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Easy Recipe Stuffed Yam

February 10, 2015

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Looking for a super easy and very healthy recipe? Try my stuffed yam.

It's a kitchen sink kind of meal, just toss in what you have in the fridge and eat up!

Easy Vegan or Vegetarian Stuffed Yam Recipe

We're always trying to eat "healthier" in our house.

What that really means, I'm never really sure.

We're not strictly eating whole foods, but we don't eat a lot of processed foods or things with preservatives.

If I had to list what we do eat, I'd say that I munch on yogurt and cheese and I really like bagels. 

I have hungry teens, who are vegans or vegetarians depending on the day, and luckily they're fruit snackers.

If they do eat something out of a bag, it's usually pretzels or a granola bar. I serve up healthy choices at each meal and never, ever deep fry. So, I mean, I think we're eating well.

Of course, that's where the "healthy" debate comes in. Is there too much added sugar in that granola bar or my fruit bottomed yogurt?

Are the pretzels made with or without gluten and are they GMO free?

Is the fruit organic and if it is, how do we know for sure?

There's a lot of fat in cheese which isn't good for your heart and bagels are bad carbs, white flour, no whole grain. Apparently, no one should ever eat a bagel.

So are we, in fact, eating healthy? I feel like I never know.

I grew up in house, where cold cuts were the everyday lunch choice and my snack was either a Twinkie or a Ring Ding - foods my kids have never even tasted.

We drank soda with every meal and we went to McDonald's and Burger King often.

I haven't been to a fast food joint in about 20 years now, no one here drinks soda and the only thing my kids have ever eaten from either franchise is fries.

And before you tell me to wait until they're teens, remember they are, deep into their teens.

As a matter of fact, the yam pictured at the top was whipped up by my daughter.

Three yams on a table

I guess, in comparison to what used to be the norm, we're healthy eaters. Or healthy enough.

It's way too hard to keep up with all the latest research. Research that will be debunked in 5 years anyway.

So we eat what we want in moderation.

This is a new "healthy" - by my own definition - favorite of mine, an easy recipe for a stuffed yam.

I hate to cook, so this is an idea meal for me, because it's so simple and requires very little prep.

It can also be modified to make the meat eaters, vegan and vegetarians in the house all happy since they can top the yam themselves.

With whatever makes them smile.

Stuffed Yam

Here's the Easy Stuffed Yam Recipe

1. Cook The Yam

I throw a yam in the microwave for a few minutes, until it's cooked all the way. I wash the skin well with a potato brush, then wrap it in a paper towel.

I actually like them better cooked in the oven, but it takes longer. In the oven I wrap them in foil, put the on the rack and always place a cookie sheet under them in case they drip.

2. Cut It Open

Once cooked, I slice the yam right down the center and open it up. Then I take my fork and mash it up a little. Just a bit...

3. Stuff It

At this point, I just toss whatever veggies I have in the fridge. I chop them up or shred them and place them on top and push them a little inside.

Chickpeas in a strainer

I serve them up the way I would tacos.

The yam itself being the shell, with lots of fixings to choose from, like avocado, hummus, corn, tomatoes, beans, shredded cheese and sometimes a teeny bit of sour cream.

Tomatoes on a cutting board

I also add some kind of protein, chick peas, black beans, meat, cheese, to fill us up. You get the idea.

This particular yam is stuffed with a tablespoon of 95% lean cooked ground beef, broccoli and a slice of muenster cheese just plopped on top. I let it all sit for a minute to melt into each other and then dig in.

I know, I know, beef and cheese...fat and cholesterol. I don't care. There's not a lot of it and it's what I like. It feeds the need for a juicy, fat cheeseburger, but in a much better-for-me kind of way.

Plus, like I said, it's a super easy recipe and I am all about that.

I serve it up with a side salad and everyone is happy.

Well, except me. I'd still really rather have that bagel.

Or a Ring Ding.

What can I say?

Old habits die hard.

What's your definition of healthy?



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  1. You sound healthy . . .
    Healthy to me is no processed . . . problem is, everything seems to go through some kind of process!
    So, protein, fresh green veggies, low carbs . . . fruits . . .
    Chocolate . . .
    A glass of wine once in awhile . . .

  2. Thanks Lynne! We try...and I am the chocolate fiend and my hubby's healthy includes wine! :)

  3. I love yams or sweet potatoes and this recipe looks so good! This is a good and healthy idea for lunch or dinner. Thanks for sharing and I can't wait to try this!
    Hugs, Julie

  4. I completely agree with the fact that no matter what is the current version of 'healthy' in a few years it will be debunked! So I, like you, avoid processed food for the most part, buy organic butter, rarely eat at a fast food joint (man! now I'm wanting a Whooper!) and call it good.

    I like your sweet potato. If only... wait! I can nuke a sweet potato and my husband can have a red potato! Then we can load up the other stuff. Works for me! Thanks for such a good idea!

    Now, you want to come cook this yummy looking stuff for me?

