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11 Simple Ways To Organize Your Home

January 28, 2022

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Looking for easy ways to organize your home? I can help with that. Here are 11 simple storage and organizing ideas to tidy up your problem spaces in a jiffy. 
11 Simple Ways  GET ORGANIZED This Year

January is supposed to be a month of fresh starts, new beginnings and clean slates.

And if you are into home decor, even the tiniest bit, it's supposed to be about organization.

At least that's what the internet says.

Apparently, it's not enough for you to make some New Year's resolutions. Your house has to have some, too.

Get it in shape. Ditch the clutter.

And cut those messy habits out. 

Well. While I'm all for an organized house, I don't necessarily subscribe to the January refresh thing.

I organize throughout the year, when I feel like a space needs some attention. And to be honest, I do the bulk of my organizing in the fall.

Right before the holidays. 

However, I realize there are a lot of people out there who do love to start the year off with a place for everything and everything in its place.

So before January slips away, I thought I'd share some past projects for inspiration.

11 Simple Ways To Get Organized This Year

In no particular order, here's how I keep my place tidy.

1. Quick Tips To Organize Your Paperwork

Wicker waste basket overflowing with paper

Organizing paperwork is one of those nagging tasks that seems never ending. Even in a digital age, there are some things that just have to be printed, signed, mailed or saved.

I'm not a huge fan of making a big deal out of sorting and filing it and I certainly don't want to spend a lot of money to do it.

Instead, here's my super simple method that keeps it out of my view, so I don't constantly feel pressured to tackle it, until I'm ready to take care of it.

How I prioritize what gets dealt with first and what to do with it all when I'm done.


2. Keep Cords Out Of The Way

Cottage Style Desk

Cords and wires from computers, phones and tvs are a hazard, take up space on your desk or work area and they're ugly. Which bugs me the most.

So a few years ago, I found this handy dandy little solution that has made all that mess just go away.

To be honest, it's my favorite organizational tip on the list.

3. Organize, Track And Automate Your Bills

Budget Sheet

Ok, so this one is more of an intangible kind of organization, but it's still related to your home, since it's your household's finances.

I do it with this budget sheet I made years ago and it helps to plan and see where my money needs to go without an app or some fancy accounting program.

Then I can automate my recurring payments and manually schedule the others so there's no late fees, no missed due dates and no surprises.

And a real savings plan in place.

There's no fancy math involved either. I promise.

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4. Plastic Baskets Are Your Best Friend In The Bathroom

Plastic Basket in bathroom Vanity

Long before we renovated our hallway bathroom, I was already using plastic baskets to organize all the girls' stuff.

Wicker ones are prettier, for sure, but they're pricey and they don't hold up well to leaky shampoo bottles and the like. Plastic can be washed out over and over again.

Plus, they're like a buck a piece, so if they do break, or get too icky, no big loss.

And they're light enough to add to a door with command hooks make more room in a tight space. 

5. Handles Are Helpful

Hand Holding Craft Organizer Handles

If I have items that I need to carry from room to room, I store them in something with handles.

Painting supplies or yarn, for example, come with me, so I can enjoy those activities anywhere, inside or out. Therefore, it make sense that my organizational solution would be portable.

And your carrier doesn't need to be anything special. Old shopping bags, unused purses or even a DIY tote are all great ways to store your supplies. Hang them in a closet until you need them.

Then just grab and go.

6. Use Old Dress Bags To Store Curtains

Zipping Up An Old Garment Bag

If you're like me, addicted to fabric and own lots of curtains, storage can be an issue. Especially if you hate ironing.

I've found that the easiest way to keep my window treatments looking fresh is by hanging them in the closet in old garment bags.

Fancy dress bags work the best. They're thick, have zippers and are made to protect delicate fabric. So when I pull those panels out again, they're fresh and still pressed.

Love that.

7. If It Doesn't Fit, You Must Ditch

Organized Clothes Closet

I live in cottage that was built in 1920's for summer living. Well, maybe.

Our home is rumored to be the first home built for year round living in the community. But that doesn't change the fact that the closets are small. Really, really small. 

Closet organizers- like these hanging ones - are great, but let's face it, when your space is limited, fancy shelving isn't going to make that much of a difference. What you need to do is pare down. 

