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Elegant Monogram Coaster DIY

March 06, 2021

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Upcycle your old wooden flooring sample squares with a little paint and a stamp kit to create personalized monogram drink coasters.

It's a super easy DIY that turns leftover tiles into elegant home decor accents that protect your wooden tables. Plus they make a fabulous gifts. 

Pushing a letter M stamp into a black ink pad

Did you know I have a superpower?

Yup, I do.

It's not a secret superpower.

In fact, it's not even a very useful superpower.

Heck, I'm not even sure it can be classified as a superpower. Maybe it's more of a...skill? Or a talent?

Well, whatever you call it, I have it.

And exactly what is this magical "it"??

It is the ability to see a piece of junk as something else. Something useful and something beautiful.

And I can do it in under 2 minutes flat.

Seriously. Happens all the time.

Old wooden fan blade? Junkie angel art.

Thrift store bundt pan? Elegant bird feeder

Abandoned plate rack? Rustic garden trellis.

I'm rarely challenged. And it doesn't just happen in second hand shops.

Like Superman's suit, my upcycling brainpower travels with me and its always scanning the room ready to transform items with a single thought.

It makes my husband nuts.

For example, about a year ago, we were shopping for a possible room renovation when we stopped to grab some vinyl laminate flooring samples at Home Depot.

He was busy picking colors.

Do you like this one or this one?

Mmm...I don't care, but get six of them.

Six? Of which? Pick a color.

They're both nice, get both, but get six.

Wait. Six of one? Three of each...I'm confused. If you want six of them to see how they'll look in the room then you want twelve? Six in each color?

No, I just need know for guests. Oh. Or maybe eight? How many people do we usually serve?

Serve what?? We're looking at floor tiles.

Vinyl Flooring Samples

Poor guy. HE was looking at floor tiles.

I was looking at decorative drink coasters. Which is precisely what I saw when he handed me the first sample.

Vinyl flooring product, resistant to wear and water with a rubber back in a neat little square? Um, hello? Isn't that what everyone sees?

Apparently not, because every time someone in the house asked if they could throw them away and I told them no, they were coasters, they thought I was nuts.

See? Superpower.

Anyway, for months now, I've been using those samples to protect my poor little coffee table without any adornment at all and that was never the plan.

So this week, when I emptied my craft closet onto my kitchen table, I decided to make them over with some paint and stamps that were just waiting to use their own superpowers for far too long.

It was another quick and easy DIY with elegant results. And totally free, which is how I like them best.

Here's how I did it.

How To Make Monogram Coasters From Old Flooring Samples

Ok, so I started by gathering my supplies.

Flooring Sample Squares

Tiles - you can use vinyl or ceramic tiles, whatever you have hanging around

Paint- acrylic craft paint, I used white

Stamps- I got mine in the clearance bin a few years ago

Stamp Pad - also clearance

Mod Podge - I used satin

Brushes - two foam, one small bristle brush for details

Once everything was on the table I got to work.

Now you have to remember that I'm a lazy crafter, not into clean up or too much mess. 

Painting  A Wood Tile

So I literally dumped some white paint onto the tile and started brushing it on. I was a little concerned that since the tiles were vinyl the paint wouldn't stick, but it did. No sanding or scuffing necessary.

When it was totally covered, I set it aside to dry and moved on to the next tile.

Painted wooden floor sample tile

The paint dried very quickly. By the time they were all coated, I was ready to stamp.

I love stamping. Easier than stenciling, but you get the same great result.

Stamped Coasters DIY

It's such a simple process. Just open your stamp pad and carefully press the stamp onto the ink. The only warning I have is don't press too hard. You only want the raised area of the stamp to get inked.

If you get the ink anywhere else, it has the potential to bleed onto your tile...and that's no good.

Pushing a letter M stamp into a black ink pad

Next, you place the stamp where you want the design to be and push down. Again, only apply enough pressure so the raised part of the inked stamp comes into contact with the tile.

And try to apply even pressure, so you don't wriggle the stamp so it blurs or move it so it smears. Ok, so maybe it's not easier than stenciling.

Monogram M Stamp being placed on a tile

But really once you get the hang of it, it is. I promise. If I can do it, anyone can.

Monogrammed M Coaster DIY

And here's a little trick if it's not perfect. Fill it in with paint.

