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My Dream Craft Space

September 25, 2014

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I don't have much excess room in my tiny cottage, but I found the perfect way to carve out my dream craft space.

And I found it at the thrift store!

Using a computer armoire for craft supplies

I live in a tiny beach cottage and I absolutely love it.

I'm not a big house person. In fact, I'm most content in spaces I can label with words like cozy, sweet or charming.

That's just who I am.

Of course, there are times when an extra room would come in handy.

For example, when we have overnight guests, one of the kids is always displaced. Moved to the basement at bedtime.

Since we don't have a guest room.

Holiday dinners are always rather informal, as we don't have a dining room and frankly crafting has always been a challenge, because...well, you get it.

I've always sewed, glued, painted and decoupaged on my kitchen island and it was always rather frustrating. 

The area was functional, but I could usually only get about halfway through a project before someone wanted lunch or needed to do homework.

Red and Cream Farmhouse Kitchen with wooden wreath on hood

My supplies would be laid out and then gathered up several times a day.

Completing a craft was challenging at best and sewing was a total nightmare.

Lugging that heavy machine in and out of the closet.

I told my husband it would be dreamy to have a whole room dedicated to me and my stuff, but we've added to the house before, and frankly, I never want to do that again.

Instead, I told him that I'd settle for one of those fancy closet style craft cabinets, where I could keep all of my stuff.

So we started to shop.

And then we stopped when we found the prices to be in the one to two thousand dollar range. Bummer.

Back to the kitchen table.

Then a few weeks later we happened to be at a local thrift shop and we saw this beauty for $98.00.

My husband opened it up and lo and behold, it was exactly what I was looking for, solid wood, great color, perfect size and cheap.

It's actually an office armoire.

You know, one of those cabinets that holds a printer and a computer, but with a little bit of imagination, I turned it into a perfect craft cabinet and sewing station.

We brought it home, set it up in the basement and I got to work filling it with my crafty supplies.

I love the fact that the doors close up and everything is hidden.

That means it's pretty on the outside, but doesn't have to be on the inside.

I do have some stylish containers full of ribbon, but others are just functional (translation: ugly).

If I want to leave a project half done, I can shut the mess away and not have to think about how it will look to company.

The armoire also has an electrical outlet inside and even though I have to share of bit of my real estate with the Wii game and the cable box, I still have plenty of room and power for my sewing machine.

Big jobs or small, I have a great area to stitch away and all of my notions are at my fingertips.

There's already overhead lighting and carpet underfoot to make my - ahem - craft room - even more comfortable.

And a basement fireplace to keep me toasty.

The big takeaway here is that when you're trying to organize your craft supplies, don't overlook the thrift store possibilities.

Old cabinets, bookcases and armoires can provided great storage and organization for small spaces.

Or big. 

If I had a larger room, I'd definitely have a pair or them.

Or even a trio.

Now, granted my view isn't fabulous, but I live near the beach and I am lucky enough to see the water every day.

However crafting in the sand isn't that great.

Believe me, I've tried it.

So when I want to retreat and make a few home decor crafts, the view of my supplies organized, neat and at the ready is amazing.

Best of all though, it's my craft space.

Mine all mine.

No one will need to use it to do their math problems or eat their ice cream sundae or paint their nails.

And that alone qualifies it as dreamy.

Wouldn't you say?

Where do you craft?

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  1. What an absolute gorgeous piece and perfect solution.

    I had to laugh...we have opposites! :) I HAVE a dining room but just a galley kitchen, so the dining room table is the kitchen table. But I have MY little corner up in the kid's toy room where the fabric and junk is and other things tucked in here and there so it all works.

