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Easy Recipe ~ Super Quick Quiche

September 29, 2014

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Whip up a quick meal in no time with the easy recipe for quiche. Toss in a few eggs and whatever you have hiding in the fridge to make a hearty meal for your family.

Trust me, it's not just for brunch!

Black bean and spinach quiche on the counter with three eggs and an egg beater

I do not like to cook, I would rather decorate than make a meal.

This fact has already been established around here, many, many times.

Of course, we have to eat and I am the one in charge of that on weekdays, so I have become queen of the easy recipe.

If I can whip it up late in the afternoon, with stuff I have on hand...because ~ surprise ~ I am not a meal planner...then it meets my qualifications for supper.

This easy quiche is one of my go to recipes, because it takes me no time to prepare, everyone loves it and I generally have the necessary ingredients in the house.

Eggs are a staple around here and I always have a frozen pie shell at the ready.

I could make my own ~ well, let me rephrase that ~ you could make your own, if you prefer, but I like quick and easy so frozen fits the bill.

There's no real "recipe" here.

As usual, when it comes to cooking, I like to provide you with more of a guideline.

It's mainly because I'm a wing it kind of chef, so I don't really know the precise measurements, but that's ok, especially with quiche.

Quiche ingredients on the stove

I just keep adding things until my shell is filled up to the top. If you use a deep dish shell, you will obviously need more of everything.

Here's what I do.

Easy Quiche Recipe

Ingredients and Directions:

I add eggs (4- 6)

A dash of milk (about a 1/4 cup)

A large handful of shredded cheese or several slices of cheese torn up  ~ sometimes, I add several different cheeses, whatever I have in the fridge.

Oh...and I don't shred by hand anymore. I have a magical tool for that task now. 

A large handful of frozen, chopped broccoli.

I do usually throw it in the microwave for about one minute to soften it up a tad, but it's still mostly frozen. Lazy...remember?

Scramble it all together and pour it in the shell.

That's it.

Then I toss them in the oven for about 30- 45 minutes on 350 degrees.

Raw cheese and broccoli quiches on a pan in the over

Now, I have an "absolutely no broccoli" child in my house, so I make one with it and one without.

A plain cheese quiche is just as tasty.

Half Cheese and Half Broccoli Quiche

If I only have one pie shell, I make a half and half quiche to please the whole crowd.

However, if I have leftover hamburger I toss a handful in, sometimes I add leftover potatoes...whatever I have around.

Quiche is one of those great "garbage pail" kind of meals.

The list of tasty items you could add is virtually endless.

Two homemade quiches being taken out of the oven

Cold cuts, bacon, black beans, tomatoes, spinach, onions, scallions, eggplant. You can literally add any kind of vegetable. Want to take it up a notch? Why not add some seafood.

If you think it would taste good in an omelet, it's good in quiche.

Once it comes out of the oven, I serve it up with a leafy salad and maybe some popcorn rice or mashed potatoes on the side.

Quiche on a glass plate rack in a red kitchen

Then dinner is done and I can relax...until tomorrow afternoon when I have to start thinking about it again.

Ugh. I really need to start meal planning. Or hire a chef.


That's not going to happen.

Do you plan your meals?

Share your best tips...I obviously need help.

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  1. Love your new home! I'm all about quick and easy as well and this looks like a great recipe! Have a great day!

  2. Thanks Robyn! I'm settling in and trying to get my bearings, so far so good! Thanks for the visit! :)

  3. Your kitchen looks cozy, and your quiche, scrumptious! I bet the entire house smells amazing, as well as the blog!;))

    Happy Monday!


  4. Thanks Poppy! I have to admit, it is scrumptious...but it's kind of hard to mess up quiche! ;)

  5. get five stars for this recipe.
    I have made quiche and I always have made a production of it. Not because it was hard...but because I was following a recipe and because it was usually made for guests or an open house, etc. You know...a pressure situation. You just changed my whole outlook about quiche. I'm going to add it to my dinnertime repertoire for leftovers. You are a genius girl!