And that's exactly what I do when I go through my closet each season.

I have a metric for what stays and what goes, but let's just say as I get older, what fit my body last year, may not fit this year.

Or more accurately, it may no longer fit me

Hard choices, I get it, but it makes for a much neater closet, that's for sure.

8. Contact Paper Is Essential

Red and white contact paper in a drawer

Hear me out. When you get new bedding and pillows, you want to make your bed every day and keep your room neat so you can appreciate the view.

You're more motivated to pick up the laundry and put your socks away, rather than leave them on the floor. Strewn about, they ruin the look.

The same thing happens when you put contact paper in a drawer or cabinet.

Everything old is new again, fresh and clean and your desire to keep it looking that way rises. 

Trust me.

And if you need to know exactly how to apply contact paper without the bumps, lumps and wrinkles, I have a tutorial for that.

9. A Pantry Makeover Will Save You Money

Inside View of Kitchen Pantry

A pantry makeover is a quick way to add some style to your kitchen and get the most of your grocery dollars. And it can be done on a very small budget. 

My pantry was a disaster for far too long. Nothing was visible, so we either ended up tossing expired foods by the bagful or buying doubles and triples of too many others.

Once we renovated it, by adding peel and stick wallpaper, I knew I needed to up my organizational game. Again, beauty was not my main concern when choosing bins or baskets. Function ruled.

A few inexpensive, well thought out items, including a DIY or two, and an old bowl that I only used on holidays, helped make the most of our space. 

10. Create Storage In Plain Sight

Ring Clip Table Skirt in corner of room

If you are a cottage or small space dweller, like me, you many need to get creative with your storage spaces. 

And I find that fabric is enormously helpful. Plus it doubles as decor. 

For example, when I created a ring clip skirt for a table in my basement family room, it added a pop of color and a stealthy hideaway for toys.

In the kitchen, by adding fabric to the glass cabinets above my desk area, I turned those see through display areas into covered hideaways for seldom used mismatched glassware. 

Much better than having a bunch of plastic buckets stacked on top of one another in a corner. Certainly, much more appealing.

And isn't that {more than} half the goal?

Of course, I feel my last organizational tip is truly the most important one of all.

11. Simplify

Make It Simple But Significant Text

How you ask? Well, it's pretty basic, and it's been a quiet theme running throughout my tips. 

And one that's made all the difference in my home and my life. 

Simplify. Keep only what is necessary or truly brings you joy.

When in doubt, throw it out. Or donate it or give it to a family member. But let it go.

Very few things in life can't be replaced and if you end up with remorse you can go out and pick up new. Sentimental items sure...but even many of those can find their way back into your life.

I'm not saying you have to live with nothing, but the bottom line is that the more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to manage.

To wade through, clean up, clear out.

And organize.

Over and over again.

Apparently in January.

And really, aren't there things you'd rather be doing with your time?

When you do organize?
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  1. I like all of your organization tips Kim. I am like you and I like to organize throughout the year. I like using decorative boxes, plastic bins, and fabric bins. I like using a lazy susan in the kitchen for spices and so on. Thanks for sharing all of your tips and tricks for organizing the home.

    1. Thank you, Julie. Yes, I like organizing small spaces when the mood hits me during the year, too...and all the fun tools you mentioned. I recently put a lazy susan in my pantry and it's my new favorite toy!!

  2. Great tips. I have been using these winter months to clean, purge and organize things in my closets and cabinets. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! Doing the same as we speak...or type! Haha!! xo

  3. Great tips, Kim. Fun that you added links to revisit previous posts. I have been organizing bits here and there, usually when I get inspired by someones post or video. Hope your New Year is off to a great start.

    1. Thanks Lorri! I didn't do any organizing in January, but we're do a bit of renovating now and as we empty closets, I've been cleaning them out. I definitely needed a push to purge!

  4. Great tips, Kim. My paperwork goes in my Office in a Box next to my computer. All I do is close the lid and, taa-daa! It's all neat and tidy. Now if I could just get the rest of the craft room that tidy....

  5. So many great tips! I love the cord organization tip. It makes a huge difference. I like your budget sheets too. And I need to get rid of clothes that don't fit!

