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Cottage Style Summer Porch Decor

August 06, 2022

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After almost 20 years, I finally decided it was time to give our screened in, covered porch a makeover for summer.

I gathered a few new accessories for a complete cottage style before and after on a budget.

And I couldn't be happier.

Tin Floral Basket Wall Hanging

When we moved into the cottage, so many years ago, I had big plans for its charming little covered porch.

Located off the living room, through a dutch door, it was a quiet place to sit.

Protected from the rain and sun.

And one that we never, ever used.

For some reason, it felt a little creepy. I think it was all the bugs.

I am not a fan of bugs...and here at the beach, there are a lot of them.

My husband didn't love all the large bushes that surrounded it. Or the broken and uneven slate floor.

So after a few years, we decided to screen it in.

And everything changed.

Covered Porch Summer Decor with wicker sofa and yellow cushions

It suddenly went from neglected a porch to our favorite outdoor room.

Super cozy, filled with a large wicker sofa and two comfy chairs.

Wicker Porch Chairs With yellow cushions

And no bugs.

It was also a brand new space to decorate, which made this girl super happy.

Although, honestly, I didn't do all that much out there. The kids were flopping on the furniture with wet bathing suits from the pool, plus the space is tight. Too many accessories blocked the traffic flow.

And the doors.

Then about two or three years ago, I started to notice that while the wicker furniture and steel frames were in great condition, the cushions were going flat. I also wasn't a fan of the color any longer.

Unfortunately, replacement cushions were impossible to find. Well, at least not for what I was willing to pay.

Online they were close to $1000 for the set. $2000 for custom at the local upholstery shop.

This budget shopper wasn't having it and suddenly those flat, gold toned cushions didn't look so bad.

So, I bought a few gingham pillows and called it a day. Then this spring, I stumbled upon these chair cushions.

White on one side and Ikat patterned on the other.

Outdoor Replacement Cushions

I almost lost my mind. They were perfect and bargain priced.

I grabbed five sets and stuffed them all in the back of the pick up. I decided to use the plain white sides, but I love that there's an option to add the pattern if I choose.

The were perfect for my cottage style summer porch.

Spring and Summer Porch Decor

Clean, classic, comfortable and elegant.

I just added a few floral pillows to accessorize and a coordinating blanket.

Summertime Porch Decor and Furniture wicker chair and ottoman

Which I already owned.

Because even on those hazy 100 degree days, it can get chilly when the sun goes down.

Cottage Style Porch Decor

I also added a white tin pitcher to the space, no way for it to break if it hits the bricks.

And the most darling basket I found at a yard sale this summer.

Very unique and only a buck.

Flower Market Basket

Reading materials are another essential. I still get a few magazines and this is the perfect place to read them.

There's no light out on the porch, that's a DIY for another day. Instead, we have a few battery powered candles peppered about.

Outdoor Covered Porch Decor With Candles

On the table, I have them in the brass candlesticks I found at another yard sale for a dollar each.

They're not the greatest quality, or in the greatest shape, so I feel ok leaving outside in the elements.

However, I don't feel that way about my new cushions. They were tough to find, and while it's a bit of pain to cover them every night, I do.

I just pile all the cushions on the sofa.

Outdoor Couch Cover

Pull this cover up and over and I'm done. It protects the cushions and the sofa frame.

I've been doing it for years and I think that's why the set and the old yellow cushions lasted as long for more than a decade.

Totally worth the time and the small investment.

As for those new cushions, I'd say the same.

Screened In Porch Decorating

Big changes for a relatively small investment.

And totally worth the wait.

For this stunning summertime before and after.

Are you a porch dweller?

Cottage Style Porch Decor for summer


This is the budget Sofa Cover I have.
These are the cushions.
These are the cottage style yellow rose pillow covers.
Here are the 16" pillow inserts
This tin pitcher is adorable.
These battery operated pillar candles with a timer are the best.
I love adding the berry rings, like these, to them.
I found mine at yard sales, but you can also find brass candlesticks here.
If you don't want to tend to real, you can add these delicious faux flowers.
You can add a sweet basket like these for a little charm.

  1. I love your porch and everything else, it looks great! I have those covers on my deck furniture

    1. Thanks so much, it time for a change! And I love that cover. So much better than the green tarps I used to have.

  2. Oh Kim your porch is stunning. Love that you found this make over at such a great price. Looks like a million bucks! What a great outdoor space to have for the spring, summer and fall days and evening. Beautiful. Love the flowered pillows too. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! ❤️ It was a very overdue update and I'm so happy with the way it turned out. I'm even happier about the pricetag!! Gotta love those yard sales! xxoo

  3. Hi Kim,
    That little basket was the first thing I noticed. So cute! Never seen one like it. Love your little porch too. We need one, which I hope will happen one of these days. Did your hubby do it, or did you hire it out?

