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September 20, 2022

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This summer I did a lot of second hand shopping.

Antique shops, church thrift stores, yard sales.

The curb.

White Milk Glass Footed Fruit Cups

I even made my first purchase on Facebook Marketplace.

I wasn't picky about the venue, so it turned out to be a very fruitful few months for a girl who loves old stuff.

And bargain home decor.

In the past, I've only purchased items to rehab or upcycle.

However, this summer, I became a collector and started seeking out items to decorate my home. As is.

And that was a big change for me.

Exhibit A.

Way back in June, I shared several candlesticks I'd found for a almost nothing at a yard sale.

Brass Candlesticks on Wallpapered Tray

I've always been a huge candle fan, but until recently, I've only displayed pillar candles, not tapers.

I owned one lonely pair of brass candlesticks, a wedding present, that I brought out for celebration dinners.

Then, last fall, I found a second pair at an antique shop for $25. They were solid and intricate, so I brought them home to join the others.

But this summer, I hit the jackpot and realized that brass plated candlesticks are everywhere.

And cheap.

So I've added many more to my stash and placed them inside and out.

These giant ones were $1 each. Don't let the photo fool you. They're huge.

Large Brass Candlesticks on a table

They're over a foot tall with a 6 inch base. They're light as a feather, but very stately. They need a little polish and they're clearly not solid anything.

Just very different. And I like different.

Very Large Brass Candlestick Base

I think they'll look great during the holidays.

I could display them close to this white ceramic church. It was 50% off its $4 price tag.

Small Christmas White Ceramic Church

It matches the Dollar Tree Christmas village I painted a few years ago.

But unlike my made-over structures, this one comes with a bell and a light. How festive.

In the same shop, I found these tiny glass votive holders. They were a dollar a piece, but also 50% off.

Small White Glass Votives

Adorable and a perfect addition to the collection of milk glass and while ceramic pieces I've been placing in the newly renovated hallway. Thrifted finds to fill that $25 marketplace score.

I also found this milk glass double candle holder for $4. I'd never seen anything like it before.

Online they retail for a lot more

White Milk Glass Double Candle Holder

Mine was a little dirty, but it cleaned up nicely with soap and water.

These lovelies were $4 for the set of four. I just couldn't turn them down. Aren't they darling? 

White Milk Glass Footed Fruit Cups

I have no idea who the manufacturer is..or I should say, was...but I've seen them all over Etsy for a lot more. I like my price better.

There was a lot more white in my shopping cart this summer. It seemed to be the color of the season.

I had absolutely no willpower to resist this charming $5 fellow. A white rooster cookie jar.

White Ceramic Rooster Cookie Jar

Although, I wasn't thrilled when I got him home and found this large crack hiding inside.

Apparently, without that damage he would be worth a whole lot more, too.

Broken Cookie Jar

He was taped up in the store to keep his top in place, so I never noticed the gaping hole. I wasn't thrilled, but I figure I'll never use him for cookies, so his secret will be safe.

Although, honestly, knowing it's there does bug me, so I may try to fill that crack with clay or epoxy to prevent further damage.

Seems like all the birds were slightly worse for wear this season. 

Wooden Swan Carving

But again, for $5 she was too sweet to leave behind. Solid wood and gracefully posed, I knew she'd be right at home in my beach cottage with all my other decoys.

And my trash to treasure swan planter

There are no markings, other than the name James signed on the bottom, so I have no idea how to track down the creator, but that's ok, I like a little mystery.

I can give her a story of my own.

I also picked up lots of white plates. Those were all easy to find online.

This tiny set of four was a dollar. They're very little, but so sweet. The bottom says they're from Crate and Barrel.

I've never seen anything for a quarter in that store, so this was an exciting discovery. I think they were part of this set.

So I definitely got a deal.

Tiny White Crate and Barrel Plates

I also purchased a few random dishes, also in white, from my church's shop.

I can't remember the prices on these, but they weren't more than a dollar each.

Three White Decorative Plates

Of course, I also picked up several red plates. My passion.

This was a good story, too. You see, I'd seen these plates online and fell in love with the color, the beading, the unique shape and the scene, but they were pricey. Mainly due to the shipping.

They're Johnson Brothers, Castle on the Lake.

Johnson Brothers Castle On The Lake

Well, a few days after I'd given up my internet quest for a few reasonable ones, I found three of them in a shop nearby.