  5. Robyn @ simply fresh dinnersFebruary 10, 2015 at 12:37 PM

    This looks delicious, Kim. I stick to whole foods and you really can't go wrong with that. I love my wine and chocolate too!
    I'll be making this soon - quick, easy and scrumptious is right up my alley! Thanks for a great recipe :)

  6. I went through a phase where all I bought was organic, non-processed foods and made everything from scratch. That lasted about 3 years, because I think my daughter wanted to kill me lol I still buy organic, but I gave up being a nut job about it. During that time though I read a lot of research and basically found out that if we ate as close to what people ate before the 1950s then we were fine. Healthy to me is organic meats, veggies, fruits, and dairy, but once in awhile you'll find some Hersheys or Wheat Thins in there ;)

    I say..... be healthy, but don't forget to enjoy and treat yourself. Everything in moderation.

  7. How I love YAMS! I used to eat so many of them that my hands turned orange! But they are a great take-along meal for lunch too! And this version looks great with another king of veggies: BROCCOLI!

    We too try to eat "whole foods" (not processed) and that is all we can do. Moderation on certain foods (not too many dried fruits, moderate fat intake) and lots of fruits and veggies, and yes, NEVER deep-fry!

    Well Kim, I wish you a wonderful evening! Anita

  8. We've been doing a lot of research and reading in the area of nutrition since mid-December and have completely changed the way we eat. No sugar, no gluten, no carbs, no low-fat or processed foods. All meat and most vegetables and berries. Very opposite of what I've been told most of my adult life. Dennis has lost 14 pounds and his cholesterol and triglycerides are much improved. (This is where the diet research began - - Dennis' annual physical.) I didn't have as much weight to lose. I've lost 5 pounds though just by changing the foods I eat; nothing more. The biggest thing I've noticed is that I no longer have joint pain and I sleep better than I have in years. The food choices we make do matter. xo ~ nancy

  9. Orange, Anita? Really? I've seen that happen to babies! Broccoli is my favorite veggie! I eat it almost every single day. I hope you enjoy the evening, too!

  10. Nancy, my husband starting eating like this a few months ago and he lost 35 pounds with no extra exercise. I eat way too many carbs. It's an addiction, I know, but I am trying to cut it back. I'll let you know how it goes! ;) Thanks for sharing your experience! It will motivate me!

  11. Ha! Wheat Thins! I eat those, too Rue...with cheese. I buy organic in phases ~ I get obsessed one week and then I drop it the next. I really should be better about it! :)

  12. My husband takes care of that part of our "healthy" meal, Beth! ;)

  13. Robyn, I'm so glad you like the recipe! Let me know how you like it...with your wine and chocolate dessert! ;)

  14. Oh Nancy, you don't want me cooking for you, trust me! ;)

  15. Thanks Julie! It's super easy, but very filling! :) Thanks for coming by to check it out! Hugs back to you!

  16. This looks good to me. :-)

    We have changed our eating as well. I read labels!!
    We like fresh veggies, fruit and nuts.
    No soda in this house.
    It is great to see my boys not want soda anymore, they find it too sweet. My one son LOVES milk.

  17. I know Carla, I love the fact that no one is into soda and I have mild lovers too!

  18. You should be very proud of your teenagers. Mine immediately started eating plenty of fast food as soon as they could drive. I don't worry too much about all the latest this and that where food is concerned....hope I don't regret that. We just try to eat healthy meals at home as much as possible. We do eat out but very little fast food. Our weakness is definitely Tex Mex which has no redeeming qualities except it makes us happy. :) This all sounds pretty lame, doesn't it? I think we'd better work on it.

  19. Kim, your stuffed yam looks very yummy, and it IS healthy, compared to so many other things! Like you, we had soft drinks with most meals, which were homemade, and since my mom didn't bake, dessert was from a box, a Joe Louis or a Half Moon, (very similar to your Ring Dings and Twinkies). The thing is, we walked to school and back, (about 25 minutes each way), twice a day and played outside until dark, something that I doubt kids do today.

    I have started going to exercise classes, here in the village, that are being run by an ex gymnast, and I feel better already, even after a week and a half. I've been sitting way too much at the computer, thus feeling very achy in my back, neck, shoulders, and head! Have also been trying to cut down on sugar, (my weakness), and eating dinner earlier. Once I'm in the zone, I usually don't stray from it. Let's hope I stay on track!

    Happy Valentine's Day!


  20. Your potato looks terrific. I am usually cooking for one and this would be so easy to single serving and there are so many other possibilities of ingredients that could be swapped to change things up a bit. Thanks for sharing. Anxious to try it.

  21. It's so easy to make for one, Lorri and you're right, they're are so many possibilities!! You could add one of your homemade cheeses! :) Enjoy it!

  22. I like sweet potatoes / yams but never thought of stuffing one. Great idea!

    I remember being in my twenties when frying etc. was a mortal sin. I was aghast at the Italian MIL frying broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini,etc.

    My sister's MIL is the same. lived to her mid-nineties and the other is in her nineties now, still doing great.

  23. Ha! Deb, my grandparents (both sides) deep fried, ate cheese and drank like fish and all lived into their 90's! ;) Nobody worked out either...

  24. I don't think it's lame at all, Stacey, I think you are realistic!! I am really the same way! As far as my kids go, that's now. Who knows what happens at college and beyond!! ;)

  25. I need to start exercising, Poppy! I have started meditating, but moving is a different story. This weather and the computer keep me homebound and chair bound. I need to start moving in a meaningful way! I keep waiting for spring, but that seems to be so far away right now. Maybe I should run up and down my stairs! It's better than nothing, right? ;)

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