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12 Months Of DIY Front Door Decor Ideas

January 27, 2018

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Looking for an easy way to decorate your front door?

Here is a collection of twelve wreaths, signs and unique front decor ideas to dress your home for every season and add curb appeal.

There's one for every month of the year.

Easy Front Door Decor For Every Month Of The Year
One of the first decorating subjects I tackled when I started writing, was the importance of putting something on your front door.

Way back when, I wrote a piece called Your House is Frowning and it chronicled all the reasons why I believed that a naked front door did not make a great first impression.

Of course, now it's January and there is a still an evergreen wreath on my own front door.


Trust me, I get it.

It's hard to come up with something fresh for every month of the year, plus it can get very expensive...and I don't do expensive.

Twelve Months Of Front Door Decor

So over the years, I've created cheap and easy alternatives to buying those pricey wreaths in the store. 

I figured I would recap some of them here today, in one place, making it a handy reference for the months to come.

Let's start with the winter months.

January Door Decorations

My dollar store snowflake wreath is the number one most popular wreath on my site.

It was whipped up in no time and continues to dazzle after all these years. It's a perfect way to lift those winter blues.

Plus it's an easy DIY and cheap.

Dollar Store Snowflake Wreath

February Door Decorations

Coming in at a very, very close second place is my classic red hydrangea wreath.

It's looks great on Valentine's Day, but it's a staple in my home all year long.

Red Hydrangea Flower Wreath

There's something about its simplicity that makes it so outstanding and believe it or not, it's a ridiculously easy DIY.

I promise.

Oh and by the way, you could make it in any color you wish...although why you would choose another color is beyond me. πŸ˜‰

Of course, when it comes to the month of love, more is always more. My Valentine triple wreath boasts three times as many flowers.

Red Floral Valentine Triple wreath on front door

But it's definitely not three times the work or price.

Moving onto spring decor...

March Door Decorations

I welcome spring with my tulips in a rain boot "wreath". It happily hangs on my front door and that little boot just makes me smile, no matter the weather.

Rain Boot Filled With Tulips For Spring

It's another easy DIY and you can find the boots at thrift stores...or perhaps in your closet.

Mine belonged to my own little ones, which makes this craft even more special.

April Door Decorations

April is all about bunnies.

So I grabbed a gift bag at the dollar store and made this unique welcome sign. Hot glue and a bag and you're set to welcome Peter Cottontail.

Easter Bunny Paper Bag Front Door Decor DIY

My newest Bunny Tile Spring Wreath is just as darling.

Pink Bunny Tulip Spring Wreath against a black door

So darling in fact, that he may have been on my front door long after Easter came and went.

May Door Decorations

In May I like to bring on the flowers. So when I spotted this flag at the grocery store, I knew it would look great on my door.

Garden Flag Door Hanger DIY

It took a little bit of creativity to get it to hang flat and straight, but once I figured it out, my garden flag door hanger quickly became a colorful and flat favorite.

And it fit perfectly between my front and storm door without getting squished by the glass.

Of course, if your looking for something with a more colors and dimension, you might prefer my Dollar Tree daisy wreath in bright yellow.

Yellow Floral Candle Ring on table

Or baby pink or lilac. Whatever spring colors speak to you. There are so many variations, but all of them are quick, easy and inexpensive.

Summer is full of dramatic tones...

June Door Decorations

By the time June rolls around I'm ready to welcome summer with something bold.

This wreath was a disaster when I purchased it. It was super cheap, but it looked it.

Colorful DIY Spring Wreath

A little embellishment and this blooming floral wreath became a real head turner for under ten bucks. Fabulous.

Looking for even more drama on your summer front door? How about a wreath with trailing flowers.

Full Floral Summer Wreath

It was another way to embellish a store bought wreath and get more bang for your June buck.

July Door Decorations

July is all about the red, white and blue around here. To honor the holiday, I made a very simple patriotic ribbon wreath.

Patriotic Ribbon Wreath

You'll notice that I use a lot of wire wreath frames and this project starts out no different. Just wrap and add a bow. Really.

August Door Decorations

In August, I added letters to my simple floral wreath, to take it up a notch.

