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11 Quick And Easy Ways To Decorate Your Home With Red

February 13, 2021

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Decorating your home with red isn't always a simple task. It's a bold color that can easily overwhelm a space.

Not ready to dive in all the way?

Try these quick and inexpensive tips to add a pop to see how you like the look.

Red Roses In The Kitchen

Red. When it comes to home decor, hands down, it's my favorite color.

There is no substitute.

I'm inexplicably drawn to its bright pop and the drama it adds to a room.

It's deliciously cheerful..and yet, at the same time, it's warm, welcoming and calming. Contrary to what most people think, it's can even be serene. 

It's basically the visual equivalent of dessert.

Update: Speaking of dessert, a number of you have asked about the chicken dishes. They are actually a set of four with different animals.

Very sweet and you can peek at them here...but I digress. 

I'm not exactly sure when the love affair began, I just know that whenever I catch a glimpse, it makes me smile.


I also know that it can be a very bold and sometimes scary move to add it to your home decor. Naturally, I get a lot of questions about how to do this it without going overboard. Or having it look garish or dated.

I get it. Not everyone wants to paint an entire room in a crimson hue.

Nor should they.

How To Add Red To Your Decor

So today, in honor of Valentine's Day, I've rounded up a few easy and inexpensive ways to add red to your home. Small touches that pack a powerful punch without a major commitment. 

Let's start where I started, shall we?


Red Hydrangea Wreath  with green leaves behind

Well, that's not true, the giant red wall in my kitchen is where I started.

It took five coats and an entire weekend to cover the new sheetrock, a fact my husband reminds me of often, but it was so worth every brush stroke. (Thank you, honey)

It's stunning. But only because it's balanced out by lots of windows and lots of ivory on every other wall.

However, if painting a 12 foot high wall in a deep red tone isn't your jam, a wreath is a great place to start.

I made this one. It was super simple to do, one of the first DIYs I completed in this house way back in 2002. And it still looks just as fabulous today.

Not into the DIY? This pretty one is pretty close.


Red braided rug at round table in the kitchen

If you want a bold accent, but aren't 100% committed to the idea, why not try a red rug, like this one? 

Under a table, under a sofa or under a bed, the scarlet tone will anchor the room and add personality, but since it's way below eye level, and usually partially covered, it's not the first thing that gets noticed. A safe bet.

I've always been a fan of the braided varieties. They come in lots of shapes and sizes and if you find one at a yard sale and it doesn't fit, you can DIY your way there like we did

If braided rugs don't float your decorating boat, there are tons of other types of red rugs out there. I'm super smitten with this one

Psst- if blue rugs are more your thing, you need to visit my friend KariAnne immediately...


Red checked curtain panels hanging in kitchen nook around round table and chairs

Ok, so this one is probably my favorite way to add some red to a room. Window treatments make a dramatic difference in any space. 

Red ones are a game changer.

There are so many choices, florals, checks, panels and valances. From rod pockets to clips, there truly is something for everyone. 

And whether you follow one of my tutorials to make your own or purchase a pair like this, it's a super safe bet, because removing the red requires nothing more than sliding the panels or valances off the rod. 

That's a risk worth taking.


Red pillows on a white couch

So. If you're just looking for teeny pop, pillows are definitely the way to go. You can pick up a solid red style or something with just a bit.

And you don't even need to buy new pillows. You can just cover your old ones. It's less expensive and they're way easier to store.  

You can layer several, in varying tones and patterns or add just one. It's a great way to test out your red tolerance, if you will. 


Well, it's already clear that I have a weakness for this color, so I couldn't stop at one. But you can. Maybe.

I'm partial to the upholstered look.

My favorite is my skirted kitchen chair. A little ironing DIY transformed this tattered beauty into a showstopper.

It was a nice way to bring some of that red from the wall into the other side of the kitchen.

Totally smitten with the look, I added another one in the living room. I haven't seen anything like either one of these chairs in stores, so if you want one...or two, you can follow the DIYs.

I promise, if I can do it so can you.

Red country kitchen with red bar stools at island

Not into all that fluff and frills? You could go with wooden chairs or high back benches. I got mine at Pottery Barn years ago, but this pair is very similar

Or you could paint what you have red. Cheap and easy. And it won't take nearly as many coats as my wall. I promise.


I adore fabric and if you haven't guessed by now, I have a small addiction.

Glass cabinets covered with fabric over kitchen desk area

The patterns can instantly warm up a room and define its style. Cottage, farmhouse, modern or traditional.

And it's possible to add it in small doses, besides pillows and drapes, to get that decorative pop.

