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Get The Look: Cottage Style Living Room

October 29, 2020

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Get the cottage style look in your own living room with a few quick DIYs.

Not into DIY? That's ok, there are still ways to get that lived in and collected vibe in your own home. 

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Over the past few weeks I've been doing a little bit of redecorating around the house.

I think the match was really lit last spring when we decided to replace our icky jetted tub in the bathroom.

It was supposed to be a tiny redo that led to a complete renovation of the space.

Which, in turn, made me look around at the rest of the place.

And its tired decor.

I started by updating the window treatment in my bathroom and adding a bench to the kitchen.

However, the fire really ignited a few months ago, when I couldn't stop looking at the faded valances in the living room.

Red valances with beads added for interest

I mean they were almost eighteen years old.

It was time for a new look.

And while the kitchen curtains were actually relatively new, once that fire was burning, it was hard to put out.

The projects kept me pretty busy for a good long time. However, now that most of the big jobs are behind me, I have a little bit of time to answer a lot of the questions that have popped up along the way.

Most of them start with Where'd you get that...(fill in the blank)?

So today I've decided to dig into my emails and comments and try to answer as many as I can.

Of course, the hardest part about this task is the fact that I'm a cheap decorator. That means a lot of what you see, I've had for years. 

Or I've picked it up at a thrift shop or a curb and made it over myself. I can't always just share a link to an exact product.

If that's the case, I'll try to share what I did and direct you the DIY.

If not, I'll try to share something similar.

I hope that helps!

Let's get started, shall we?

Our Living Room

The Paint

There were lots of questions about the living room paint. The color is called Philadelphia Cream by Benjamin Moore. 

It's a very warm hue, treading the line between cream and a pale butter yellow.

It's a subtle way to add warmth to room when you don't really want color. It looks different in the room as the sun shifts and I love that.

It definitely adds to its charm.

The Sofas

Cottage style red and white living room

Next up, lots of people want to know about the sofas.

Well, we bought those many years ago at a local shop. They were extremely reasonable and they are very comfortable. With kids and cats they've help up well.

They're not slipcovered, but they do have zippers if you need to wash them - which I never have.

I haven't been able to find our exact version, but they are Klaussner couches and I would say that this Klaussner version is the closet to our current couch and loveseat.

The Tables

So the tables are all DIYs and very, very old. 

That coffee table was from Pier 1. It was our first purchase as a married couple...way, way back when. I guess that means I'm old.

It was a floor model so it was cheap. We used it for years and when we wanted a decor change, we gave it a makeover.

We simply sanded and stained the top - exactly like we did with our kitchen table this summer - and painted the bottom and legs with one quick coat of cream for a distressed look.

We did the same to that old Ikea end table. And then even more years later, I added a skirt with this DIY.

Painted And Stained Side Tables in the living room

My best advice to get this look, is to find an old wooden table at the thrift store and make it your own. If the top is in good condition, then just slap a coat of paint on the legs.

Easy peasy even if you're not crafty.

Especially since solid wood tables are very hard to find and they are generally pretty expensive.

If you are looking to buy, this one is very similar to the style coffee table I have.

The Curtains

I made the curtains the same way I made the kitchen ones. I just added a rod pocket.

The fabric is from JoAnn's.

Home Essentials Lightweight Decor Fabric 45" Bircham & Red.

Red Floral Curtains

If you don't sew, they are very similar to these panels. It's crazy how similar. 

And if you want the same custom trim look, you can add a red ball fringe like this, to them. It's a simple task that you can complete with an iron and fusible tape. 


The blanket on the couch was clearance in an odd lot store, but it's a diamond knit/ fleece backed throw <--similar to this.

The tray was a trash to treasure thrift find.

Similar styles are all over though. This rustic version is lovely.

White Wooden Tray with Roses and Silver Bowl filled with apples

The silver bowl was a gift, however it's an 8" Oneida Paul Revere. They're all over Etsy.

And lucky me, I have two. 

The red hydrangea wreath is one I made years and years ago. Long before I started blogging.

I bought my hydrangea flowers with coupons at Michael's. And it really is simple to do.

Red Hydrangea Wreath

If that's not your gig, there are numerous hydrangea wreaths out there that look exactly the same as mine.

The book on the end table is called The Romance Of Flowers. It's from Veranda magazine and years ago, I won it. It's absolutely stunning and in addition to reading it, it makes a great decor piece. 

Open and closed.

This particular book is out of print. It's out there used and varies greatly in price.

Honestly though, floral coffee table books are often found at yard sales or library book sales.

That's my go to...and my recommendation.

Oh...and while this item lives in the living room, and wasn't shared in this particular post, someone asked about it.

