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A TV In the Bedroom ~ Or Not

January 27, 2015

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Do you have a TV in the bedroom or not?

I do not and apparently, it doesn't sit well with most people!

Want to know why?

Green and White Country Cottage Bedroom

I do not have a TV in my master bedroom anymore and it seems to be a major point of contention for a lot of people.

Most of whom don't even live here.

Growing up I desperately wanted a TV in my room, but it was not allowed.

My parents had one in their master and I remember how much fun it was to curl up in their bed on a Friday night to watch Donnie and Marie.

There was nothing like watching TV in bed.

I can also vividly recall a time when I had the chicken pox and my mom moved the small black and white TV from the kitchen into my room.

Being able to watch The Brady Bunch and The Monkees, while I was all snug, made that incessant itch almost worth it. Almost.

Of course, once I was well, bedroom television privileges were revoked and that sucker was promptly returned to its countertop perch.

Fast forward to my first house as a wedded wife, I couldn't wait to get a TV in the master (if you can call such a tiny space that), we watched it regularly.

That box was always on, whether we were falling asleep to it, waking up to it or listening to it while getting ready or dusting.

I was addicted.

It came in pretty handy when the babies were little, too.

Barney episodes, Baby Mozart, Blue's Clues and the like provided the perfect company for early morning risers, while mommy and daddy squeezed in another thirty minutes of sleep on a weekend morning.

That TV kept everyone in bed, at least until the sun came up.

Then we moved.

Of course, we put the TV in the master again.

The kids, now preschoolers, were sleeping in on their own and with a new teaching position, I didn't have time to watch TV while I was getting ready or cleaning up.

I was all business.

As time went on, the kids started staying up later and we would watch the tube together, in the family room.

Large Tv in family room decor

There was no reason to retreat to bed, and frankly with a house full of children, there was no opportunity.

When we finally did tumble into the bliss of bed, the noise and light would keep my husband awake, so I started reading books again instead.

The TV screen was remained dark.

The box was unused for months at a time. Eventually, I put the remote in the drawer. I think the batteries actually died.

Then one day, I looked over at that ugly, dusty eyesore and decided it was time for it to go. I was paying for a cable box that was never used and let's face it, TVs are not a decorator's dream.

It offended me.

My room was so perfect and even though the unit was petite and white, it always looked out of place.

The paint by number art I have there now is so much better. 

The bedroom was supposed to be our country cottage sanctuary, our pretty escape from the rest of the world.

If you Google the topic of bedroom TVs, debate abounds.

I really don't care about scientific findings and sociological or marital studies. I just know what works for us and that, most importantly, it offended my sense of aesthetics greatly.

The end.

It was not an item we loved or needed, so we disconnected it and put it in the basement. It's be gone for almost a year and I don't miss it a bit.

I love the room now.

Why I took the tv out of my bedroom

Apparently, my husband and I are the only ones though.

The kids used to love to flop on my bed and watch their shows and will occasionally bemoan its absence.

Surprisingly, however, it's our guests, friends and family, people that don't even live here, who find it most unsettling that we don't have a TV in our room. It's like a giant character flaw.

Where is it? Where do you watch TV?

What do you do when you get into bed?

How do you keep up with your shows?

It's 2015, life revolves around TV, where is yours?

Ok, truth time...are you ready?

I don't really like TV.

I don't watch HGTV anymore, I'm House Huntered out and have never tuned in to a Fixer Upper episode. Not even one.

I've never seen Downton Abbey ( 2021 I'm addicted and can't wait for the new movie) and I get my news online.

Occasionally, I watch something alongside my husband or kids, but it's rare and never in the bedroom.

So why is it necessary and moreover, why do people care?

I guess it's human nature.

I guess it all goes back to one of my earliest pieces, decorate for yourself. I live in the house and it should work well for me, look pleasing for me and function well for me.

Now it does.

Um, and reality check, if I needed to watch something in my bed, I can always pull it up on my phone or tablet and then tuck the technology away, where it can't be seen!

Ahhh. Perfect.

Now I can sleep!

Do you have a TV in your bedroom?

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  1. I live in a one bedroom apartment. That is the ONLY place I have a TV. Oh, except for the one in the closet. Living alone, I did not want a TV in the living room, one of the perks of being a single woman. I do not watch TV except sometimes at night, while I'm sitting here pinning or just want to watch one of the few new shows I actually like. I have never watched Downton Abbey. (Gasp!) And I'm tired of HGTV. I don't have a smart phone or a tablet. I either watch a little TV or I read a book.

