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Valentine Triple Wreath

January 22, 2015

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Looking for a way to dress up your front door for cupid? Here's an easy DIY, a Valentine Triple Wreath.

It only cost me three bucks.

Red Floral Valentine Triple wreath on front door

I am not a fan of a naked front door.

I always have something pretty and seasonal to decorate the outside of my home and welcome guests.

During late January and early February, I go for red.

By this time of winter, I find myself craving color.

Luckily, with Valentine's Day on the horizon, I have the perfect excuse to whip up something super bright and festive.

This year, I decided to add a Valentine flower wreath to my bland entryway.

I totally fell in love with the triple wreath I had on the door for Christmas, so, I figured why not replicate the style.

I'm very happy with the way it turned out.

How To Make A Red Rose Triple Wreath

It was an easy process and actually I was able to get two DIYs out the my dollar store roses.


Step 1. Make Your Mini Wreaths

I started with three bouquets of faux flowers and a bit of floral wire to create these mini rose wreaths.

Three red rose mini rose wreaths on counter

 To see the original floral ring tutorial  <--Click Here

 Initially, they were decorating candles in my kitchen.

However, with the addition of a little rustic twine and some ribbon, I transformed them into a fabulous triple wreath for the Valentine holiday.

Red Floral Candle Rings on white pillar candle and glass stands

2. Connect Your Wreaths

Once you have your rings assembled you just need to connect them.

I looped a pink ribbon around the floral wire, connecting two wreaths and hot glued the ribbon to secure it.

I usually tie the ribbons on my triple wreaths, but this wreath was so delicate, I had nowhere to hide a knot, so glue was the way to go.

I also added one extra loop of ribbon at the top to use as a hanger.

Red rose wreath with twine and pink ribbon on door

Step 3. Add Twine And A Bow

To dress the wreaths a little more, I loosely draped some thin twine in between the flowers. 

Then I hot glued a simple bow of pink organza to the top wreath.

Step 4. Hang It Up

I have to say that it looks just as pretty inside my house as it does outside, but like I said, no undressed doors, so it's out.

Triple wreath of red roses and pink ribbon hanging on French Door

I must tell you though, as much as I rant that I do not do faux flowers, I miss them in my kitchen.

Suddenly my candles look naked and that's not good either.

Looks like I'm off to the dollar store again.

What's on your front door?

Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. Hi Kim, wow that is so creative of you! I guess I should make some kind of valentine craft as I usually don't believe it or not! LOL!

  2. Maybe you could crochet some red and pink rosettes and hearts and fasten them to a twig wreath! :) I bet that would be very pretty!

  3. Very pretty . . .
    Everyone will stop by for a visit , when they see your front door!

  4. Hi there Kim! Now that is such a money-saver and great way to recycle one lovely decoration to another. From bobeche decorations to wreaths...and I really like the three small wreaths together. I have nothing on my front door yet, but I think I'll take my heart-shaped grapevine wreath (if I can remember where I saw it!) and embellish it with little red roses. Great idea!

    Have a wonderful Friday! Anita

  5. I totally agree, Kim. Now your candles will be naked and that's not a good thing! Such lovely little wreaths. Now I must make something to go on my front door. I picked up some tinsel heart wreaths at DT, and will now tie pink, white, and clear plastic strips on them for more body. Tomorrow, maybe that is what will be on my front door!

    Thanks for your lovely flowers to remind us of Spring!

  6. Gotta love that dollar store, Nancy! I bet your wreaths will be lovely! :)

  7. I hope so Lynne! I live in a beach community and during summer it is abuzz with friends and neighbors. In the winter, everyone seems to hibernate, all activity is planned! Boo! I like the summer drop ins! ;)

  8. I have to say Anita, I really liked them on my now they are there, as well!! I bet your front door will look very festive, ready for your big celebrations!! :)

  9. Hi Kim! Yes, you have given me an idea. I rarely put up decorations for one-day holidays, but a heart wreath is a great idea for any day. I think I'll attach a nice long ribbon to blow in the wind! XOXOX

  10. It sounds fabulous, Anita!! :)

  11. Ah, the teaser is revealed. It looks very nice. I am glad that the candles are getting the flower treatment again. There is nothing right now on my front door. My house is kind of weird in that the parking is on the north side and the front door (the door that enters into the living room) is on the south. There is no sidewalk up to it so no one ever uses it. We did paint it yellow when we started painting the house last fall and so I am thinking that it will be cute decorated with spring colors. Looking forward to your next project.


