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Let's Chat About July

July 06, 2024

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A little over a year ago, I started something new.

I began sharing posts, during the first weekend of each new month, and called them little chats.

I usually wrapped up of the prior month's projects, highlighting DIYs and crafts and then I shared a bit of what I'd be working on in the weeks ahead.

Welcome July Calendar 2024

Well, this month, as I got ready to write about June, I realized that I hit publish just one time in four weeks, and it was one of those "chatty" posts...where I did mention that since it was summer now, I may not be sitting down at the computer as often.

But I never expected to abandon my laptop for so much time. I mean, I adore blogging. It's my passion. The decorating and the crafting are all secondary for me.

My true love is writing.


This month was so full of fun times that I simply never felt the pull of the keyboard.

Chilling By The Sagamore Inn Fireplace

Actually, that's not true, I did miss it. The composing, the commenting, the reading...the connecting. But in June, I just really didn't have time to sit.

Instead, I was exercising and trying to figure out that silly FODMAP diet. I have to say, it's made a huge difference, but it's work to find, cook and eat foods that are on the list.

I've also been decorating...or re-re-decorating.

You see when we started all the renovations it was 2020. The stores weren't open, or didn't have a lot of merchandise on the shelves.

Plus, I myself had transitioned from shopping primarily in HomeGoods and other retail stores to thrift, yard and online shops. Second hand was much more appealing, but not always as instant.

Cottage Style Thrift Store Finds
Some of my favorite cottage style finds.

I had to hunt for the perfect accessory, which I loved, but that meant there were long periods of time between my vision and the finished look.

Then again, there were also times when the actual design didn't turn out the way I'd envisioned.

In June, I began to remedy all those issues. Tackling one design project after another.

I was painting, sewing and reimagining in almost every room.

Of course, this was done in between longs walks with my guy, days at the pool with my nieces and nephews and their adorable kids and shopping with my girls, who were each spending some time back at home, filling my empty nest.

The Sagamore Wooden Path


Oh yes, and we went on vacation.

My husband and I belatedly celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary with a trip north.

First to Vermont, where we visited my cousin and her husband and stayed in their stunning post and beam dream home in the mountains.

Weathered Covered Bridge In Vermont

We saw cows walking down the road, covered bridges (can you believe I'd never seen one in person before?) and visited the Von Trapp family lodge.

It was gorgeous.

Covered Bridge Ornament From Von Trapp Brewing

Next, we went to Lake George and stayed in the stunning Sagamore Hotel.

The Sagamore Resort at Lake George
A view of the resort from our boat ride on The Morgan

We'd been there before, but never without the kids. As a matter of fact, this was the first trip we'd taken without them in over 25 years.

Lake George Sagamore Hotel

We spent several dreamy days taking boat rides, shopping for souvenirs, sitting by the water.

Lake George Veterans Memorial Highway

 Sightseeing and checking out the outstanding mountaintop views. Wow.

The Sagamore Porch
The porch view at the Sagamore. My favorite afternoon perch.

Best of all, we were finally able to meet some blogging friends in person. 

Ann, from The Apple Street Cottage, and I have been chatting for years over email and zoom. She's the fearless leader of the bimonthly Do It Over Designer's blog hop I participate it in.

Meeting Blogger Friends In Person

She and her husband live a short drive from Lake George and met us for dinner. We had so many laughs that our 6:30pm dinner lasted until almost midnight.

After closing the restaurant and relocating to the hotel's grand lobby, our sweet husbands took about 100 pictures of us in what was by far the most hysterical part of the evening. 

Let's just say we settled on a selfie.

Ann also came bearing gifts. She made this fabulous tote bag for me. It was much easier to photograph.

Kim On Her Way To Thrift

Isn't it lovely? I absolutely adore it and I can't wait to fill it up this weekend when I hit the shops.

When vacation had ended, and we walked in the door, I saw my whole house with new perspective.

Time away is great for that. I also realized how much I missed sharing my projects...and boy do I have a lot of them in queue.

Country Living Red Rose Plates on a wooden table

Will I post about it all this month?


Vermont Covered Bridge

There's a whole lot more summer left to distract me.

Besides, I wouldn't want to overload your inboxes.

But I'll give it my best shot.

So stay tuned!


White and Brown Cows In Vermont Field

How's your summer been so far?

Happy July, Friends!!

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  1. I enjoyed your trip, beautiful sites, especially the cows.. lol..(I lived on a farm for 16 years) and what a treat to meet with a blog friend.

    1. It was indeed a treat to meet a blogging friend, M. The internet it wonderful, connecting us with people from around the world, forging friendships, but the reality is that the distance and real life are often barriers to meeting in person. I'm so glad we were able to make this happen...and lucky you, living on a farm. That is my dream. I know it's a lot of work, but I think it would be amazing.

  2. What a fabulous June you've had! i have to admit to being a tad bit envious. We could use a vacation. And yes, being away is a great way to refresh the spirit and some decorating ideas. Ours was also different and busy, a trip to our granddaughter's high school graduation and the arrival of extended houseguests in our home, our son's out of state girlfriend and her 3 year old boy. They are darling and will be staying with us until we move. We also bought another house after a month of negations and inspections following four months of house hunting and will be moving end of summer or early fall so busy busy busy and a whole new house to decorate. I'm planning on a red and white kitchen plus roosters! Pamela

    1. Hello Pamela! Thank you, it was lovely for sure. Vacations are a treat, and generally we are huge homebodies. A friend of mine recently commented that she was surprised to hear we were venturing beyond our normal weekend trips to Home Depot! Haha!! Congratulations on the house! That's big news, but big stress and going to keep you very busy indeed. I love the idea of a red and white kitchen with roosters! I think that sounds dreamy...but you already knew that!! 😉

