Easy DIY Valances ~ A Curated Hometalk Board

September 23, 2014

It's fall and I am so excited! I can't wait to set out the pumpkins, turn on the fireplace and cozy up my d├ęcor with a few simple accessory swaps. I usually start with the windows, taking down the light summer lace and adding something a little heavier to frame my view. It's amazing how that one little change can transform the entire mood of a room.

So when Hometalk asked me if I would curate a board of Easy DIY Valance Tutorials, I was thrilled, what perfect timing! Plus, I'm a huge fan of the valance! I like bright open spaces, but I also love a fabulously dressed window ~ valances provide the best of both!

It wasn't hard to a fill board. There are so many pretty pictures and decorating ideas on Hometalk, I found myself clicking around for hours. If you love DIY, crafty home and garden projects or need some expert advice, you must check it out!

I chose tutorials that were super easy and could be modified to fit just about any style or room. Some of them are hand painted, a few are made without fabric and the majority of them can be constructed without a needle and thread!

If you would like to see the entire collection, check out my Easy DIY Valance Tutorials Board on Hometalk and let me know what you think of my choices!

Are you redecorating for fall?

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  1. Hi Kim! Just came by to say thanks for the sweet comment about Spencer's room. I'm so happy with the end results. Can't wait for the art work to come in.

    I don't think I've ever gone to the Hometalk website. Will have to check it out so I can add one more site to my list of time swallowers. :)

  2. There are so many pretty posts there Stacey...lots of eye candy! Thanks for coming by! :)

  3. Kim,

    Natch - you're one of my favorite bloggers, hometalk is one of my favorite places ... it only makes sense to combine them! Hope there are some "no sew" ideas on there.

  4. Tons of "no sew" Cheryl! As a matter of fact, I think you could do most of them that way! :) See on Hometalk!

  5. Hi Kim, I love your collection of valances and curtains you have picked out for Hometalk. It is such a nice way to spruce up a room too. Thanks so much for stopping by today and yes we are the early birds now! Have a nice week.

  6. Thank you Julie! I had so much fun choosing. There are a lot of talented people out there!

  7. These were all very attractive! : ) The ribbon one made me smile. Last year I kept debating whether to make curtains from a Jacobean style floral that I'd purchased for a few pillows. Well I didn't really want to go buy more fabric and spend the money and since my place is small I also figured that I'd tire of those curtains....better stick with the neutral sheers. What I did, though, was create ribbon type things to tie around the valances and I kept them there for the colder months, matching the pillows. I forgot about it till seeing this post, as in...I need to find those when I drag out fall decor in October!

  8. Kim, I am surprised that you haven't already started your own little business creating cute, little window wear for others; I am certain there would be a long line of excited customers, just aching to have you sew up delightful dressings for their windows!

    Of course you have been added to my Reading List in your old bloggerhood, which gets me here pronto, without having to stop at Google Plus, on the way!

    Have a wonderful Thursday, my friend!

    P.S. Your comment on my current post is very, very kind. Thank you!

  9. They sound pretty Deb! It's funny how creative we can be when it counts! I hope you find them ~ I love the change of season. I rediscover things I haven't seen in a year and feel like I got new stuff all over again! ;)

  10. Oh girl...you are about a week toooooooo late!!! I decided to make lined valances out of not one, but TWO old sets of valances.....yikes!! Lots of ripped stitches later (taking the old ones apart and removing the trim from both sets)...a few vindictive comments about the crazy woman who put them together the first two times (me) and a few new gray hairs......I now have new valances in my den and kitchen!!
    To make matters worse, I was cutting/making them from a picture!!! Am I insane or what???????
    I should have waited until you told me how to do them with no sewing :^)
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  11. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Poppy! I have often thought about it, but it's usually friends asking for help and just don't have the heart to charge them! Thanks for adding me to your list! That is super sweet! xo

  12. J, I have been there!! My machine misbehaves often and I am not a trained seamstress, so I spend more times ripping than stitching! No sew is the way to go! That said, I bet yours look beautiful!! :) I still think you need a blog, I want to see pictures!

  13. Great board for Hometalk Kim! Love valances too. Will be checking them out. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  14. Thanks Jann! There are some really crafty people out there! Thanks for coming by! :)

  15. I love all of these ideas! Thanks so much for sharing at Monday Funday party! Pinning!

  16. Thanks so much, Heather ~ I love getting pinned! ;) Thanks for popping by and for the fun party!


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