  2. It sounds like you've got it all worked out in a way that works for you, Brenda! I love it ~ and it's nice to know that I am not the only one who is tired of HGTV! :)

  3. Timely topic . . .
    Two people, four TV's . . . dreadful!
    And one is in the bedroom . . .
    But . . .
    One is never watched . . . a monster in size, not even sure it works . . . family room seldom/hardly ever used.
    One is in the kitchen, and I do turn it on on occasion, but I can live without it.
    One in the bedroom, seldom watched , best picture though, I need it OFF at bedtime . . . too much stimulation.
    And one in the TV/Loft room . . . and we do watch/use it.
    We are in a downsizing stage around here and eliminating TV's will be no problem. Now we just need to DO IT!
    Big pet peeve for me, going to a home with one/several TV's on/playing in the background. Our children tell us our home is much too quiet.
    We like it this way. Wonderful to sit together, in the quiet, to read or visit.

  4. Great post! Everyone wants something different and sometimes those needs change. We didn't have a tv in the master for the first 30 years of our marriage and all was well. Then I was bed-ridden for a few weeks after surgery and got addicted to a tv in there! I accept the fact that its not attractive, but at least we can have a flat screen that is less obtrusive.

  5. Thanks for weighting in Hallie! I hope you are feeling better now. I agree, needs and wants change over time, but as long it works for you that's all that matters! :) Thanks for the comment and I hope you have a super week!

  6. I hear you Lynne, loud and clear! My kids alway have the TV on, sometimes they're not even watching it! Maybe that is why I too crave the quiet and tranquility at bedtime. Teenagers are most definitely not quiet! ;)

  7. I love your room! So light/fresh & shabby chic! I'm pro 'do what works for YOU' and that's all that matters! =)
    I NEVER get to watch tv during the day b/c I'm either swamped with things to do, or the kids hog it! lol. I absolutely LOVE having a tv in our room b/c it's MY time to relax and watch something other than a cartoon! Lol. I usually fall asleep watching a show b/c if not I sit up all night with anxiety, thinking WAY too much. Sigh...
    Soooo, it's definitely not a 'pretty' item, but it works for me... for now! =)

  8. We do have a tv in the bedroom, and as there are only the two of us empty nesters here, we don't mind it. We like to go to bed early, watch a comedy or two, then off to sleep, with an early rising time of usually about 4:30-5:00 am. This works for us, not for everyone, I'm sure.

    We also have a large tv in the combo family/nook/kitchen area that we can watch during the day or with guests. We only have the old fashioned antenna, and Netflix, no cable or satellite, so we find that we watch the news in the early morning, and then perhaps don't watch that tv again, or perhaps we tune it to a Pandora music station and listen to music as we go about our day, usually me in my craft room and my husband puttering around.

    Our lives have changed, as we age, and our tastes have changed, activities changed. This works for us, just do what works for you and don't worry about what anyone thinks about your lack of a bedroom tv. Just tell them, "at this stage in our lives, this is what we want!"

  9. That's my decorating (and I guess general) mantra Rachel ~ do what works for you!! I agree, that a lot of times, what works now, might not work next year or next week, for that matter! A TV in the bedroom was a staple just a few short years ago. I know that after my dad passed and we all left the house, my mom was so thankful for the TV in her room. It cut the silence. I totally get that. When my family went out of town without me for a week, there were a couple of nights when I slept in the family room...with the TV on! :)

  10. Judy, it sounds like you have your home set up perfectly for you and your husband! I enjoy music too. We actually have speakers in every room so I can hear it no matter what room I go in (except our bedroom, it's on the list!), and listen often. I prefer that to TV. You're right, as your life changes so do your wants and needs. I have always felt that's the best guidance for decorating and living in general! :) Thanks so much for taking the time to weigh in!

  11. OK, Kimmer ... I DID gasp at no Downtown Abbey. But otherwise I'm in full agreement! We gave up satellite TV early last year (saving $80-100/month). On regular channels we have three PBS stations, some old TV shows, and enough else to keep me happy. Well ... there was a channel called Live Well that had decorating shows, which I liked, but most were outdated anyway, and now it's gone. But we're fine.

    We DON'T have bedroom TV's. We recently switched our front living room and the back family room around. Big TV is in back and Hubs has a small one in his workshop. Lovin' it. I do lament no white noise in my office/studio room, but that can always come later.

    Great post. I shared it on fb.

