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Rustic Wooden DIY Egg Holder

March 20, 2021

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Whip up a rustic wooden egg holder tray for you counter with this cheap and easy DIY.

Use it to display faux eggs for Easter or to hold your eggs when cooking. Form and function for your cottage style or farmhouse kitchen and beautiful either way.

Wooden Egg Holder with decoupage eggs inside

A million years ago, long before the dawn of the internet and blogs and Pinterest, like many of you, I used to read magazines. A LOT.

I remember approaching the mailbox with great anticipation, excited to see what was inside and then I'd spend my evenings leafing through the pages for design inspiration to feather my tiny newlywed nest.

I never turned down a page, since I didn't want to mar the photos, instead I used Post-it notes to mark the pages I liked.

Depending on the magazine and the time of year, bookmarks could be found on almost every page. I was deep into design and had piles and piles of periodicals with piles of Post-its tucked neatly inside. 

However, once the kids popped into the picture, the magazines started to go.

First, my quiet moments dried up and stacks of them went untouched for weeks at a time. And second, we lived in a two bedroom beach cottage and storage space was almost nonexistent.

I could either hold on to the toys or the magazines. But definitely not both.

Guess which ones we kept?

Of course, I couldn't just toss all my beloved inspiration into the trash. That just wouldn't be right.

It actually felt like a little bit of my heart was on some of those pages. So instead, I spent my evenings revisiting my Post-it marked pages and tore out everything I thought I might really use in the future.

Like the page with the atrium styled breakfast nook...which I showed the architect when we moved into the new house.

Or the English cottage garden room with the floral sofa and green walls...which I carried in my purse as I shopped for the den.

Stone Fireplace Living Room with fall decor

And then there was the lodge style living room with the giant stone fireplace and beams on the ceiling...which I drooled over often, but never thought I'd ever actually get to decorate.

Great photos and clearly worth holding onto since they helped make so many of my design dreams come true.

Unfortunately, there was one Post-it page idea that kept escaping me.

Ironically it was the easiest, cheapest and smallest one to attain. 

And yet.

Years passed and the page tore and just when I'd given up all hope, last weekend my sweet husband said, Hey. You want to me make you that egg thing today?

Um. It's only been twenty years since I first asked you, but sure.

Better late than never.

That egg thing he was referring to was a simple wooden egg holder. A slab of wood, six holes and some feet.


Growing up in the middle of suburbia, I'd never seen anything like it before and as soon as I spotted it in a magazine years all those years ago, I was smitten. 

At the time, Etsy didn't exist and I had no idea of where to buy one, so it was project for the DIY pile.

Of course now they're everywhere.
You can get one here if you like---> Wooden Egg Holder
Or here---> Rustic Wooden Egg Tray

But, like I said, since the only power tools I ever used were a glue gun and sewing machine - don't laugh - I needed that guy to make it.

Clearly not at the top of his list. 

Although it was much easier than some of his other wooden building projects:
But last weekend, in between installing the battery on his own DIY electric bicycle and draining the leaves off the pool cover, he made me an egg holder. 

For all the waiting and dreaming and thinking and planning, the thing took about 15 minutes to construct.

Cutting Wood on a patio with a large saw

How To Make A DIY Egg Holder Tray

It was really a very easy process. All you need are the right tools.

Here are our simple wooden egg holder plans.

Supplies We Used For The DIY:

Step 1: Cut The Wood

He started by cutting the wooden plank into a small rectangle.

It measured about 8.5 x 5.5 inches and it was 3/4 of an inch thick.

Wooden Egg Holder DIY Supplies, board, spade drill bit

Step 2: Cut The Holes

Once he cut it, he used a 1 1/2 inch spade drill bit to make six evenly spaced holes in the wood.

He said that the trick to getting good clean holes, is to use steady, even pressure and have another piece of wood underneath your pretty board.

DIY Egg Holder with holes cut in board

Use a scrap, something you don't mind drilling into, because when the drill gets close to drilling all the way through the wood, it could chip the back end and make it look messy.

The extra board steadies the drill.

Step 3: Sand The Edges

Then he softly rounded the corners and sharp edges with a sander and glued on a few feet.

He used the same wooden candle cups that I recently used on my wooden charcuterie board.

Adding Feet To A Wooden Egg Holder tracing the spot where they'll be glued

You can grab them here if you like --> Wooden Candle Cups

Step 4: Seal It 

When he was done, he handed it over to me and I got to work sealing it.

I was going to stain it with my tried and true cheating method, but then I decided that if I wanted to really use it for cooking, that I should treat the wood with something food safe.

Food Safe Wood Oil for egg holder

The natural finish is nice contrast to the dark wood tables I have in the room.

It looks fabulous holding my decoupaged eggs. I bet it would also look very festive holding a few tiny sticker eggs.

However, I think it will look best of all holding my eggs while I drop a few into my blueberry muffin batter on Sunday morning.

DIY Easter Egg Holder on table displayed with flowers and bunny figurines

So worth the wait...

Thanks to my handy guy.

And all those Post-its.

Wooden Egg Holder Rustic DIY for your cottage

Were you a magazine junkie, too?

