My Dirty Little Crafting Secret

February 12, 2016

Crafting is my thing. It's my outlet and passion and I am lucky enough that I get to do it several times a week. Some people run, others like to cook, but not me.


I am happiest with a glue gun in one hand and paint in the other.

Do You Dish?

February 8, 2016

White ceramic soap dish

I broke my soap pump. You know, the one that goes in the bathroom.

I've broken a lot of them actually.

Well, me...or the kids. (It's a lot easier to blame them.)

With And Without

February 1, 2016

I went to a wake yesterday. It was awful...forty something, married, kids, sudden and unexpected. Too soon, too young. So very, very sad.

On the receiving line, I watched. She was strong, eloquent, beautiful, the epitome of class, all the while suffering through an unimaginable pain. People said they were sorry. They said they'd be there to help out and console. They said they understood, as they clasped the hand of their partner and moved on down the line.

And I thought, no they don't. They couldn't possibly.

But I do.

Valentine's Day Banner

January 25, 2016

It's almost Valentine's Day and it wouldn't be right if I didn't make a banner to celebrate the holiday, now would it?

Before blogging, I never decorated for Valentine's Day. I taught kindergarten and first grade for years before the kids were born. Then when they started preschool, so did I. I taught a four year old class until my youngest went to kindergarten.

Hot Water

January 19, 2016

I drink hot water.

Yup. Just plain hot water.  No tea bag, no lemon wedge, honey or cinnamon and apparently, that's odd. Every time I order it, the server raises an eyebrow and says, "Are you sure?"

Yes, I'm sure.

Independent Interiors: Decorating On Your Own

January 13, 2016

A Cozy Corner In My Do-It-Yourself Kitchen

Growing up I was a HUGE slob.  


Just ask my poor mother.  

There Is Joy In Work And Fun, Too!

January 5, 2016

There is joy in work

Ah, a new year. I love a clean slate, don't you? There's something about opening up the calendar and seeing a blank page, a fresh start...365 new days full of possibility. It energizes and excites me and this year has proven no different.


A Year In Review 2015 ~ My Favorites

December 28, 2015

2015 Year In Review

Ah, the end of the year. Time to take stock of 2015 and share the best of the best. At least that was the plan, but you know, I've done that before ~ twice actually ~ and while the most popular posts are always fun to highlight, this year, I thought I would share my own personal favorites with you.

One from each month of the year.

There Is No Perfect Christmas ~ Or Is There?

December 22, 2015

The Perfect Present
The perfect present for this red loving girl, from my perfect friend Liz. 
When I was little, Christmas was absolutely perfect. There were always tons of family members gathered in plaid and pearls dancing along to the Yule Log, there were so many presents I could barely see the floor underneath all of the crumpled wrapping paper and people laughed and hugged, ate and sang, eggnog in hand, nonstop from Christmas Eve until late Christmas night.

It was ~ Christmas card illustrated, movie depicted, exactly what it was supposed to be ~ perfect.
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