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Wooden Gingerbread Man Sign DIY

November 28, 2023

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Make your own large wooden gingerbread cookie sign for Christmas with this simple DIY.

Display him inside or outside for a little festive seasonal flair with this classic holiday decoration.

Gingerbread man holding glitter snowflakes in front of a tree

Ok, before you think that this entire season is going to be all about gingerbread crafts I want to assure that it is not.

I may have one more to share in December, but I promise you, a gingerbread-palooza was not my original holiday plan.

The upcycled gingerbread row house I shared last week was the plan b makeover of a thrifted treasure.

That {upcoming} December craft just sort of popped into my brain when I stumbled upon a few gingerbread house gift tags yesterday.

In fact, the one and only planned gingerbread craft I had to share with you this season, wasn't even my idea. It was the accidental brainchild of my husband.

One he came up with way back in October.

While I was making a wooden ghost sign.

Remember this guy?

Dancing Wooden Ghost Sign DIY

Well, as I was sketching him out on paper my husband commented that he looked an awful lot like a gingerbread man.

Oh really? I thought he was teasing me, making fun of my kindergarten teacher drawing skills, but nope, he was serious.

Furthermore, he suggested that since I enjoy decorating the back of some of my DIYs - because two crafts are always better than one - I should do that with this guy.

Give him a split holiday personality...Boo on the front and Fa La La on the back. Genius.

How To Make A Large Wooden Gingerbread Cookie Sign

 I already had the wooden cut out. If you're starting with the gingerbread man, you can go back to the link above to see how I made it.

Or you can just draw on the wood and paint the background a cheery color if you don't want to deal with a saw.

The rest of the craft was similar to making an actual gingerbread cookie. Just bake, or in this case make, and decorate.

Step 1: Paint

That meant my first step started with paint.

Gingerbread Man Wooden Cut Out

I simply turned my ghost over and painted the unfinished wood with several coats of terracotta colored acrylic paint.

Painted Wooden Gingerbread Sign

I didn't prime the wood, so it did take me several coats to completely cover the surface.

When I was satisfied with the color, I set my wooden sign aside to dry completely, while I gathered my decorating supplies.

Decorating A Wooden Gingerbread Man Sign

Step 2: Draw

Once my paint was totally dry, which didn't take very long, I used a pencil and sketched out a face.

I also added some squiggly lines to mimic the icing on a gingerbread cookie on his arms and legs.

Drawing Gingerbread Man Face

Step 3: Decorate

The fun part of this project bringing those pencil drawings to life with white paint.

Originally, I planned on using paint markers, like I did when I made my wooden gingerbread houses, but I thought that a little puff paint would mimic cookie icing better for this DIY. 

Icing A Gingerbread Man Craft

I used DecoArt Snow Writer. It was very easy to control and gave the project a little extra pop and sparkle.

Snow Writer Paint For Christmas Crafts
When I was done with the body lines, I moved on to the face. I used the Snow Writer for the cheeks and colored in the eyes and made the mouth with a black Sharpie Marker.

Drawing A Gingerbread Man Face

I also added a few red buttons to my gingerbread man's tummy with a glue gun and I used that black market to give him some legs. Something my ghost didn't need.

Drawing Legs on Gingerbread Ghost Sign

Step 4: Add A Banner

 If you recall, my Halloween ghost was very festive, holding his spooky banner.

Of course, my Christmas sign needed to be equally as merry. So I picked up a few unfinished wooden dollar store snowflake banners.

Wooden Snowflake Banner

I embellished it with a bit of white paint and glitter to mimic red sugar crystals.

I also sealed the banner once it was dry in case I wanted to display my wooden sign outside in the elements.

Red Glitter Snowflake Garland

 Step 5: Seal 

Then I used that satin sealer on the rest of the sign, again, in case he ends up on my front porch.

Sealing Wooden Christmas Gingerbread Sign DIY

When both my gingerbread man and snowflake garland were completely dry, I looped the twine through the holes that had been drilled in his hands.

And he was ready for his holiday debut. Again.

Wooden Gingerbread Man Sign DIY

For now, he's hanging out in my living room.

Adding some sugar plum styled, holiday sweetness to that room.

How To Make A Gingerbread Man Christmas Sign

And no one would ever never guess that the ghost of Christmas past is hiding in there, too.

Behind him.

I certainly won't tell.

Will you? 


Are you a gingerbread fan?

Gingerbread Man Wooden Christmas Sign

Happy Christmas Crafting Friends!
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  1. I would be fine with 'gingerbread- palooza' because he's just so cute! Keep 'em coming Kim!

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! They've all been fun to make.

  2. WOW.... what a great idea. And a fun way to write about the ghost of Christmas past ;-) and the gingerbread man. You are SO creative in SO many ways, crafts, decorating, writing, DIYing and more.
    Love, Carla

    1. Carla, you are so very kind to me, always! Thanks for consistently brightening my inbox and my day!! xo

  3. What a fun idea and he's as cute as can be. Love your creativity. I am going to post my Gingerbread Boy cookie door hanging tomorrow. You inspired me! lol. Have a great rest of the day- xo Diana

    1. Love your gingerbread boy cookies, Diana!! So adorable!!

  4. Kim, I really love that you "saw" the gingerbread man in your previous ghost project--that's what I call an upcycled upcycle! So creative!

  5. You re love things the best of anyone I know. This gingerbread is adorable. You go girl. Happy new week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! My husband definitely saw the re love potential here. I'm so glad I listened to him!

  6. Oh my goodness….two adorable crafts for the price of one!!! You are too creative, Kim! You definitely have some gingerbread fun in your room. I ❤️that little guy!

    1. Thanks Kitty! He really is sweet and at the moment he's hiding the timer and cord for the Christmas tree lights. That makes him even sweeter!!

  7. This was genius. Nothing better than getting 2 crafts from one project.

    Your gingerbread man is adorable!!

    1. Thanks so much!! I'm a big two for one kind of crafting girl!!

  8. Oh, I am totally a gingerbread man fan! I do my dining room and kitchen for Xmas with gingerbread themed decor (and a little bit of candy cane too). Love this craft - please forgive me as I am going to steal this craft Idea, lol. Dawn Pinnataro Albany, GA

    1. Steal away, Dawn!! That's the best compliment you could give me!! Thanks so much!!

  9. Kim,
    O MY! This and the houses in the previous post are just absolutely darling!! Love them all!!