How To Redecorate For Free In The Middle Of The Night

June 30, 2015

 I redecorated my kitchen for free in less than ten minutes at 1am.

I was up late, sewing. I do a lot of my best work under the cover of darkness, when no one else is awake, asking for food or a ride. Anyway, I moved my farmhouse island to make more room on the floor to work and when it came time to put it back, I didn't. It looked so good in its new position I left it.

Italian Prosperity Jar

June 26, 2015

I am a romantic, a dreamer and a true lover of fairy tales. Implausible happy endings are the best part of any story and if there's a little mystery and magic thrown in, even better. In real life however, I am a bit more pragmatic. I don't usually play the lottery, believe in get rich quick schemes and if something seems too good to be true, I generally pass. However, when my friend Deb mentioned her Italian Prosperity Jar, I found myself mildly intrigued.

Super Easy No Sew Valance

June 23, 2015

Ok, brace yourselves, I have another banner project today. I know, I know, I just can't get enough of these things, but this one is different. I promise! It doesn't involve my kitchen or the hood. It's a no sew valance and I made it for my bedroom, because the colors were right and I am cheap.

Wait. I mean know what I mean.

Evaporated Milk Memories

June 17, 2015

The warm weather has finally arrived in my neck of the woods and for some reason the change of season, any season, puts me in a cleaning mood. Depressing isn't it, this is my road to fun?

Well, this weekend, looking for a good time, I decided that I'd had just about enough of my terribly disorganized pantry and so I started cleaning out and cleaning up that messy closet.

Summer Sticker Sign Wreath and A Dose Of DIY Blog Hop

June 15, 2015

Summer is almost here and I can't wait ~ I'm so excited! To welcome the season, I wanted to dress my front door in something whimsical, light, airy and full of the glorious color I dreamt about during those cold, grey days of winter. Last year, I added letters to a wreath and while I love the idea of decorating with words, this year, I was craving a simpler, more rustic look to greet my guests. I decided on this sticker sign wreath and I couldn't be happier with the result. It was super easy to whip up, it seriously took me ten minutes, and it's a foolproof way to get perfect lettering regardless of your penmanship skills. 

I promise. 
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