  12. HA! Soooo something I would do! ESPECIALLY with everyone out of town! I don't do well with that! Lol. I'd probably go find a friend to cling to! =)

  13. Truthfully, although I watch very little television, (two favourite cooking shows, basically, that's it), I wouldn't mind a TV in the bedroom, since I find that, when I'm tired, it actually helps me fall asleep. I turn it down low, and the mumbling of the news report usually does the trick. Aesthetically, it would be hard to take, but hopefully, I'd be out cold most of the time and would be spared the eyesore!

    Have a lovely week, Kim!


  14. Hi,
    I grew up without TV. And my hubby did too. So we are not big T.V. people. We have one T.V. in the living room. We like to watch a movie on the weekends. And that is about it.

    My sister on the other hand, she married a man who LOVES T.V. and they have a T.V. in several rooms of the house. :-))

    Have a great week,

  15. I think it is funny that people offer their negative comments. That is just not my style. Even if someone asked my opinion I would try to find something positive to truthfully say about their choices or admit that it is not my style but that it suits them or something similar. I don't watch tv. I own one tv and I use it as a monitor for my computer. I don't see well so it works great. I don't get good tv reception in the country and don't have a dish anymore and cable is not possible. And I don't miss it. There are shows that I can watch online, but for the most part I rarely do. It is nice, Kim, that you and your husband appear to be on the same page in this matter and that is what is the important part.

  16. No TV in our bedroom. For that matter, the only tv we have is hidden away in a tv cabinet that looks anything but. People have no idea where the tv is in the living room. I like it that way. And the cabinet gives me one more flat surface to decorate/stash junk on...

    I have also never seen Downtown Abbey, and am tired of HGTV.

    Every time I see your bedspread I have to go in the closet and look at a piece of fabric that I bought for a rug! It's so similar! hmmmm... maybe I'll put it down on the floor again! just maybe!

    You are so much fun! Thanks for all your little pieces of wisdom, and crafty projects. (oh yeah! I was going to make some Valentine puzzle hearts! I'll take the pieces of a garden scene and use the front side, instead of painting the back. Wonder how that will turn out? Dollar Tree has lots of puzzles with flowers/gardens. There is one on the puzzle board now.)

  17. Hi Kim

    I had a tv in my bedroom almost my whole childhood and even through part of a marriage, but one day I read something that stuck with me... "Bedrooms are for two things and watching tv isn't one of them." That was the moment I took it out of there.
    I laughed when you said that it's the people that don't even live in the house that have the most problem with it. I've had the same response and that's when I tell them what I read. You'd be amazed at how quickly it shuts them up lol

    Anyway, like you've said in so many words.... it's your house, not theirs :)

  18. I did not own a TV for years as a single women. Gasp! 15 years without one, then Once I got one I refused to allow a TV in a bedroom. Its wrong on so many levels. Especially from a decorating standpoint. I just do not understand the appeal of a TV in the bedroom, I think it detracts from sleep, from reading and has no place in bedrooms. It makes people lazy. No one that has a TV in the bedroom is focusing on anything important. I hate them in bedrooms.

    Since I live in a tiny house I do have mine in the living room but should I live as I choose someday, a TV would never grace my living room. I have a rule that TV is only on after 8 and goes off at 10 if at all. Its a rule I adhere to always. I do have a Roku and pay for Hulu at 7.99 month that is my only TV viewing cost. I never paid for cable in my life. Its a fabulous savings and I see everything even current seasons if I choose. I limit my viewing as my personal opinion is viewing TV shows makes us stupid and lazy. Never seen a sitcom ever. I watch Downton Abbey (try it you will be glad you did) and PBS, documentaries and the occasional Good Wife or Homeland. Other then that I do not care and do not watch. I prefer to read and work on home projects.

  19. Do you know, that for the first 18 years of our married life, we did NOT have a TV? We were students, we read, we went out, we played music. Then the monster came. And every other year, the TV literally grew to this huge eyesore on the wall. Now, my husband HAS to have it in the middle of our gorgeous new room in the spot where I wanted a gas fireplace with a French mantle! I agree that there comes a point where a TV in the bedroom is counter-productive; a bedroom is for relaxation, peace, quiet. I think you made the right decision to take it out. It's your house, you live there, it's a beautiful room dearest Kim!!! Anita

  20. I love this post. I get the same reaction from family and friends when I tell them I removed the TV from our Master Bedroom. We did it about 3 years ago and I love not having the TV in our bedroom. If we watch TV we do it out in the family room and that is the only place I have one. I think our bedrooms should be our sanctuary where we go at the end of the day for peace and relaxation and sleep so to have that distraction for us was not restful or peaceful. Since we have had it gone for sometime now I do not miss it. We were like you that went to bed with it on and woke up to it on. Now I feel like I get so much better rest with out the ambient noise and lights from the TV going. I do know what you mean that peeps look at you like you are crazy not to have a TV in your bedroom. Almost like it is sacrilegious lol! Your bedroom is cozy and so pretty.