    1. Mari, that cord wrangler is my favorite little gadget. It's seriously a game changer!

  6. I have been in purging and organizing mode for the last 6 months and it feels really powerful to me to take charge of my spaces! I have to be careful, though - a lot of times I pitch something and later regret it. So if I'm on the fence about something I think, if it fits it can sit. At least until I know for sure! This house is looking pretty ship shape!

    1. It does feel powerful to take charge of those spaces, I love that comment! Right now I'm on the fence about a lot linens and old dresses. It's not easy to part with things sometimes, I get it.

  7. Kim I love that idea about hanging the curtains in a coat bag. Mine are all folded up right now and I HATE to iron! Great tip. Now to motivate myself to get organized.

    1. Thanks Mary! I'll do anything to save myself from ironing!! Haha!

  8. I tend to organize in the winter, when I don't mind being indoors. But, if the mood strikes, I'll do it any time, I have to be in the right "head" to really organize, because to me, that means purging. And if I'm not ready to part with things, I'm just straightening, not organizing. Trouble is, it doesn't happen often enough, lol. Great tips - my worst enemy is paper work. Arrrggggh.

    1. Same here, Amy. I don't want to be inside more than I have to be in the summer. We're repainting and ripping up carpet in the hall right now and that means emptying closets! I really didn't want to do it, but I know I'll be happy once it's done!

  9. Thanks for the great organizing tips, Kim! I like to organize when the mood strikes me which always seems to be just before and right after the holidays. Like you, we live in a small home and it doesn't take much clutter for the house to start feeling like it's bursting at the seams.

    1. I think the holidays are the perfect time to purge, Marie. I'm actually in the middle of a purge right now...and my whole house is a pretty big mess. I guess it gets worse before it gets better!

  10. Super tips! I love the fabric skirt....I like them under sinks, too. :D

    1. Thanks Ricki! I'm a sucker for a pretty skirt!

  11. Great tips for organization! I am working on getting things cleaned out here.

    1. So glad you found the tips helpful! I'm doing the same...seems never-ending, doesn't it?

  12. You got me! I need to do all ELEVEN!!!!
    Going to go get started...

    1. Haha! I'm going through linen closets today,'s a big job. I totally get it!

  13. I just cleaned my closets and dressers. I am on a cleaning and organizing kick for the next few months. I have a To Do List of what I plan to organize and clean.
    With the new kitchen, we are really going to get organized. We have glass containers with snap tops.. I want to get those organized in the new cabinets in a big way, NO MORE searching for the tops.

    1. Carla, those tops used to be the worst to keep in line. I just reorganized that room, too, and now I bin them all up. It's been so much better!!

  14. Such wonderful advice and tips! Thank you for sharing. :)

    1. Thanks so much for taking a peek at my tips, today, Cheryl! I hope to see you in the comments again!

  15. Great tips, Kim. I'm going to revisit your pantry makeover because as I update my kitchen I need to include pantry organization. I don't have an actual "pantry" in this home. Instead, I store my pantry items in upper kitchen cabinets. But it's not really all that convenient and I need to sit down and plan how to make this all work better. I do have an entry closet, and I think I need to do a better job of utilizing that. All this to say I need to work more on organization. I did organize the master bath in December, and I purged my closet. So, I"m kinda on the right track. Thanks for sharing what works for you. I can see myself using some of your ideas. Hugs.

    1. I'm so glad you found this post helpful, Nancy. I have to say, since we did the pantry makeover, it's been so much easier to find things in there. It's also actually made meal planning easier and we have so much less waste. Of course, now I'm working on linen closets. They are a mess!! I need to purge and I don't know why I find it so hard to let go of old sheets! Silly. Good luck on your own organizing journey, I can't wait to see what you come up with!! Hugs!

  16. Kim, I love being organized but once it gets out of hand, I find it hard to get back on track. As soon as I get the library back in shape, I am going to start in each room cleaning cupboards and drawers. Thanks for such good tips..Happy February..xxoJudy

    1. Your library is beautiful, Judy. I peeked and it's just fabulous!

  17. Great tips for organizing and hiding, Kim! Thanks for sharing!