    I can't get over that piece...exactly what you needed and for a sweet price! :)

  2. That's funny, Deb! My aunt used to keep all of her quilting supplies in a guest room that used to play in. I think that my early exposure to crafts was were the seed was planted! Thanks for checking out my craft space. I really do love it...and yes, the price was the best part!! ;)

  3. You totally lucked out with that armoire Kim! Great price and it fits perfectly. Armoires seem to be out of vogue for tv's so it's not uncommon to find them on the cheap. When we moved in April, we were forced to donate two GORGEOUS armoires. Actually, we had to pay over $200 for them to take them away, then on top of that they stole from us...but that's another story. :(

    I'm fortunate that I have a dedicated craft space FINALLY! I love it and don't take it for granted for one minute.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. That's a shame Doreen. I am sorry to hear that. It's amazing how quickly styles have changed around the new tv technology. I wonder what will be next!
    Thanks for coming by to visit! :)

  5. This would be perfect in my house!! Thrift stores, here I come! ;)

  6. Glad I could inspire you, Mary! Hope you are as lucky as we were!

  7. Thanks Andrea! It was a good thrifting day! ;)

  8. I wonder if I could get a tv armoire and adapt it a bit. They seem to be plentiful at shops these days...

  9. Hmmm...sound like a great idea. I guess all you'd have to add would be a shelf or table of some sort. Good luck and keep me posted!

  10. That's a great piece, Kim, and so inexpensive. I'm sure you love having everything in one place!

  11. I love to see other craft spaces. I like how the cabinet closes up, and you don't even know all your craft supplies are there!

  12. What a FIND...and how wonderful for your sewing cabinet! I'm happy for you - that you found the perfect thing you needed. Blessings! :-)

  13. Thanks Kim! It was a super fun find, very unexpected! :)

  14. I love that too, Jann! I can be a messy crafter! Thanks for coming by! :)

  15. I am JoAnne! Everything was stacked all over the house before...messy! ;)

  16. Kim, you are one lucky girl, my friend - $98.00?! That, in itself is incredible, the fact that it is solid wood, a pretty design, and complete with cubbyholes for all your cool, crafty stuff, is a bonus! Yes, you definitely deserve your own space, and once the fireplace is up and working, imagine the coziness!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  17. Thank you Poppy!! I was lucky! The kids have already tried to grab a bit of my space, stashing their game controllers inside, but I vetoed that immediately! They have enough spaces of their own~ trust me! ;) Thanks so much for coming by, it's always a treat to receive a Poppy comment! :)

  18. You're hilarious, Kim! I love the way you write. I don't have a craft room either, but I do have daughter graduating from HS this year. And she knows as soon as she enters college in the summer her room is MINE!! LOL!!

  19. Thank you! You just made my night...and that's funny Brandi, I tell my kids the same thing! ;)

  20. Such a cute Idea. ENJOY Your space!

  21. Thanks Alyssa! I really like it so far! :)

  22. Hi Kim,

    I love your craft space and with the fabulous armoire ( what a great find) can see you will be very happy working here. It must be so nice to be able to shut everything away. Most of the time I work on our dinning room table.
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend

  23. It's already made a big difference, Carolyn! Thanks so much for popping by! :)

  24. Congratulations on your craft space! It's wonderful that you no longer have to pack everything up when something isn't quite finished :)

  25. Thank you Bella! It is awesome...there's a crafty in-process mess waiting for me behind closed doors right now! Shhh! ;) Thanks for the comment!

  26. Good morning Kim!

    I so agree with you about not being a BIG HOUSE person. Although we did add two extra rooms to our home, the house is still considered a cottage and by no means a large home, but the addition of a great room with vaulted ceilings and my husband's own office have given us that bit of extra space we needed.

    Your crafting space is just what YOU need and desire, and that is awesome. You should see where I write. I write in a CLOSET in what was once the first bedroom on the bottom floor. We have cut a hole in the wall and added French doors to open up this room to the old living room, so it's now my "studio" - but the fun part is that my laptop is on a sliding platform that I bring out and my little chair fits daintly underneath. I must share it soon.