  21. I used to have a tv in my bedroom and actually bought my bedroom furniture because the TV fit in the armoire. When that TV died, I just didn't replace it and now use the space in the armoire to store my pillow and purses. If I want to watch something I have my iPad which has a much clearer picture and I don't need glasses to see it.

    And just this week, I cut the cord and cancelled my cable TV. I love to watch but it was just getting too expensive.


  22. No TV in our room, and it will stay that way.....I just don't think we always need to be plugged in and it is just refreshing not to have a tv in the bedroom. Enjoy the peace and quiet! Take care!

  23. We have a TV in our bedroom but it's what my husband wanted because he goes to bed earlier than I do, and he likes to finish watching something before he goes to sleep. It's positioned in such a way that it's comfortable for him to watch but I find it uncomfortable. Fine by me because by the time I go to bed, all I want to do is sleep. And I have to say, I find it very rude that someone would actually ask you what you do when you into bed!! Sheesh!

  24. I'm with you, Kim. No TV in the bedroom. There's one in the family room and one in the guest room/office/studio and that's plenty! Your bedroom looks beautiful - a very calming oasis and isn't that what it's supposed to be?

  25. Thank you, Susan! I really do enjoy the quiet in that room! :) Have a great week!

  26. Kim, we have a t.v. in our bedroom, but don't use it a lot. Sometimes we turn it on at night and watch Fallon, but then it is turned off. Never fall asleep with it on. I really could do without it, but hubby likes it. We usually watch our family room or if we marathon or watch a movie we go down into the theater room. I didn't allow my kids to have a t.v. in their rooms growing up either. Unheard of when I was growing up. Love your pretty green walls and bed quilt!

  27. LOL I don't even HAVE cable so I never watch "TV" though I rent or purchase DVDs on occasion..usually BBC series like Downton Abbey, The Midwives, etc. Ones that are good enough to watch over again. Every once in awhile a classic TV series like Bewitched or Everybody Loves Raymond. A few cartoon ones for the grands and that's about it.

    Never had one in the bedroom, nope.

  28. It's funny Kathleen, I would never offer my opinion about anyone else's lifestyle or behavior unless I was asked, but lots of people seem to offer theirs up to me! :)

  29. Thanks Dawna! I agree, phones, tablets, laptops, TVs surround me all day long, by bedtime I need a break! Thanks for weighing in! :)

  30. We have been married 46 years and have never had a TV in our bedroom. I would not miss it if we did not have a TV in our home. My hubby on the other hand enjoys his favorite channels. I on the other hand would miss our computer, of which my hubby would most likely not miss if we didn't have it. I do have a few movies (DVD's) that I love and enjoy watching over and over. I think it is what works for each family. Your bedroom looks very cosy and nice ... a sweet retreat.

  31. I like to watch the iPad, too Jo Ann. I can watch it wherever I want and it doesn't take up any room. Cable is pricey, I agree. We have the most basic package and it's still too much! Thanks for the comment! Enjoy your evening.

  32. People do think I am crazy, Kris and they tell me! I just laugh, I can't possibly convince them that we're happier this way. You are right about the light and noise, we sleep deeper and my decorating OCD is much better without that icky box! Have a great night! :)

  33. Anita, I have to say that it was my husband who was against the TV to start. He rises very early and the TV used to interrupt his sleep. However, the other TVs we have are both the huge eyesores of which you speak and if he wanted a TV in the bedroom, that is what I'd be looking at, too! I love the idea of the fireplace and French mantle in the bedroom. Oh, that is a dream of mine, too!! xo

  34. I have had people make comments about my choice of a small house (when are you trading up?), my gas fireplace (real wood is so much better) and my floral couch (that's so old school- it's all about white slipcovers now). It never ceases to amaze me how easily people offer up their unsolicited advice about my home! I am going to give your reading list response a try, Rue! Thanks for the tip and thanks for popping by! :)

  35. I wish our two TVs were hidden away, but the hubby likes the flat screens and they don't fit in a box! Ha! You're always so complimentary Nancy, your comments just make my day! I hope you have a super evening! :)

