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How To Make A Rustic Christmas Triple Wreath

December 01, 2014

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Christmas triple wreaths make a huge decor statement on your holiday front door.

However, it you try to buy one, you'll find they can be pricey. 

Here's the quick and easy way to hang 3 wreaths on your front door, possibly with supplies you already have on hand. 

Text Rustic Triple Wreath Two wreaths for Christmas on a white painted front door
Last year I was looking for something new to decorate my old and boring, white painted front door.

Having seen those gorgeous Christmas wreath trios in magazines and catalogs, I thought I would try to make one of my own.

So I took three old faux wreaths, strung them together with dollar store ribbon and, poof, I had a fabulous new front door decoration for less than a buck.
And it was adorable.

Triple Christmas evergreen wreath with candy cane ribbon on the door

It added a kick to my Christmas curb appeal and the red and white candy cane ribbon complimented my traditional holiday decor perfectly.

Well, this year, I've decided to take my decorating in a different direction.

I've been doing the same thing for over twenty years and it's getting kind of boring.

Once Thanksgiving dinner ends, my house usually explodes in red ~ well, let's be honest, more red.

I love the drama and punches of color peppered throughout the house, but two decades is long time for any habit and this year I wanted to try a more muted and rustic style.

Psst- This is what I ended up with, rustic all over the house...

I've been drooling over pared down trees, sparsely punctuated with white or natural ornaments. So this year, that's what I've got and it looks fabulous.

However, last year's triple wreath, draped in candy cane ribbon on the outside of the house, wasn't accurately representing what was going on inside the house and that's very important to me.

I definitely needed something new.

{Psst...Here's another new...a painted wooden round wreath. I do like variety.}


When I made the decision to revamp my holiday style, I promised myself that I would try to do it without spending a lot of money. 

That meant this gorgeous ribbon triple wreath was out

Three wreaths on the floor getting connecting ribbon replaced

So I kept the wreaths, but I swapped the whimsical ribbon out for a rustic, neutral that says "Happy Holidays".

It took me about ten minutes to transform my wreath from traditional to rustic country and since the ribbon was 40% off, the entire spool was less than $2.00.

My project didn't require much so I have plenty leftover to use in other areas as I rustic up my home this year.

Happy Holidays ribbon tied around two wreaths

I simply looped the wreaths together with a piece of ribbon and hid the knots in the back.

I also made a small loop on top to hang it up.

Can you believe they charge a crazy amount of money for that??

A DIY Christmas Triple Wreath

So just how do you hang 3 wreaths on a front door? With ribbon and a few knots.

Supplies & Directions:

Or you can check the thrift store.

Christmas items are popular donations and if you start thinking about Christmas crafting in July, you might have all you need on hand by December. 

1. Decorate your wreaths as desired.

You can add lights, picks, bulbs, flocking. Lots of choices.

Then lay them on the floor in a row and space them evenly apart so they have just a few inches in between.

2. Grab your ribbon and measure it out, by looping some of it around two wreaths at the distance you set.

Make sure you also leave so extra to make a knot. Cut the ribbon.

3. Tie it up and hide it in the back.

You want to hide that ugly knot.

4. Repeat to join the third wreath to the others and finally cut one more length of ribbon to loop to the top wreath so you can hang it on the door.

If you prefer to use real evergreen wreaths, you can loop them together as well. Just make sure your ribbon is sturdy enough to support the weight.

Or you can use a piece of twine underneath the ribbon. The twine will be the support and the ribbon will just be for decor.

Once it's up, you can fluff it and decide if it needs more pinecones or berries, for example, or if it's good to go.

Triple Wreath On Front Door

The process would be the same for any wreath trio.

For a touch of sweet indoor decor, you can loop 3 small boxwood or berry wreaths together and hang them on the back of your dining chairs.

Or from large windows. For spring and summer, you could make a floral triple wreath or three grapevine wreaths with leaves for fall.

There are so many, many options with this one.

As far as my DIY goes, it was a quick restyle that makes me smile and a new favorite in my growing collection of front door decor.

I have to say, I'm really amazed at how completely different the entire wreath looks now.

And all due to a small (and super cheap) ribbon swap.

Two wreaths for Christmas on a white painted front door

While the white lights aren't up outside yet, my door looks very festive now and that's a good start.

I think it suits the simple style of my cottage very well.

Simple, rustic and classic.

What's on your December door?

Happy Crafting, Friends!
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  1. Hi Kim,
    Thank you so much for your visit and for the nice comment. And yes, I do enjoy my cabinet daily. :)
    Your door wreaths look great connected together like you did and the change of ribbon is a quick fun change. The new ribbon matches the rock on your lovely home. How pretty!
    Happy December 1st!

  2. I love this idea. I have a mobile home so the door doesn't allow me to hang stuff on it or I totally would.

  3. Wreaths are outrageously expensive! I have, however, decided that they're probably cheaper store-bought at the end of a season than trying to make one that looks even half as good as store-bought. Floral arrangement is not my forte'. You do a great job of that, though!

    Now, the stone around the front door...!! LOVE THAT!! If there is one thing I covet, that would be it. River rock would be my preference.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Thanks Tiffany! The first time I saw this look, it was hung inside in a dining room window, I think. There is a link to that blog in my original post. I have always wanted to try it inside!

  5. Thanks Gina! I do like it, it's a nice change for me and my red obsessed decor! ;)

  6. Dear Kim ... I love the simple look. Our front door has a very simple homemade grapevine wreath with a bit of greenery, red berries and a raffia bow that I made a few years back. It is old fashioned and a bit rustic. Thank you for sharing. ♥ Teri

  7. The stone is a nice accent, Nancy. I can't take any credit for that, it came with the house. It was an original feature from the 20's. As for the wreaths, I agree, they generally are outrageously expensive when they are pre-made and almost as expensive to make...those faux flowers are an arm and a leg. That is why I keep what I have made or bought and revamp it! :) Happy December!

