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Easy DIY: How To Make Floral Candle Rings

January 19, 2015

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Are your candles are naked? Dress them up with a few dollar store blooms.

Here's how to make a super easy candle floral rings in no time at all with a little floral wire and a glue gun.

Just follow these simple steps.

Red Floral rings on white candles on glass candle holders

I am generally not a fan of artificial flowers.

I believe that I have stated this before, but let's face it, as lovely as real blooms are, you just can't craft with them.

If I'm putting flowers in a vase, I always go for real, but when I want to make a wreath for my front door or a garland or virtually anything that involves a glue gun and requires long term staying power, I go for faux.

And whenever I'm looking for faux flowers, I always start at the dollar store.

Dollar Store Roses in a white pitcher

They usually have a good selection and you can't beat the price.

I got lucky this time, I was able to grab three stems of red roses for $1 each, exactly what I needed, exactly what I wanted to pay.


Dollar Store Floral Candle Rings in a circle with a glue gun

How To Make Floral Candle Rings

It's a super fast craft that can be adapted for any season at all. Also you can use the same instructions to make a larger centerpiece table ring, too.


Step 1: To create these candle floral rings, I started by removing the flowers from the stems.

I just popped the heads right off. It didn't take much effort at all.

Step 2: Then I glued the petals together to form a ring with about 5 - 6 flowers.

I ended up with three floppy flower rings.

They needed something behind them to give them a little bit of stiffness, a little bit of shape and support.

Three Red Floral Rings On kitchen counter

Step 3: Add A Wire Frame

I could've mounted them to a wire or twig wreath frame or an oaktag circle, but I decided to use floral wire. I had it on hand so it was free and it is so thin and stealthy you'll never see it, which is what I wanted.

I have used the wire before to create headpiece garlands and it is super strong.

I just measured out my wire and made three circles in the size of the wreaths.

Supplies to make DIY floral candle rings, wire, roses and glue gun

Step 4: Next, to attach the floral wreaths to the wire. 

I hot glued the wire in between the flower and the plastic stem to attach the two. Be very careful with this step, the hot glue is super hot.

candle rings with flowers and floral wire getting glued onto flowers

When flipped over to the right side, the wire is virtually invisible, yet the wreath is very stable.

Easy Floral Ring hanging from white kitchen cabinet

When all done, I placed them on my three empty candles and totally transformed them, from boring to bright.

Pottery Barn Glass Candle Stands

They add a pop to my kitchen for Valentine's Day, Christmas or anytime I want a little floral drama.

Floral Candle Rings over white battery candles on glass stands

Now, while I love the way these pretty candle wreaths look, these dollar store roses did not end up here. Actually, they didn't even remain on any candles.

I used them to make a wreath.

But then I missed seeing them in my kitchen, so I made another set. Now I have red roses on the front door and in the kitchen.


Looking for more red floral inspiration?

Floral DIY Candle Rings on candles with lemons on a small red cake plate nearby

I've also decided to use them for Christmas by layering them with evergreen wreaths.

I think they look so lush with all that green supporting them.

Christmas Floral and Evergreen Rings over candles on glass candle pedestals

It's a nice way to shake things up for the holidays.

And a great way to change up my rings for the seasons.

Not bad for three bucks.

Which way is your favorite?

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  1. Great job explaining on how to create our very own Candle Floral Rings. I like how they look. And I am not sure where they ended up. But I am excited to find out. :-)

  2. Ooh, a teaser. I agree with you about flowers, love fresh whenever I can. Your flower rings look really nice. They look great with the red cake stand and red wall. I am horrible at guessing so I will be waiting for the answer. :)

  3. Lots of red, Lorri, that's for sure! :) There's not as much red where they are now...they really pop!

  4. I'm glad that my directions were clear, Carla...and stay tuned! ;)

  5. Where are they now? Hmmm, front door maybe? Wherever they are, they look very pretty I'm sure. xxx ~ Nancy

  6. I'll never tell! Ok...I'll tell on Thursday, but let's just say you're a very good guesser, Nancy! ;)

  7. Hey Kim, your floral rings look pretty for either a wreath or for the candles. Thanks for the tutorial too.

  8. Thanks Julie! They were super easy to make and yes, multipurpose! :)

  9. A little mystery is good for me . . . I'll be back to see where the floral wreaths ended up. No guesses from me . . .

  10. They look nice. As to where they ended up....did you put one on your head as a crown and wear it to the grocery store to get people's reactions? : )

    Probably not so I'll check back later :)

  11. Good morning dearest KIM! Great ideas! I can't believe that day is already coming....that is the day I met Ruben!


  12. I love your project. Such pretty and vibrant color and I love red. I'm thinking I need to visit our dollar store!

  13. Thanks so much, Debbie! I may go back the dollar store and buy flowers in white now! :) Let me know if you make the rings!

  14. What a wonderful day for an anniversary Anita!! The countdown is on! ;)

  15. Ha! Deb, you know I didn't, but maybe I should put one on my head when I pick my kids up at high school today! I'm sure they'd love that! ;) Thanks for the idea!

  16. I like mysteries too, Lynne! Of course, I know where the wreaths are, but my car keys are a whole other matter! ;)

  17. Those are so pretty. They landed in the perfect spot too.

  18. Thanks Stacey, they do perk up the place! :)

  19. CUTE!!! I love it! I'll admit, I'm a faux flower junkie! NOT because I like them better, for sure. But because I have a black thumb. And because my two year old would probably knock over the water and tear off the petals. LOL! Maybe in another few years I'll give the real deal another go! ;)

    Oh, and can't wait to see what you do next with them!

  20. Thanks Rachel! Yes, faux are easier to care for and with little hands I don't blame you at all! I actually have a vase of pretty white faux roses in my bedroom. I picked them up at Marshall's last spring. They still have the price tag on them, because I was convinced that I would not be caught with fake flowers in my house, I was just taking them home to see how real flowers would look...but they're still there...and they are lovely! ;)

  21. Me encanta!!!
    es precioso

    Luisa :)
    personally selected products

  22. Thank you so much, Luisa!! :)

  23. Kim, your floral rings are very pretty and quite versatile, as we shall see later on this week! But for now, I really love them right where they are - perfectly perched on those candle holders. Thanks for showing us how it's done, my friend!

    Have a lovely Thursday!


  24. Thanks Poppy! I actually moved them to the front door, but now my candles look naked! Looks like I'm going to have to make some more! :)

  25. Beautiful wreath with great color! Thanks for sharing the "how to". I made a very simple wreath this year but have saved your tutorial to try next year.

  26. Thanks Cheryl~ it certainly is a colorful wreath! I am glad you found the how to helpful! :)

  27. Thanks! I am not usually a fan of faux blooms, but we're buried in snow and they do pop! I think I need spring! :)

  28. Definite sign that spring needs to hurry up, love this craft project!

    1. Thanks Christine and yes...spring, please hurry up!!

  29. I made these today for some Valentine decor on my kitchen table. They turned out great and I loved that it only cost me $2 to make. Thanks for the idea!

    1. Oh Melody!! I am so glad that you found some inspiration here. And $2.00? That's awesome! Please feel free to post them on the Exquisitely Unremarkable Facebook page. I would love to see them!!