Summer Floral Wreath With Letters

Sometimes an unexpected element can make all the difference, like it did on this wreath that had just about seen its day, before a little glitter gave it new life. 

Finally it's fall...

September Door Decorations

Ah, September. Summer isn't really over yet, but the colors begin to fade, so I added some of my own to the front stoop with another garden flag.

This one hung on an old wooden hanger.

Garden Flag For Fall Decorating

Easy, inexpensive and definitely smile inducing.

October Door Decorations

In October, I thought way outside the decorating box and painted an old ceiling fan blade like a ghost and hung it up.

Another very easy DIY and since the blade was free, it didn't cost me a thing.

I've painted the blades for other holidays, too, they are very versatile, but his little guy makes me smile when Halloween rolls around.

Fan Blade Painted Ghost Decor

Of course if you'd prefer a traditional wreath, my simple boxwood one might be more your style.

Simple Wreath For Fall

Simple, elegant, easy.

November Door Decorations

In November, I hang a Give Thanks banner on my living room wreath and boom it's transformed into fabulous front door decor.

Give Thanks Banner Wreath

It's probably the easiest DIY wreath on my list.

That brings us to the most out of the box wreath I've ever made. It's a fall splatter screen wreath.

Dollar Store Harvest Wreath For Fall hanging on stone fireplace

Talk about a crafty upcycle. This one isn't as complicated as it looks and it certainly gets points for its fun factor.

December Door Decorations

By the time December rolls around, I'm ready for something that really pops.

So instead of adding one wreath, I add three!

My rustic Christmas triple wreath is a classic that anyone can make and I'd be willing to bet that you have most of the supplies already on hand.

Last on the list is another flat piece of door decor. It's another gift bag sign!

Wooden Christmas Sign From Gift Bag DIY

Display it inside, outside or behind a glass storm door.

It's one of my favorites and since gift bags come in all different patterns, it fits any style.

And there you go, twelve months of easy DIY front door decorations ideas.

Which one is your favorite?

Twelve Months Of DIY Front Door Decor

Happy Decorating, Friends!
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  1. Love seeing your pretty year of all the different decor for your front door. Love the fan blade ghost so much. Very cute.
    Lots of pretty inspiration Kim. Happy Weekend.

    1. Thanks Kris! I'n not a huge fan of Halloween in general, but that ghost just makes me like it a little bit more. xo

  2. I love door dΓ©cor and just like Kris I love seeing all of your creative ideas!
    Happy Weekend,

    1. Thanks so much, Jemma! I do like the creative process. It's my joy and my therapy. πŸ˜‰

  3. Oh man, my front door is naked right now! I love keeping it pretty but have fallen off in my duties. Thanks for the reminder. :)

    1. A pretty door is a priority here, too, Stacey, but there's an evergreen wreath on it right now. I need to take my own advice I guess...

  4. These are all really cute ideas for new wreaths for my front door.There is always a wreath on the front door at my house and I have changed them so much that I have a room full of reserves. There is nothing like a new wreath though.

    1. Oh, I envy you AnnMarie. I have a super duper, teeny tiny closet in our entry way that I try to store my door decor. It's pretty squishy in there and makes the idea of a new wreath a bit challenging. Hasn't stopped me yet, but it's getting tight!

  5. These are all so much fun, Kim! I remember many of that boot was especially cute and eye-catching. Also love the flag one. I don't think I've seen it. Might have to "borrow" that idea. The one you said was a disaster...I would like to have seen the before b/c it's really a show-stopper now. The one with the did you make that fancy backing? It's very effective.

    1. Thanks Florence! The bunny backing was a piece of wood I picked up at Michael's for a few bucks. It was a bargain. The "disaster" wreath had about 5 flowers on it total when I picked it up at the grocery store, but like you, I love the after!

  6. Very fun look back. My favorite is the tulips in the boot. My second favorite is the flag on the wooden hanger as it is such a clever repurpose for the hanger. I think that I have a total of one wreath that is not a green Christmas circle with a red bow kind.

    1. I like that hanger repurpose too, Lorri, thanks! I wish I would've thought about it in the spring when I was looking for a wooden dowel to fit in the first flag. I guess inspiration and creativity comes in waves!