  36. I'm like you, Lorri, it would never dawn on me to just comment on someone else's personal choices, unless asked...and like you, I would focus on the positive! :)

  37. In my opinion, that's exactly the way I think it should be, a personal choice based on lifestyle and want! :)

  38. I had FaceTime to cuddle up with! Hey, did you notice my vase of faux flowers in the room? ;)

  39. Thanks for the share, Cheryl, you are too nice! My sister is a big DA fan, she's always telling me to watch, too! Maybe... ;)

  40. Poppy, I can send you my old bedroom TV! ;) It sounds like you would enjoy it and that's what it's all about!!

  41. I have heard from a number of people that I would really like Downton Abbey, Alexis. I may have to give it a chance! Our old cottage did not have a family room or den, only a living room. We had a TV in the room, too. I wasn't thrilled with it, but there was no other place for it. Now we have a living room without a TV. It's a nice room to sit in and relax. We actually talk to one another in that room, no distractions, it's nice. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. I hope you are having a great week! :)

  42. Have you considered this??

  43. I agree, Su, the computer and phone are portable and so much harder to keep track of! My kids do not watch much TV, they are far too busy and thankfully, not that interested, but the phone is a different story altogether! That is one habit they need to break!

  44. I agree, Teri, it's all about what works best for you! We are the same, by the way, I would miss the computer and hubby would miss the TV and I have a few movies I love to watch over and over! :)

  45. I am partial to the classics, too, Deb! I rarely watch TV, but when I do, it's usually something I know I like...or something the kids are into!

  46. Thanks Jann! I desperately wanted a TV growing up, yet I refuse to let my kids have one. Of course, today they have phones and iPads, so they are watching stuff in there least until I catch them and tell them to turn it off! ;)

  47. You are so right about changing as we age. As a newly wed the TV was on all day and night until bedtime. We only had one TV in the living room then because it was not normal to have more than one TV. Telling my age LOL. When the kids were teens we had a TV in the master so we could have privacy while they watched MTV. But once we were empty nesters we moved back to the living room. We did have a TV in the guest room for over night guest who liked TV to sleep by and my husband would watch it and nap on Sundays. Now I am a widow and I do not turn the TV on until news time in the evening. I prefer the quiet while I quilt or read blogs. I do have a small TV in the master now but it has never been turned on and plan on moving it into guest/quilt room. And I am one of those who has stopped HGTV because of house hunters overload, and I have never seen Downton Abbey. My husband and I have always been avid readers so we always read for awhile in bed at night. Much more relaxing. Enjoyed your post.

  48. Kim, this is awesome. I don't believe in TVs in bedroom either. My kids don't have TV in their room because if they did we wouldn't see them. When I'm home the TV is not on and usually comes on around 7:30 for couple of hours if that. Most nights my husband is playing the piano and I'm listening to him play. The weekdays is very busy and we usually like to relax.

  49. KIM, Good morning! I have seen some wonderful TV and fireplace mantle ideas. I just wish I could convince my husband to go along with my idea. I think that the next TV we get could possibly have the hardware that would make having the DVD and other components obsolete, therefore, the cabinet under the TV could be eliminated, making room for A MANTLE! Oh, that would be fun! Have a super day, Anita

  50. WHAT??!!!! How did I miss THAT?! haha. Love it! ;)

  51. I love a woman with a plan, Anita!! I will keep my fingers anniversary present maybe? :)

  52. Our family is very musical, as well, Vanessa, so there is a lot more of that going on than TV around here that is for sure. We are lucky ladies aren't we? Of course, I agree with you about the kids and the phones. Yikes, that's a whole other conversation!! ;)

  53. It sounds like you have your routine all worked out, Debbie! I am so sorry to hear of your husband's passing. You mention retreating to the bedroom to watch TV,while the kids are watching something else and lately we find ourselves doing the same thing...especially on those sleepover nights! This tiny house can get awfully loud. I don't miss the TV on those days, but I know my hubby does. I am happy with the small iPad screen if need be, he wants his big screen~ Mars versus Venus I guess! Thanks so much for the comment and I hope you enjoy the weekend! :)

  54. Very cool idea, Nancy, thanks for sharing! I follow her and love her ideas! I would need a bigger box that's for sure!