    Thanks for sharing your Great Idea with us at Project Inspire{d}!

  6. Diane, you are too kind! Genius, huh? I'll take it! ;) I bet your quiches are spectacular!

  7. lol!! I've always heard that quiche was a time-consuming difficult affair. Then one day I browned up some hamburger in the electrick skillet, added whatever was in the fridge, some cheese, enough eggs beat together with a little milk, and turned the skillet down low to avoid burning. I called it "Kitchen Sink"!! And THEN learned that it was really quiche!
    Thanks for the reminder! It will probably work better in the oven, so it won't burn the bottom.
    (P.S. - I draped the loveseat in my trailer with painter's cloth so I could use pillows like you do! I just LOVE your living room! AND I'm working on hanging a 'curtain' under a table that is just tooo leggy! You would recognize my living room - cuz it's related to yours!)

  8. Great minds think alike, the kitchen and the living room! I am actually in the process of adding fabric to another "leggy" table in my basement! I think I'm obsessed! Thanks for popping by!

  9. Kim, some day when you feel the urge to visit NH, let me know. We'll go up and hang out at the trailer and see the sights. The leaves are getting to be nice about now! (Of course, you have to wait until the bathroom floor in the guest room gets fixed. . . yet ANOTHER project that I wasn't looking for.)

  10. That's one of our favorite quick and easy meals. I put bacon or ham in ours if we have it. It's probably a million calories but so good.

  11. That sounds yummy, Stacey! The crust and the cheese are always my favorite parts, so yes, a million calories! ;) Thanks for popping over!

  12. Thanks Nancy, what a kind offer...and yes, the endless projects, I hear you loud and clear! Good luck!

  13. Very cool reply system you've got going!

  14. Thanks Stacey! Now if I could just get myself out of the no-reply G+ loop, I'd really be in business! ;)

  15. Hi Kim, quiche is so good with a salad on the side too. I will have to make one soon. I'm like you and love quick and easy recipes. Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  16. I'm making one as we speak! ;)

  17. October in our little part of the world continues to say summer. It was 80 degrees yesterday and we are expecting 88 degrees today on the beach. September and October are the most beautiful months of the year for us and I can't get into "fall", but I will go with Halloween decorations next week.

  18. I agree, September and October are the glorious at the beach here as well, Carol. It is just not as swimming for us! Enjoy your lovely temps! :) Thanks for popping over!

  19. I love quiche, but don't think to make it very often. I generally wake up each morning and decide then what I will fix that evening. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. That's how I operate, Jann. I am not a meal planner! :)

  21. This is a great recipe! I make quiche about once a month and mine basic recipe is very similar. We also like to make one with canned crab meat, some chopped shallots, Old Bays Seasoning and Gruyere cheese. It's not overly 'fishy' but quite good. Your home is gorgeous!!

  22. Zenda, I have often wanted to add crab, my husband would love it, but always thought it would be a lot of work. I never even thought about canned! Thanks for the tip! :)

  23. I wondered why I wasn't seeing your posts anymore! Your new home looks great! :)

  24. Thanks Dee! Thanks for tracking me down ~ I'm glad you found me! You can still add me to your Blogger dashboard by clicking add, copying my url and hitting enter. I love WordPress, but it does take some getting used to! Hey Congratulations on your one year anniversary! I knew you'd be a fabulous success from the get go!:)

  25. For me, what turns any quiche into a work of art is to cube up some cream cheese and toss it in there. Holy cow, yummy. Thanks so much for sharing your anti-recipe ;)

  26. Mmmm, that sounds yummy Kelly, I have never tried that. Thanks for the tip and for stopping by! :)

  27. This looks delicious - love quiche! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  28. Thanks Kathy! It was nice of you to pop by and check it out! Happy Tuesday! :)

  29. That looks good Kim. I like your new look at WP.

  30. Thanks Sherry! The quiche is super easy and I am settling in to WP! Thanks for popping by! :)