Realistic Ways To Organize Your Pantry

June 11, 2021

Happy Friday friends!

How did we get here again so fast?

Teal melamine outdoor dishes on a table

My goodness, even though the days are longer in the summer, I feel like they fly by so much quicker.

Probably because it's my all time favorite season.

Yes, I know it's not officially summer yet, but it was 90 hazy, hot and humid degrees here all week long.

And I loved every sweltering minute of it.

Of course, I spent a lot of time outside, dipping my toes in the pool for the first time this season.

But. I also spent a lot of time inside, working on my pantry. And I have to say, I've had THE MOST FUN time shopping for supplies.

Is that wrong?

I mean the DIY part was fun, as well.

The peel and stick wallpaper went up easily, it looks fabulous and as soon as the last bit of the shelving contact paper arrives (backordered...grrr), I will share it all.

However, in the meantime on this Food, Fashion and Fun Finds Friday, let's take a peek at what I'm putting inside, shall we?

First up are these fabulously large farmhouse style wire baskets.

Farmhouse Wire Baskets

I knew I wanted baskets to help organize the shelves, but they had to be lightweight, see through, easy to clean and inexpensive. These were perfect.

So perfect, the I ordered a second set of the large ones and a set of smaller ones

I figured what doesn't fit in the pantry can go in other closets. Everything is so easy to see now, they make me want to reorganize all the closets in the house.

The cereal and snack bags fit inside, exactly what I was hoping for, and to make sure they stay closed in style, I found these stainless steel chip clips

Stainless Steel Chip Clips

They're like a little bit of jewelry for the food closet and who doesn't love a little bit of sparkle with their breakfast? 

Next up, I wanted a way to store my flour, but glass didn't seem to be the right choice. After looking for a long time, I ended up with these awesome plastic storage containers.

Flour Keeper

Not only do they fit the entire 5 pound bag of flour inside easily, they come with really cute labels and a measuring cup set to boot. I may need two more for sugar. 

Right now we're buying the Domino brand sugar in a plastic tub, but it's pricier than the bag. Although it is reusable...just not as attractive.

Ok, are you ready for something totally frivolous?

I bought the most adorable, clear plastic pantry or cabinet sized, lazy Susan. And I love it!

Clear Pantry Lazy Susan

Is it necessary, absolutely not, but when I saw it, I thought, why not? And I'm so glad I grabbed it.

I can't tell you how many little salt grinders or bouillon cube jars I have simply because they were jammed in a dark corner and no one knew they existed.

Now, everything is just a quick spin away.

So. With the shelves very organized, I set my sites on the pantry floor. It's just a big open space where larger items disappeared into the dark, dusty void.

Stackable Wire Shelves on floor of pantry with cake keepers on top

Not anymore though, I grabbed these stackable wire shelves, that not coincidentally, coordinate with my wire baskets.

They give me the ability to stack items and make the most of the space I have. Game changer.

Now the last two items have nothing to do with pantry storage. Instead, I'd like to call them necessary impulse purchases.

You see, I was thinking about buying some new plates and cups for the patio. Glass around a pool with a vinyl liner is not advisable.

Actually, glass outside in general is not advisable and all of our outdoor tableware got tossed at the end of last season. They'd seen their day.

Melamine Plates set on a table with white pitchers and wicker placemats

Anyway, somehow, some way, Amazon must've read my mind...kind of scary the way that happens, isn't it...and these beauties showed up in that recommended for you bar.

And I was hooked.

I'd recently shared my new love for teal (apparently Amazon reads my blog, as well as my mind) and this pattern was hard to resist. 

The set of melamine dinnerware comes with 4 of each, dinner, dessert plates and bowls. And it's available in about 27 different patterns if you don't love this one...but how could you not love this one?

They also recommended these tall acrylic glasses. They get 5 star reviews so I took the chance and again, a total win.

Tall Acrylic Drinking Glass Filled with ice water

So now I'm set with an organized pantry so I can cook up something amazing and eat it al fresco in style.

