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10 Creative Cottage Style Crafty Projects

December 29, 2022

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December was a social month around here. This tiny cottage hosted several dinners, a couple of game nights and even one brunch with dear friends from far away.

Lots of visitors were welcomed inside.

Some were brand new to the place, others hadn't been here since before the renovations, so I was giving the {very quick} tour on a regular basis.

Cabinet Door Wall Sign DIY on table with tulips

And at some point I realized just how much we'd done this year.

Between some very major renovations and all the DIYs and home decor crafts, it was a busy, busy twelve months.

Much busier than I remembered.

So I took a peek back to see exactly what we did and, honestly, I was blown away.

I'd forgotten about most of the smaller projects, the ones that feed me and make me smile, but boy was fun to revisit some of my favorites.

It also prompted me to look at the numbers to see which projects were on the top of your list and see if they were the same as mine.

That's always very interesting. 

While the specific projects may have differed just a bit, it was no surprise to me that trash to treasure makeovers dominated the list.

They're my favorites, too, but I was shocked - shocked - at what came in at number one.

I wonder if you will be too as we glance in the Exquisitely Unremarkable rearview mirror.

Number 10

We're heading back to summer with this one. Ah my favorite season.

It's this wreath redo. 

Embellishing A Store Bought Wreath

This is how I bought a sale wreath and customized it for my front door

Of course it was a bargain and of course it was red.

Number 9

Next up, is the crafty DIY I use all day, every day. Surprisingly, it's not red. 

Contact Paper Folded Corners

It extends my workspace and dresses it up a bit, too.

You can see how I made this DIY desk drawer cover here.

And yes, it was a bargain.

Number 8

My stenciled summertime Santa was also a big hit.

Christmas Stencil Porch Sitter Santa

I mean who could resist that adorable face. 

He was larger than life and super simple to make.

No wonder everyone wanted to visit Mr. Claus.

Number 7

Christmas crafts are always a big hit, but none more than this tiny red fabric sled.

Adding Decoupage Over Fabric with a brush

Dumped at the curb, it was my super lucky find.

I dressed it up some inexpensive toile and gave it new life.

Now, it sits next to my fireplace and I stare at it every night, wondering how I'm going to make it look at home there in June. 😉

Number 6

Another curbside find comes in at number six.

It's my painted round red coffee table.

Round Painted Coffee Table

It needed a bit of a haircut and several coats of paint, but now it's a showstopper and the focal point of my living room.

Did I mention it was red?

Number 5

Ok. This was actually a big shock, because...dramatic music,'s a recipe! 

Now we all know that cooking is not really my thing, but I guess this one looked good enough that everyone wanted a taste.

You can peek at the recipe for my slow cooker shredded chicken soup here if you like.

Quick And Easy Slow Cooker Shredded Chicken Soup

After all, it's the perfect season for soup.

Number 4

Heading into the home stretch we have another furniture makeover.

A magazine rack I transformed with red paint. Is there any other color?

I also added a floral transfer for a little extra cottage style.

Adding Metal Label Tags To Magazine Rack WIth a screwdriver

It was very heavy and it took two people to lug up and down the hills on the walk home.

But totally worth it.

Number 3

Now here's a coincidence...coming in at number three are three darling wooden junk angels.

Cut Table Legs

Constructed from leftover table legs, the ones we made shorter on that round red table from number six, if you recall.

All I needed was a few embellishments from the craft closet and my handy dandy glue gun.

Instant amazing. Just the way I like it.

Number 2

The last upcycle on today's round-up was born when my neighbors tossed an old bathroom vanity.

Adding Furniture Transfer On Cabinet Doors

As soon as I spied it, I went across the street with my screwdriver and removed anything I thought I could upcycle. It was quite a sight.

And it was so worth the effort.

You can peek at the complete cabinet door redo and see the before and after for yourself.

Now. Are you ready for the most popular project of the year? Did you take a guess at what it might be? 

Well it wasn't crafty, it was a quick fix.

Number 1

I was bothered by the black iron clip in my kitchen holding up the metal rod between my red panels. It was always in view and it stuck out like a sore thumb.

For years I wanted those eyesores gone, and apparently, I wasn't the only one annoyed by their presence. 

Center or Middle Curtain Bracket circled and arrowed

My solution?

I painted the center brackets on my curtain rods white with a special paint to match the moulding paint and they disappeared.

I never even took the rods off the wall.

I guess sometimes the solution to a problem is better than a dose of pretty. 

Well, all do seem to enjoy the drama of a good before and after.

Which works out well for me, because those are my favorite kind of projects. 

And ones I hope to share a lot more of in the new year.

I've already got a stash just waiting for their turn.

Hoping to make the list next year.


What do you hope to create in 2023?
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  1. I love all of the projects. Great job on everything. It’s always fun to see what you’re up to and happy holidays.

    1. Happy New Year and thank you so much!! You just made my day!!

  2. I remember all of these DIY's and they were all amazing. It is fun to look back and realize how much you do accomplish in a years time. Bravo my crafty friend. I cannot wait to see what you do in 2023. Happy New Year. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! I have to say, crafting is my happy place. xxoo

  3. A great recap - I guess it's really the simple things that thrill us :-) I know I was blown away by the genius fix on the long curtain rod and have used your idea on mine. Happiest of New Years to you!

    1. Happy New Year, my friend!! Thank you for all the kind comments. I have to say, yes, the simpler the better for me. I'm glad you agree!! I'm also glad you've used the curtain rod fix. To think, I almost didn't share that one!!

  4. Happy Crafting and Tackling Projects in the New Year!!! I have copied several of your ideas Kim. I also share your house tricks with my husband. Thank you for sharing. :-) Carla

    1. Thanks so much, Carla! I'm always humbled by your comments...xxoo

  5. I remember that curtain rod fix - it was brilliant! You had quite a productive year, and I'm not sure how you'll top in in '23 but I'll be here reading!

    1. Amy, you are just the sweetest! I love when I see your name in my inbox. I've been thinking about you and your dreamy Florida view lately. I hope you're enjoying it right now!!

  6. So many clever ideas--your toile sled makeover is my fave!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm rather smitten with that one myself!

  7. Kim, have you ever thought about covering the sleeves on your chandelier? You can use fabric, wallpaper, paper napkins or whatever you like. I use those glue dots on the seam and change them for the season...Right now mine are tartan plaid for Christmas

    1. I haven't ever tried that, but it sounds like a lovely idea. I do like dressing the chandelier up and glue dots sound perfect for a temporary job. The tartan must be beautiful! Thanks so much for the inspiration. I just might have to put it on the list for 2023!!

  8. Happy new year Kim. I remember each and every craft project from last year. I can't wait to see what you make for this year.

    1. Thanks Julie! Maybe this will be the year I finally tackle crochet!! We’ll see…Happy New Year!!

  9. Goodness me, Kim, you were very busy. The sleigh and angels were definitely on my favorite list, and for some reason I didn't see your genius idea to disguise the curtain holder uppy things. Next weekend, that's on my to-do list. So clever.

    1. Glad you like the curtain rod fix, Michelle! It really took care of that eyesore...and I like the sled best, too...but don't tell the others!

  10. Kim,
    You truly outdid yourself this year with so many wonderful and inspiring projects!!
    Love them all!!