Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

July 15, 2020

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Turn an old cake bundt pan into a thrifty bird feeder or a hanging planter.

All you need is a chain from the dollar store for this easy DIY.

 It's a simple makeover that can be done in minutes and almost for free.

 And what's better than free?

White Metal Bundt Pan

Hello friends! My goodness it's been a while. Too long for sure.

I don't think I've ever gone this many weeks without posting.

However, just because I haven't been writing, doesn't mean I haven't been busy with DIYs. There's actually been a lot going on around here and now I'm eager to share it all.

Today, I'm going to start with a veryquick bundt pan bird feeder. You know, to ease our way back in.

A simple makeover tale with a silly {and not so} surprise ending.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Earlier this year, when shopping for fun was still an option, I took a trip to my community thrift store and picked up a ton of goodies.

It was a lucky day, which as I've mentioned before, was a rarity at this shop.

The merchandise turned over slowly, the prices were high and most of the items were pretty new. Points that didn't really seem to matter much when I found out that when things open up again around here, they won't.

Out of business.

And that makes me sad.

However, I still have my treasures from that day, so the crafty fun can live on.

At least for a little while.

To be honest, I'd forgotten all about my second hand finds.

They'd been sitting in bag, next to my craft closet for months.

It was my DIY guy who prompted me to finally dig something out and get creative during a break from the pool.

We had just finished working on our new kitchen bench - I can't wait to show you that one - and he was bored.

So I grabbed a white bundt pan that I'd picked up for $1.50.

Now, I'm no baker, so even though this cake tin was in perfect condition, when I grabbed it, I knew it would be used for something else.

I just didn't know what. Although I knew it was going to hang.

About a year or so ago, I was at the dollar store and bought one of these hanging chains. Again, it was an item that I had no firm plans for, but for a buck, I thought it might come in handy someday.

Black metal chain plant holder

Turns out...well, you know the rest.

How We Did It:

1. Wash It:

Since the bright white finish was still shiny, there was no need for embellishment or repair. I just washed it out and removed the stickers. To be honest, even if it were messy, I don't think I would paint it.

There really isn't any paint that's safe for people food, so I wouldn't want to chance it on animals.

2. Measure It:

Next, we clipped the chains onto the cake pan to set where we wanted them and then measured to make sure they were spaced out evenly.

Measuring bundt pan for chain placement

3. Mark It:

Once the chains were properly placed, we marked the spots with a Sharpie. When the project was complete, the spots came off easily with a little alcohol.

Marking the bundt pan with a red marker for chains

4. Punch It:

We used a simple metal punch to mark the spots and create a small divot so the drill would have a place to fit and not slip around when it hit the metal pan. My husband just tapped the end of the punch with a hammer to make the mark.

Using a metal punch on white cake pan

5. Drill It:

You guessed it. Drilling came next. A small hole was made for the chain clasp to fit though and we were done!

Drilling hole into cake pan on punch hole

It took less than 10 minutes to complete this project and I was thrilled with the results. It was the sweetest new....well, something.

But what, exactly? Hmmm.

At first, I thought about making it a planter. I've seen plenty of those and they are lovely.

Unfortunately, gardening isn't really my strong suit either...and the idea of yet another chlorophyll corpse on my hands was less than enticing. So I abandoned that idea quickly.

Bundt pan on chain hanging in garden

I pondered for a bit and then decided to make it a bird feeder. We've been spending a ton of time in the yard this year and we've become avid birdwatchers.

They're super sweet and have become very bold, singing and standing nearby. I figured why not entice them further with a little food.

6. Fill it: 

So I filled with with bird seed that I borrowed from my sister and looked for a place to hang it.

Pouring bird seed into cake pan feeder

7. Hang It:

Which is of course, the last step. I found a tiny branch in the corner of the yard where they often gather and looped the chain hoop of my bundt pan bird feeder to anchor it.

Now, before you try to warn me that I need to find a better place for it so the squirrels don't get to it, I know. Trust me, it was my first thought.

Hanging bird feeder chain on tree branch

But it looked so gorgeous in that spot, visible from the pool and the covered porch and best of all, the kitchen windows.

I figured, I would move it soon enough. You know, once the birds found it and I'd had a chance to enjoy them a bit.