Rose bush in a small red planter pot

I've shown it before as a planter, but it's really a small candle holder. It's actually a Longaberger Candle Crock.

It's another older item of mine and again, it seems like second hand is the way to go if you want an exact match.

My goodness that was quite a list. 

I hope I've answered everyone's questions. 

Of course, if there's anything I missed, just ask.

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  1. Hi Kim,
    I love that you gave info on all the pretty stuff in the living room. My absolute fave is the side table and skirt. I love love love that and might have to copy that onto my table. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! I've never really done that before, but so many people have asked. I hope that it helps. And as far as that skirted table goes, I say copy away!! Enjoy the weekend my friend. xo

  2. Your decorating certainly doesn't seem "frugally" done and nothing looks like you thrifted it. I really think you should be featured in some magazine! Your talent just abounds. I keep wanting to do quite a few things around my space but I just don't have any idea what I want to do!!!! And I know that if I did one thing, it would lead to another...and another....and another....!!!!!!!!

    1. I was raised by Depression Era parents, Cheri. They were both first born in this country during very hard times. While they were very successful, they knew the value of a dollar and instilled that in their children. It’s hard for me to operate in any other way. However, honestly, I enjoy the thrill of the makeover and the creative process so much, and I like pieces with a story! And trust me…I get the “another” story!! Have a great weekend.

  3. You are such an amazing connoisseur of repurposed decor, I am always inspired by the things you create, almost out of thin air! It was great to see all the different things people had questions about, and where you had found them. I have had a microfiber couch for well over 10 years. I had cleaned it many times with the hand-held shampooer, then one day decided to unzip the cushions, and wash it. It washed up amazingly, only problem was getting the cushions back in, now that was a big hassle. I'm not sure if I will tackle washing them again, ha! Always enjoy your posts, and leave feeling inspired to try something new :)

    1. Thank you so much, Marilyn! You always have such kind words for me.😊 I have a chenille microfiber sectional in the basement and this fall I hit it with a steamer. I was shocked at how well it came out. I never thought of washing it, but then again, like you said, I'm not sure I'd be able to get those cushions back inside without a monster fight! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

  4. Your home has a lovely curated look. I love the way it looks so cozy.

  5. I enjoyed this post Kim and I am amazed that you made such beautiful curtains. Thanks for explaining where to buy similar furniture and items to get your look. I love the furniture and the tray you made!

    1. Thanks Julie! I really do like making things best. When I find that diamond in the rough, I get excited.

  6. Hi,
    Thank you for sharing Kim. You are very talented. I enjoy the way you decorate.

    1. Thank you Carla! I know my style isn't for everyone, but I'm glad you enjoy it!!

  7. I have never made curtains but I've purchased oodles of fabric with the intention of making some. Now of course, I no longer fancy the fabric. I need to be more like you and strike when the iron is not, so to speak!

    It's ironic that your very first coffee table was a floor model. I did the same, except it was a love seat I found in the as-is section. It had a tear in the fabric that you'd never see with it against the wall. I wish I still had it now; it was so comfy! I admire that so many of your things have staying power! It shows what good taste you have :)

    1. Thanks so much, Sara! It's funny, my choices seem to be pretty stable. I'm not sure if that means I have very boring taste or very classic taste! Ha!! Either way, it sounds like we have very similar taste and a love for floor models!!

  8. Loved that you shared about your LR which is very pretty by the way

    1. Thank you Linda! It's a winter room for sure, so it's fun to get in there and redecorate before the holidays.

  9. What a great room and so detailed! Thanks for sharing how you created your room.

  10. So strange, reading through your living room makeover, I kept on saying "Oh I remember that" Does that make me sound like a stalker :D Lordy I hope not, but I really love the way you turn things into something special and homely Kim.

    1. Thank you so much my friend...and if you're an Exquisitely Unremarkable stalker, that makes me A Crafty Mix stalker as well!

  11. You talent and style go so well together. And it is lasting! I get nervous just thinking about what my style is and forget the talent.
    But I do get some fun and great ideas from you. We are looking for a couch. I love the idea of slip covers.
    Keep those ideas coming because I'm watching for them!

    1. Thank you, Christine!! And I love slipcovers, as a matter of fact, I've been considering one for my family room. Keep a lookout, because I'll definitely share if I find one I like!

  12. I love all the textures, fabrics and red that you have to style your home. It is so beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much, Meegan!! You just made my day.

  13. Oh I want to come and sit and have a cup of coffee with you in this cute room. Love all the ideas.

    1. Thanks so much, Rosemary...and what a lovely compliment! I would be honored.