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Here We Go Again

January 21, 2023

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Renovations are the worst.

Yes, yes, I love the way the rooms look when it's all done, but the whole process, the disruption of daily life and the mess, especially the mess, not my favorite.

At all.

Sheets covering wood floor and sofa in an adjoining room

Last year, we tackled so many projects, both inside and out, that I thought we'd be done for a good long time.

Turns out, not so.


This past weekend, my handy, dandy husband announced that he'd be starting on the kitchen.

Wait. What??

What's wrong with the kitchen, you ask?

Well, nothing really, except it needs a paint job.

Now, don't worry, that red wall isn't going anywhere.

Frankly, I don't even think it's going to get a fresh coat. I absolutely adore the color and I'm not sure the paint store would be able to match the tone exactly.

And that old paint can is long gone.

Small Electric Fireplace in Hallway

But everything else, the walls, the trim, the ceiling, they're all 20+ years old and up close, they look it.

The ceiling has a few water spots from an old roof leak.

The mouldings are scuffed and the antique white walls, just look antiqued...not so white anymore.

So it's time for a refresh.

I'm not thrilled about it, but it certainly won't be a huge renovation.

Thank goodness. I'm not up for anymore of that.

I won't need to move much or store anything in other rooms, like when I had to shove my old floral sofa in the floral sofa.

We had to take my curtains down and cover everything in drop cloths, but overall the process hasn't been too terrible. Although, the sight of my kitchen last weekend, was a bit unnerving.

Kitchen furniture and accessories in middle of the room with ladder

Especially since I've been relaxing in our brand new family room, enjoying the fact that everything has a place. 

Hopefully, it'll be a relatively quick project and I can get back to decorating.

I've already started working on two tiny updates.

Remember the fabric I used to make the new curtains in the family room? I like it so much that I decided to replace the checked pattern over my desk with it.

Kitchen cabinet door opened and with red and white fabric on the glass

I thought it would be a nice way to tie the two areas together.

It was such an easy DIY and I had the enough yardage leftover, I couldn't resist.

If you'd like to see how I add fabric to glass cabinets. I have a several posts on the topic:
It's a quick trick that completely transforms and turns any piece of furniture into a cottage style charmer.

Speaking of cottage style charm, the second project also involves fabric.

And a bench. I'm going to try to make a skirted slipcover for the curved bench at my kitchen table. Try being the operative word.

Wish me luck, I don't think it'll be quick or easy, my two signature types of DIY, but I bought the foam and the batting. Now I just have to figure out the style I want and the actual construction.

I was planning on digging into that this weekend.

Last weekend, I did a little painting of my own. Paint by Numbers that is. 

Paint By Numbers Kits For Adults picture of painting on canvas

With all the turmoil last year, there wasn't any (good) place to set up my easel and work. However, now I'm back at it and I've been working on two paintings to decorate the walls in the family room and basement. 

A book shop and a tea shop.

Now that's the kind of painting I can get behind! 

Are you starting any projects this months? 

I'd love to know.


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  1. I am in the process of making Sam's T-shirt quilt. It has been on the To Do List for a long time. Even though I beat myself up that I did not get it done for his high school graduation, this time seems right. I pray for him as I work on it. I think back to all our adventures and his adventures from the saved T-shirts.
    I have other projects going as well, so it is a slow and steady project with the quilt. And that is alright. ;-)
    xx oo

    1. Carla, that’s amazing!! It sounds like a lovely project and a great way to feel connected to him while you’re working. There’s a reason why you didn’t finish it before…sometimes things really do work out the way they’re supposed to. Can’t wait to see the finished product!! xxoo

  2. My only project right now is cleaning and purging. However, we've been talking about doing some work in the bedroom. But, uggh, moving everything, painting... it will probably wait awhile!
    I love how that fabric looks over the desk. Your tea shop painting is so cute!
    Looking forward to seeing the finished project!

    1. Mari, I totally get it. When you factor the moving everything {and cleaning everything} our little project isn't so little!

