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Elegant Treat Bag Banner For Halloween

October 19, 2018

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Decorate your house for Halloween with a dollar store treat bag banner. Make the kids happy and still get the elegant look you like.

It's like having your decor treat and eating it, too...

Cute Painted Ghost Banner For Halloween

I am not a big fan of Halloween.

As a matter of fact, last year I was thrilled that everyone here was way too old for trick or treating and I no longer had to participate in this, my least favorite holiday of the year.

Even better, I was finally able to decorate my way in October.

I ignored Halloween altogether and dressed my home for fall instead.

There were no spider webs on my front door, no cardboard cats, no vinyl cling witches and no orange.

Well, very little orange.

Instead, I decorated my living room in shades of white and pale peach. I painted over neon orange colored pumpkins and went for a glorious muted palette.

Simple, rustic, elegant.

It was perfect.

And I was all ready for a do-over this year.


Fall Decor In The Living Room Against A Stone Fireplace

Until my kids decided they wanted to decorate the house with orange string lights.


Orange String Lights

Now normally, I would gently cajole them out of something like this by changing the subject, suggesting another color scheme or decoration.

And if all else failed, I would just "forget" to pick the lights up and that would be that. No harm, no foul.

They'd generally move on to something else in short order anyway...costumes, candy corn, Netflix.


Well, not this year.

This year, my kids are closer to nineteen than nine. They have cars and cash.

And they don't need me to reach way up high to hang the lights. So surprise.

One day I went into the living room, several rooms actually, and found these lovely bright orange lights adorning my home.

Fall Cottage Style Decor For Halloween In the living room with orange mini string lights in windows

Of course, I'm no grouch. I would never want to squash my kids' enthusiasm and, actually, they look really, really good. Especially from the outside...and I didn't have to put them up. So I left them.

And decided to embrace the orange this year. If you can't beat 'em...well, you know. But how?

It didn't take long for me to find my colorful muse. Last year, I bought these cute treat bags from the dollar store.

Update: This year I added a few more trash to treasure ghost lights to the room.

I had a few leftover and thought, I've made an advent calendar from treat bags, why not a banner?

DIY Halloween Banner From Treat Bags Exquisitely Unremarkable

So I did. And just like most of my other banners, it took me less than 10 minutes to put this one together and it cost me absolutely nothing since I had all the supplies in my craft cabinet.

I started by gathering the bags, some orange yarn - at this point I figured go big or go home - scissors and scotch tape.

Dollar Tree Treat Bags Haunted House Pattern

I needed a second element though, to add some interest. I also wanted to try to take those bags from candy haul to elegant decor. It was a tall order, for sure.

I thought perhaps the addition of scalloped gift tags might do the trick.

The shape was a tad sophisticated and they had a plain cardboard finish to offset the feel of those very bright bags.

Cardboard Gift Tags

I thought it would be fun to put pumpkins on them at first, but then I thought, nope. Too much orange. I needed a calm color.

So, I added a cute ghost to each tag.

I just drew a rough shape on with pencil and then filled in each one with plain old craft paint and a bristle brush.

I also added the word BOO in marker. I seem to be adding that Boo word to lots of ghost crafts lately.

Painted Ghost Shape On Cardboard Gift Tag

When the paint was totally dry, which took like 5 minutes, I added eyes to each ghost, also with marker. Then I strung the tags onto a long piece of that yarn.

You could use any ribbon or twine you have. Ten points if it's not orange.

Cute Ghost Decor For Halloween Banner Exquisitely Unremarkable

The bags were super easy to add. I simply placed them in between the ghosts, folded the top of the bag over the yarn and taped it down.

I left some slack so I could move the bags on the yarn to space them out properly based on my string length.

Sometimes it's hard to know how they're going to sit, until they're hanging in the space.

By leaving a little bit of slack, you can move them into the perfect position.

Happy Halloween Ghost Gift Bags

I have to say, I wasn't really sure if this dollar store treat bag banner was going to fit my vision and my rustic cottage style living room, but once it was up, I was pleasantly surprised.

You can grab these exact bags ---> Haunted House Treat Bags

It was actually quite elegant in the space. And somehow quite adorable at the same time.

Elegant Halloween Cottage Decor in the living room

I was still able to showcase my white pumpkins.

And my harvest and rooster, chicken, whatever, pillows. And achieve a very grown up, sophisticated look...

Elegant Halloween Decor With Colorful Glass Pumpkin and Faux Flowers

...while letting the kids enjoy Halloween and the season in their own way.

Even if I meant I had to give up some control.

And decorate with orange.

Gee...I just really hope they don't want to do colored lights for Christmas.


How do you decorate for Halloween?

Treat Bag Halloween Banner Text on Pinterest Graphic

Happy Halloween Crafting, Friends!
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  1. The treat bags were a great idea Kim and I'm with the girls... the lights look great!

    1. Thanks Susan! I'll pass on your words of praise to them!

  2. Kim, I really smiled at your kids hanging those orange lights. I mean their mama loves red, for goodness sakes! Who knew that orange would win you over? We all know the power of string lights though, certainly you do from the beautiful lights I remember seeing in your kitchen/breakfast area at Christmas. Your room is beautiful and still sophisticated as befits a mother with young adult children. Your treat bags are so cute! and your banner!