    1. Isn't that darling, Florence? It just makes me smile. That's why I love second hand shopping, you really can find the most unique items...and my husband screened the porch in himself and replaced the floor stones with bricks. It wasn't a big job.

  4. Your porch is so pretty! Looks like a perfect spot for morning tea or coffee or a chat with a friend. We have a patio, but it's not covered. I have Sunbrella cushions and pillows, but when I know it's going to rain, I put them in the secure deck box which sits on out patio. I don't cover them at night or do anything to them and they've lasted for years. However, we're in the market for new patio furniture, so everything might change anyway! ;-) Question for you...if your porch is covered and screened in, why do you need to cover the cushions and furniture at night?

    1. Thanks Melanie. We do love it out there...especially now! Good questions about the covers. So even though the room is protected, the cushions get wet in the rain since the furniture is so close to the edges. So to prevent them from getting moldy and to keep them dry and ready for that morning coffee we cover them.

  5. Omgosh that little porch is gorgeous! Where is it? I don't remember seeing it... looks like a good place for a visit! I think I need those cushions too!

    1. Come on over, Susan! I'll give you a tour and we can sit and chat!!

  6. Looks beautiful to me!! Blessings, J

    1. Thanks J!! I love all the roses out there...especially since I can't kill any of them! Ha!!

  7. Your porch looks so pretty and welcoming! I wish that it got chilly in my part of Texas after the sun goes down!! - Briana from Texas

    1. Thanks Briana! Texas is so lovely, but that heat is intense in the summer. I get it!!

  8. I would spend all of my time on your porch, Kim. I love being outdoors - with no bugs! Now tell me about that flower basket piece on the wall....

    1. Ah…that’s a favorite, Ann. It hung in my sister’s breezeway for decades until she moved and no longer had room for it. So I took it and hung it in the covered porch. It’s very large and made of metal. It actually seems like a painted porcelain over metal. It’s pretty and sentimental. Thanks for noticing and asking!

  9. Oh, yes, I love my outside patio. I don't have furniture out there like yours - the heat and bugs would do it all in. But even in this intense heat, I can sit out there for a while and enjoy the summer sounds and a cold beer. Cheers! Your patio is lovely.

    1. Cheers Gina!! Your porch sounds lovely, too...nothing like the sounds of summer and a cold beverage!

  10. That metal flower basket really caught my eye too! Such a truly unique (and clearly vintage) piece! Your covered porch looks like a great place to spend any time! I especially like how you have kept it simple with just a few well placed accessories! And thank you for the links! I am going to look into those candles! Pinning!

    1. Hi Kristine! Isn't that basket pretty? When I saw it in the sale pile at my sister's house, I grabbed it. It's very special and, yes, probably vintage. Thanks so much for all the kind words about the porch!! I'm really happy with the way it turned out, too.

  11. Beautiful transformation, Kim. Totally agree with covering up your furniture at night. I had to smile when I saw your tin pitcher. I have that same one hanging on a peg of my French country shelf. LOL. I think that's the second white pitcher we both own. Twins separated at birth??? Ha!

    1. Totally, Nancy!! Haha! We definitely share a love of the same decor...and of creative, budget updates. I'm constantly inspired by your vision and your DIY talents and yes, I believe I've seen that pitcher on your site before!! Happy Sunday!

  12. Beautifully made over Kim. The new cushions are a breath of fresh air!!

  13. Kim, your porch makeover is lovely. Love the wicker and the new pads you found. It's a shame you have no lighting out there .The candles are a nice touch. A nice place to enjoy without the bugs.

    1. Thanks Linda! We've talked about adding overhead lighting out there for decades. The candlelight is sufficient to read or chat, but when we entertain we will bring a lamp outside. It's just not a waterproof room, so we can't leave it there and there isn't room for another table. Maybe we'll tackle it this fall!

  14. OK....... you had me at Dutch Door and NO BUGS!!!!!
    Then I saw those candle holders..... I started to drool.

  15. I love a porch and yours is just perfect. What a great find those cushions were to replace your old ones. Happy sitting! xo Diana

  16. The porch looks pretty and fresh! I would live out there in summer. I'd even sleep out there! I love my deck, but it's not screened in, which we've discussed doing over the years, but it would be a major investment. Not happening at this point. Maybe the next house......

  17. Kim, I love the porch furniture, your new cushions, and pillows. What a great makeover and I hope you get some lighting out there someday. It's the perfect cozy spot to hang out in the daytime.

  18. Your pitch looks soon inviting, Kim, and yea for the screened in part. I bought my outdoor sectional at Lowe’s and the cushions drove me crazy! When I needed new ones, I found mine at Walmart and they are more water resistant and a great price. I just have a patio, but when it’s not over 100 degrees (we’ve had way too many) I like to spend time out there.


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