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Decoupaging Easter Eggs With Napkins Is Not Easy

March 31, 2015

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Decoupaging faux eggs with napkins for Easter is easy right? Think again. It's harder than it seems.

Here's my experience and what I did instead!

Decoupaged and painted Easter eggs on table with vase and bunny figures.

So I really don't do that much decorating for Easter.

I try to put something pretty on my front door and pepper a few bunnies about, but other than that, eh, I usually don't get around to it.

Last year, motivated by all the creativity I see on online, I made a sweet carrot garland and this year, this week actually, I whipped up another super easy banner for my hood.

I was so pleased with it, I decided to raise the bar just a little bit higher and try some of those pretty napkin Easter eggs that have been featured everywhere lately.

I figured, how hard could they be?

Well, let me tell you...too hard for me, that's for sure.

No, let me correct myself. They were not too hard.

Just way too labor intensive and time consuming for this hit and run craft girl.

This was my experience.

How {Not} To Decoupage Faux Eggs With Napkins

I started with a few brown paper mache eggs from the craft store.

It meant that I wasn't going to be able to cut the flowers out individually and add them to my brown egg for that sweet dainty look I adore, but I wanted decorative eggs with staying power.

And I was not blowing out any yolks, so I went with faux...they were on sale, too, less than a dollar a pack.

Spring napkins, foam paint brush and paper mache eggs

I picked up two packages of pretty napkins from the clearance aisle, as well.

I was going to use decoupage paste/ gel, but I don't always like the smell. Several websites suggested using an egg white as your medium, so I went with that. natural.

Spoiler alert. It doesn't work.

Hand holding an egg with napkin on it

It all started out rather well.

I just brushed the egg white onto the egg, tore some paper strips from the napkin and went over the top with more egg white. So far, the process was very uneventful.

Ok, now before we continue I would like to point something out here. Do you see the white cuff?

I am wearing my coat.

Yes, that is my jacket.

When I say that I like projects that are super quick and easy, I'm not kidding.

You see, I craft when I can...very little bits of time, in between carpooling kids to and fro, running errands, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc. This is how I really, truly work.

If I can't accomplish it in a jiffy, it's not happening.

Ok, moving on...

A decoupaged egg in an egg carton

I covered about half the egg with paper and then set it in the egg carton to dry and started on another egg. Again, so far, so good.

I made three of the flowered pattern and then moved on to the polka dot napkins. Here's where the trouble began.

The floral napkins were single ply, sturdy and easy to work with. The red napkins were two ply.

If I tried to work with both, the top layer slipped. When I removed the bottom layer, the napkin tore when I tried to paste it on the egg, it was too thin.

Also, when I tore the red napkin, it had white edges that looked terrible.

I was getting frustrated and thought, ok, I will just make them all floral.

Well, as they started to dry, the napkin started to peel away.

I got out a hairdryer to speed the process and secure the paper with my fingers. That was ok, until some of the napkin starting coming off in my hand.

Update! Here's a tip I learned since this great!!

Then I started wondering about the egg whites.

Will it keep the paper on forever? Is someone or something going to try to snack on it over the summer when they're stored away? Will it mold?

Ugh. I don't like unanswered questions, so I got out my washable school glue and started painting a layer on the eggs ~  y'know, in case.

Well, that was a very messy process.

Again, I brought out the hairdryer and started to dry the eggs. The paper was bubbling, my fingers were sticky and I really didn't want a bunch of uniform eggs.

I like diversity. It adds interest, all one pattern is boring.

By this time, I was so frustrated with the idea of decoupaging anything else, that I grabbed two of my craft paints and another foam brush.

Decoupaged and painted eggs in a carton

In a few super short minutes, I had a bunch of painted eggs. They were bright, dry and best of all, done.

And you should see how they look now, displayed in my beautiful DIY wooded egg holder!

I admit it, when it comes to crafts, I'm a product girl. I don't enjoy the actual doing phase, I much prefer the idea brainstorming phase and the admiring it when it's completed phase.

Which is exactly where we are now...

Decoupaged and painted Easter eggs on white plate next to flowers and faux bunnies

...and I couldn't be happier.

Especially since now I have my dinner and dessert napkins for Easter brunch.

That's one less errand to run.

And yes.

I am still wearing my coat.

Do you craft on the run? 

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