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Easy DIY Valentine Decor Ideas

February 02, 2015

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Here are some easy DIY Valentine home decor ideas and crafts for February.

Check them all out and get your house ready for the holiday!

It's almost Valentine's Day!

Are you ready?

Here are a few super easy DIY Valentine decor ideas to help you add a little bit of holiday flair to your home in no time at all and each one is super simple.

Easy DIY Valentine Decor Ideas

No fancy crafty experience is necessary to complete these pretty projects.
Cross my heart.

1. Frame A Printable

Love is in the air with this dainty Valentine.

I'm a big fan of printable decor.

This one is a bit different than the quotes I have created in the past.

Instead of using a solid, plain background, this time I decided to start with one of my own photos.

Love is in the air roses printable

Then I chose the lined paper overly and faded it about 90%, so the image would show through.

I added text, printed it out in a 5x7 size.

Framed printable on a table with tulips in vase and jouranl

I popped it into a dollar store frame and I was done.

2. Add A Banner

Another way I decorate for the holidays is with banners.

I like an elegant finished product, but I am not into complicated or expensive. These two fit the bill.

Puzzle piece red and pink love banner on kitchen hood

My Puzzle Piece Love Garland is one of my all time holiday favorites.

It's super simple to make, all you need is a few old puzzle pieces, a bit of paint and a lot of glue.

If you are looking for an even easier bunting, try my Note Card Valentine Banner.

Chicken note card and red paper heart banner on kitchen hood

I love this one because once Valentine's Day is over and I've lost that lovin' feeling, I can remove the hearts and leave the banner up to decorate my kitchen or fireplace mantle indefinitely.

3. Decorate Your Candles

Are you into flowers?

It is the season of red roses after all.

During February, you have to drop a lot of dough for the real thing, but the dollar store variety can be ripped apart without any guilt and reconstructed to add a pop of color if you're not into hearts.

Red rose candle rings on white pillar candles

These Easy Candle Floral Rings dress up my plain battery operated pillars.

Set them on a romantic table for two or anywhere you need a pop of Valentine flair.

4. Make A Wreath

If you loop those same floral rings together, they create an elegant Valentine Triple Wreath for the front door.

It's a lovely way to welcome your guests.

Red rose triple wreath hanging on french door

Red is a powerful color, just a little bit goes a long way, so even the addition of one of these pretties to your home will make a festive difference. 

Here are even more Valentine's Day Crafty Home Decor

Of course, if you're not into decor, how about a good laugh at my expense?

It's my Valentine present to you.  It could happen to anyone. Really.
The Exquisitely Unremarkable Tale of How I Lost my underwear at Kmart in a heart

Do you decorate for Valentine's Day?

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  1. That printable is cute and love that it is almost always free! Love the puzzle garland too!

  2. Well, I was going to tell you how pretty your Valentine's Day crafts were. But all my thoughts on that went straight out the door once I went over and read the K-Mart story. Wow, that was something!

  3. You just reminded me of how my Mom lost her underwear while bowling. She was so embarrassed. I was just a little kid and I couldn't quit laughing. I am serious, she did!

  4. It happens, Gigi! ;) I was so embarrassed, too. It's funny now, but I was horrified back then!

  5. I was so embarrassed, Brenda! I can laugh about it now...not then! ;)

  6. Kim, I love all your Valentines projects. The candles are so pretty. I have to tell you I am still laughing at your story. LOL The things that can happen to us! :) And leave it to the kids to make sure everyone around knows all about it. Great post! xxx Maria

  7. What fun you are . . .
    Laughing once again . . . (Underpants!)

  8. Thanks MariaElena! There are no secrets with kids around, that is for sure! ;)

  9. The more years I put between me and that story, the funnier it gets, Lynne! ;)

  10. Always love your craft and decorating ideas, Kim. I leave here feeling like I can actually accomplish what you show us. As for the underwear story, oh my heavens I still remember reading that when you first posted it and it was hil-arious. I need a good laugh, so I'm on my way to read it again. You have yourself a lovely day. And keep track of your underwear, girl! Hah! xxx ~ Nancy

  11. Hi, I'm back! But I'm laughing so hard I can barely type. Honestly, I'm laughing hysterically. (Fortunately, Dennis is out of the house, so there's no one to hear and question my sanity.) I thought the underwear story was funny last year, but now that we've become such good friends it's even funnier. And you, my dear, dear friend, tell it SO well. I'm right there, behind you in Kmart, looking at you kicking your intimate apparel under the rolling holiday rack and laughing my head off. Okay, I have to stop now and compose myself. LOL

  12. Kim,
    Love all your valentine decor. So sweet love the banner.

  13. Kim, I can't believe that happened to you too!!!!!! Only I never was going to tell on myself!! I was working fulltime and had an hour drive back and forth to work. At the time I wore panty hose under my dress pants because some of them were on the thin side. day I was walking through the office and coworkers started laughing at me and I didn't know why. Of course it was male coworkers. Oh my gosh! I looked down and there were a pair of my panties on the office carpet. They weren't a good pair. They were old. Somehow they were caught up in my dress pants leg and clinging on to the pantyhose. I was MORTIFIED! They SAW them come out of my leg. But I denied it and eventually when the office cleared I picked them up and threw them in the trash. It was HORRIBLE.

