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The Prettiest Way To Display Dishes On The Wall

September 14, 2023

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Just about a year ago, the long wait for my new family room sofa came to a close.

The months of a complete room renovation were finally behind me and the fun part of the project, the decorating, was about to begin.

And I couldn't have been more pleased.

Distressed Metal Display Shelves

I loved every design choice I'd made, from the caramel colored vinyl planked flooring and the red rose adorned floral wallpaper to that big, bold green checked fabric that covered the new sofa.

Until I got them all in the room together. And quite frankly, I was stumped.

You see in the old room, the walls were a solid color and the only large pattern was on the floral sofa. It was a much easier space to accessorize.

I scattered pillows, hung art, signs and mirrors on the walls, without a lot of thought. I swapped out curtains all the time, mixing prints and solids, with and without trim.

But in this room. I just couldn't get my bearings. That floral wallpaper threw me a curve ball every time I tried to add a new element.

Honestly, I don't have a green thumb. I've always struggled in the garden.

I don't know why I thought those flowers would be any easier to manage just because they were on the wall.

Cottage Style Checked Sofa and Floral Wallpaper

I can't tell you how many times I've changed the window treatments, finally opting for blinds.

It wasn't until this summer, a few weeks ago actually, that I finally began to figure out what the room needed.

It was weight. It needed some ballast to tether that light and airy rose covered wall and tie it together with that celery colored couch.

It started with a dark wood mirror and a faux DIY panel on my end table. One corner of the room was starting to feel more like home.

But the opposite wall was still bare and I had no idea what to add to it. I already had three mirrors in the room and floral paintings or prints didn't seem right.

Then I saw these green rooster plates and I knew.

Green Rooster Vintage Scio Plates

So I ordered a few of them and pondered how I was going to hang them on the wall. 

I considered these plate hooks and these plate hooks, but I felt like the plates really needed something more. That wall needed some weight as well. 

That's when I started thinking about shelves. If you remember a few weeks ago, I shared the tale of these scrolled beauties in the kitchen.

Shabby Chic White Metal Shelves

These lovely vintage styled iron ledges.

They were meant to hang in here, but one of them, the largest looked very charming under my plate rack. That put a little bit of wrinkle in my plan, but in the end, it worked out better overall.

Originally, I was going to stagger the largest two shelves on the wall. However, since the largest one was no longer available, I had to come up with plan B...which was to stack them. 

Hanging Plates On A Wall Shelf

After my husband centered them and screwed them into the wall, they looked like this.

Hanging Plates On A Wall

Lovely, but a little bit skimpy.

That's when we decided to add the fourth shelf in the set, the tiniest one, underneath. 

It was perfect.

Cottage Style Wall Decorations

Of course, I'd only ordered four plates. I needed two more to fill my shelves, since I was going for a clean and unified look. 

Finding them took a bit, but in the end, it was Etsy to the rescue again.

Rooster Plates Displayed On The Wall

This week, I had a little fun playing with some thrift store artwork in the room, swapping out a dish for a geranium.

The shelves are narrow, so not much else fits up there, but I can definitely envision some seasonal swaps.

Cottage Style Wall Decorations, plates and prints

Like I did with bottle brush trees in the hallway last year.

For now though, I'm thrilled with the way things are shaping up in the space.

Cottage Style Wall Decorations

At the moment I'm relying on that furry throw blanket to warm up the room.

Truth be told it's been a staple in there since last October. It's so soft I even draped it over myself when the AC was on!

How To Display Plates On A Wall

Next up, I need to nail down the curtains and the right red pillows to cozy up the couch and add a pop of drama for fall and winter.

I just have to find the proper way to do it without clashing with the roses on the wallpaper.

Or the roosters on the shelves.

Then again, cottage gardens are supposed to be a wild, rambling, no rules, collection of blooms.

Inside or outside.

Wouldn't you say?


Do you have plates on your walls?

Happy Decorating, Friends!
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  1. This turned out so lovely! I love it!! - Briana from Texas

    1. Thanks Briana! I'm really pleased with the way it came out, too.

  2. I have no plates but lots of other stuff on the wall. Maybe too much. The shelves are perfect for your pretty plates and fit in perfectly with the cottage aesthetic. I also love the patina!

    1. Thanks Mary! I have to say I love those shelves. They really are perfect, and I don't usually say that about items I order online. 5 stars for sure!

  3. It looks awesome. Those shelves are so chippy and perfect. Love it.

    1. Thanks Kris! I had a feeling you'd love their chippy style. 🥰 Your influence is rubbing off on me. I hope you have a great night!

  4. I think it looks great! Perfect plates and perfect space for them!


    1. Thanks Pat! I just couldn't resist those sweet rooster plates.

  5. Those plates look like they were made for that room! I love the way you try things out, until it's just right. And the plates and those cute chippy shelves are just right.

    1. Thanks Mari! I’ve certainly been trying a lot of things. Haha!! I do love the plates though. The green is perfect and I love that they’re vintage. Etsy is a fun place to shop!

  6. That is the perfect finishing touch for that wall! Just enough chipiness and heft to make an impact without being overdone. Love it. You really do have such a good eye for adding a real cottagey feeling to your sweet home. xo Diana

    1. Thank you Diana! This room has been a bit of a struggle. I’m an old dog when it comes to decorating, I have a playbook and floral wallpaper isn’t in it! Haha. I’m just making it up now as I go along. Glad you think I’m on the right track.

  7. Sometimes you have to live in a space for a bit to figure out what else is needed. That's exactly what you've been doing, Kim and you figured it out. Very pretty!

    1. Thanks Ann! Yes, exactly. The room needs to settle and I need to settle along with it. 🥰

  8. I love the shelves, they are cottage perfection!!

    1. Thanks Carla! I can't believe I found them, because you're right, they are just right for the room.

  9. Such pretty decorative shelves, love the added plates. Yes, I have a plate rack over a doorway.

    1. Thanks Linda! Once I saw those plates on Etsy, I knew I had to find the right shelves. Thank goodness for the internet. Haha!!

  10. Kim, I think you have a "green thumb" when it comes to decor. This is where I have a black one. I just can't figure it out, but your place is charming. I need you here to help me out. Last time my hubby complained about our decor, we hired a decorator, and truth be told, we didn't like their end result. I just love everything you do!

    1. Florence, you have a way with words! Thank you for your kind words. ❤️ I just pick things that make me smile, but trust me, it doesn't always come easy. A lot of it is trial and error and this room has been particularly challenging. I *think* I finally got it down this weekend...but we'll see!!

  11. Kim,
    Love the plates and the shelves on that wall and adore the way you staggered them...I love using shelves which I have done so for many, many years....I think they help add a lot of character to a wall...People often forget about shelves when they think of wall art...And how did you know that I was looking for plate hangers???? LOL!