My tiles had grooves and divots to mimic real wood, so the "K" stamp didn't connect well in all places.

No worries, I grabbed my tiny brush and filled in the spots.

Touch Up Paint on K stamp missed spots

The last step in this process was to give all the tiles a light coat of Mod Podge to seal them.

After all, these coasters were made for work. I didn't want my artwork to get washed away.

Sealing DIY Coasters

Or worse, that black ink to run all over my cups or hands.

All in, I think this project took me about 15 minutes.

Wooden Floor Sample Coasters

Of course, I only made made three coasters.

The rest are waiting in the wings for their turn.

I have other ideas for them.

Sometimes those superpowers just can't be contained.

Monogram Floor Tile Coaster Upcycle

What's your superpower?

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  1. Very clever. You have crafting super duper powers for sure. Happy Weekend. xoxo

    1. Thanks Kris! I've been having fun crafting lately. Lots of projects to share. Hope your weekend has been sunny!! xxoo

  2. So we used the samples as coasters too! Great minds think alike... LOL. We did put them in our home and have not been disappointed. We weighed the pros and cons of Lifeproof and actual wood floors. We decided to go this route since I was afraid with our pup being so destructive we should go that route. We brought home several samples and ended up going with the Trail Oak. Hats off you and the coasters!

  3. I love them! You do have a super power. :) I just copy!

    1. Haha!! Copy away, Mari. And I think you have amazing superpowers, too. I read your "day in the life" posts and I'm always in awe.

  4. OK, I want that cape that you wear. To me, the super powers do not have anything to do with the way it is done, it has to do with the thinking up of the project in the first place. Where does your mind go to think up uses for all these things? Seriously, a brilliant idea and they look so good..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy. I have no idea where the ideas come from. I often wonder what my mom ate when she was pregnant…or didn’t eat!! Haha!

  5. Fun idea and they look great. It will be fun to see what you do with the others too.

  6. Superpower for you curse to me. I can never throw anything away because I see what it can be. Drives my husband crazy that I collect so many things, I eventually make something out of it but it takes up a lot of room in the mean time. 🤣

  7. I love this project. A set of these would make an awesome wedding gift.

  8. You do have super-powers both in seeing the potential for things AND your gift of the written word in sharing those great ideas in the most enjoyable fashion. Love the coasters, Kim!

  9. I've done something similar with leftover bathroom tiles.

    I'm a superpower worrier. My SO sees the glass 3/4 full. I worry that the glass is going to get knocked over and all the water will spill out.

  10. I've always wanted a super hero for a friend! And I love the coasters. We are celebrating our Passover later this month and these give me an idea of making individual coasters for people to take home as gifts, hoping that we can celebrate together.

  11. You are a super hero at crafting Kim! I love these monogrammed coasters you made. Anything monogrammed is all the rage right now!

  12. Love your ability with the superpower Kim! I don't think I have one like that. I love what you did with the coasters. Not filling them in with paint is another cool look too. But they look good like you did them.

  13. Kim, you are the Wonder Woman of crafts and inspiring ideas. LOVE the idea. And another great Christmas idea.

  14. I know I've said it before but you have such an amazing way with words, Kim. You had my gripped by your superpower from the first sentence and I can actually see the puzzled look on your hubby's face too :D Love your monogramed coasters too, I ber no-one will suggest throwing them away again. .

  15. Very cute craft, Kim. Thanks for the tutorial!

  16. Hi! I made the coasters, except I used letter decals, painted over them and then ran my finger of the decals to help them look rustic. I mod poddged as recommended and they look great unfortunately, after using (with ice cold drinks), we notice it took some of the paint off, or the modge Podge, or both-not sure what really happened. Did you experience this with your coasters? Any ideas on what the issue may have been?

    1. Hi! I'm so happy you tried the DIY, but I'm so sad it didn't work out well for you. I haven't had have this far. We've had a few cold drinks on them, but mainly we put hot mugs on the coasters. I used a satin Mod Podge and I did let them set up for a few days before using them. Maybe that helped it to fully cure? The only other suggestion I have is that if the Mod Podge isn't sealing for some reason, perhaps you could give them a quick coat of polyurethane, either with a brush or from the can, the spray kind. That should do the trick. Let me know!!