative Custom Christmas Wrapping

November 23, 2021

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Every year I try to get creative with my Christmas wrapping.

This year I ordered a few more rolls of custom photo Christmas wrapping paper. Last year it was a huge hit, so I'm doing it again.

Toilet paper roll wrapped in Christmas paper in front of the tree

Just because I'm not a big Christmas decorator until after Thanksgiving has passed, doesn't mean I'm not preparing for the holidays as we speak.

In fact, I've been prepping for quite a while now.

Clearly, I've been crafting.

However, I've been getting the house holiday ready in other ways, too.

It started with a deep fall clean.

Then a peek through a few magazines and blogs. 

For decorating and gift giving inspiration.

And finally, I went through my Christmas buckets to take stock of what I had, what I wanted to display this year and what needed to go.

It was during this process, going through my wrapping paper stash, specifically, when I ran across a scrap, saved from last year that prompted today's post.

You see last year, at the very last minute, I got an idea in my head and by the time it all came to fruition it was really too late to share.

Then I forgot all about it.

Until this year, when the zipper broke on my old wrapping paper caddy back in October.

Torn Wrapping Paper Caddy with broken zipper and scrap wrapping sticking out

And I had to buy this new one.

Red Wrapping Paper Storage Case in package

Which by the way, I love.

It's huge, fits my very tall rolls and is much deeper than the my former model to store bows, boxes and my crafting collection of gift bags.

Extra Long Wrapping Paper Caddy filled with paper and bows

Anyway, inside was a tiny piece of the wrapping paper I ordered for my girls in December of 2020.

I don't know exactly what gift I was looking for, but somehow I ended up on

Have you heard of this site?

I hadn't, but the featured product was this custom designed photo wrapping paper and I was hooked.

Merry Christmas Photo Wrapping Paper on gifts under the tree

Normally, I wrap gifts up so they match my decor. I use buttons and bows, vintage cards and handmade tags. 

And I never pay retail for any of it.

However, for some reason, I thought it would be so funny to wrap the kids' gifts up in paper with their faces on it.

A little absurd and completely out of character for me, but I suddenly had to have it.

Plus, there was no need for gift tags and my kids are adorable.

So I looked through all the numerous choices and picked one.

Now if the girls were smaller, I might've dressed them up in Christmas garb and had them unknowingly pose for a shot to use on a red or green version of the paper.

Or if we still had pets, I definitely would've put a bow on their collars and put their mugs on paper, too. 

Instead, I searched through my phone and their Instagram page to find something I liked and more importantly, a picture I thought they'd like.

Custom Christmas Photo Wrapping Paper on presents under the tree

I settled on two shots that were used during a recent song release, mocked up my paper and sent the order along.

When it showed up, it was beautiful. Very sturdy and the photos were crystal clear.

I wrapped everything up that afternoon, tucked the presents under the tree.

And said nothing.

Later that day the kids were in the living room and noticed the wrapping.

They thought it was amazing...super fun and totally hysterical to see their faces on their gifts.

So much so, that they took tons of pictures and videos and plastered them all over their social media, noting what a Christmas crazy their mother was.

Guilty as charged.

Now, to be honest, it did take some time to arrive, since it was a custom order item.

Personalized Christmas Wrapping Paper with photos of girls and Merry Christmas text

And it wasn't cheap.

It was a splurge for sure, but I did have a coupon. I believe that this week they have a sale and coupons on their site.


It was a great novelty gift and I will totally be doing it again this year.

I might also be ordering a few other items, since personalization is their big specialty over there and I was very pleased with the quality. 

I can't share specifics though, those kids do read my blog.

And I wouldn't want to give anything away.

Well, at least not until it's under the tree.

And they're staring at it.

Face to face.


Have you ever wrapped things up with personalized paper?
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  1. Very cute. I have bought certain wrapping paper for each person and wrap their gifts in their particular paper. Harley Christmas paper for my SIL to be, Dachshund for my daughter, fire truck christmas for my SIL and Terry etc. This is a very cute idea to have wrapping paper with their pics on it. Very cool. Happy Thanksgiving. xoxo

    1. This is really over the top, Kris, but it’s fun, for sure. I think the younger kids get the biggest kick out of seeing their faces on the packages. I’m thinking of putting all the great niece and nephews’ photos on their gifts this year. And like I said, no gift tags! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. I have never used custom wrapping paper before, but it's a cute idea! :D

    1. It was fun and it made some of the smaller gifts look super important and special!

  3. This is awesome. I love Zazzle that have so many unique ideas and their quality is great!

    1. I totally agree. I just ordered a bunch of things...can't wait until they arrive and I get to put them under the tree.

  4. I never even knew there was such a thing. So cute! (And so are your girls)
    I'll have to check that site out.
    PS - I really like your new photo on the side. You are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Mari...for the sweet comments about the girls and my sidebar photo. They talked me into it!!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Penny. They got a real kick out of it!

  6. The photo wrapping paper is such a cute idea for Christmas presents. Thanks for sharing this wrapping paper idea. I hope you and the family have a happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Julie! It was a fun day and the paper is fun...and can be funny with the right photos!

  7. WOW, what a fun idea. :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend.

  8. I got so absorbed in browsing through the site that I almost forgot to come back and leave a comment! It's such a cool idea - I'll be ordering it for something!

    1. It's a fun site for sure, Amy! And thanks for coming back to let me know you enjoyed shopping there. That was super sweet of you!

  9. Kim, that looks like really nice paper and how fun for the girls to see themselves on the package. I'm afraid that I am not too fancy with my wrapping. $ Store bags are cute but nothing special but that is what I do. I always admire when everything matches from the tree down to the packages underneath but I just have never done that. Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving day with your family my friend..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy, our Thanksgiving was lovely...and I've always enjoyed matching my paper to my decor, but it never works. The rest of the family picks out paper that they like, too and nothing ends up coordinating! This was fun though!

  10. That's such an awesome idea. My kids would love it too. Well my daughter definitely would, my son might give me the hairy eyeball first and then fold his up neatly after unwrapping his pressie and save it for years :-)