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Isn't It Romantic - Let's Chat About June

June 06, 2024

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Well, well, well, it's finally June! The unofficial start of summer and one of my favorite months of the year.

For more than a decade now, I've been telling you how much I adore this season and when it shows I just can't contain my excitement.

And this year is no different.

June Calendar

I've been in full summer mode for a few weeks now and it feels great.

The chill is gone from the air. The flowers are finally blooming in my normally cold and gray part of the world and I have been outside whenever the sun has decided to grace us with its bright light.

Hot Pink Knock Out Roses

And on those days when the rain has come to visit, I've been inside decorating...and adding a little bit of romance to my normally traditional cottage style decor.

It started in my bedroom with a dramatic chandelier makeover. This plain black light fixture was given a glamorous update, thanks to my very sweet husband.

5 Light Black Iron Chandelier

I loved the look so much, I started thinking that the whole house should have a little more romance. So I've been crafting up a storm and adding tiny, inexpensive touches to each room.

Crystals in the kitchen.

Upcycling Chandelier Crystals

These ruffles in the family room. (I'm in love...)

Candlelight in the hallway. (I was wooed by the coupon...)

And dainty, cascading fabrics in the bathroom. (This has yet to arrive, but I have high hopes!)

Once my projects are all complete, I'll share them for sure, but right now, I'm just enjoying the process.



Dreaming as I walk through thrift stores, picking up treasure along the way.

Antique Thrift Shop Items

And doing it all while I listen to tunes that remind me of summers long ago.

The ones when I fell in love with my husband...another reason to love this part of the year.

You see, we attended different high schools, so we didn't see one another from September to May.

But since we both lived in the same town, once June rolled around, and our sleepy island started to wake up, we bumped into each other everywhere.

At the movies, the fireman's fairs, the bowling alley and, of course, the beach.

Late Summer Long Island Beach

Eventually, those chance meetings became planned hang outs with friends and by college our summers were filled with dates. 

As a matter of fact, we went on our first official date during the July 4th weekend and were engaged at the ocean on July 4th a few years later.

The sound of cicadas chirping in the morning and the smell of the salty evening air always takes me right back to those dreamy romantic summers.

I guess it's just fitting that I'm feeling pulled that way with my decor lately.

In other, less romantic June news, I've been walking a lot, well, because I need to. I've never been one for exercise and I have lousy lungs so it's never been easy for me.

Walking At A Horse Farm stopping to take pictures of the pretty horses...

It's always been a convenient excuse not to move, but it's really not a valid one. So I'm up to almost 2 miles a day now and I do feel better.

I even bought a new pair of shoes with a soft inner sole, so I have no reason not to park far away and walk a few extra steps, even when I'm not wearing my sneakers.

White and Pink Croc knockoffs.jpeg soft soled knock offs...

Trust me, I fought this trend for a long time, but they are comfy. 

I've also been on a low FODMAP/ elimination diet for the last month, because along with lousy lungs, I've always had a lousy stomach.

No dairy, no gluten and nothing that will upset my delicate tummy.

I am working with a pro and I adore her, but it's not been super fun, especially on the nights my husband pops into the local shop for homemade gelato on our walks.

Willpower has never been my strong suit, but I'm committed to this one. So no gelato for me! 

Instead, I bought this air fryer and I've been trying to experiment with new recipes. Of course I had to get one that matched my decor. 

Priorities people!

White Air Fryer
...air fryer in white icing...

I like it and things have been tasty, although these cookies are my new addiction.

Anyhoo...I can't wait to share all my romantic new decorating and crafty DIYs. 

Of course the weather will need to cooperate in order for me to do that.

I may only write on rainy days for the next few weeks.

Because if it's sunny out, then so am I.


What do you have planned for June?

Oh and PS- feel free to share any good air fryer or FODMAP recipes you love!!

Happy Summer, Friends!

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  1. I'm loving summer too! I had a haircut today and was telling the beautician that the sun, blue skies and flowers just puts me in a good mood. :)
    I'm wondering in fodmap is in my future too, my tummy has been a bit difficult lately. I love your air fryer. It's something I've been looking for but didn't like the thought of a big appliance on the counter. This one looks reasonable.
    Good for you for walking - another thing I need to get doing again!

