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Newspaper Cone Advent Calendar

December 03, 2014

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Super easy, rustic Christmas DIY.

Whip up this super simple newspaper cone advent calendar in a jiffy and countdown to the big day in rustic, and free, style!

Newspaper cone

I am not into complicated crafts.

I like projects that are easy, inexpensive and I can whip up in a jiffy and look like a pro.

My newspaper cone advent calendar is no exception.

This year, I have decided to take my Christmas decorating in a more rustic direction.

I'm using muted tones and more natural elements to accent my home for the holidays.

I have also decided to do it within a very narrow budget.

While home decor and crafting are my passion, Christmas is a short season and I would rather spend my dough under the tree than on it.

So I have given myself a budget of about ten bucks for crafting this December.

It sounds tiny, but honestly, I have accumulated so many supplies over the years, this gives me a real reason to use some of them up!

I haven't felt at all deprived and it's forcing me to flex my creative muscle!

Last year, I was bored with the advent calendar my mom gave me, so I made an advent calendar out of dollar store treat bags.

It was cute and it would've been in the budget this year, but its primary colors are decidedly not rustic!

So I hit Pinterest and fell in love with the look of this pin that used newspaper to create the countdown packages.

I was inspired, but made mine even simpler.

How To Make A Newspaper Cone Advent Calendar

I just ripped the newspaper at the center of the page, so I had one page for each day.

A newspaper on a table

Next, I folded from the corner to the center to start the cone shape.

Then I used a drop of hot glue to secure the bottom.

A hand folding newspaper into a cone

When my cone was fully shaped, I added another drop of glue at the midsection to close the cone.

Newspaper Advent Calendar Cone

I dated each cone using a red or black marker.

To add a little festivity, I stamped a snowman, Santa or sleigh scene the front of each one, using supplies from my art cabinet.

I arranged them in a basket that usually sits on my desk collecting junk mail and catalogs.

But I think my paper cones look much prettier inside.

Plus I got myself a new centerpiece in the process!

Next year, I may pop them into a galvanized tub for an even more vintage look.

Rustic Christmas Newspaper advent calendar in a basket

I filled each paper package with a sweet treat, tiny purchase or a note detailing a fun family activity we are going to do on a designated day.

Our countdown is not really about the presents, it's about being present and recognizing that every day of the season is precious.

Stamped Newspaper Advent Calendar in a holiday basket in front of the tree

Of course, I just whipped this up this morning, so I am technically two days late, but that's ok.

This is real life and I craft on the fly, when time permits and I am betting that some of you do, too.

There are still 22 days left to open packages and honestly, this craft was so quick.

I made it in 30 minutes and that included the pictures I took.

That means you still have time.

Who says you need to countdown the entire month?

Make you own traditions...there are no rules, it's Christmas!!

Do you countdown?

Stamped Newspaper Advent Calendar DIY

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  1. I love this! I've only 'made' my advent calendar once, and it too wasn't complicated, that's why I love this. Currently I have used a store-bought one 2 years in a row, and I need to update mine for sure next year! Thanks dear!

  2. That is super cute! Great idea!

  3. Such a sweet little thing! I do love the basket. I wonder if there is one laying around my house that will fit on a bookcase by the front door? It's only my husband and me, but we tend to not be 'present' so much. This is a great idea for just us. (We also don't buy presents for anyone, we 'just give it away', so these would be presents!)

    Off to see what I have for a basket, and pages. My budget isn't that skimpy, but no point in wasting money when there is useable stuff at the house, right??

    Thanks Kim. You're Exquisitely REmarkabel, as usual!

    1. Hey! You're early sharing this project this year. Maybe I'll get it made this time? I still think you're REmarkable.

    2. Thanks Nancy! Every year I get a little more organized. Well, in some areas anyway!

  4. Our holiday prep has always been kind of low-key, although we have outdoor lights up already this year. There are also two holiday season birthdays in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, so we're all over a lot of things. :O)

  5. It's a busy time of year, that is for sure! We have a few holiday season birthday around here, too...lots to celebrate!! :) Happy December LuAnn!

  6. Thanks Sherry, I'm all about easy! ;)

  7. We had a store bought one for years, Vel and I loved it. My mom bought it for me, it's a classic Christmas chateau from Department 56. Unfortunately, the little doors are so small that it limited what I could put inside, so I have tried new things the past two years. I like this one best,though!! :)

  8. Why thank you, Nancy! You are always so nice to me!! I have been on a simplifying kick this year, so this is not only cheap, but also disposable (recyclable), I won't have to store a thing! I hope you find a basket, it really is a cute idea and a tradition that I hope the hubby I continue when the nest is empty. Enjoy! :)

  9. Really great idea . . . and like you said, easy peasy and not many "coins" involved. I usually fancy up my mantle in a new way each year and sometimes the cost is disproportionate to the result. This year I began unpacking, grabbed some angel hair I haven't used in years and soon I had some results. All my things, no money out for purchases.
    I will send some pictures . . . or maybe write a little piece "on the web!"
    Happy decorating days . . .