I just walked in and they were staring at me for $8 each. Meant to be, for sure.  So I grabbed them all.

I love when things work out that way, don't you?

I did pick up a few potential makeover items at a yard sale. I'm looking forward to getting creative with this small wooden chest of drawers.

It was $3.

Small Chest Of Drawers Jewelry Box

This unfinished wooden cutting board. I think it was a buck.

And this very tall, white candle holder. It's very shiny and a bit too pristine looking for my vintage style aesthetic. It needs a bit of aging.

Two dollars.

Tall White Wooden Candle Holder

I have a cabinet full of paint and transfers ready to doll them all up.

Someone already had some fun with these candle holders. The pair was $5.

Wooden Candle Holders

When I first saw them I was sure they were going to need a do over. The paint job is messy and inconsistent.

Although, the red undertones are right up my alley. 

Poorly Finished Painted Makeover

So far, I've left them alone. That may or may not change.

Right now my project list is long and the longer I stare at them, the more I like them.

The last two items on my list were found far from home, in a rather fancy Junior League thrift shop. The place was arranged like a high end boutique. 

And the volunteers were dressed to the nines. They asked if we needed assistance as soon as we crossed the threshold and offered us refreshments.

Based on first impressions, I was sure the prices would be out of my league. But I was wrong.

They had great stuff, unique items and labels that you don't often come across in church basements. And it was soooo clean. 

Clean enough for me to buy this entire tablecloth and napkin set for $15.

Red Berry Tablecloth and Napkin set

It didn't have that thrift store smell. You know the just smelled fresh. The material is lovely, heavy, with a slight silky feel.

I doubt I'll use it as designed. It's gorgeous, too appealing to sit in a drawer waiting for a holiday dinner.

So I have plans to use it for upholstery DIYs, pillow covers and aprons

However. That was not my favorite find.

This stunner was.

Silver Plated Triple Candelabra

I mean look at her. A vintage silver plated triple candelabra. Dreamy.

Triple Candle Holder In Silver

Can you believe I hesitated?

I should've scooped it up right away for fifteen bucks, but thought, where in the world would I put it?

And would my husband think it was a little too haunted English mansion for our airy little beach cottage?

Then I came to my senses.

Triple Silver Candelabra in Bedroom

She needs a little clean up, but until I investigate the best way to clean silver plate (and I'm open to suggestions) she's been lighting up the night in my master.

With my electric candles that go on and off by themselves. And you should see how she looks at Christmas, decked out in custom made candle rings.

As for the rest of my treasures? 

Well, you'll just have to keep your eyes open to see where they land.

I promise to share of bit of that this week as I continue decorating my renovated hallway.

And welcome fall into my home.

With my brand new, old summertime treasures.

If you'd like to see how I used my summer thrift treasures to decorate for fall, you can peek here...

Did you find anything interesting this summer?

Happy Thrifting, Friends!
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  1. You got a wonderful haul this summer! My favs r the red print dishes, always coveted them. And the tablecloth and napkins, love them! Have fun decorating Kim!

    1. Thanks so much! Those red dishes are just so pretty, aren't they? I'm totally addicted, too!!

  2. WOW! You really made a haul. You could certainly do some online selling if you wanted to...that's what you need--the nose to sniff out the finds and then clean them up. Love all the things you found. My mother had a lot of milk glass but I don't have any of it anymore. Happy Fall Shopping! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana!! I do love the thrill of the hunt and selling my treasures would solve the storage issue. I had a big yard sale this summer to clear out a lot of stuff, but I'm not a very good salesperson. I basically gave it all away for a song! I'd need to work on that!! I hope you're having a fabulous day!! xo

  3. Score!!! You found some great things this summer. I always love milk glass. So sad about Mr. Turkey cookie jar but he is so cute and I know with your fix it upper abilities you will make him whole again. I think I need a trip to the Goodwill. Have a good week. xoxo Kris

    1. Milk glass has become my new obsession, Kris. I know I'm late the party on that one, but I was always so focused on colorful ceramics. I love the clean look now! And thanks for your confidence with that cookie jar. Right now he's just hanging out in one piece. I hope he stays that way!! xo

  4. You purchased a lot of great finds this summer Kim! I like all of the candlesticks and the white plates. I hope you have fun decorating and using some of the items for your crafts.

    1. Thanks Julie!! Those little plates are so cute, I can't take it. And a quarter each? I couldn't pass them up. Enjoy the sunshine!!