Beauty inside and out.

During summer.

My favorite season of all.

Organize Your Pantry with these awesome must haves wire baskets with pasta and cans inside

What do you think of my fun finds?

Have you purchased anything new?

  1. Organizing always means I know what I have so I won't buy it again at the store. Good job!

  2. Nothing better than an organized pantry! Love your new dishes.

  3. I like all of the organizing items you bought for your pantry Kim. The baskets and the containers are great for storing all of your items. I love the plates and the glasses you have for outdoors too with no worries of anything breaking. It looks like you are all set for the summer.

  4. I love organizing so much my Hubby says stay away from my garage. HA! HA! The pantry sounds great.

  5. Well done!! I had to chuckle about Amazon.. that has happened to me too. ;-)

  6. Yes, Amazon has a way of knowing what we need before we decide we need it! LOL. I love the plates! Can't wait to see the pantry.

  7. Great!!! And you gave me direction for my NEW pantry!!!!
    Thank you for the help!! Blessings, J

  8. Ooooh! Don't you just love organizing? Especially with such fun products? Everything looks so cute. I love the new dishes and glasses too. And yes, Amazon can read your mind. :)

  9. Great way to organize. Having an organized pantry is so nice. I bought those clear different sizes containers for my needs. No more pesky moths.mi love using melamine. Those plates are so pretty. I am loving teal. Enjoy your summer.

  10. I just love it when everything is organized. It's a big job, but so rewarding when it's all done. Now let's talk about those dishes.....I've starting searching for new ones myself and you know how I love all shades of blue!

  11. I really need to work on freshening up my pantry, too, and I love that melamine stuff - perfect if you have tile floors, too, since Corelle shatters in a glass dust! I love the baskets - I think those would work well for us, too. Can't wait to see the "reveal".

  12. Oh gosh, I neeeeeeeed one of those cute plastic lazy Susan's. What a perfect little contraption. Our kitchen cupboards are really deep/wide and things get lost in side them all the time. We even had a tin can of pineapple rings exploding on us. What a mess.

  13. Gorgeous finds, Kim! Those plates are melamine?? They don't look like it at all! All of your pantry finds are going to make you one beautiful pantry! Happy Saturday!

  14. Kim, your pantry is going to be so well organized and look so pretty. I can't wait to see. Love your new dishes. I wouldn't know that they weren't china. So pretty..Happy June..xxoJudy

  15. I can’t wait to see the finished pantry!!!

  16. I love when things are organized. Love the new dishes. Those glasses look like glass. You're set for summer

  17. I love a good organized pantry! Your dishes look good too!

  18. Your posts are always so fun and informative, Kim! Super tips! I have the carousels in my lower cabinets and used those sticky lights you can tap on to see the items better. Don't know how I lived without them!

    Stay cool!

    Jane x

  19. Loving this post! I love to organized! and then watch my honey trying to find something. LOL!

  20. Some great ideas here. I find I am constantly organizing. Maybe I'm just a really disorganized person who wants to be organized or maybe it's just that I am really organized. I haven't figured that one out yet. Great tips. Thanks.

  21. Wow. Great job Kim. I love the wire shelves and baskets. I have a pantry cabinet. So it’s always a challenge. Regina

  22. I love a good lazy Susan! Great organizational items here!!

  23. I've been working on mine and about the time I think I have it planned, it just doesn't work for me.

  24. I love your finds, Kim, those plates are gorgeous. I've also been working on my pantry (great minds...). I've been collecting glass jars for years and my system is that I move all the dry goods into glass jars. Ours is a hot and humid climate and I hope it keeps them fresh longer. Then I put a strip of washi tape on the jar and write the content and expiration date. Of course, I mix and match the washi, I am a blogger after all.

  25. We don't have a pantry, but I do love your storage ideas! We're looking for upper cabinets for our laundry room to give us much more storage we desperately need!

  26. My friend and I were just talking about lazy susan organizers for spices sauces! The plates are very pretty.


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