    Isn't it funny how we love one color pumpkins one year and not the next? I've been through my blue/green pumpkin phase and the white pumpkin phase, etc., but ever once in a while orange grabs my love again. Fall decorating didn't get done here this year, as you know, but come Halloween Day I'm going to prop around my stash of ancient black and white family portraits from the early part of the 1900s that an aunt gifted me with as they look properly spooky. Next day they're coming down and I'm going straight to Christmas decor.

    I'm with you, Halloween is my least favorite holiday of the year but I still like it for the memories it brings back of the excitement I felt then as a child.

    1. It's so funny, Dewena, they'd lost interest in the decorating a while ago. They've been more interested in the costumes and the parties, but I guess as they get older they're taking more of an interest. I love that, being the decor obsessed type that I am, but I have to come to grips with the fact that our tastes my be radically different. All in all, we made it work and yes, it's forced me to drag out pumpkins from years ago that I actually still adore. Like you said, different phases...I guess this year is orange. Again!!

  3. Cute idea Kim . ..
    And great the kids got into the Halloween mood . . .
    Looks colorful and fun.
    I love Halloween . . .
    it is the one time we manage we get everyone home
    and we don’t have to compete with snowy weather either!
    Plus, everyone loves soup and I promise their favorites.
    We have purple, orange green lights strung from limb to limb,
    bush,to bush and in amongst ground cover too . . .
    Worty looking pumpkins are happily sitting on the front steps
    along with a cool tin pumpkin I purchased this year.
    Sisal made pumpkins have captured my “creating vibe”.
    I am excited to give them away to “the girls” in my family
    and to my friends too . . . Happy Halloween Kim!

    1. I have admit Lynne, I really like them. It's like Christmas...only earlier. I just adore the sparkle they provide now the it gets darker, earlier and I know that once daylight savings time kicks in, I'm going to love it even more! And your sisal pumpkins are just darling! Happy Halloween!!

  4. I don't decorate for Halloween or even participate in it, but I think the lights look great and I like your banner. It is perfect under your mantel. Buy lots of candy....those lights are gonna draw tons of kids!!

    1. I am not a fan of Halloween either, AnnMarie...but I have to admit the lights are cute. And yup, that candy! It costs me a ton every year. We live in a very popular trick or treating neighborhood. Lucky me. 🙃 Or should I say Bah Humbug!!??

  5. A new era in your decorating has begun! The girls will now want to influence your style! The lights aren't so bad. The banner turned out typically great.
    I don't decorate for Halloween - fall for me. Pumpkins. Asters. Leaves. Orange. Rust. Burgundy. Olive green. Golden yellow. Brown. No black. Totally traditional.
    Now, I wonder where I could hang a banner? You're going to convert me to them yet!

    1. Nancy, I fear that they are going to want to be in control and with Christmas coming I'm nervous. I could always push my husband around when it comes to decor, but the kids? Yikes, I think they're going to be harder to bargain with!

  6. Good Morning Kim. You are the queen of a great banner. How crafty and fun is this banner you made. Love it and love that you got the stuff from the dollar store. I love the orange lights. Your house is ready for all the trick or treaters. Happy Weekend.

    1. I do love those banners, Kris!! I never thought I'd use those bags for decor, but turns out they work. Go figure!! Happy Halloween!

  7. What a great idea! The banner looks great! It's just hubby and me here now so I really just decorate fall and not Halloween anymore. I do hang a Halloween wreath on the front door but that's about it. Halloween is also my least favorite holiday.

    1. I really thought I was out of the woods, Debi. Those kids pulled me right back in...oh well, Halloween is over soon. Then I can move on to fall and Christmas!! Much better...

  8. Great idea .. I decorate for Halloween with pumpkins, a few ghosts that my mom created and painted, and a witch or two. My husband also gets into it, he has this stash of plastic spiders he likes to put around. Like in my coffee cup in the cupboard! In the pumpkin candy bowl filled with M & M's .. I think he likes the screams. I have a fear of spiders. And he still gets me every year.. you would think I would learn, but he hides them in new spots. The new spot.. on the soap in the bathroom.

    I am a colored lights girl .. so I will have to chuckle if the girls decided on the colored lights. Just Kidding!
    xx oo

    1. I love your spider tradition, Carla! That is awesome! I wouldn't be thrilled to be on the receiving end, but after the initial shock, I would laugh. We have this little black box that makes a spooky noise. It was in some stuffed animal years ago and it still works. It goes off when exposed to light, so we take turns hiding it in dark drawers and rooms so it goes off unexpectedly. It's funny...and I think it's things that like that keep the magic alive. Oh ~ and I love colored lights, too...we do them outside and while lights inside. Best of both worlds!! xo

  9. You are so creative with your season displays and your mantel is beautiful. When I saw your chicken pillows my heart skipped a beat . . . I love those :) You have crated a lovely cozy warm feeling throughout your home, it's very welcoming.
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

    1. Connie, I love those chicken pillows, too. I have to say they were super easy to make and still look fabulous. Of course, I don't let anyone actually USE them!! Thank you for the kind words and for the visit. It was very sweet of you to come by to say hello. I always admire your crafty skills and pretty posts, but I don't always have time to comment...but that quilt was just too pretty not to say anything. Enjoy it!