    1. So far the FODMAP diet has made a difference, Mari. I'm still plugging along with it and haven't added any of the high FODMAP foods back in yet, but it's coming...and I don't know how I'll do. I will say that if anything it's really made me think more about what I'm eating and now I'm more intentional when I open my mouth! Hahaha! I do love the air fryer, too. It's pretty on the counter. Now I just need to find some tempting recipes so I use it more often!

  2. I know you love summer. Enjoyed hearing the story of you and your hubby. The chandelier turned out so pretty. How great is he saving that old chandelier? We have the best husbands around. Good for you getting more active. I do my Pilate reformer every day and it's my physical therapy.

    1. Thanks Cindy! I didn't even know he picked that old chandelier up. He just grabbed it and put in the garage for me for a rainy day DIY. We certainly are lucky ladies!

  3. You and I are on similar paths. I gave up gluten and sugar (most sugar-still have some honey and stevia) and am feeling so much better. I hosted a luncheon yesterday and did break down and have a piece of Key Lime pie that I made but it has not set off cravings for me to eat the rest of the pie. Believe me-for me-that is progress!

    I have never really walked either but a year ago, after going for a week with my daughter/granddaughter, I realized how badly I was out-of-shape . I came home determined to start walking. The first day I walked almost a mile and thought I was going to have to stop because legs hurt, my ankle hurt(I do have inflammation problems) I was tired, I was short of breath, I felt weak. However, I kept going and day by day increased my distance. Today we (me and Scruffy) walk a minimum of 3 miles a day but usually 4 and once in a while 5 miles. It's good for both of us.

    I am so happy you are working on it, Kim. I wish I had been smart enough to start when I was your I am a much more spry geriatric! lol. Love ya, kiddo.

    1. Oh boy, Diana, we are two of a kind. Once I start eating the treats, I can't stop. I have absolutely no control. Of course, on this new food plan, there's not a lot of treats unless I make them...which is not one of my favorite pastimes! Silver lining! That's awesome that you walk so much each day with Scruffy. I'm working on it, but it's slow go. Some days are better than others and these super humid 90+ days are not good for exercise, but that's ok, I'm just trying to take it all in stride. Thanks for the kind and encouraging words, Diana...they mean a's not easy to teach an old dog new tricks! Haha!! Love ya right back!! xo

  4. Hi Kim. I love your new air fryer and you are doing new recipes that are healthy. You know I lost a lot of weight in the last year and now I am stable but to keep it off I need to walk. So I am trying to do that more and more. I just said yesterday I love the summer sky because it is that beautiful blue and the big white clouds. Makes me smile too. Have a good weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris...that air fryer is pretty. I just have to find more recipes now to make it worth it having...I've been a bit lazy about using it. The walking has been great, I do feel better when I do it, of course, the heat and humidity slow me down, but I figure even a small walk is better than none!! Enjoy the weekend and those big white clouds!! xo

  5. Kim, sounds like you are doing everything right. It is wonderful what a little bit of romance can do! Summer is starting out pretty warm around here and everything needs to be done in the early mornings. Good for you walking. Not only is it good for your state of mind and your health, but you look so cute doing it. Touches of romantic pretty is good for your cottage too. Keep up the good work, it will show up in all that you do later on. Happy Summer Days..xxoJudy

  6. What a delight this post was to read. I need to go back and finish reading the chandelier post; it turned out phenomenal! I grew up on the beach in Southern California; and I did always love being in the sun, being in the water and just being outside in general. But in my older years, the sun is not my friend; before I step outside my first instinct is to protect my skin. It reddens and freckles within about 20 seconds! I love that you are walking and keeping an eye on what you eat. There is no substitute for feeling strong and health, and clearly you are well on your way to that! Thank you for sharing this wonderful uplifting post! Here in NE Indiana, the outside is beautiful and green, and my nasturtiums in their pots are starting to break through! Cheers to summer!!

  7. As you know, summer is my favorite too. Warm sunny days, flowers, fresh fruit and vegetables, I love it all! Walking 2 miles? Good for you and I hope the diet works for you, Kim. Enjoy the summer, my friend!

    1. Thanks far, it's been...ok. The jury is still out, but I'm doing my best and walking up a storm! Well, not today, today it was hazy, hot and 90+. I walked around my air conditioned kitchen. Does that count? Haha!!