  10. This is so cute and I love how it looks in your basket! Good for you staying on a budget. So many folks go crazy each year! I'm like you - I'd rather have the money spent on gifts! Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  11. what a wonderful idea and decorations

  12. I guess I better get off my duff and do some sort of decorating here at the Reinke home. I'm feeling kind of lazy and feel more like drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music than putting up tinsel. I like your Advent Calendar, Kim. Nicely done. xxx ~ Nancy

  13. I count down? YEAH! But in my home, we never had an advent calender, and never did my husband so it was never a tradition with us. But what we've done is countdown with small gifts like TREATS TO EAT! Oh yes, that is what we have done, but I am so behind this year. I did give my husband a huge chocolate, ginger and cranberry bar and I think that will last him at least until one week before Christmas!

    I love your ideas because it is so much more fun when creations are inexpensive or free and are easy to whip up!

  14. Hi Kim, wow I love this idea! It's easy to make, looks good and you get a treat each day! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season.

  15. Love this! It looks so pretty and it doesn't cost a fortune to make. Great idea!

  16. Thanks Vanessa! It was so easy and the kids are always thrilled to open a treat...even if it's a piece of paper that says, family hot cocoa party tonight! I'm so glad you came by to visit and hope your December is off to a get start! :)

  17. Thank you Manuela! The kids were thrilled to see it when they got home from school and I was happy it wasn't a lot of work! ;)

  18. Thank you Julie! We also found out today that when the cone is emptied of its treat, it still looks pretty in the basket! :) I hope your December is off to a good start! Thanks for popping by!

  19. Oh, I would love to see it Lynne! I spent money last year and bought ribbon and a new wreath, picks to decorate it and in the end, it was flat...blah! This year, it's all about repurposing and paring down and it really pops! Funny how that works out! :)

  20. Thank you Shelia! I have teenagers and while they are very grateful and do not ask for a lot, the majority of what they do want is pricey...oh, that technology! Your nativity was very pretty! :)

  21. Thank you Tiffany. I'm actually pretty surprised how elegant newspaper can look! Thanks for the comment! :)

  22. Ha! Nancy, trust me, it's been slow go here, as well! Normally, I get my house completely decorated in one day right after Thanksgiving. This year, I am dragging my feet. I have been watching holiday specials with my kids and taking drives to look at decorations while the garland sits in the box not the floor!! :)

  23. I never did this as a child either, Anita. Once I started teaching, we counted down with colored paper chains or cotton ball Santa beards. My mom bought me a beautiful house years ago and the tradition was born for my own children. I have to say that I love it...and this year since my creation was easy and free, I love it a little bit more! ;) Thanks for the visit!

  24. Kim, I love this and it looks so darn cute! I always did advent countdowns with my kids and I give my grands the chocolate countdowns each year. I kind of have a thing for advent calendars. I have 5 of them, three that I made. I don't actually use them now, just like how they look. lol!

  25. Thanks Jann!My kids love it and it has become tradition around here now. I hope it's something they will continue with their own families someday! :) Thanks for the visit!

  26. Beautiful project, Kim! This time of the year it should be all about traditions. Our kids are grown, but the traditions continue. Have a great weekend! Maria

  27. Kimmie, this is an adorable and creative way to make an advent calender. I don't usually do advent calendars but this I might have to give a whirl! xoxo Jen

  28. I love this idea and your approach to holiday decorating. I want to do something like this with my kids. They're older, but I definitely think they would enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.


    I am enjoying my early Saturday morning here, reading the generous comments of my theatre visitors! Thank you kindly for taking your seat and watching the show. You must go see the others....they are so darling.

    YEP, I made those beams and floor, all by hand. I took after my dad who after work would run to his workshop out back and play the carpenter/creator, and I watched him. As a sassy teen who went through a period of not "liking" my dad (you know how that is with kids), I still had such a deep and hidden respect and awe for my dad because of what he could do with a piece of scrap metal. He could look at NOTHING and create something.

    This was fun. It is fun to join up with other women who see what is NOT there, in order to make it come true.

    Have a super fun weekend. Anita

  30. I am sure they would enjoy it! My teenagers still come home and run to the living room for treats! :)

  31. This one was super easy, Jen! I didn't have to paint, I didn't have to saw, I didn't have to go out and buy any supplies! I bet yours would be fabulous!

  32. Thank you, MarieElena! Pretty soon you'll have a grand baby to share your traditions with too...that's so wonderful! :)

  33. Thank you, Anita!! My newspaper rolls cannot compare to your amazing handiwork! I am so impressed and I love that you inherited your skills from your dad. What a lovely legacy. I have to go and check out some of the other ladies' creations. Now, my interest has been piqued! :) Enjoy your weekend, too, Anita!!

  34. I love what you did, and it works perfectly with the decorating you already had! xoxo I like to do the same.

  35. Thank you, Martina! It's so basic, but I find that it really adds something to the room this year! :) Thanks for popping by!

  36. Your place looks lovely, I love your simple style...I am trying to find my own! :)

  37. What an adorable idea, Kim! I haven't done an advent calendar since my kiddos were little, but I may just have to tuck this idea away for next year. Very clever of you to use newspaper.

  38. Why thank you, Carol! I was looking for an easy and free alternative this year! Turns out I really like the way it looks, too!

  39. What a cute idea and so easy to do! I never would have thought of it. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of love and laughter!

  40. Thank you, Gigi, I wish you the same. I hope you are enjoying the day to the fullest! Thank you for the visit! :)

  41. Love this idea. I usually buy an Advent Calendar for our grandson but shall attempt your idea. It is so lovely.
    Thank you.

    1. Thanks so much, Deirdre! I really liked this one and it was easy!

  42. Okay, never mind my first post...found the answer here. ;-)
    I love this idea!