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June 13, 2017

The Must Have Craft Tools List

Think you need a bunch of fancy (and expensive) crafting tools to enjoy your hobby and decorate your home? Nope. This girl gets creative without the machines or the mats. My list of most used, must haves are just a bunch of items you probably already have on hand, and if not, you can pick them all up and get your craft on without breaking the bank. 

Best of all, you won’t need a whole room to store them


How To Make A Hydrangea Wreath
Red Hydrangea Wreath

90% of the crafts you see featured on my blog or peppered around my home were made with a glue gun. It’s a quick and easy way to bond just about anything ~ including fabric and trim. There’s no need to worry about drying times or whether a glue is clear or smells bad. The mini version is easier to handle than the big boys and you don’t have to mess with temperature settings. Plus, you can pick one up for less than three dollars. If you’re only going to invest in one craft tool, this is the one hands down. 

Just watch those fingers!


How To Add Fabric To Glass Doors
Add Fabric To Glass Cabinet Doors
Scissors are a crafting necessity and while everyone probably owns a pair, I recommend three. 

When it comes to creative endeavors, you never know what you’re going to need to cut. Wire? Faux flower stems? Real flower stems? Paper? Fabric? You get the idea. 

Some of those items will wreck your nice scissors, so an older pair is great to have for that kind of work. They don’t need to be expensive, the ones in the dollar store hardware aisle work great. 

The third is a dedicated pair of sewing scissors if you plan to work with cloth. I never, ever cut anything but fabric with mine, otherwise they’ll never be the same. I actually hide my pair from the family. 

Shh. They can’t be trusted.


Tea Cup Party Favor
Tea Cup Party Favor

Ribbon is a multi-purpose crafting tool. It can be used as an adornment on a wreath, a Christmas tree, a gift basket, a tea towel, a chandelier chain or even curtains and pillows. It can be used to hang items like wreaths, ornaments, picture frames and wall art. It can also be used as a direct part of a craft, like a banner. The possibilities are absolutely endless and so it stands to reason that ribbon should be included on the list. It’s readily available at dollar and craft stores and if you watch the sales, you can pick it up for a song. 

Well, maybe not an actual song, but you get the idea.


Wooden Christmas Sign DIY
Christmas Sticker Sign

Paint is a basic craft supply, but which color should you always have in the house? 

Well, white of course. 

Nine times out of ten, when I reach for paint, it’s white. I generally coat the background of my wooden signs with white. When I stencil on outdoor pots or wooden furniture, it’s white and when I am touching up those previously crafted items, of course, I need that white. 

There will be times you want to add some color, but usually you’ll want a very specific hue and you can go out and choose that on a per project basis, but as a general rule, white, applied with a foam brush will be sufficient for the majority of your needs. 

See, I’m not always about the red! 😉

NEEDLE & THREAD & FUSIBLE WEB ~ say that 5x fast

Must Have Craft Tools
Easy Patchwork Chair 

Not a seamstress? That’s ok. You can still craft with fabric or repair a tear without any sewing knowledge whatsoever. Anyone can master a needle and thread, a basic stitch is just up and down.  

Don't want to go there? No problem, fusible web tape can help you accomplish anything from hemming pants to creating a custom piece of upholstery. 

Fabulous results and nobody will ever know that you don’t sew! 

And there you have them, my list of super unsophisticated (and super cheap) crafting tools. They're not fancy but they get the job done every time.

What's your must have creating tool? 

Do share!

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  1. I just so happen to have everything on your list! I guess now I can say I am a crafter! I think my most used craft item would be a pencil....I write myself notes on what I want to make with details and lists and ideas.....:-)

    1. Ah, yes, the pencil...a crafting necessity for sure!!

  2. True beginnings of the world of crafting and all the joy that goes with it and well at times some frustration too!
    Great list!

    1. Exactly, and frustration! Well said. 🙂

  3. I don't have much crafty stuff but I do have these items. I'm pretty good at faking it when the mood strikes. ;)

    1. Right there with you, Stacey! 🙂

  4. I am not that crafty either but I do have all those things on the list too. Hmmmmmm maybe I could get crafty!
    Happy Tuesday Kim.

  5. I haven't had craft paint around for years! I should get some! I've got everything else!

  6. If I started listing my crafting tools, we'd be here until next week sometime! Lol! But I'm 57 and have been crafting for a few decades. You tend to acquire more and more tools over time.... especially if your husband and children are crafters as well. Between myself, the hubs, daughter and son there are few things that you could ask "Would you happen to have a ____?" and get "no" as an answer. I'd like to add T-pins, twist ties and duct tape to your list!

  7. Great list Kim! I'm definitely not a seamstress but I can use fusible web. ;)

  8. I too have most of these things . . .
    Having things on hand, in one place makes it great when the "craft mood strikes!"

  9. Great list. These items will let you work on a variety of types of projects and having them on hand when the mood strikes is nice. Love the fact that you hide your fabric scissors.

  10. I have all of those crafting items too. I just wish I had more time in a day to do more fun stuff. Instead I do knit and crocheting during the winter months.
    Happy crafting and enjoy the weekend Kim.

  11. Totally agree with your list 100% Kim! I do like you do...hide my sewing scissors too.The only thing I don't have on hand is the fusible web...need to get some of that.

  12. I love working on crafts when got gives me time, it's so nice and relaxing. You made me think about ribbons, I certainly more of it in several colors. You're very inspiring Kim! Thank you for the list!

  13. Don't forget the emery board nail file for sanding. ;) Love your list and yep, plenty of white paint on hand here too. :)

    1. Haha!! Yes, Lisa! Who needs sandpaper when you can use a nail file instead. 😉

    2. ARRRRRGH! Totally forgot to list an emergency board! And toothpicks! And an ice pick! (I have my mother-in-law's 60 year old ice pick.....not a common household items any more I guess, lol!)

    3. ARRRRRGH! Emery board, not emergency! Although, if you need to file a rough edge off of something and you don't have the appropriate tool and it's an!

  14. I don't craft much. I do have various types of scissors around the apartment for different uses. I have scrapbook paper, glues, ribbon, etc.

  15. Great list. I love ribbons, which are somewhat out of control! Have a great week!

  16. Yep, I have all those items on hand. I just need a more organized space to use them.

  17. And my personal favorite ... twine! Well technically it's not a tool but we can think of it that way since it holds so many things together. ;)

  18. Love the glue gun and love a staple gun too.

  19. Your list is right on Kim! I have the items you listed, except I need one extra pair of scissors 😀

  20. I can almost remember way back when your list was actually more than I had, but things have changed just a wee bit.'ve seen my craft room!

  21. Glue Gun #1 ;-) it is the crafters number one tool I say.
    Great list.
    I do have a wire cutter in my craft bin. Many times I need a wire cutter for ribbon or pipe cleaners.

  22. I have a friend who is an artist...a real, live honest to goodness ARTEEST, and she always insists her favorite tool is a glue gun. You could build a rocket with those things :)


  23. Great list! I always reach for white, too. :)

  24. I have all those tools. I couldn't live without my cutting mat, rotary cutter and grids. I bought them for quilting, but now I use them for all my fabric crafts. They make cutting fabric so much faster and easier. xo


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