Creative Cottage Style Christmas Lights

December 12, 2017

Red Paper Star Lanterns

This weekend, the first snow of the season fell. As a dedicated summer girl I am not usually thrilled at the sight of those flakes, winter is long around here. However, Santa was right, Christmas snow is magical and somehow it managed to lull even me into a state of holiday bliss. It was wonderful to watch it outside, while we were cuddled up tight by the light of the fire inside.

What Do You Want For Christmas?

December 10, 2017

What are the best gifts for mom for Christmas? Ask her, you may be surprised.

My mom was almost forty when I was born. I was not the baby of our large family, but close. My older siblings actually graduated from high school while I was in preschool, so by the time I was a teenager, they were long married with children of their own.

They lived nearby so when the holidays rolled around they were always present.

Old Fashioned Macaroni Angel Ornaments

December 6, 2017

How To Make Old Fashioned Macaroni Angel Ornaments

Long before I started blogging, before the days of kids and even marriage, I taught kindergarten and first grade. During my first year, at my first school, I attended a PTA craft fair and fell head over heels in love with a darling little macaroni angel ornament. 

I didn't yet have a tree of my own, but I needed to bring her home. 

When Swapping Out Your Shower Curtain Is Not So Quick And Easy

November 30, 2017

Red and white cottage style bathroom decor

It's a long established fact, here at Exquisitely Unremarkable, that I am a very lazy ~ and very cheap ~ kind of decorator. I enjoy a pleasant view, just as much as the next home decor junkie, what I do not enjoy is the process of making the view pleasant.

Real Life Christmas Decorating

November 28, 2017

Cottage style Christmas Decorations

Each year when Christmas rolled around, I would tell my husband "this year we're going to get a tree for the family room". He was never thrilled with the idea. This beach cottage is small and maneuvering around another tree did not sound exciting. He just didn't see how one would fit, I understood his concern, but we spend a lot of time in that room and other than a few lights, it never really looked all that festive.

And I craved festive.

Thanksgiving Memories | Paper Bag Apple Pie Fire

November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Recipes And Memories

My mom was an outstanding cook. Every single night, when my dad got home from work, we would all sit down at the kitchen table and eat dinner....and I'm talking full on meals. In addition to the main course there was always fresh bread and salad, served on separate plates and at different times. We didn't have a formal upbringing and my mom was not raised as a cook, but back then, it's just how it was done.

Give Thanks Turkey Fan Blade Sign

November 21, 2017

Paint a Thanksgiving turkey wooden sign on an old fan blade to welcome the holiday. It's an easy DIY and super cute, too.

Last night, I whipped up a super sweet painted Thanksgiving turkey sign on one of my old fan blades....and it was so much fun. I probably should've been baking, or setting a table or cleaning the house a bit, but the blades were just sitting on the floor looking at me. So I gave in.

And I am so glad I did.

Fall. Simplified.

November 17, 2017

Two Tiered Wooden Tray

It's fall. Still. Even though it doesn't really look or feel like it around here. It's a bit unnerving, truth be told. Autumn in the northeast is supposed to be chilly, sometimes there's snow and by now, the trees are usually naked. But nope. 

Not this year. 

Whimsical Christmas Tree Sign

November 14, 2017

Merry Christmas Tree Sticker Sign

No, no, no. I have not decorated for Christmas yet. All of my trees, wreaths, lights and ornaments are still tucked away in storage waiting for the day after Thanksgiving to pop out of hiding. However. Christmas crafting is a tricky business. In order to have all of your projects ready on decoration day, you have to start a little early.