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7 Ways Decorate For Spring With Grocery Store Flowers

February 28, 2021

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There's nothing like a fresh floral arrangement to brighten a room and adding one doesn't have to be expensive.

Here are 7 ways to decorate for spring with grocery store flowers and fill your home with elegance on a budget.

Red Tulips in a glass vase that says flour on it

It's raining here, today.

Actually, that's kind of an understatement.

It's pouring here, today is much more accurate.

Large drops are falling from the sky and the forecast doesn't show it letting up for days.

At first, I was a little bummed out by the prospect of a wet weekend.

But then, when I realized how quickly the mild temps and buckets of water were melting the piles of snow that have been outside my windows for weeks, I felt better.

Optimistic even.

You know what they say about April showers.

And yes, while I know we have to get through the month of March first, I suddenly can't think about anything, but spring.

That and how I can bring a little bit into my world right now.

Several years ago, I was in the same place and I shared how I forced a little spring into my home with grocery store flowers.

1. Daffodils In A Vase

My suggestion back then was to buy daffodils.

Daffodils in a red vase with lemons on a red cake plate nearby

Oh, I know what you're thinking...Daffodils?? I thought you were all about tulips??

And I am. And we'll get there, however the power of daffodils to bring spring cannot be overlooked.

At my grocery store, during late February and early March, you can pick up a bundle for about $1.99.

Naturally, for that price, I buy several.

It's a bargain, especially since daffodils last a long, long time. In a vase, I've had them looking pretty for weeks.

That's a get more than you paid for kind of bargain.

2. Pansies In Retro Tins

During other years, I've also added pansies to the mix.

They're a hearty little bunch. They pop up in my neck of the woods, long before the Easter Bunny and stick around until June.

They don't do well in vases, but I've planted a few grocery store cell packs in lots of containers and they always bloom for months.

Pansies in metal tea tins on a table in a galvanized tub

Put them in old metal tea tins for a double burst of color in the kitchen.

That pop and combination of colors is a great pick me up on a gray morning.

3. Flowers In A Cup

However, they look equally as lively in more muted pots. One of my favorite places to plant them is inside random tea cups.

Pansies planted in a tea cup on a kitchen breakfront

This super large one was a total mess when I found it at the thrift store, but after a little magic clean up, it was all ready for a bouquet.

4. Buy Those Mini Roses

In March, those darling mini rose bushes show up. They push them as gifts for Easter and Mother's Day. Normally, they're under $5 per plant and I can't resist plopping two or three in my cart.

Yellow Mini Rose

They look fabulous in the kitchen and the living room and bloom for a good long time.

I used to toss them - sorry little guys - once they stopped blooming. They'd get scraggly looking and I was sure they were dead. That is until I found the secret to keep them flowering.

Now, I keep them inside until it's warm enough to move them outside where they thrive for years in my garden.

Springtime blooms with a summertime bonus!

5. Tulips In Any Container You Have

Of course, the aforementioned tulips hold the most special place in my heart and I keep bushels of them peppered around the house whenever available.

They're another great grocery store score.

Baby pink tulips on a table

Color doesn't matter, I'm not picky about the variety either, I love them all. 

White Pitcher Full of Multicolored Tulips

To me, they look most at home in any one of my white pitchers, but I've been known to put them in other containers, as well.

Like my matte milk bottles

Pink tulips in milk bottles placed in milk crate

Or my crafty glass thrift store vase that comes with a pun.

Red Tulips in a glass vase that says flour on it

Or my flower market look galvanized tub...with white pitchers nearby. They usually travel as a pack.

Orange tulips in a metal tin with white pitcher collection

Believe it or not, the only place I don't have any tulips is in my garden. Crazy right. Oh well, maybe next year. 

6. Flowers On The Front Door

One place you might not expect to see tulips is on my front door, but they're there, first chance I get to add them.

And no ordinary wreath will do. I like the unexpected.

Yellow Tulips In A Rain Boot

A few Dollar Tree picks look so sweet in my girls' old boot, welcoming friends with a giant "it's almost springtime smile".

Plus, this year, they're even more dramatic since the door is a different color. FYI...if tulips aren't your thing, you could use lilacs instead.

And this idea isn't strictly for kids' play.

7. Flowers On The Floor

I even used my old rain boots as a vase for a bushel of real blooms.

I keep them in the front entryway, but I could put a potted tulip plant in that boot on the stoop for even more smiles.

Red tulips in a plaid rain boot on a stool

Best part about my little boot decor trick?

I can still wear them when I need to.

I just remove the vase or pot of tulips and pop them on my feet.

You know.

Fo when it rains.

Like today.

Are you dreaming of spring yet?