There are bold, mainly red prints or ones that are just dotted with a bit of the color. 

Adding them to glass cabinets (with my super simple decor hack), skirting a sink or shirring them on shutter doors are a few more stealthy ways to introduce red into a kitchen, family room, bedroom or bath.


Small accent furniture pieces, including tables and shelves are the best way to place some of that red warmth and cozy charm in a room, without committing to a very large, very out there, very expensive, red couch.

Red Coffee Table In Living Room

I often pick them up at the curb or for a few dollars at yard sales, bring them home and use paint or furniture transfers to make them over.

Sometimes, I even add a little bit of that fabric I love to skirt a table for some additional cottage style flair. It's an inexpensive way to get new custom colored furniture.

And since that kind of find is usually free, and small, if red turns out not to be your cup of tea, you can simply return it to the curb or paint it another color.


Red rose print framed in the bathroom

Framed red roses and tulips hang in my living room and my bathroom. Again, not a big commitment. Nothing permanent to see here folks, unless you want it to be.

Where do you get them?

Some are free online.

You also could purchase one from Etsy or hang up a Paint By Number kit- my latest addiction.

Or heck, make one of your own. Freehand or using an online program like PicMonkey or Canva.

I love this idea since it's a very low cost way to add red, especially if you use a frame you already have on hand.


One the best ways to drip a little red into your home decor is by starting a small collection.

Johnson Brothers Castle On The Lake

It could be plates, picture frames, pitchers, figurines, candlesticks, books or glasses. Whatever makes you smile.

Feature them in a group on a table or fireplace mantel.

Or display them on a bookshelf, in a china hutch or plate rack and they will add color without a major commitment.


This is one of my favorites and it's also, probably, the least expensive way to get some red into your home.

It's also the most temporary.

Red Roses On A Table In The Hallway

Pick them up at the grocery store and plop them in a white pitcher or a milk glass vase for contrast and you'll have an elegant accessory in no time.

They'll last about a week, which is more than enough time to decide if their tone is right for you.


This last idea definitely requires the most commitment, but nothing another coat of paint can't remove.

It's certainly the most dramatic. 

Pick one wall, a small wall, and paint it red. A tiny dose may be just enough for your space.

And your decorating appetite.

It won't be as dramatic as my 12 foot kitchen wall.

Small electric fireplace in the kitchen

But then again, few things really are.

And that's probably a good thing. 😉

How would you add red?

How To Decorate With Red graphic

Happy Decorating!
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  1. I love that you add red to your decor. I love everything you do with the red. That chair is my fave that you have ever done. That is awesome. I love the drapes and that eating area in your kitchen is adorable. My favorite part of your house is that little eating area in your kitchen. Have a great Valentine's Day. xoxo

    1. Thanks, Kris! I don’t know where this love of red came from, until we moved here, I didn’t even like red that much. I never wore it or decorated with it. I was a pastel girl. I think the house chose it and I just went along with it!! Too bad we’re so far away, or you could come visit and we could sit and laugh at that table together! xoxo

  2. Yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy, my kinda' speak:-):-)
    I have all of the above, and a few other things too ;^)
    Blessings, J

    1. I bet you do, J!! We were cut from the same decorating mold, that is for sure!! Enjoy your weekend my friend! Hugs!

  3. Kim, I absolutely love your reds! We are much alike in our love for it.

    1. Absolutely Brenda! And you decorate with it so very well. I’m often inspired by the way you use it in your home.

  4. For so many years I decorated with red. Red accent walls, red toile, red striped ticking, red paisley chairs. I do love the color red and all of your red touches in your home are lovely. When we sold our home furnished a few months ago, it gave me the opportunity to go down a different path in decor. I will always adore red though!

    1. I don't know where my love of red came from Penny, in my old house I was all about purple and yellow and green. That cottage was like a little summer dollhouse. This has been a nice change, but if we ever moved, I could see myself going with blue or pretty! And I love what you're doing in your new home. Lovely...

  5. Your tips to incorporate red into decor are all fab. I. Love. Your. WALL!!! :D
    We actually have one red room, our raspberry classroom/library upstairs. We love how cozy and happy it is. Your chair cover is so pretty, and I like the mixture of fabrics on it, and I like the pretty fabrics on your throw pillows, too.

    1. Thanks Ricki!! I love that wall. I really thought that by now, almost 20 years later, I'd be done with it, but I'm not. I'm just as smitten. I hope you're enjoying the weekend...Happy Valentine's Day!