  10. Kim, isn't it funny how those dang kids grow up and start having opinions of their own?!! In this case, however, I think they made the right decision. That glow is beautiful and you have just enough orange to go along with it. The banner is so cute. You really have an arsenal full of great ideas..Happy Weekend..xxoJudy

    1. Oh Judy, I think this is a bad precedent. Christmas is coming and they are already discussing decor. I may have to give them a the basement den and let them go wild. There's a tree and a (faux) fireplace down there every year. They can have free reign and leave my living room and kitchen alone!! (Although you're right, they did a great job with Halloween...but shhhh!) xoxo

  11. I love the banner! It turned out great! I'm a subdued color kinda chick also...and use very little color for Halloween. Everything here is black/white with a touch of orange...and I do mean a touch! Of course, my regular color palette throughout this house is black/white/gray, so I suppose the Halloween decor just blends right in! Love and hugs and happy weekend!

    1. Benita, it sounds lovely. I was happily moving in a more subdued direction until....those lights. So far, so good. I guess I should be happy they didn't add a giant blow up witch to the front lawn!!

  12. The orange lights look so pretty around the windows and I love how cute the banner looks. It’s so fun to decorate the house with your kids.
    I put around my mantle a few pumpkins in different colors. I went simple this year.
    Enjoy the weekend

    1. I love simple, Julie! If they hadn't put the lights up, a few pumpkins is all I'd {happily} have, too. Although the lights are cute...and I didn't have to do a thing!

  13. You are so crafty! I do love the orange lights though. One year I bought some orange lights from the Dollar Tree, and then I got some little condiment cups, and I drew faces on the cups and popped them over the lights, so the lights shine through them eerily. It was my proudest creation. Except that the Dollar Tree string lights are like one foot long, so it wasn't all that impressive after all. Maybe I'll buy more this year!

    1. Oh I love that idea, Angel! It sounds pretty creative and impressive to me! I haven't seen lights at the Dollar Tree. I need to go earlier in the season I think. All the good stuff gets snapped up quick. Enjoy your decor and Happy Halloween!

  14. When the kids get in the act you might as well go along with it. Soon they will be grown, gone and doing their own thing at their own homes. Embrace it while they are still interested. I'd say you really rolled with the punches and I LOVE the banner...a cute mixture of whimsey and class. Love it. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana...and yes, I am all about embracing them and their whims. They're getting older and are going to move out sooner than I'd like. I see it coming. Although I commented to Judy that if they try this at Christmas, I may just have to banish them to the basement decor. Just kidding. Maybe. xoxo

  15. I totally understand where you are coming from. I had decided this year I would just decorate FALL...didn't really plan to bring out the Halloween; but once I was all decorated my 12-year-old granddaughter asked "Where's all your Halloween decorations?" Well, that's all it took. Took away some of the fall decor (for now) and out came the Halloween. And I really do like Halloween! Our kids and grandkids are only young for a short while so if it makes them happy and gives them happy memories it's all worth it!!! Love your decorating! And I really love your white sofa!!! I would love to have one but maybe when the grands get a little older!

    1. Cheri, it really is all about them, you are so right. I joke around, but I never want my kids to feel like guests in their own home. If they want lights, we'll get some lights! Like you said, they're only interested for a short I go with it. It sounds like you and your granddaughter had fun. I bet she loved it!!

  16. I'm such a kid still that John and I already carved our pumpkins lol He had to go on a business trip and won't be here, but I'm still happy we did it even though they'll probably be moldy by halloween. I think the lights look really cute! It makes me want to get some :)

    love to you,

    1. The lights are cute, Rue...I have to admit it. And we carved pumpkins already, too. Came home from the farm and the kids got right to it. Have to say, they did an awesome job and so far, they're holding up...another week to go. Fingers crossed!! xo

  17. I forgot to mention the banner! I swear I'd forget my butt if it wasn't attached lol It's really cute too. It actually looks like something you'd find in a magazine :)


    1. Thank you...and I know that feeling all too well!!

  18. I love your banner! It’s both elegant and fun in a Halloween-ish way (and it looks wonderful over your gorgeous fireplace). I love Halloween and I have boxes of decorations- I just haven’t had time to put them out this year.

    1. Melissa, thank you for you kind comment! And I hear you loud and clear. It the kids didn't get the ball rolling with the lights, I think the pumpkins would still be in the boxes this year!

  19. The treat bag banner is very cute, and love the little ghost. It doesn't take away from your elegant living room at all. Fits in very nicely, as do the orange lights.

    1. Thank you, Linda! It was a pretty way to set up the room. I might have to whip that banner out again next year...or a make a new one. So many pretty bags out there...