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Dollar Tree Burner Cover Christmas Wreath

November 17, 2023

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Grab a dollar store metal burner cover to make a retro Christmas wreath.

If you're a vintage style decorator, it's a quick, inexpensive and crafty way to add some fun your home this holiday season.

Dollar Tree Burner Cover Christmas  Wreath Supplies

For some reason, this year, I seem to be all about vintage Santas.

I don't know why, they've never really been my thing before.

Maybe it's because I'm feeling a little nostalgic and old enough to remember a time when these sweet faces weren't considered vintage.

Which I guess makes me vintage.

How fabulous.


This week, the temperature dropped dramatically, so while my husband and I were on our nightly walk, I skipped the dock and, instead, I ducked into every shop on the block.

Just to warm up.

Well, in one charming place, I spotted these napkins.

Vintage Santa Face Napkins

Santa faces, just like the ones that used to decorate my home when I was small.

I couldn't resist and bought the one and only pack in the store.

And while I was sure I wouldn't be wiping my mouth with Santa's face, I had no idea what I was going to do with them.

Until a few days ago, when two of my very talented friends challenged me to come up with a Dollar Store Christmas Wreath. That sparked an idea. 

A perfectly vintage style idea. A little bit kitschy, to fit my throwback Santa napkin, and in keeping with my retro, wood paneled, shag carpet covered Christmas memories.

Plus, I already had a huge stash of dollar store supplies hiding in my craft closet. So I jumped in and started my DIY.

Before we get to it though, I encourage you to pop over to visit Julie at Redhead Can Decorate who made a Dollar Store Christmas Ice Wreath and Michelle at Our Crafty Mom who made a Dollar Tree Red Cardinal Christmas Wreath.  

Ok, now let's talk about Santa.

How To Make A Dollar Tree Metal Burner Cover Santa Wreath

As I said, luckily, I already had all the supplies on hand for this decoupage Christmas project

What Supplies Did I Use?

I couldn't find my napkins online. However, these Santa face napkins are similar and even better you can buy just a few.

Dollar Tree Burner Cover Set

Over the summer I spotted these metal burner covers at Dollar Tree and grabbed them. I had a feeling they'd make a great wreath base. I wasn't wrong.

In addition, I picked up this wood paneled contact paper. It's actually called, knotty pine. The ribbon jumped in my cart, because it was red. Big surprise.

Knotty Pine Contact Paper

I also found a few pip berry garland - like the ones I used to make my candle rings - and a package of wooden Merry Christmas signs. They all had the right vibe, but you can add whatever makes you smile.

Dollar Tree Ornaments

The Directions:

To start, I turned the metal burner cover over and traced it onto the back of the contact paper and cut it out.

Metal Stove Burner Cover Wreath DIY

Next, I peeled the backing away from the contact paper.

And I stuck it onto the front of the burner cover.

Dollar Tree Contact Paper Craft Ideas

Now, if you are familiar with it, then you know it can bubble up.

To remove those pockets of air from the contact paper,  I ran a ruler over the top of the paper until the air was gone.

Smoothing Contact Paper Bubbles With A Ruler

You can use a credit card or any kind of straight edge for this job. Just go slow and keep at it until it's completely smooth.

Once the base of my wreath was complete, it was time to move on to the napkins. I started by separating the top printed layer from all the others underneath. 

Most napkins are two ply, but sometimes there's a sneaky third layer that gets overlooked. Santa was a three layer kind of guy, so I very gently pried it away without damaging his patterned face.

Santa Face Decoupage Wreath

Then I cut one of the faces away from the others. I also cut away one of the white face shapes to use a backing, since I knew that once I decoupaged the face onto the paneling, the paneling pattern would show through the napkin. 

The extra white layer would mitigate that, but keep in mind I had to decoupage them as separate layers, otherwise the top sheet would slip right off.

So that's what I did. I added my decoupage medium with a foam brush to the top of the contact paper. 

Decoupage On Contact Paper

You can use Mod Podge or any other brand decoupage you like, or make your own.

I use Dixie Belle's Satin Sealer. I just like it best. 

Napkin Decoupage Wreath DIY

I laid the the white napkin on the decoupaged area and smoothed it down with my hands before adding another layer of decoupage over it.

After it dried, it was time to add Santa to the mix.

I brushed on more of my sealer, covering the white napkin completely, before I placed Santa on top, lining the two shapes up perfectly.

Decoupage Retro Santa Craft DIY

I smoothed the second layer down and added more sealer on top of the napkin and over the entire burner cover for a uniform shiny finish.

*Decoupage tip, it's easier to smooth the wet napkins down if you use a glove or a piece of plastic wrap.

While it dried, I made a bow with my Bowdabra Bow Maker.

Bowdabra Bow Maker

Then I added the wooden Merry Christmas sign and the pip berry garland around the outside of the metal frame, using a hot glue gun to anchor it all in place.

Dollar Tree Burner Cover Christmas Wreath

When I was done, I had the perfect vintage style wreath.

One that makes me smile whenever I look at Santa's darling face.

Dollar Tree Retro Burner Cover Santa Wreath DIY

And one that only cost me a few bucks.

A small price to pay for a trip back in time.

Wouldn't you say?


Are you a vintage style Christmas fan?

If you're looking for even more crafty DIYs for the holidays, don't forget to visit my Craft Page for more Christmas ideas and inspiration.

Happy Christmas crafting, Folks!
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  1. Well, he is adorable! It always amazes me how well a napkin works for something like that. It looks like it's painted on. I like the old world charm! Your friends wreaths are all different and they are all cute!

    1. Thanks Mari!! I'm having so much fun with my Christmas crafts this year. Napkins are a little delicate for decoupage, so you need to be very careful, but they do give that hand painted look. Thanks for the visit and I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Kim this is absolutely adorable and looks very vintage. These signs go for a pretty penny in retail stores!

    1. Thank you so much! Wow, that's quite a compliment! I have to say, I wasn't sure how this one was going to come together, but it's really just stolen my heart.

  3. You looked at a burner cover and saw a wreath? Never in a million years would I have seen that! Santa is adorable and the wreath is fabulous, Kim. You are on a roll - keep the ideas coming!

    1. That’s my super power, Ann…seeing decor possibilities everywhere and in everything. It’s a fun one, but not a very lucrative one. Good thing I mostly shop at thrift stores and Dollar Tree! 😉

  4. Look at you Miss crafty. This is so cool. You are really coming up with some sweet holiday crafts. Happy Weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! I'm really having fun this season, getting crafty!!

  5. Kim, you made the cutest vintage wreath and I love that Santa!

    1. Thank you, Julie! The napkins were really too cute to pass up!

  6. This is super cute! I love that sweet Santa face.

    1. Thanks so much! I fell hard for that adorable face. I just had to have those napkins.

  7. LOVE IT!!! Yes, I am into vintage Christmas. I have some vintage bulbs passed down to me from my grandma, they are always the finishing touch when we decorate the tree.

    1. They sound lovely, Carla!! A vintage Christmas for all!!

  8. This is so cute, I love that little Santa napkin!