  12. You are so clever! I love this idea and I feel the same way about a naked front door.

  13. Thanks Lorri! We have the same situation over one ever uses our front door. It does face the street, so people do see it, but everyone comes through the kitchen slider and there's no way to put anything festive up over there. :)

  14. Thank you, Susan! The front door thing is part of my decorating OCD! ;)

  15. These wreath are beautiful! Fabulous around the candles as well. Lovely. You are ready for Valentines day. Thank you Kim for stopping by my blog this week, I appreciate that very much. Have a lovely weekend.

  16. Thank you, Vanessa! It's funny, I usually don't decorate for Valentine's Day and this year I am going cupid crazy!! ;)

  17. i need one and you just gave me the perfect idea! thanks!

  18. I love it!! I did not guess this, I was thinking something for your table when you asked in your previous post. :-))
    I really love it and I love the PINK ribbon.
    Have a great weekend,

  19. Very pretty! I guess it's time to get our the glue gun and make something for the front door now that January is just about over.

  20. Kim, so pretty. I love the red. I took my Christmas down, and I don't have anything at the moment!

  21. So that's what you did with the floral rings...very pretty! :)

    My back door has a pine wreath with pinecones...very plain. The front door has a twig wreath with silver berries...a Xmas gift from the son and DIl. It's nice for this snowy time of year here.

  22. Thanks Deb! Your silver berry wreath sounds like a perfect fit for winter! :)

  23. I love Christmas decor, Sue...I just took my tree down and I already miss the white lights! :)

  24. Thanks! I love that glue many possibilities! :)

  25. Thanks Carla! The table huh, I bet I could lay that wreath down on the table, on a runner and pop candles into them for a centerpiece! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  26. Thanks, Vel! Glad you like it! :)

  27. Very pretty. I like the simple white bow and the bit of twine. Pretty pink ribbon, too. Nicely done, Kim. Nothing on my the entry door of our apartment. It really isn't seen and, honestly, I have a hard time getting excited about decorating here. I am collecting inspiration photos and ideas for our new cottage though. xxx ~ Nancy

  28. That looks so pretty, Kim! I've been wanting to do a triple wreath of some kind for my front door -- just haven't decided exactly what I want to do. I liked the roses as candle rings, too.

  29. So cute!!!
    I don't care for 'naked' doors either, but I get sooo lazy about it!
    (And did I read that you're missing your faux flowers?!!! WHAT?! hahaha. Am I rubbing off on you... even across the world?!) =)

  30. I know it's hard to get excited about your surroundings when they are temporary, Nancy. I am sure that you must be itching to move forward with your place! I hope that project is moving along! :)

  31. Yes Rachel ~ apparently your reach is cross continental! Those fake dollar store roses have been perched on my front door and my kitchen buffet...and I am loving them! ;)

  32. I love the triple wreath look, Carol. My first one was the rustic Christmas wreath. I used smaller wreaths and it just looked so sweet on the door that I had to replicate the look. Thank goodness Valentine's Day gave me a reason! ;)

  33. It is, Kim. I'll be sharing an update this week. :)

  34. I love your triple wreath. And the wreaths on your sidebar are absolutely stunning!

  35. Thank you! I have a bit of a wreath obsession! :) Thanks for popping by, that was kind of you!

  36. WELL ... I better get going! My naked door needs a new look! Thanks for the inspiration and little kick in the back-side :)

  37. Haha Cheryl! I bet your door looks great ~ naked or not! ;)

  38. Thanks's red, so y'know... ;)

  39. Glad to see we both have affection for roses! I love the way you style these pretty flowers on the triple wreath. So unique and dreamy.

    1. Thanks so much, Maria! It looks pretty in the middle of winter.