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The Perfect Shelves Do Exist

August 04, 2023

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I found the most charming distressed metal shelves for my home and now I'm decorating with them everywhere.

Scrolled Metal Shelf

A funny thing happened to me on the way to decorate my family room wall.

It all started with that delicious floral wallpaper.

I've absolute adored it from the moment I saw it.

However. It's also completely perplexed me from the moment it went up on the wall.

It's a bold pattern. Lots of colors, lots going on.

Decorating around it has been a challenge for someone that usually has solid painted walls and adds pattern and color elsewhere.

So I've hesitated to add accessories, especially on the walls, but when I saw these green rooster plates, I knew.

Green Rooster Vintage Scio Plates

I mean, come on.

Aren't they darling?

I knew they'd be perfect.

With a design plan in place, I told my husband that all I needed him to do was pick up a few thin pieces of wood for shelves, add a scalloped edged moulding to the front, take his router and make a groove for the plates and I'd paint them all white.

Like when I (he) painted the wooden hallway shelf.

Being the most wonderful DIY guy in the world, he said sure honey.

And then I waited.


I must've moved that stack of green plates from one room to another, to keep them safe, about 10 different times.

Then finally I gave up and went shopping online. And look what I found. These decorative, iron metal shelves.

Shabby Chic White Metal Shelves

Aren't they darling?

They came in a pack of four. Graduated sizes, graduated depths. A bit distressed.

And totally my cottage style.

Scrolled Metal Shelf

The plan was to stagger the longest two on the green, family room wall. I never really thought about where the other two would go.

But. While my husband was gathering his supplies, I walked around with them and suddenly everything changed.

The longest one, the main one I was going to use in the family room? It needed to go in the kitchen instead.

Here's how the rest of them look in the family room with the green roosters.

DIY Wooden Sign

It was the exact same size as my plate rack and it filled an awkward space between it and the pine server below.

My husband was not convinced but he went along with my plan, hoping for the best.

First, he measured to make sure the placement would be centered. He used painter's tape rather than marking up the walls.

How To Center A Shelf

Then he grabbed a drill and put an anchor in the wall and added screws to hang the shelf.

The wall behind the plate rack is hollow, since there's a pocket door tucked into it. The anchors give the shelf strength, so I can load it up with pretties and not worry about it falling down.

Hanging A Shelf With Wall Anchors

If you can catch wood behind sheetrock you wouldn't need them.

Once the shelf was on the wall, he agreed that's where it belonged. He understood my vision.

Unfortunately, the only thing I saw was the bright silver screws and that was a big no for me.

Painting Silver Screws White

No worries. I just grabbed my Testors enamel paint, like I did when I painted the center bracket on my curtain rod, and painted over those suckers.

Testors Enamel Paint in white

In minutes, they disappeared.

No more screws screaming at me.

White Painted Nails and Screws

Just a lovely new view.

A charming update to a space that's looked the same for over twenty years.

It was a space I didn't even know needed a change until those shelves arrived.

Cottage Kitchen Decor

It also gave me a place to finally display the antique Wedgewood demitasse cups my grandmother gifted my parents on their wedding day.

They've been hiding behind my fabric covered glass cabinets for decades.

Cottage Style Kitchen Shelving

Sweet, sentimental and classic.

Needless to say, this happy decorating diversion has caused a disruption in the family room.

Best laid plans and all...but I think it was worth it.

How To Display Plates In The Kitchen

And it's ok, we worked it out.

But that my friends is a decorating tale for another day.


Have you ever bought something for one place that ended up in another? Tell me I'm not alone. 

Happy Decorating!!

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  1. I love love these chippy fun shelves. What a great find. They look so great where you put them. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris!! I LOVE them!! They were such a lucky find. I'm always a little skeptical when ordering online, so I had fingers crossed until I unpacked them. I can't wait to share where the other ones landed, but I need a few tweaks before that one's ready! Have a great weekend!! xo

  2. WOW! I can't believe you found such darling shelves online! Are they vintage? Where did you find them? I know Google, but where exactly? Looks like something you'd find in an estate sale. Anyway, I love how you've used them Kim! Those demitasse cups fit perfectly & they look great on your white walls.

    1. Thanks so much! They do look like estate sale items don't they? Nope, they're from Amazon. I put a link in the post directly to them if you want to peek!

  3. This looks absolutely darling! What a great idea!! - Briana from Texas

    1. Thank you, Briana!! I love the change. I was thinking about replacing those two pieces with a china hutch, but I love my sentimental furniture. This took care of that in a jiffy!

  4. Beautifully done Kim, with just the right touch of distress!! A nice addition and functional too.

  5. It's like that shelf was made for your demitasse cups, Kim. It's the perfect addition!

    1. Thanks Ann! I love the shelf and can’t wait to get the rest of them up and decorated.

  6. Really sweet little shelves in the perfect spot! Every now and then I move something from one room to another and its like I am seeing it for the first time again! (:

    1. Thanks so much, Gina! I love a new view with old swaps. That's the best kind!!

  7. A great find Kim, they are perfect with your farmhouse decor.

    1. Thanks so much, Linda! Aren't they sweet?

  8. Those shelves are the cutest and it fits perfectly where you put it. I'm so happy you can display those cups on it. They are a treasure!
    Now I want to see the shelves up with the plates on them!

    1. Thank you Mari! I really scored with these and I love having my parents' cups on display. I can't wait to share the others, too. I just need a few more details to make it look right. Have a great weekend!

  9. Another great find and great idea ... thank you or sharing with us.

    1. My pleasure, Carla! I love sharing great finds and this one is so fun!!

  10. How cute that shelf looks under your plate rack, Kim! Great job!!

    1. Thanks Kitty! It's a completely new look for my kitchen and I adore it!

  11. Yes, I absolutely buy things with one intention, and end up using them elsewhere. That's half the fun, right? The shelf looks perfect in it's unintended location!

    1. That is absolutely half the fun, Amy! The other shelves are up now, I'm excited to share. Now the kitchen shelves are have some competition for my love!

  12. Such a great post, Kim. And what a lovely touch in your room with this iron shelf. Visiting from Happiness is Homemade. Hope we get to see your post at Tuesday Turn About! We love having you join us!

  13. Ahhh, bah humbug, those little iron shelves are out of stock. I'll keep on checking to see if they come back though. They're beautiful.