  6. Kim, every place and every where you spot the red is absolutely gorgeous. I could see it all over and over again. BYW, where did you get those darling plates with the chickens on them that I catch a glimpse of in your first photo? Are they from somewhere on line?. One can hope..Love all the red, it always looks so pretty in your hands..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Thank you, Judy! Sometimes, I get the bug to take some of it away, but I miss it almost immediately and put it right back! I think it’s an addiction. And those dishes are new, thanks for noticing! They were a "Merry Christmas to me" present. I found them online. I added a link to the post since several people have asked about them. They really are sweet. You can peek here:

      But I think they are available at other stores, too. Enjoy the weekend! xo

  7. I love your red! I like red accents too. Our spare room is painted gray, but we have a run red area rug in it, along with some pics that have red.

    1. I love gray and red together. They play nicely together!!

  8. I think what drew me to your blog was that big red wreath. I love red. Don't tell but I bought some red glasses today at the thrift shop. Imagine finding six.

    1. Wow...that is a super lucky find!! I have never seen red glasses at the thrift store. If I did, I would buy them all, too. Enjoy!! And your secret it safe with me. 😉

  9. I use a variation of red - burgundy - in our master bedroom. I added in some grassy olive green and they compliment nicely. I don't follow current trends in decorating, either. I find what I like and go with it! If you love a color and a look in your home, that is all that matters! I love that chair of yours, btw, and the kitchen curtains are great!

    1. I was a huge burgundy and green decorator in our first home. I loved the warm combo, and you're right, they play very nicely together. And I agree...decorate with what you like. That's all that matters!! And thanks so much...I think those are my favorites, too.

  10. I think I could probably move right into your home and not change a thing!
    I love it all. and this made me grin " It's basically the visual equivalent of dessert."
    that is wonderful! LOLOL! and true.
    I am partial to red in tartan and buffalo plaid... especially in the wintertime! it's just got built-in coziness all over it! but I seem to be a very textural person anyway.
    this is such a happy great post!
    do you think it's because of all the red? LOL! xo

    1. Ah, Tammy...that's my favorite line, too. I wasn't surprised when you picked it out. You're a wordsmith like me...and I always enjoy how you put your prose together. Too many miles separate us, or I'd certainly invite you over for a real dessert in my little red cottage. xxoo

  11. The color red
    has wisdom to spread:
    winter is almost dead
    and spring is ahead;
    if you're hungry - eat bread,
    tired? go to bed;
    can't see the shed?
    move your head!

    1. An Amalia original, just for me?? I’m so honored!! ❤️

  12. I like how you have decorated the house with red accents and it looks so bright and cheery.

    1. Thanks Julie! It is a bright and cheery color, for sure.

  13. I love your home. I love that you love red. :-)
    My friend Judy has a red kitchen aid. I love how it pops color in her white kitchen. After she got that, she started to add red all over. Now she has a red and white bathroom. ;-)

    1. It's a slipper slope, Carla, that's for sure!! And I bet her bathroom is beautiful! xo

  14. Kim,
    I LOVE your red wall...You know I am a lover of red and have used it in my Kitchen and love using it for different Holidays....I adore all the red accents that you have used in your home which always looks so charming and inviting!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind comments....Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. I love all of your rooms, Debbie, but you know how I feel about your darling red kitchen accents. It’s my favorite room to peek at!! Stay warm!!

  15. I like pops of red in decor, but only in my kitchen. I do have a deep, dark red accent wall at the end of my hallway and I love it! I remember the painter questioning the color..."Are you sure?" Many years later, I still love it and we get compliments on the color all the time.

    1. There’s just something about that color that always reels me in!! Stay warm!

  16. Red is such a wonderful vibrant, warm colour.
    I do like the look of your reds, and red roses are so lovely.
    We have a few red flowers and pieces around the home to add a little more colour.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks so much, Jan! Flowers are my favorite....they just make me smile and always add a pop, no matter what color room they're added.

  17. Pops of red are always on my mind. Our entry wall is red. One of our bathrooms was red until we remodeled. I have red accents in my kitchen along with Mackenzie Childs's Courtly Check. My KitchenAid stand mixer is red.

    1. Linda, your home is so beautiful and I love the way you incorporate color both inside in your decor and outside by your pool and gardens. It's always a treat to catch the view!!

  18. For future reference, just in case you ever need another red wall... My daughter tried to paint one, & became discouraged after 2 coats. She called in the man who had painted some other areas for her. He covered her attempts with gray paint, then the red, and it's gorgeous.

    1. Love that tip!! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I'm sure that information will come in very handy, especially for anyone looking to get started with red paint. I bet my husband would've been thrilled to have that information all those years ago!!