Cheap And Easy

June 24, 2016

How to make linen valances

Several weeks ago, I updated my kitchen and den by taking some long loved elements out of each room. Curtains in both spaces got the (temporary) boot. A custom made pair of dark red, ring clip rooster valances and red gingham rod pockets were tucked away and replaced with lightweight linen versions.

Just Make That Mess Go Away

June 21, 2016

I am a purest when it comes to home decor ~ purely form over function. I know, I know, there are necessary evils in every home, and many of them are unsightly, but when at all possible, I will choose pretty over practical and attractiveness over amenities. Sometimes, it creates extra work or causes me to think outside the decoration box, and it frustrates the daylights out of my husband, who is my contractor, but I can't help it.

If it doesn't look right, I don't care how it well it works.

Easy Rod Pocket Lace Valance

June 17, 2016

White lace valance in kitchen

There's a new lace valance in my kitchen! Come take a peek. I have always been a big fan of lace fabric, but I had never worked with it. Honestly, I was a little fearful of its delicate nature. When I dug in, I was surprised at how resilient it was and how easy it was to end up with a professional looking curtain in no time flat.

Today, I am excited to show you how to make one just like it or at least inspire you to add a little lace to your decor ~  even if you don't sew.

What's Your Favorite Type Of Craft?

June 14, 2016

As the warmer weather approaches and the school year draws to a close, I find myself daydreaming about all those lazy, hazy days of summer and how I am going to fill them. I know a lot of people make a bucket list and while I am the ultimate list person, I prefer a more open ended plan so I can fit in a lot of crafting.

Why I Will Never Be A Fashion Blogger

June 10, 2016

Instagram collage from Exquisitely Unremarkable

Years ago, back in the days of the dinosaur, before blogging, before kids, before marriage, before my master's degree in teaching and time spent in primary level classrooms...before my many retail positions, both sales and managerial, for Esprit, Pottery Barn and The Children's Place, even before my stint as a public relations intern in a New York City museum, mingling among the likes of Brooke Shields and Monty Python, I was a fashion major.


Let's Go Back In Time

June 7, 2016

People inspire you or they drain you, pick wisely

When I first started blogging, I had exactly five fans and I was related to all of them. In the three years since, my audience has grown just a little bit bigger and I have written over 300 posts.

Of course, some of those pieces have only been seen by the original five, of whom, no one could figure out how to comment!!

Get The Look! Cottage Style Family Room

June 3, 2016

Cottage Style Decor

I am a cottage style girl. There's just something about that particular decor that makes my house feel like a home and since I live in an actual cottage, built in the 1920's, it definitely fits! My family room is one of my favorite spaces, full of charm. It's tiny, but it lives large with a window seat nook, sliding pocket doors, tons of color and a giant floral couch.

Yup. Flowers.

On my couch.

If I Don't Wear My Wedding Rings Am I Still Married?

May 31, 2016

I don't wear my wedding rings that often and for some reason, this does not sit well with most people.  I don't know why what jewelry I choose to put on is anyone's business, but when my naked finger is noticed the reaction is swift.

And predictable.

Where's your wedding ring? Uh, oh, you forgot your wedding ring! Did you lose your wedding ring?

Of course, my personal favorite is the ever popular WHY aren't you wearing your wedding ring? 

That one usually comes with a an expectant tone and forlorn expression.

Never Ever Buy Bisque Appliances

May 16, 2016

Why You Should Never Buy Bisque Appliances

The call came in as I was walking out of the ice cream shop. I was balancing a $40 cake I had just picked up for my daughter's 18th birthday, while fumbling to answer the phone.


It was my husband. He wanted to let me know that our refrigerator had just died and he was not happy. While the timing wasn't great, I didn't have anyplace to keep that pretty pink cake, I wasn't really that upset.

I was actually smiling.