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10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Fabric

June 07, 2017

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Here are 10 easy ways to decorate your home with fabric.

Add charm, warmth and pattern in no time with these quick and elegant fabric DIYs.

10 ways to wow with fabric

Hello friends! So last week, when I gave you a sneak peek of my in process, summer living room, I received a ton of comments and emails about my little skirted side table.

More people were interested in that piece than anything else in the space...which is funny, since it's been a staple in the room for years.

It was featured, along with the complete how to, back in 2014, but with so many inquiries, I decided that maybe I should share again.

Then, I began to consider the people who asked about the curtains, the pillows and how I was going to recover the chair in the room and I thought, hmmm, maybe I should just round up all of my home decor fabric craft ideas in one place and answer all those questions in one fell swoop.


Maybe you've seen these projects before, maybe you haven't.

Perhaps they weren't relevant to you when I originally shared, but they are now.

Maybe you're redecorating for the season or just moved into a new place. Or you picked up a piece of fun fabric on a whim and you need some inspiration. (Me...all the time)

I also thought it might be handy to have the posts all in one place if the mood to decorate with material strikes you in the future. We aim to please here at Exquisitely Unremarkable.

Adding fabric is the quickest way to add personality to a room. It has the power to transform like no other design element.

Red Cottage Kitchen area with red accents

However, for some, using it can be a daunting task.

I hear it all the time. People tell me that they can't sew, so they avoid fabric altogether.

And that makes me sad, because sewing and decorating with fabric are two totally separate things.

Yes, it's helpful to know how to sew, no doubt about it.

However, there are always ways around sewing if you are a DIYer.

And if you're not into DIY, great, there are so many affordable options today.

I just hate to see people avoid these types of crafts because they don't know how to stitch. Trust me, no one is inspecting your seams.

All that to say, that all of these fabric DIYs can be accomplished without one single stitch.

Anything I do with a needle and thread can be accomplished with fabric glue or tape.

No kidding.

So without further ado, let's peek! Enjoy!

10 Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Fabric

1. Skirt A Table

This is the skirted side table that garnered so many inquiries over the weekend. I just adore it. Still.

It was a super easy DIY and with one little trick, that table, and the room, were transformed in a jiffy.

2. Add Ring Clips For Storage

How To Skirt A Wooden Table

Once I began skirting tables, I couldn't stop. This was another IKEA special that I transformed with fabric and a few ring clips.

They slide easily and create an awesome storage area that is very accessible.

Form and function. Gotta love that.

3. Cover Glass Doors With Fabric Panels

The Easiest Way To Add Fabric To Glass Doors

Want another quick way to hide clutter? Add fabric to glass paneled kitchen cabinets with this no sew trick. 

It not only hides the junk, but it also warms up the room and adds a ton of charm.

You can accomplish this one in about 30 minutes. Plus, it's another opportunity feature some red!

4. Add Hidden Storage

How To Add Fabric To Glass Doors For Storage

This same technique works equally well on furniture pieces, too.

Hide those tv controllers, games and old DVDs while creating a coordinated and customized look in less than fifteen minutes...and again there's no sewing at all.

5. Pillows!

How To Decorate With Pillows

I'm not all about storage, sometimes, the fabric is used strictly for decorative purposes, like my pillows.

I have lots and lots of pillows. Some of them, I've purchased, some of them I've made.

Either way, they add a softness and personality to the room that can't be achieved any other way.

6. Repair or Decorate A Chair

How To Create A Custom Chair

I have also used fabric to upgrade and repair.

My reupholstered (sort of) patchwork chair, was torn in too many places to patch, so I created a seat cover and skirt to fix it and ended up with a fantastic custom designed chair.

It's a statement piece that sets the tone for the whole room. Cottage style kitchen anyone?

It's also my favorite seat in the house.

7. Make A Banner

How To Make A Fabric Banner Garland

Of course, with all these fabric projects, I have lots of scraps hanging around. Waste not, want not, so I made a banner. Fabric banners are a great way to decorate for holidays or any day...there are many different versions.

I chose to whip up a box pleat garland with my leftovers.

It's a bit unexpected hanging over the stove, which makes it even more interesting.

And when I got sick of it I added that ruffle to a chair. Surprise, surprise!

8. Wrap A Cushion With A Scrap

Rustic Christmas Cottage Decor

See that chair in the corner? Great fabric right? I love that buffalo check.

Unfortunately, I didn't have enough of it to cover the whole chair properly (nor did I want to sew).

