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A Flowery Cottage Style Sign

March 29, 2022

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Looking to add some flowers to your decor? Why not try vinyl transfers and stick them on a wooden board.

In no time flat you'll have new sign.

It's a quick, easy and foolproof home decor DIY.

Valentine Mantel Decor

One day, last December, I sat at my desk, staring into the bowels of the kitchen and decided that everything I saw was all wrong.

Yes, there were twinkle lights and festive pillows.

A few Santas were peppered about.

Wreaths on the window, of course.

But the view above my kitchen sink was so bland and so boring, that it had to be changed.

The brown and white wooden sign was perfect for the summer and fall, when the trees on the other side of it were green or orange or even brown. However, in December they were bare and suddenly the that sign was too bland.

What that area needed was a strong dose of red.

Obviously, that was not a problem for this girl.

With tons of crafty supplies on hand, I whipped up a fresh sign in no time.

It provided a simple pop that looked great surrounded by all the visual busyness of the holiday season.


Until January rolled around and Christmas was packed away. My new sign suddenly looked a little bit boring.

Its graphic architectural style needed a little kick to spice it up.

And I knew just what to do.

I grabbed my new Flower Child Transfers and picked one to add, center stage.

Dixie Belle Flower Child Transfer

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a huge fan of transfers. They're my latest crafty addiction.

They're easy to apply and make me look like a very talented artist, when in reality all I have to do is cut and rub.

That's why I've used them on so many projects recently like:

My Magazine Rack Makeover

My Cabinet Door Sign upcycle

And even My Red Chicken Sign

I hadn't sampled the Flower Child set yet, but it had gorgeous bold colors that I was sure would look amazing against the red paint.

Flanked by the Lace Transfer border.

And I wasn't wrong.

If you caught my Valentine Banner post then you've already seen the after. It made a stealthy appearance.

Today, I'm sharing all the steps for this quick and easy craft, because I wanted to demonstrate how you could use the transfers to embellish something that was already painted or decorated in some way.

But perhaps needs a kick. Maybe you have a painted dresser, headboard or bookcase that you want to update.

Or you have a favorite sign that's lost its sparkle. 

With transfers you can transform your piece in minutes without the need to crack open a paint jar. 

How To Apply Vinyl Transfers

To apply them, I simply cut the flowers I wanted to use out with my scissors, leaving a decent amount of vinyl around the edges, so I'd have enough room to rub without damaging the paint.

You may notice that the feather detail has been cut off. I felt that it was a little too boho for what I wanted so I didn't use it.

That's what I adore about the transfers, you can use just the parts that make you smile and ignore what you don't need.

Dixie Belle Floral Transfer

Once I had my vision and my transfer cut out, I stuck it on the wood, where I wanted the design to be.

Then I used the enclosed stick to rub the top of the protective plastic that covers the transfer until the transfer released itself from the plastic.

The design usually turns a paler color, as space gets in between the layers, when it detaches. If it doesn't release right away, you can put the plastic down again and keep applying pressure until it does.

When mine was done, I pulled the plastic away to reveal the bold and lovely floral arrangement.

Cottage Style Floral Sign DIY

Funny thing though, when I hung the sign back up in the kitchen, something about it just didn't fit.

I'm not sure what it just felt too...foofy for the room.

So I moved it into the living room where it looked right at home in a room filled with foof.

Vintage Rose Banner On Mantel


And flowers.


Of course, now I need a new sign in the kitchen. 

But that's ok, I have tons of transfers to play with. 

Have you tried transfers yet?

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  1. Kim, that looks so pretty. I love the colors all together and it looks beautiful on the mantel. I haven't tried transfers yet but I would like to give them a try..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy! I just love the transfers. For someone like me, who doesn't have your fabulous painting talent, it makes me look like I do!! 😉 Happy Thursday! xo

  2. Kim what cute flowers to put on your red board. Look pretty. xoxo

    1. Thanks Kris! I just couldn't resist. xxoo

  3. I haven't tried transfers yet, but I'm planning to do so. Cute sign, Kim. xx

    1. I think you'll love them, Nancy. They're so easy to use...and thanks! Hugs!

  4. I love the sign, especially against your rock fireplace. The roses on it are so pretty. I love roses!!! I might try this soon. I just need to find a place for it! Maybe our bedroom.

    1. Thanks so much! I have to say it's the easiest way for me to add that kind of detail. You're an artist, so I'm sure you could paint flowers just like with ease. However, if you're in a quick DIY kind of mood, it's definitely the way to go!!

  5. How pretty, Kim! No, I've never tried transfers! As you know, I'm not a very crafty person. I'll leave that kind of thing to you. ;-)

    1. Hi Melanie!! Thank you my friend. You're always so kind.

  6. I haven't done transfers, but I really like yours! They really do look painted!

    1. Thanks Mari! I bet the girls would love them. I know they have them in all kinds of pretty patterns.

  7. I need to try some transfers, Kim. They sure make for an easy, magical project!

    1. They really are magical, Kitty! They make me look like a total pro.

  8. Very pretty. I used to use transfers years ago. I also used stencils. That was back when I had a shop on ETSY. Haven't done either in years.

    1. I used to stencil all the time, too, Penny. My first house was covered in stenciled walls and decor. I have to say I really do like the stencils a little better...and you had an Etsy shop? How interesting! What did you sell?

  9. I did use transfers about 15 years ago.. and then sort of forgot about the fun they can give crafts and our homes. Thank you for the reminder and fun ideas.

    1. They're so much fun, Carla and so easy to use. No mess at all. That's my favorite part!!

  10. I haven't tried transfers yet but I used to do stenciling many years ago. This sounds so much easier than stenciling with paint. I love the way this red board sign looks over your fireplace Kim.

    1. SO much easier than stenciling, Julie. You have to find a pattern you like, but if you do, there’ s no paint to mess with and nothing runs or bleeds. That always seems to be my stenciling issue. And thanks!!

  11. Lovely sign! I just used transfers for the first time last week for a couple of signs. These can get addicting!

    1. Thanks Tammie and I agree, very addictive!! I'd love to see what you made!!

  12. The sign looks right at home on your mantel, Kim. I haven't tried transfers, but I'd definitely try them instead of stenciling

    1. So much easier, Amy! No brushes or stencils to wash off...that's my kind of craft. And thanks!!