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Small Wooden Sled Makeover DIY

December 12, 2020

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Small unfinished wooden sleds can be transformed with a pretty napkin and some Mod Podge in a matter of minutes.

Check out the crafty DIY right here.

Unpainted Wood Sled

Hello friends! I'm back today with another quick sled makeover.

However, unlike the Flexible Flyer sled I shared earlier in the week, this one was never meant to hit the snow.

It's very small, it was constructed as decor.

And it certainly isn't vintage.

To be honest, I'm not sure where I picked it up.

I think it was at the thrift store.

Like so many other items around here, I saw it, thought that someday I could give it a little love and transform it into a pretty holiday accent for my home.

However, some days tend to elusive and it sat for a really long time in my craft closet.

But, after working on my Flexible Flyer last weekend, I decided maybe it was time to spend a bit of time with this one as well.

And trust me, when I say a bit of time, that's exactly what I mean.

Like my kitchen bench, this little hunk of wood went from drab to fab in about 15 minutes flat.

How To Decorate A Small Wooden Sled

At first, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do with this miniature sleigh.

I knew I wanted a simple piece, I'm not into fussy decor. I didn't want greenery or bows, since I just accented the big sled with a wreath.

I also wasn't going to use fabric like I did with my red toile sled makeover.

I didn't want to buy anything, because goodness knows I have enough craft supplies to open my own shop.

And I certainly didn't want a DIY that was going to take me too long to do.

Luckily, as I was contemplating my design, I ran across a few napkins that my sister gave me a few years ago.

Merry Christmas Pillow And Napkins

I was at her house for Christmas Eve dinner and spotted them on her table. We had a good laugh, because I'd just purchased a pillow in the same exact pattern.

I guess it was one of those sister things. Nevertheless, it was such a funny coincidence, that she gave me several, so I could display them in my family room.

Of course, I didn't use all of them. In case.

Well, as soon as I saw them, I knew what I was going to do with my sled.

Update- I just used another on to decoupage a glass Christmas plate.

Step 1. Paint

I started by painting it with plain white craft paint. In true Exquisitely Unremarkable form, I did not sand or prime.

White Painted Mini Sled

I just grabbed a brush and slapped two coats on.

2. Prepare The Napkin

While the paint was drying, I prepped my napkin.

First I cut out the one square I was going to use for my design. I also separated all the layers to ensure I was only going to be dealing with the one that had the pattern printed on top.

3. Mod Podge

Then, I put some Mod Podge on a foam brush and coated the top of the sled with it.

When it was well coated, I carefully placed my napkin down, making sure it was centered in the space.

Adding Mod Podge To  Wooden Sled

4. Smooth The Napkin

Using the plastic wrap tip from my friend Ann at The Apple Street Cottage, I stuck my hand inside a gallon sized zippy bag and began to smooth out all the wrinkles in the napkin.

This trick makes all the difference. I use it all the time for perfect results on platesstorage boxes and more.

I also applied a gentle bit of pressure to make sure it was fully glued down.

I moved my hand slowly, so I didn't tear the delicate wet napkin and was super careful when I removed the plastic bag.

Using Plastic Wrap To Decoupage Napkins

5. Top Coat

Then I added more Mod Podge on top of the napkin and repeated the zippy bag process.

Finally, I peeled the bag away again and gave the rest of the sled surfaces a quick coat of Mod Podge so it would have a uniform satin finish.

Of course, you could use gloss or matte decoupage gel if you prefer those looks. This kit gives you lots of choices

Decoupage Napkins To A Wooden Craft Sled

Once the sled was dry, it was ready to be displayed.

Simple. Elegant. Rustic.

And most importantly, done.

Small wooden Merry Christmas sled makeover next to wooden Santa

The napkin coordinates well with my pillow and the slight strawberry hue matches the new curtains in the kitchen.

Best of all, I have one less misfit craft in the closet waiting for its Christmas crafting someday.


What's waiting in your craft closet?

How To Makeover Your Wooden Sled

Happy Crafting, Friends!
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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Penny and I agree. Mod Podge is my craft go to.

  2. I love that sled Kim! The small sled is just adorable and looks so cute next to Santa . You find such nice items at your local thrift store. Lucky you!

    1. Thanks Julie! I've really picked up some great things there.

  3. I love this! It's so beautiful.

    1. Thank you Jenny! It's all about those napkins!

  4. This is super cute. Some of those napkins now have such beautiful prints on them. I love the tip about using the zip lock to smooth out the wrinkles. Another sweet re love of a sled. Super cute. Happy Weekend. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Kris! The napkins really are amazing today and thanks to that zippy trick, I can use them all over!! Haha!! Xxoo

  5. It's perfect and so cool that it matches your pillow!

    1. Isn't that funny, Mari!! Totally a sister thing.

  6. Great idea! The little sled looks adorable!

    1. Thanks Briana! I really wanted something a little different and I think this was just the thing!

  7. Great makeover, Kim. Plastic wrap makes all the difference...and I have a Santa like yours. Very similar anyway!

    1. Ann, that is my go to technique now. Thanks to you, decoupaging is no longer an intimidating nightmare!! xo

  8. Your sled is beautiful! I love how it turned out.

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle! I kept this one in the craft bin a long time...until inspiration finally hit. Thanks for the comment and the visit! Happy Holidays!

  9. Hi Kim. That little sled is so charming, I just love it. I have been lagging behind in all my visits. The time is slipping away so quickly. I have read all your posts but I read them at night on my Ipad and then when morning comes I get involved in crazy things and don't answer. I don't know where all the time goes. One reason is a retired husband who thinks I need to sit down and watch TV with him most of the time. I guess I am a push over!!..Stay well, my friend..xxoJudy

    1. Judy, I'm waaay behind, as well. We've been here making merry in the confines of our tiny cottage, but it's kept me away from the computer. TV...TCM more specifically...and the kids have dibs on all my time at this time of year. All those classic oldies remind me of times spent with my mom and when the kids say, "Hey mom, let's bake or paint or play a game" I just melt, drop everything and go. I think that's what the holidays should be all about anyway...Merry Christmas and enjoy tv with your Captain!! xo

  10. Hi, oh, this is so cute. I do love it.
    Thank you for the trick of using the zip lock bag. That is one good trick. :-)

    1. That trick is gold, Carla! I'm so grateful to Ann for sharing. xo

  11. Another super sweet makeover, dear Kim. I love it!

    1. Thank you Amalia! Maybe some of your crafty little friends could hop on it for a little ride in the snow...they do seem to like trips, those crocheted creations of yours! xo

  12. Well that's not a misfit craft anymore and you turned the little sled into something special for you decor in a few minutes. That's a win in my books

    1. Being locked up has been truly awful, Michelle, but it's forced me to look deep into the craft bin at all those misfits when the urge to DIY hit. This one finally got its day in the sun. A misfit no more indeed...and thank you my friend!

  13. Cute idea, miniature sleds are fantastic for Christmas decorating as a backdrop.

    1. Thanks Leanna! I love the way this one turned out. It's going to be hard to put away come January!

  14. Oh how cute Kim! I thought your thrift store was horrible (from what you've said before), but I'd say you've found some nice things there!

    1. Thanks so much, Florence! The fabulous finds were few and far between and unfortunately now, gone. The thrift store closed back in June due to the current sad. I guess I shouldn't have complained, even a stinky thrift store is better than none!