  3. Kim, I have missed you but certainly understand the reason. I have been absent more than I like too but just can't seem to come up with much new content to share. I have been doing a lot of painting but am aware of overload. Sounds like you are having a productive summer as well as a very enjoyable one. Love that cow picture at the end. I have been passing two cows in a green field for a long time and have always wanted to get a good photo to frame. Either I don't have my camera or the traffic is too heavy behind us to stop. Some day..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy! I have missed being around. I get it with the idea of overload, I think about that, too. Sometimes I get in a decoupage mood or a decorating fit and I wonder if I should post about it all, and all at once, but I do it for me. I think you should share everything you paint. I love seeing your artwork and reading your elegant prose! It's inspiring and I'm sure others feel exactly the same way...and yes, those cows. They just walked down the road by the covered bridge, so nonchalantly. No traffic there so I snapped away. I think they were posing, those Vermont cows!! xxoo

  4. Is there a link to the Do It Over Designer Shop?

  5. Congratulations... 30 years is a true blessing.
    I loved reading about your trip and the photos too!!
    And meeting a blog friend... well that is super special. I would have loved to watch those husbands take the photos. :-)
    Love, Carla

    1. Omigoodness Carla, it was hysterical. They were both snapping at the same time, so we didn't know where to look, they held the cameras the wrong way and they were shouting directions like they thought they were fashion photographers. SO funny. Great memories!!

  6. You had a wonderful month of June, Kim, and I'm so glad we had the chance to get together! Enjoy the tote and I can't wait to see what you find to put in it. We need to plan another get-together...we just won't let the guys take pictures...especially at midnight! Ha-Ha!

    1. Ann the pleasure was truly all mine..well, ours, since my husband had a great time with yours! I love my tote, you are a true artist, my friend, and a very thoughtful one at that!! Oh and those pictures...I have to say so funny and great memories. They really need lessons! Haha!!

  7. How wonderful to meet up with a long time blog friend. The tote is so cute. Sounds like your summer so far is going with lots of fun trips and busy activities. Have a beautiful new week.

    1. It really was a wonderful meeting, Kris! I wish I lived on a big farm and I could host a huge blogger friend weekend. I'd invite you all to stay and swim and laugh and chat. Technology is lovely, helping us make friends around the world. The hard part is seeing everyone in person. Maybe one day I'll get and RV and visit you all one at a time! Hugs!!

  8. Kim I feel like we get a new lease on life after the kids are grown. We actually have time to enjoy ourselves and take those trips that we had been longing to go on forever. I'm so happy you went up to Vermont. My daughter loves it up there. Maybe a trip is in order for me as well. Enjoy the rest of your summer

    1. Mary, you should go!! We had so much fun. It was a long car ride, but well worth it...and you get the added bonus of seeing your daughter. And a covered bridge. Win win! Haha!

  9. Here I was thinking I had missed your June posts and needed to get back to READING BLOGS and now I discover that I might be in good standing! lol. I am so glad you got to travel a bit but also had pool time with family. Life is good!
    I have been busy here, too, taking care of The Mr. and now my daughter from IN is in town for a week with her family. I am on the condo board so there is all that 'busy-ness' and drama. lol. How would I thrive without drama of some sort?
    Have a wonderful July, my friend. xo Diana
    ps-If no one has told you lately what a beautiful lady you are-shame on them!!!!

    1. Diana, I adore you...but you already knew that. Thank you for that lovely compliment. You sound like me...without the busy-ness I don't know what to do with myself. I'm trying to teach myself some new tricks this summer, like relaxing, but so far it's only happened on vacation. I guess that means I need more vacations, huh? I hope you are able to ditch some of the drama and have a lovely July, too. xxoo

  10. What a lovely post and what a fabulous June you enjoyed.

    Here's to a happy July.

    All the best Jan

  11. I’ve always wanted to stay at The Sagamore. It is probably too late to book for this summer on the way to visit some colleges (and I suppose we should get back home for work) but it is in the same general direction.

    1. It's fabulous, Kerie! I highly recommend it...and you should give it a try. We booked just a few weeks in advance, you never know what they have open. It'd be a great place to pitstop on your college tour!

  12. Kim,
    Thanks so much for your visits and kind words!! I am playing catch up...I have been busy trying to finish up everything I needed to do in the wake of Joe's passing ( which I will do a series of Blog posts about) and trying to do shop purging, re-organizing and making this house my own....Not that it was not before but now, it is all mine so there are things that I will not need....Luckily, I have family who is going to take a lot of things off my hands and that would make Joe happy....I do hope you post more often as I love seeing your projects...Happy Anniversary!! Your time in Vermont and NY looks lovely and what a wonderful hotel....Glad you were able to get away alone...So important... I am not enjoying the Summer...WAY TOO HOT AND HUMID for me as it makes me feel physically ill because of my auto immune disease...I tried doing the FODMAP diet and I still had issues with it so I do my own thing as I know what bothers me in the way of food and what does not... Stress was also a huge factor when I was working and I had frequent IBS attacks . I rarely have any now unless I forget and eat something that I should not eat...Looking forward to your next post!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

    1. Debbie, I agree that stress is the main culprit…100%!! The diet has helped me to sort a few things out, but it’s tough to stick to it without some work…and frankly I miss pizza and ice cream. I’m amazed at how much you’ve accomplished. I think about you often my friend. Enjoy those babies, they are just darling! Xo

  13. Wow Kim, you are having a great summer. I'm so glad you and your husband got away together and met blogging friends. It sounds like you are busy too with house projects and the pool and beach. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks Julie! It's been a busy summer for sure and it was great to meet up with Ann. I know you've met a few blogging friends in person. It always looks like such fun to connect with someone you've known for!! Enjoy the summer and stay cool!!