  8. I saw your pretty wreath when I popped over to visit this weekend, Teri! It is a perfect Christmas accent!! :)

  9. That looks great Kim! I really like it with the stone on your house.

  10. Thanks Stacey! I didn't plan it, but it worked out well! :)

  11. Kim, unique and pretty wreaths.

  12. Good morning Kim! I love your little cottage entrance, and the stone lends itself and begs for a natural embellishment of woodland décor. I too over the years have narrowed down the style I LOVE and it too is focused more on nature. Wood, deer antlers (yes, don't freak out!) and white with silver is what I've used to replace some old standards. It is more muted and therefore, peaceful. We never had kids, but I would imagine that having children makes for merry and BRIGHT colors. But with the two of us, we prefer the woodland scene in our home. That ribbon you used to replace that fabulous string of wreaths really made a huge difference!

    I started my décor, but want to complete it this weekend.

    Have a fun day my friend! Anita

  13. Perfect . . . last years and this!
    I am a full red this year!

  14. I never thought about it that way, but you're so right Anita, the kids have dictated the holiday decor for quite a while! They want bright and fun! There were years when our front yard has resembled the old "Eat at Joe's" signs...flashing lights in every color, all over the lawn! As they get older, they like the muted colors as well. Your decor sounds classic and knowing your style, I have no doubt that it is simply stunning. I have not finished my decorating yet, but like you, am hopeful that I will finish it this weekend! Enjoy the process!! :) xo

  15. Thank you, Marcy! I purchased them on sale many, many years ago. I actually enjoy repurposing items and this one was so easy! :) Thanks for popping by and leaving such a nice comment!

  16. What a pretty entrance! Love your triple wreath!

  17. YES! I hope we both get some fun decorating in this weekend! I only have one small patinum vintage tree and some small elements around the house, but I am looking forward to some fun photo shoots this weekend!

    Have a great day, Kim! Anita

  18. Very nice! I like the trio, what a great idea to put the together. A warm welcome for sure!

  19. Hi Kim, well, since I am a fellow lover of our favourite colour, I really like both wreaths, but I have to admit that this year's pared down, 'quieter' version is also where I am right now, so I find the newer take quite appealing! Your door is very inviting and I'm sure it represents what is going on inside!


  20. Way to go on up-cycling Kim! I do that a lot too since sometimes my old decor needs some zhushing up!

  21. I do love the red Poppy, but there is so much of it in the house already, I thought that this year, I might go in a different direction. Funny enough, it just makes the existing red pop even more in contrast with my new muted tones! It's the best of both worlds!! Thanks for the visit, my friend, and Happy December!

  22. Thank you Dawna! I have seen the look in pricey catalogs, but never wanted to spring for one. It was so easy to make, now I don't have to!! :)

  23. Exactly! I love those wreaths and to buy new would be pricey!! A little "zhushing" fixed it up! ;) Love that fun word!

  24. You are a REMARKABLY clever person :) You changed it up but didn't waste it / throw it out.

    I like the latest post too...a nice idea for Advent. And quick. And cheap. And easy :) We always lit the Advent candles in a wreath and had those little calenders with the windows to open when I was a kid and I just repeated the scenario when my boys were little. I am original like that ha ha :)

  25. Your faux wreaths looks amazingly real, Kim. I like the Happy Holidays ribbon. Sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference. xxx ~ Nancy

  26. You are so nice, Deb! I was raised by a depression era mama, nothing ever got thrown away in my house! I used to get mad when I was kid, but as an adult I appreciate her frugal mentality, that has now become my own personal mantra! I am a fickle decorator, so repurposing suits me (and my wallet) well!

    As far as the calendar goes, that was not a tradition I grew up with, but it's been a fun one we adopted when the kids were small. I'm not sure who looks more forward to opening the packages each day, them or me! It really is better to give, I guess!! :)

  27. Those wreaths are so old, Nancy. I bought them for a song years ago, but they still look so good! Thanks for the sweet comment. I had a vision for this project and it worked out's nice (and rare) when that happens! ;)

  28. It is just beautiful! Love the three all in a column! I best get working on my front door! Still behind on decorating! xo Jen

  29. Love the stone front of your home. Switching out the ribbon made a big difference. Love your wreaths.

  30. Thank you Brandi! That stone is one of the features that made us fall in love with the house! :) Thanks for visiting!

  31. This was so quick Jen! I don't have the patience for long, involved projects anymore...I just want to play! :)

  32. I love your front door! SO festive and pretty! xoxo The advent calendar was clever too.

  33. Thank you Sue! I really like the simple feel they both induce around the house! :)

  34. Amazing what a simple change of ribbon can do to give you a new look. I think the wreaths look very pretty on your front door!

  35. It really is dramatic...and all for less than two bucks! Thanks for all the nice comments tonight, Carol! Have a great week! :)

  36. I love this look. I am pinning to make this one for sure. As you can tell I am catching up with your blog. I have been MIA since I have been writing for so many tours. Phew I am ready to slow down. : )

  37. Vanessa, you are so sweet to visit every post and comment! You didn't have to do that, you are a lovely friend and I am so glad we met through blogging. Writing takes an enormous amount of time, the pics, the links...and this is a crazy time of year to boot! I hope that you are able to unplug a bit now...although I just came from the mall, in the rain, during a crazy sale. The computer looks pretty good right now! ;) Be well my friend!