7 ways to decorate for spring with grocery store flowers

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  1. Oh, yes, you bet I am, Kim. The beautiful sunshine we have been having is responsible. Once I get my second shot, you can bet I will venture out (ever so slowly) and get some of those beautiful tulips from Trader Joe's. Hubby made me a promise that is the first place we will go! Can you imagine I even took that over Home Goods?! Anyway you plant them, your's are so beautiful and they just scream Spring...Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Judy, that sounds like a fabulous place to start…healthy food, yummy treats and flowers, flowers, flowers! I am pea green with envy at the prospect of your outing. I hope you’ll share the trip in a post!! xxoo

  2. Wonderfully delightful post!!
    Makes me want to run to the grocery store and buy bundles of flowers!
    It's sunny and hot here today 82F..and breezy..with pollen galore!
    but i can reminisce about those days when i had myriads of flowers..
    of every description and color..
    those were the denver days..

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it, Loui! I think I'm going to have to put a bunch of flowers in my virtual grocery cart this week. They're way better for my waistline than the cookies anyway. Your weather sounds fabulous...although, I could do without the pollen! Enjoy the beach for me!! And thanks so much for the comment, it really made me smile. 😊

  3. I love it! I love grocery store flowers and like you, tulips are my favorite. And yes, a white pitcher is best. It's been raining here too, the snow is melting and I am ready for Spring - and tulips!
    Thanks for this cheery post!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Mari!! I think I start craving spring right about this time every year. Flowers are an easy way to bring some of it here!

  4. I love this Kim. I love tulips and they are so cheap right now in the grocery stores. They remind me of Spring and love it. Daffodils are heading into the store too and they are $1.99 by me too. We warmed up this weekend and a lot of the snow is melting away. We are still too cold for Spring but it is hopeful to see those really frigid temps leaving us. Have a great new week. xoxo Kris

    1. I'm looking forward to warmer temps, too, Kris. It's freezing outside today. Too cold for anything to bloom yet. There's still ice on the harbor...but dreaming of the warmer months is fun and faking it inside is easy at $1.99! xxoo

  5. My few tulips have sprouted...if I can just keep them hidden from the deer! But I have at least 100 daffodils & jonquils scattered all around my yard & woods. They were sprouting before the snow & still going strong.

    I may need to just go buy some spring flowers this week. I think it's a wonderful idea.

    1. Oh the deer, yes! We don't have that problem in our yard, but in the next few neighborhoods over it's a big deal. I think they're coming our way. I guess, it'll make my inside flowers even more important!! Enjoy your inside flowers!!

  6. I need to go get some spring flowers. Yours look lovely.

    1. Thanks Penny!! I bet yours would be something white, yellow or blue!

  7. OMGoodness, your ideas are adorable, and I love the pansies in the tea tin! :D

    1. Thanks so much, Ricki! I love those tea tins, too. So colorful and such a pretty shade of pink.

  8. I certainly am dreaming of spring! I love all your ideas for grocery store flowers, many of which I've never thought about. Pansies I definitely have to try inside! I do love the idea of using something that's not normally thought of as a vase. And a tiny pot of roses would be very welcomed.

    1. The Pansies inside are such an unexpected burst of color, Dewena. It's like having a garden on my kitchen table. Dreamy!!

  9. I have yellow tulips on my front door! They are a beatiful reminder that "joy cometh" even though there are scraps of roof damage from the ice-pocalypse all around the steps.
    Blessings, J

    1. Tulips really can make every day feel like spring - warm and sunny! I'm sorry about the roof damage from the ice. Been fun. Hope it gets warm and stays warm now!! Blessings my friend!

  10. Hi,
    I forced some daffodil bulbs and they are peeking. I will be forcing tulips tomorrow. I have not done this in a few years, I am so happy I thought to do it this season.
    I will be stopping in at the grocery store on Thursday. I love your pansy idea.

    1. Oh...forcing bulbs sounds technical, but very cool!! I don't think I've ever even planted bulbs. I hope you'll share when they bloom.

  11. I agree Kim that flowers are the perfect way to decorate for spring. I love all of your pretty flowers and ideas. I am so happy that the snow has melted from the rain this weekend. Happy March Kim and I too can't wait for spring to arrive!

    1. I'm super happy that most of the snow is gone, too, Julie. Next up, spring flowers and they can't show up fast enough for me!! Happy weekend!!

  12. Very cute ideas. I love flowers. We have daffodils growing in our yard, so I don't need to buy any. Every year, i try to plant more bulbs. We are all ready for spring and it is showing here. happy March.

    1. A perfect spring cutting garden in the yard? I'm pea green, Linda!

  13. Spring is a wonderful season, and I always enjoy seeing flowers either in the garden or about the house.
    Lovely post.

    Happy March Wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan...and Happy March Wishes back to you!!

  14. HI Kim I found this link from an email in2021. IT's perfect as we look forward to spiring. Sharing on the Weekend Edit! Hope to see you in Creators group next week! xo laura

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Laura!! You are the sweetest!!

  15. Sharing spring flowers on the Weekend Edit on Saturday!