  55. Teeeeheeee...I always have a plan!!!!!! Thank you kind friend!

  56. NO tv in the bedroom!!!!!!!!!!
    In fact, we have ONE tv and it is in the den. Hubster watches it...well, he likes to play with the remote.....
    The cat watches with him when the news comes on at night...she knows that when it goes off, she gets a snack :^)
    I sit with them, but I have books, magazines, sewing...or I nap!
    Your room is LOVELY, and I'm glad you can enjoy the peace of it without intrusion from our mixed up world!!

  57. It's funny you mentioned that J, because that was another reason I got rid of the tube in there. News was the last thing on at night and the first thing on in the morning and it is rarely good. I got tired of it. I also sit and read or knit while the hubby plays with the remote! Ha! :) It's good to hear from you and I hope you have a super weekend!

  58. Hey Kim, great conversation about TV in the bedroom! No we don't have one in the bedroom and have never since the 23 years we are married. When we watch it I have one in the family room one in the basement and a little one in the kitchen! We like it that way! Have a nice day and weekend.

  59. ...and it sounds perfect! :) Enjoy your weekend, too!! Stay warm!

  60. Donne and Marie, Jen! I can't believe you're too young!! I bet your hubby will love the bedroom TV, especially once the girls get older and they kick him out of the family room to watch their shows! :)

  61. My goodness... this post caused a bit of controversy! ;)
    Kim... I left another comment on FB... this is different, though. We have a beautiful larger TV... but when we moved to the mountains of PA we had to get cable in order to watch it. I just could not justify the expense. Occasionally we watch PBS online... with the TV hooked up to a laptop. My husband follows sports online... I'm sure he'd love to watch the Super Bowl rather than follow it online... but he doesn't complain... and usually someone has a party, anyway. ;) We get our news online, as you do, and peace washed over our house in a new way. News is the worst to get via TV... there's so much hype and fear. I was surprised at how anxiety inducing it was once I wasn't around it anymore.

    In our previous home we did not have cable... but we had great signals with a booster and watched too much TV. I don't miss it... I've never watched HGTV unless it was in a hotel room once or twice. I'm amazed at the prominence of TV's in homes... but everyone is different. I guess we might be in the minority though. ;)

  62. When I was younger, I was addicted to TV, Diane. I had "my shows" and watched them ~ I hate to say it ~ religiously! As I have gotten older, there are so many things I want to do, I don't have time to watch other people doing. I must say that I wholeheartedly agree with you about the news. TV news is anxiety provoking. I am much happier getting the news, good or bad, on my own terms! Thanks for weighing in! Who knew my little decorating decision would cause such a stir? Ha! Stay warm! :)

  63. No TV in the bedroom. Our is in the living room. We don't have cable TV, so don't watch the latest shows. We don't feel like we're missing anything. We have Apple TV and a Netflix subscription so we can watch movies or now some of the really early American Pickers shows. Hah! Dennis and I love to see what Mike and Frank find in those dusty old piles of junk. Me: "Did you see that, Dennis? My mom and dad had one of those on the farm. Oh my gosh! They valued that thing at $800! We could pay for the bathroom fixtures in our new house with the money we'd get for that thing if my parents hadn't thrown it in the trash heap all those many years ago!" Dennis (yawns): "mm-hmm." This is a repetitive scene in our living room.

  64. Nancy,stop it!! That is our favorite joke! I didn't even think anyone else knew about that show! We don't have anything good stored up where we are, but we watch it all the time! No wonder we were fast friends! ;)

  65. Twins separated at birth, I tell ya. Well, except for the obvious age gap. Not sure how to explain that. LOL

  66. I can't sleep with the tv on so I don't have one in the bedroom, livingroom and keepingroom is enough!

  67. It keeps me awake, too, Rondell! I have to unplug sometimes! :)

  68. We tried to go without a TV in the bedroom when we downsized to a condo but missed it to much. We now have a 46" TV mounted on the wall across from the bed but where you can't see it when you walk into the bedroom. (Compromise). We like to go upstairs on a cold, snowy night and just snuggle in under the covers with a good movie on Netflix. By the way, your bedroom is beautiful ... with or without a TV!
    Cheryl @ 22 Applegate Lane

  69. Thanks Cheryl! You know, it's all about what works for you and who could argue with a cozy snuggle and a movie? ;) Enjoy it!

  70. Hi Jessica! I guess like most things in marriage, the subject of a TV in the bedroom is cause for compromise. Like I said, we had a TV in there for a long time. However, at the beginning of our marriage, the internet was in its infancy. Today, I think you're right, we all need a time and place where we unplug and focus on each other. You guys sound like you have found your groove with this one...and I agree, not a fan of the hideous, big black box! ;) Thanks for weighing in!