  14. The lost underwear story had me in stitches. Thanks for making my day. Oh, by the way the Valentine crafts were adorable.

  15. Okay. I will now go actually MAKE that wreath with puzzle pieces! I started to make one Saturday, but ended up using pompoms and crinkled paper strips and... oh yeah - glitter hearts from DT.

    Of course, I had to go read the underwear store, but my favorite one was even further down the surf - "What are you wearing?" !! That was great!

    Such stories!

  16. Yes, Nancy, that was a ridiculous story. I am very careful about my texting now!! ;)

  17. Thank you, AG! I am glad I could make you laugh! Some good had to come out of that story!! ;) Thanks so much for the comment!

  18. Jan, I cannot believe that happened to you! Oh my gosh, I know the horror, because I have been there!! Of course, I think your story was worse. I am not really sure anyone saw my mishap and you can bet I didn't go back to Kmart again for months, but you had to work with those guys! That silly static cling is a beast...and your secret's safe with me! ;)

  19. Thank you, Kris! I'm a sucker for anything red! ;)

  20. Nancy, I am glad that it made you laugh! I was so traumatized by that story, I kept it to myself for years. Then one night at Bunco, there was a pause in the game and it came up...I don't know exactly why or how, but it did. Anyway, I couldn't get through the story without tears and by the time I was done, everyone was laughing so hard they were crying. The game ended early and everyone else told their embarrassing stories instead. Sometimes, it's good to laugh at life! ;) Thanks for laughing along with me friend! xo

  21. I am glad my crafts seem doable, Nancy, because they really are! I want to empower people to give it a whirl! Enjoy the story, I hope it's as funny the second time around! :)

  22. I have never done anything with printables. I am maybe going to have to remedy that soon. Your framed piece turned out great. I like how the white flowers are repeated in the frame and the vase. I love the whole vignette. Very nice.

  23. Good evening Kim! It seems like a while since I've seen a post from you, is that correct? It's so nice to see you here! The day is approaching! May you enjoy every moment of creating an atmosphere for your family that spells out L O V E !


  24. Thanks Lorri! I am a sucker for white flowers of any kind! :)

  25. Hi, I love the puzzle garland. Very fun!!
    We decorate for Valentine's and try to do something fun for Valentine's too. This year my boys best friends will be spending the weekend. They live 4 hours away. So on Friday the fun will start. :-) We will be going on a candle light hike if the weather is good on Valentine's. :-)

  26. I adore your little printable, Kim!

  27. Thanks Carol, I think I'm addicted! ;)

  28. A candle light hike? I have never heard of something like that, Carla! It sounds so fun and I bet the boys will think it's super cool! Have a great time! :)

  29. It's me Anita! I am here, but we have been buried in a lot of snow! Kids home 3 days out of the last five, so not much time to myself. The house is decorated, but certainly not neat, and we are getting ready for the big day! I am sure you are too! :)

  30. Dear Kim ... well first of all, just want to say that I read your little "underwear" story. Oh my, I was laughing so hard as you shared your story. Those stories that are so very embarrassing when they happen seem to lighten a bit as time goes by. Now that I have dried my tears of laughter, I want you to know that I absolutely love your "note card valentine banner" ... the cards are precious. I also fell in love with your frame at Christmas time with the Christmas writing and now with the Valentine frame all spruced up for Valentine's Day. I have that on my "To Do" list. I would like to use a pretty frame and for each holiday and for special days have a different writing to add a sweet touch to our little cottage. I hope that you don't mind my using your idea. Hugs & Blessings ♥ Teri

  31. Hi Teri! I am glad that I could make you laugh! ;) You're right, the embarrassment has lightened as the years have passed. You are so kind with your comments about my crafts. I am beyond thrilled that you want to use my ideas! That is why I share! Your comment also reminded me that I really need to get a better frame for my own printables! The one I use now is falling apart. It's from the dollar store and I think it's seen its day! Thanks so much for popping over and I hope you have a great day!

  32. You come up with the most clever ideas, Kim. That wreath over the garland is just spectacular and I love the garland too.

  33. Susan, you are so sweet, thank you! The wreath on the hood is such an easy DIY, a few faux hydrangeas wired to a metal wreath frame and voila! :)

  34. OMG! I never laughed so hard. Not from your Valentine Decor post but from your underwear post. I have to say that has never happened to me and I am very thankful! You are brave to share the story and it made my whole day!!! Thanks for that.

  35. I was absolutely horrified when this happened Michelle, it took me years to share! It is a ridiculous story though and I am glad that it made your day!! Your comment made mine! :)

  36. I have sent the link to two friends who thought it was fabulous. Don't get me wrong though. I still loved the Valentine decor post too. You are a very talented writer.

  37. Michelle, you are truly the sweetest...and now you've made my night, too! :)