  8. Good for you for getting out there and walking! I've always loved walking, but sometimes I slack. I do get in at LEAST 6k - 10,000k steps per day though just by "doing" and not sitting so much. Ah, low FODMAP - I'm familiar with that! I used to have terrible IBS (it's better now) and so I tried that diet in 2015. It absolutely worked for me and I felt so much better. I also found out what foods triggered my tummy issues. I no longer can do anything super spicy, and have to be careful with garlic and onions. Gluten bloats my tummy, but doesn't make me "sick". I also can only tolerate small amounts of legumes. If you want to read a little of my IBS/low FODMAP journey, take a look at my blog posts from Oct 2015. (Right side bar of my blog has a yearly list.) I only have six recipes posted to Low FODMAP Pinterest board. I haven't tried any of them - only posted them for my own future reference. If you want to take a look, my Pinterest name is melscomfyhouse. Happy June!

  9. Good for you making changes and good healthy ones for you. I hope it all works.
    I used to walk a lot and did work outs at the gym. I have stiffness now but when I do get up and move it helps it a lot. Gotta keep moving, and sipping water. I work more in my garden and yard. My doc said it's counted as exercise and same as walking. Glad for that because I feel like I have had a workout after I finish. I do push ups on incline on my steps. It's something anyway.

    1. Gardening is hard work, Betsy...bending, digging, weeding, lifting...I would absolutely count it as exercise. I like to think that my housework counts, too! Carrying baskets up and down stairs, mopping, vacuuming, scrubbing tubs! I don't think I could do push ups though, you go!! That's awesome!!

  10. Hi, I have stepped up my walking too.. thanks to Ernie!! It really has helped me mentally too. I have not shared much about a very scary situation that happened to me last June/July. Anyway... Ernie has helped me so much!!
    Enjoy your walks... and it was fun to see you in a photo in today's post.

    1. Pups are great walking partners, Carla! I'm so sorry to hear that you had a scary incident last year, but I'm glad to hear that Ernie has made a difference. I hope you have a lovely weekend and be well!

  11. Kim,
    Thanks so much for all your visits and for your sweet comments...I need to get back into my walking routine as I stopped walking when Joe became ill and I have had so much to take care of in the wake of his passing that I just neglected my exercise routine...I suffer from IBS so I have to watch what I eat too...Once I get everything taken care of that I need to ( and I am almost there) I think I should make an appt. with a dietician...Is that who you are seeing??? I am not a Summer person as the heat and humidity bother me terribly because of my Hashimoto's Thyrioditis....I am ore of a Fall and Winter gal!! I hope you have a great week!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. I am seeing a dietician, Debbie and I love her. She is really helping me sort my stomach issues and my own IBS out. It's not easy. I have to say the walking does help, too, although the heat is not great for long treks outside. Hopefully the wave will break soon and you can get back to walking. Be well my friend.

  12. I love June too - it really is when Spring wakes up here, and the flowers come out to play! I've been spending as much time outside as I can too. I loved seeing your beautiful chandelier and also hearing that you and your husband are walking together! That's wonderful! I love walking, and generally get about 14,000+ steps in a day, walking every morning included. I too have had an upset tummy for years, and through food elimination have discovered that dairy, gluten and lectins are my main irritants. I feel so much better when I stick to foods that my body likes. It seems so many people are having gut issues these days, and then you begin to realize what is in so much of the food we eat - seed oils, bad carbs and dyes, additives and more. It is exhausting to realize the effects of bad food on our bodies. I love growing our own food, and we also buy grass fed meat, and that has helped us a lot too. I wish you well on your journey - and loved seeing the picture of you walking! Many blessings to you :)

    1. 14,000 steps! You go!! I used to walk that much when the kids were small and I was always on the go. I remember having a pedometer and I was getting like 20k steps a day...but now it's a struggle to get that many in. No one to chase! Haha!! I have to be more thoughtful about it, but I do feel better. I hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy that garden and all your home grown food. I am envious!!

  13. June can be such a lovely month, and it's so nice to be outside.
    I enjoyed your photographs.
    Enjoy using your air fryer.

    All the best Jan

    1. I agree, Jan, June is lovely. I hope you're having a lovely month!

  14. Kim, that is great that you are getting out for those walks in the neighborhood. I also love that cute air fryer and I hope you like it. It cooks the food so fast and it's easy to use. A win win. Stay cool and enjoy the weekend.

    1. Thanks Julie! It's felt really go to get out there walking, of course, this week hasn't been great for it though! Hopefully the weather will ease up soon and I can get back out there. Looking forward to using that air fryer more, too. I need to find some recipes!! Enjoy the weekend!!