  5. Wow, you found a lot of treasures this summer! I've stayed out of thrift shops for a couple of years ago because I'm at the point in life where I'm getting rid of stuff instead of bringing more in. But that hasn't stopped me from visiting my favorite vintage shops! And buying a few things that I couldn't resist. ;-)

    1. I totally get it, Melanie. This summer I had a yard sale because I couldn't stand the boxes of stuff I'd collected over the years that I never use or display anymore. It was very freeing and the house was so empty and neat. As you can see that only lasted for a bit!! Haha!!

  6. Wow - you did great! I never find things like this, but I think you need to be persistent (I'm not) and have an eye for things. My daughter does this too - great things for a great deal. I'll just have to watch you and her!

    1. I was never a big thrifter, Mari, but then I saw my sister's treasures and reconsidered. I also never did it regularly, but this summer my daughter motivated me to go more often, so I had a partner. That was the best part.

  7. Great finds, Kim! You did a lot of shopping in between all of that DIY. I can't wait to see what you do with that little chest of drawers!

    1. Haha...yes!! Shopping to escape those big renovations! I thought of you when I saw that chest of drawers and your lovely decoupage projects. I think that's where I'm going with it!

  8. I love all of them, especially the small white plates and that little chest of drawers! Wish I'd lucked up on that one. I seldom see stuff priced so cheap, so you did good!

    1. Thanks Florence! I don't usually find such good bargains, but lately the prices have been fair.

  9. First of all...I bought the taper candles with batteries that you first showed in your post about new seat pillows in your porch. I put them on the hutch in the dining room. We are not in there at night, but they peek out at me while we are watching tv in the family room, and give me the sweet sense that all is well in the world!! I so enjoyed this post; I love thrift hunting, and I equally love reading about someone else's adventures. That napkin and tablecloth set is stunning; an excellent purchase. I also really liked those smaller plates from Crate and Barrel. Keep searching on Facebook Marketplace; I bought a china hutch on FB Marketplace. There are amazing deals!

    1. Kristine!! You just described exactly how I feel about that faux candlelight. Plus I love that they go on by themselves just as the sun goes down. It brings a warmth to the evening. And yes, thrift hunting has become a real passion {obsession} but I enjoy it so much more than buying new. There's something about the thrill of the find that makes me smile. Thanks for the kind comment made me smile!!

  10. I haven't done much thrifting this past summer, but I am inspired by your finds! The linens are so lovely - I definitely need to get out there!

    1. It was definitely more fun that going into Marshalls or HomeGoods!!

  11. Goodness you had a great summer finding treasure!

  12. You did fantastic!!! I think we would have a blast shopping together. :-) We like the same things and would be able to help each other find treasures.

    1. That would be fabulous, Carla! I think I’d like to shop in your neck of the woods though. Then I could hang out with chickens and eat lots of cheese, too!! ❤️

  13. Funny, just before I opened your email, I was reading the estate sale list for my area! Hubby and I usually make the sales on Saturdays! :-) You've done really well this summer. I'll be watching to see what you do with everything! Blessings, J

    1. Thanks J!! I wish there were more sales around her that sold good stuff. Most of the yard sales in my neck of the woods are hosted by people selling toys and clothes. I certainly don't need any of that!! Blessings my friend!

  14. Oh, what beautiful treasures! You really scored nicely! I love milk glass. Everything you got is just gorgeous! Can’t beat the prices, either! Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

    1. Thanks so much, Mandy!! I had a lot of fun shopping and even more fun decorating.

  15. Kim,
    LOVE all your new treasures!!! I have a few vintage pieces of milk glass from my neighbor Elly...And love that red transferware Castle on the Lake plate!! I have a few pieces of that pattern myself that I picked up over 25 years ago for $1 a piece!! Can't wait to see what you will do with the things you are going to make over... The one thing I learned many years ago was if something catches my eye, I buy it even if I have no idea where I will put it because I will always find a place for something I fell in love with...I have kicked myself in the butt way too many times for not buying something....Enjoying my visits with you today!!

    1. Deb, I can't believe you found those dishes for $1 each!! I wish...I want more, but I refuse to pay $25 a plate, so I'll just have to keep hunting!! Thanks for the visit and for sharing your treasure tales with us!!

  16. Oh my goodness, that's a haul and a half. Wow. That silver candelabra is beautiful and the table cloth and napkins. I would so wear that as a shawl. No-one would even know :D