    All that to say is that when we are happy with our small or ordinary spaces, we have so much opportunity to make extraordinary work. ENJOY YOUR HOME and thank you for coming to visit! Anita

  27. Your work space sounds just darling, Anita...and very inventive! We added a kitchen years ago, because I was cooking in a "closet'! ;) It's amazing how just a few extra square feet can make such a huge difference! I hope you will share your space. I will be looking for it! Thanks for popping over!

  28. Hi Kim, wow you totally lucked out with the amoire to do all your work now. It looks really nice and organized and you can't beat the price. Happy crafting to you.

  29. Thanks really was meant to be! I went today and bought some new sewing supplies and when I came home, they went right in their new space! It was a really good feeling! Next on my list is a crochet hook! I am determined to learn this fall, so I can make some of the cute things you post!

  30. That's a great piece of furniture. Now you not only have a lovely new addition to your home but also a great place to keep everything you need to be creative!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  31. Thanks Susan and Bentley! It's so great to be organized! Thanks for the visit! :)

  32. Hi Kim!

    yes, isn't it fun to correspond with blogging friends? I LOVE THIS!

    I hope to share my home soon as soon as I get good photos of it! With work, by the time I get home it's too dark to photograph the house, but weekends need to be my photo shoot time. I really do want to share from where I write because it's a hoot.....a closet!

    And you too, you know the tight and cramped quarters one has to work with before one can expand! I'd love to see your home too soon.

    Thanks for replying! See you soon, Anita

  33. You must have been doing the happy dance all the way home and down to the basement, Kim. ;) I can't believe you got your cabinet for such a small price. No doubt we're going to be seeing a lot more crafting, now that you have your dreamy spot.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Project Inspire{d}!
    Gosh...I'm so excited for you!!! [hugs]

  34. That is fantastic! A great use of space!

  35. Kim, you hit the jackpot with that buy! I love that it fits where you wanted and needed it. Can't wait to see what you share with us from your craft room/area!


  36. It was a super lucky find, Helen! My husband has always been curious guy...thank goodness he opened it up! ;) Thank for the visit!

  37. Thanks Sherry! I guess sometimes things are meant to be! :)

  38. I was so happy, Diane! I have been crafting ever since and it's been wonderful to have a tidy space! Thanks for the party!

  39. That looks like a perfect solution, Kim! I think you probably know that I have my own craft-sewing room, but I think this is ideal for a smaller home and fewer options for a dedicated space. Happy sewing and crafting!

  40. Carol, your craft room is dreamy! I am not sure I would ever leave a room like that! I joke around with the kids that when they move out, my sewing machine is moving in...until then my bargain armoire has made a huge difference! Thanks for popping by! :)

  41. Love, love, love your new craft space, Kim! It is just perfect and a beautiful piece! I know you will enjoy it for a long time to come. Very nice!

  42. Thanks Maria Elena! It's not as fabulous as your whole craft room, but it works for me...for now! ;) Thanks for coming by to say hello!

  43. I have a small craft room upstairs which I wish was bigger, and the only thing I probably don't have in it is a sewing machine and a cricut machine! Love this armoire of crafts, I saw similar ones online that are meant for crafts but at this point, I have no space for it. Happy crafting dear!

    1. I don't have a cricut machine, Vel, but always wanted to try one out. I bet you have fun with that!

  44. My tv armoire is in the kitchen/sunroom and holds extra dishes, piles of junk and TOOLS! Because you know I'm a tool girl.
    And I have an office. And space for my sewing table in the spare bedroom.
    1500 square feet for a single lady is too much room, but I do enjoy the option of taking a vacation by sleeping in the other bedroom every now and then.
    Oh, did you learn to crochet yet?

    1. It sounds lovely, Nancy! And it really is like taking a vacation when you escape the bounds of your own room, isn't it? I don't have that option right now, but sometimes I do fall asleep on the couch. Of course, that's a different story! Ha!! And no crocheting here kids have learned, but not mama!!