  7. I guess I fall into the boring category . . .
    I have a “metal like window box look piece”
    which sits to the side of our front door . . .
    I change it up . . . depending on the season . . .
    Right now it is still filled with boxwood and a red ribbon.
    I figure it might be ok into February . . .
    Or . . . I might leave the greens and plop in a bunny or two.
    As I said . . . boring . . .

    1. Your "boring" sounds very elegant and classic to me, Lynne!

  8. March ~ Welcome Spring the rain boots has always been a favorite of mine.

    1. Those rain boots have my heart, too, Carla. Stuffed with tulips, they bring back sweet memories of when they were stuffed with tiny toes!

  9. I like what you’ve done month by month for your front door!

    1. Thanks Deanna! I like to change things up.

  10. I love them all and I swear I must of be standing behind you when they were passing out "creativity". By the could have shared a little with me! LOL Each and every wreath was pretty but i have to say I loved the Spring Boots one! I really did!

    1. Cathy you are way too sweet, thank you so much...and I could say the exact same thing to you when it comes to the culinary arts!! I got none of that talent. LOL!!

  11. Kim you are so creative and energetic! I have a moss wreath on my door and it has been there awhile and it will stay awhile. I like your floral wreaths - they are so pretty.

    1. Thanks Ronda. I haven't been very energetic lately, there's still an evergreen wreath my door!! Have to get moving and change that out! PS- I love moss wreaths!!

  12. That June wreath, beautiful. I am taking a much-needed day off today and chief on my list is re-do the front door area. I would love to paint it, but instead, I am going to make a wreath that will carry us through February. Might have to go find those hydrangeas!

    1. Thanks! I need to change out my wreath too and that was my plan until the snow rolled in again...and I thought, nope. I need to wait for it to melt! My door needs to be replaced and then painted. I just need to pick a color. Well, and talk my husband into replacing the door. πŸ˜‰

  13. I love them all! My front door has been naked ever since I realized geckos were residing in my wreaths and every time I'd open my front door, they'd come inside. Yikes! But you're making me realize I could still do a flag on the front door, or a gift bag "wreath." You've inspired me!

    1. Oh Lisa, no!! My husband and kids would think that's hysterical, but I would be hugely freaked out. My sister had birds nesting and laying eggs in her wreath. She couldn't use her front door for a month!!

  14. All lovely! My favorite is the blooming floral wreath--big surprise, right?! I must confess that my front door is currently naked but I've counted 7 different kinds of wreaths hanging indoors ;)

    1. Thanks! And don’t feel bad, I STILL have that evergreen wreath hanging up. It’s snowing again and changing anything up is just not appealing right now! 😊

  15. I love ALL of these, Kim. You are really creative AND talented. I don't understand why your blog keeps dropping off my blog roll! SOOOO darned annoying. I am going to try to get it 'seated' again. I think the June one is my favorite..but they are all great!!! xo Diana

    1. Hi Diana! Thank you and I'm sorry about this silly blog and the blogroll. Grrr. I will look into it.

  16. I remember some of these, and they are all cute! My fave would be August. The simple florals are so pretty. I bet this would sell for a pretty penny in a shop!


    1. Thanks Jane! I really like that one, too! People tell me I should sell them all the time. I just don't have the confidence, so I hoard them in my house. Yard sale one day. Maybe!

  17. That darling little rainbow has stolen my heart on more than one occasion, as well, Teri! Thank you!

  18. I adore all of your many different front door decorations. I agree, the front door does look naked without something pretty. Mine is just that right now, but not for long...Valentine wreath is in the works right now!


    1. Oh Carol, I can’t wait to see what you have up your Valentine sleeve!

  19. How inspiring!Great post!It is really difficult to choose one...Maybe November-"Give Thanks".Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much! I do love to decorate that door. I don't think I could pick a favorite either and you are sweet to say so!

  20. So many fun and unique wreaths! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks Jann, always fun to party with you!

  21. You have a big heart and I love that about you! They are all so pretty and makes me smile. Maria

    1. Thanks so much Maria! You’re the sweetest!