That's ok, I just wrapped the cushions with what I had and tucked it in tight. It didn't move and I had the perfect look for my rustic Christmas living room.

9. Use Shams In The Living Room

How To Cover Furniture With Pillow Shams

Another way to temporarily change up a chair is with pillow shams. Yup, just place the cushions inside the shams and voila! Instant transformation.

Craving a different look? Grab another set of shams. I pick them up on clearance or at the thrift store.

That chair is going to be white soon...unless I find something else in my search.

10. Curtains

Cheap And Easy Curtain Ideas

Last on the list, but certainly not least, is curtains. Window coverings are the absolute easiest way to decorate your home with fabric.

They are right up there with pillows when it comes to defining the style of a room and adding warmth, charm and personality.

Whether you choose full panels or a dainty valance, the addition of fabric to any window will completely transform a room.

Especially if you add a pom pom trim.


And there you have it, all ten ways to decorate with fabric.

Whether you can sew or you can't.

And neither will anyone else.

Which one is your favorite?

I have even more fabulous fabric projects:

Happy Decorating!!
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  1. Great recap of so many great posts. Lots of great ideas. How is your summer? Just so you know that when I am dirty and windblown and sunburned from the garden or the lawn mowerI picture you relaxing by the pool and am so jealous. :)

    1. Thanks Lorri!! I do love decorating with fabric. And I have been playing with a lot of it lately, because it is downright chilly and rainy here. So while the picture of me relaxing by the pool is a nice one, it's not happening!! But here's hoping!! 😉

  2. I'm one of the ones that noticed that pretty skirted it so much! Thanks for all the info!

  3. I have always adored that chair! That was beyond genius!

    1. Thank you, Brenda. I actually surprised myself with that one. I still can’t believe I made it...

  4. I love those skirted tables, and now I'm thinking I'm going to skirt my old desk! I really like Waverly fabrics so the projects with those caught my eye! I am also a red fan, and the chair cover is great!

    I also have used fabric draped over a chair or tucked in to change up a look for a season.

    1. I love the Waverly patterns, Deanna. They are some of my all time favorites.

  5. Your beautiful fabric creations are what got me to start following your blog! Love all these ideas, especially the skirted tables.

    1. Thank you, AnnMarie! I do love fabric. It's a weakness I don't mind giving in chocolate. Haha...

  6. Love love the skirted table. All your ideas are so great Kim. So creative for someone that does not sew. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. The skirted table in the living room is one of my favorites, Kris. It really does make a huge difference in the room. And thank you!! ❤️

  7. All of them looks colorful and beautiful:)

  8. The power of fabric is second only to the power of paint in my book Kim! I too love using fabric to transform. In fact I have a whole stash of old clothes that I we no longer wear but I've kept them simply because the fabric is so pretty. I love all your ideas and how you have stayed true to your vision of using red!

    1. I love the idea of using old clothes, Mary. I have some stashed away, too. Now I just need a crafty idea to use it all on!!

  9. Wonderful ideas! It truly is amazing how a bit of fabric can change the whole character of a room, and of course it makes it even better when it is red! Have a great week.

  10. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas to decorate the home with fabric. I like the one for the TV stand. I have a similar stand and I will try to maybe do the same to mine. I love how creative you are with the fabric and you make it all look so easy. Thanks!!

    1. The tv stand fabric was a lifesaver, Julie. The kids' games and Wii controllers are all neatly hidden now. Well, when they remember to put them IN the cabinet!! ;)

  11. You are the queen of no-sew fabric projects, my friend. Love them all because, you know, they're so cottagey and I'm all about that! Hugs.

    1. Cottage style does lend itself to fabric projects so well, doesn't it? I think that is why I love it so. Well, one of the reasons... 😉

  12. Loving the tips you give. I always love sering the red in your home, it's like love sprinkled throughout ❤️

    1. Thanks so much, Christine! I love your words today... ♡

  13. It's amazing but I guess that I have been here long enough to remember most of these! :) It has been enjoyable to see a re-cap! :)

    1. A long time friend, Deb! I am so lucky! ❤️

  14. Fabric and paint are two of the most powerful items to decorate with, and you're don't have to have a sewing machine to achieve most of these looks.

    (The chair is my fav.)


    1. Thank you, I love that chair, too, Doreen. I really can't believe I made it most days.

  15. Thank you ... so creative and helpful. I have a chair waiting for a TLC ... and I plan to use your tips.

  16. So much talent, and so many great ideas for decorating with fabric.