Bundt pan bird feeder hanging in backyard

And it didn't take long for the sparrows, robins and blue jays to discover the feast. I spent the better part of a week admiring a steady stream of feathered friends visiting to take part in the buffet and it was wonderful to watch.

Blue Jay In Bundt Pan Bird Feeder

Of course, the party's over now. The crashers showed up as expected. This sucker wasn't even shy about it. He just hopped right in and took a bath in the seeds.

And was all smiles for the camera.

Clearly, it's time to move the feeder.

Squirrel In Bird Feeder hanging from tree

If you have any suggestions for me, I'm all ears.

In the meantime, I'm leaving the feeder out for short bursts and keeping my eyes wide open for this guy.

He's not hard to miss.

And now I've got a heck of wanted poster.

But maybe I should've baked that cake after all.

How do you keep these guys away from your feeders?

  1. LOL did you not make that feeder so special and easy for Mr. Squirrel!!!! This is such a cute idea. Hope your week is going great. I see that pretty pool in the background. Ahhh to have the pool this summer to float and enjoy. So jealous. Glad you can at least get outside to your backyard and enjoy. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. The pool has been our saving grace, Kris. The beaches are just too crowded, so staying home and staying cool has been a great alternative...especially for the kids. And as you said, we have a perfect view of that squirrel bathing in the feeder! 🤣

  2. How fun. Maybe a shepherds hook a little farther away from the tree. When I was trying to keep squirrels out of my plum tree I read a suggestion of mixing vaseline and hot sauce and brushing it on the trunk. The idea was that they would get the hot sauce on their feet and stay away. Might be worth a try. It will be fun to hear about your other projects.

    1. Hot sauce, huh? That's an interesting trick! I don't know if I'd be able to pry it out of my husband's hands though. His latest food obsession is anything with sriracha sauce. So funny.

  3. Thank you for the instructions on how to build a squirrel feeder. ;-)

    1. Haha!! Yes!! Exactly. I should've known better. At least it was good for a laugh! Silly squirrel.

  4. Great project. I know too well about the squirrels. Our bird feeder is large house with a trough around the perimeter. I hung it on a shepherds hook high, but the squirrels climb to get the bird seed.

  5. I always feel funny ... part of me says squirrels need to eat too!
    and the other part says... yes. but it's for the birds!
    either way it's very charming! and I love the picture of the cool pool.
    I'm trying not to be envious! xoxo

    1. Tammy, I have to say, we were all outside when that guy jumped into the feeder and we laughed for a good long time. He was unabashedly brazen and didn't care how close we came with the camera. I mean, look at him, he's posing!! For that bit of entertainment alone, he deserves a meal.

      And I wish we all lived closer. I'd have a big pool party when we're allowed to gather again. If only... xoxo

  6. What a great idea. I love it. And if you find the answers about those rascal squirrel let me know.

    1. Well, if you don’t know, I don’t know who would!

  7. That photo with the squirrel is so cute, even though I know you don't want him there. You just come up with the best ideas!

    1. Brenda, I have to tell you, pesky as he is, I love that guy. He’s made my family laugh for days. He literally posed for that picture. And thank you my friend.

  8. Fantastic project Kim, those squirrels are not bashful at all. They're bullies and need better manners, lol.

    Enjoy your pool with this nutty situation. I'm hopeful things will get better someday sooner rather then later.

    I have missed so much time with my family, its horrible.


    1. Thank you, Cindy. I agree, this has been a rough time. My sister lives around the block and we haven't seen each other in person for a gathering in months. I miss the usual summertime hosting and socializing...I hope things get better soon, too. Take care.

  9. Hahaha and you got a picture of the thief too! Great project, sorry I don't have a solution for you. We had squirrels that dug out our bulbs every year so needless to say we don't plant them anymore. :/

    1. I knew it was coming, Susan! At least he posed. Hahaha! And thanks!!

  10. You made the cutest bird feeder Kim and what a unique idea. I like that the birds like it but not the squirrel although he does look cute eating the seeds. They are so annoying and I tried hot sauce, hot pepper flakes and neither one worked at keeping them away from digging up my flowers. Good lucky with keeping away the squirrels. I'm so glad you all are enjoying the yard and pool. Stay safe and be well. :)

    1. Thanks Julie! I know this is a very tough one to solve. These squirrels are persistent!! Stay safe!!

  11. Cute idea! We bought this squirrel proof bird feeder and it really works. https://order.wbu.com/shop/bird-feeders/squirrel-proof-feeders/eliminator-squirrel-proof-feeder

    The only problem was is it not bear proof! So one night we had a bear totally destroy the feeder to get to the seeds.