  3. Hmmm, in the planning stages of a kitchen remodel and the tearing out of built ins in our living room that we put in 20 odd years ago. The hubs had surgery on his hand a week ago so he’s out of commission for three or four months. In the meantime, I made curtains out of table throws that I purchased last year at Hobby Lobby’s 90% off after Christmas sale. I craved a change and decided to go black and white in the public areas of the house! The curtains coordinate with the black and white Buffalo check tablecloth and throws that I used at Christmas time. Making pillow covers as well. Finishing up leftover Christmas projects and feeling smug that I’m getting a jump on next Christmas, lol! Looking forward to seeing your kitchen refresh.

    1. My goodness, you are busy! That's a whole lot of projects and ones I wish I could see. I bet all those sewing DIYs are beautiful and! You go!! I do hope your hubby's hand is healing well and quickly. Enjoy your new view!!

  4. I've always loved your cozy kitchen, glad the red well is staying.

    1. Hi Amalia! Thank you and I believe that red is a permanent fixture around here!

  5. Projects........hmmmm. Nope. Well, actually the same projects I've had on my list for the past year, or two. Or three. We need a new bed in the master, and I still need things on the wall in Florida. I seem to be in a holding pattern on making any decisions! Argggghhhh!

    1. Same here, Amy. I need a few more things for my family room...the walls are bare, but I'm in a holding pattern. Just can't seem to commit to anything!

  6. We are in the process of painting our crown moldings and baseboards. I can't wait to see your kitchen refresh! I agree with Amalia: happy you're keeping the red wall!

    1. Thanks Ricki Jill! We love that color, so it stays. Good luck with your painting...tis the season!

  7. You two are such go-getters! As you know, we are not do-it-yourselfers. We have to hire out for most stuff. There are so many updates our house needs right now, but we don't want to have any work done inside until Clementine kitty crosses the Rainbow Bridge. She's too old and sick to have strangers in the house and loud work done.

    1. Melanie - that is so kind of you to make sure Clementine has peace and quiet before she crosses the Rainbow Bridge. It's so hard to let them go, but we also want them to be comfortable. My heart is with you.

    2. I don't blame you, Melanie, it very intrusive to have people in the house, especially when they're disrupting the status quo. Hugs to you and sweet Clem...

  8. Those windows in gorgeous! You must love them! Projects? Nothing major since we just did renovations in late 2021. I do want to paint a 3 level table, and re-finish two frames to use for botanical prints I bought on Etsy. And sewing pillow covers...lots of them! Excited to see how the kitchen walls turn out, as well as your fabric projects!

    1. Thanks so much, Kristine! When we designed the room, I wanted an atrium styled space, to let the light in and we do love them. Your projects sound very cool, I just picked up a frame to refinish and add a botanical print, too. Great minds...!!

  9. It's always nice to refresh with paint. Painting is relatively inexpensive and easy. The prep work is the worst part. I always have a project going on. The guest bath, of course, is still in process. With the holidays I just put everything on hold. I'm sure I'll get back to it soon. Yes. I'm sure I will. ;-D

    1. I hear you, Nancy! The holidays were a nice break from the household DIYs. I was able to dive into some creative, fun ones instead! Can't wait to see how the guest bath turns out!! Enjoy the weekend!

  10. I know your handy dandy husband did a good job with painting the kitchen. It's great to have simple updates like that. I'm glad you are spending time working on your paintings. I'm happy we don't have any major projects going on right now.

    1. It's a relief to have all the renovations behind you, I bet, Julie! I know that you've been through some big ones recently, too. Enjoy the quiet!!

  11. Kim, your house is always so lovely, even when it's in upheaval! No new projects around our house, but I am working on a cross stitch project I had set aside years ago. Maybe I'll finally finish it this time? Take care, dear lady! ❤️

    1. You are the sweetest, Kim!! It doesn't always feel so lovely during those times, but I'm glad it seems that way!! Good luck with your new project...I bet it's lovely!!

  12. Surely you're one among the few, Kim, a husband who announces he's painting the kitchen without having to be bribed to do it! I am on the roster of those who hope you keep the red wall! Your slipcover plans for the curved bench are marvelous. It's those special touches that have always made your home so pretty. I would love to have my bedroom repainted but so dread taking everything off the walls but there is one project that I am determined to make happen. I have a large bookshelf that holds all my cookbooks that I want to paint when weather is better outside. It would mean my dining table being covered with stacks of books for a couple of days but maybe that rather small project will get done one of these days.