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Worth the wait for sure! That is adorable with your eggs in it.

    1. Thank you, Penny! Almost make me want to get a few chickens! Almost...😉

  2. How cute! I love it...and it looks so cute on your countertop. I would love to have one, too! I have files of magazine pages that I still keep....I love Pinterest, but I'm also old school, LOL!

    1. Thanks Ricki! Truth be told, I have started getting a few choice magazines again. Some of them are so pretty today, like decor books…with a very few ads!

  3. Well better late than never I guess! You're such a wonderful writer and tell a story like a true story teller. I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing what new crafty project you're up to!

    1. Thanks Brenda! You know me, I actually enjoy writing about it more than I enjoy the DIY...but I suppose writing is a craft, too. So maybe the blog post is just the last part of the project for me! Either way, glad you enjoy it all!

  4. Oh my gosh, this is totally adorable! You should definitely get chickens - just imagine it with shades of brown, blue, and olive eggs for that blueberry muffin batter :-) I used to buy just about every decorating magazine out there and saved my favorite ideas in plastic sleeves. I still have a 3 ring binder of them - what's amazing is that my decorating 'style' hasn't changed significantly in 30+ years. Happy Saturday!

    1. Thanks so much!! SO funny...we were driving past an Agway yesterday and they had a big sign saying that the chicks had arrived out front. We've never had chickens before, but it really got us thinking. We definitely need to do more research! And I still have one lonely little binder left too, some recipes, some decor and like you, it's mostly the same as what I'd choose today! I guess we're consistent! Enjoy the weekend and Happy Spring!

  5. That is adorable! I just love that! I love Easter decor and you do it so well.

    1. Thanks Mandy! I really like this one. It makes me smile and has me thinking spring today!

  6. I still am a magazine junkie. Up until this year, we donated the unwanted ones to the local hospital. Obviously they no longer were accepting the magazines, but I really hated just to toss them in the trash. Recently, I put a whole pile out in a box in our driveway and labeled the box "Free Magazines". They are almost gone now. I'm happy. Other magazine junkies are happy. What could be better? Oh well, maybe an end to this mess that the world is in would be a tad better.

    1. Pat, I just renewed some! I think I'm going to start reading them again. And I love that you were able to share the wealth with others! That's amazing!!

  7. Oh what's twenty years right?!!!! Worth the wait on this one. Super cute. I use that butcher block oil on my butcher block counters and love that stuff. I still love my magazine and design books even with pinterest and IG. Still love to look through them up close and personal. Happy Weekend. xoxo

    1. Twenty years....can you believe it. I don't know what his aversion to eggs was, but now that it's done, maybe I can get him to start working on my dollhouse! That project is way more than twenty years in the making!! Yikes.

  8. I was a magazine junkie too. Unfortunately I too often saved them and all their ideas but never used them! Now I think I'm doing something similar with Pinterest. :)
    I've never seen an egg holder before, but it's so cute!

    1. I'm the exact same way with Pinterest, Mari!! Well, with the exception of recipes. Every now and then I do actually make one!!

  9. I love the egg holder! This would be SO useful for baking; no more rolling around the counter!

    I can relate to this on so many levels, but I've never had to wait 20 years! I was a magazine junky too. When Hubs was in one of his purging moods, it was either the zines or some of my craft stash. And we both know how that turned out - lol. I listed them online and people were only too happy to take them so I feel better knowing they weren't tossed out.

  10. How cute is this my friend. I would never think to do this. Adding it to John's to do list.


  11. I say, Kim, you come up with the best ideas. And of course how you write the story that goes along with that idea, makes me smile.
    Happy Spring!

  12. I love to collect magazines as well, and like to send my used ones off to the nursing home to my mother-in-law to read. However, I like the idea of pulling ideas out of them, and keeping for a "rainy day project"! I love how this project turned out, you will have lots of fun with this holder for years to come :)

  13. Such a cute project. Waiting 20 years is a very long time. Enjoy your special project.

  14. Kim, that is the cutest way to display your eggs. Love the way the table looks set up. You are a much better person than I am, you see, I kept all the toys AND the magazines. That was just the start of what looks like a slight hoarding problem, BUT it isn't!..Take care and stay well..xxoJudy

  15. Yes, Kim it was worth the wait for your egg holder. It's so cute and you are lucky that your husband remembered to make it for you! This will be perfect for holding your decorated eggs for Easter. I still LOVE reading magazines too! Lol.

  16. Absolutely adorable!! I used to love reading all the magazines and I have saved so many of them..I am now so glad I did with the demise of so many of mt favorites!!

  17. Have been a magazine junkie for sure. But I still enjoy them even though some are years old. I file them by the month. So all of my January February, March etc. are all together making it easy to pull out the month of the year that is coming up to inspire. Some I don't even remember and it is like a new magazine filled with inspiration for the season. Love your blog posts Kim! Blessings to you and yours,

    1. Oh, I miss magazines, Alda! I remember the excitement of getting them in the mail, now I have an older stash of treasured favorites, but I don't get any new ones on a regular basis. You sound so organized, I should take a page from your system!! And thank you so much for your sweet comment. You just made my day! ♥️