    1. Bear proof! Oh goodness!! That’s a problem I’m glad I don’t have.

  12. It is such a cute feeder and so enjoyable to watch those birds. I had to buy feeder that were made to keep squirrels out, they can certainly ruin your fun of watching. Have a great rest of the week.

    1. I think if I really want to do this right, I may need to do that, too, Marlene!

  13. Great idea, Kim - looks awesome. We spend a metric boat-ton of money weekly on bird seed -
    oh those pesky squirrels. We use scare tactics is about all I can say. But hey, they don't call
    us Finch Rest if the finches can't rest due to rodents, right? : - )

    Your pool sounds heavenly right now - it has been sooooo hot today.

    Stay safe, stay healthy.

    1. Thanks Michele! Finch Rest indeed!! I love that name!!

  14. I have missed you & wondered how you're doing with all the craziness going on.

    My son introduced me to this Youtuber quite a while ago. He has a hilarious video he made scamming porch thieves....the people who steal packages off of your front porch. But here is his 'squirrel proof' bird feeder. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hFZFjoX2cGg&t=1s

    I hope it gives you a laugh.

    1. Hi Jenny!

      Thank you for the kind words. I missed you guys too!

      I’m hoping you and your family are well. I know the numbers are going up in other parts of the country now.

      And thank you for that video. We all just laughed hysterically!! We love the part where the squirrel shows his backside…"feels intentional at this point” - Hahaha!! That’s how we felt with our cute little menace. Thank you for sharing it. We’ll be watching it again for sure!

  15. Welcome back, my friend. I've missed you! Your bird feeder is lovely and, sadly, I have no answer to your squirrel problem. They are making me crazy digging holes is the gardens and the grass. I refer to them as "Rats With Fluffy Tails"!

    1. They really are a nuisance aren't they...but very persistent for sure! And thank you, I missed my blogging friends and visiting, too.

  16. I don't have any great ideas on keeping him away, but you have to admit he looks awfully cute on that feeder!

    1. Super cute, Mari! I just couldn't resist getting my camera!!

  17. No suggestions but why bake cake when this is WAY more fun :)

  18. Kim,
    Great project! Love the way it looks!! I have been waging a war against the squirrels all Summer and they are winning!! So I have no words of advice!

    1. Thanks Debbie! Yep, they are persistent. At least this guy provided a bit of comic relief! Be well!

  19. Oh dear :D Here's me sitting in South Africa saying I've always wanted a squirrel not knowing the can be such pests. I think our fur babies would go nuts if we had them in our gardens. We do have to be careful putting fruit out for the birds, just in case the nag appies (I think they're called bushbabies in English) steal it. But they only hunt at night so they're easier to control and most of the time we all get so excited when we see them so it's not a big deal.

    1. Those squirrels are scamps for sure! And everyone is hungry in the garden. It's hard for to decide who to feed and who to leave out. Sometimes I throw our old apples and bread crumbs out on the lawn for anyone and everyone!!

  20. What a great idea for the bundt pan and I can see how the birds would love it, but-- and don't hate me, that little squirrel is so dang cute sitting in there that I think it makes for a better squirrel feeder. Hang another right next to it, fill it with water, and the little critter would have his own private swimming pool. Good job and cute post..Stay well, my friend..xxoJudy

    1. Judy, truth be told, he stole my heart, too. I just had to run in and get my camera. We’ve been giggling about him for a week.

  21. I like your transformation of the bundt pan Kim! Just right for bird seed! The squirrels will gobble it all up as you know, so good idea to only put it out periodically, 'cept it spoils your fun too. Oh well. If it wasn't for our big dog, who gets hysterical at the sight of a squirrel, we couldn't have birds & birdfeeders. The dog has made it his life's mission to watch for and run them off.

    1. We weren't able to feed the birds for about 20 years since we had kitties roaming the yard. Now that they're gone (sad face) we can feed the birds...and squirrels! Ha. At least occasionally anyway.


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