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Elegant Plastic Pitcher Makeover

September 09, 2021

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Here's how to paint old plastic pitcher with paint and give it a makeover that turns it into a stunning home decor accessory.

For a few bucks you can upcycle your trash into treasure. 

Spray painting a plastic vase sitting on a cardboard box


Last Christmas we bought my daughter a Kitchen Aid mixer.

She'd started baking over the summer and we thought it'd be a nice gift. Allowing her to take her fledgling skills to the next level.

And we weren't wrong.

She quickly moved from sugar cookies to some very extravagant creations, whipping up decadent treats several times a week.

Every week, for almost a year.

In the beginning it was great.

But then it took a dark turn.

The kid became a prolific baker, producing the most amazing muffins, cakes and cookie bars at an alarming rate. The stuff was everywhere.

Cheesecake With Brownie Bottom Crust on table with whipped cream and chocolate chips

And somewhere around March, I took to eating dessert before my dinner.

I know, I know, it's terrible. I'm a middle aged woman, I should know better and have more control.

It's just that that mixer has gotten everything all turned around.

Upside down.

So why am I sharing this now, and what exactly does eating dessert before dinner have to do with home decor?

Well, I'll tell you. Tomorrow, for Fun Find Fridays, I'll be sharing my latest and greatest yard sale finds.

It was a banner summer and I scooped up a bunch of very cool treasures.

{You can see them in that link ^}

However, normally, I share my finds first and then a little while later, I come back with a big reveal.

The makeover. 

Makes sense, right? Before...then after.

Well, not today. Today, it's after...tomorrow will be before. 

See, dessert, then dinner.


Besides. You've already seen it today's project.

It was hiding in plain sight behind my decoupaged pig. You probably didn't even notice it. 

It was just another one of my pretty, white, ceramic pitchers, holding a dozen roses. 

Except it wasn't. Not even close.

Clear Plastic Pitcher on a deck railing

It was a $2, clear acrylic pitcher in disguise. A bargain I found at a yard sale in July.

Very unassuming, very ordinary and very plastic. 

Yet I was very excited about it.

You see, I'm a huge fan of white pitchers. I have a tons of them. I'm obsessed.

However, I use them. They're not just for display, and sometimes, while they're being washed or moved...

They chip.

And look terrible.

Chipped vase base the words this happens way too often and an arrow

But plastic doesn't chip. It's indestructible.

It'll bounce if you drop it and make a noise if it slips out of your wet hands and hits the porcelain sink.

But it won't chip. And that was the big draw.

Of course, clear plastic anything doesn't really fall into the category of cozy, cottage style decor

So this girl needed a way to fix that...and we all know the ultimate fix for most things is paint.

How To Paint A Plastic Pitcher

Supplies For The Project:
  • Denatured alcohol 
  • Rag
  • White spray paint

Step 1. Prep

How do you get paint to stick to plastic? 

The process began by cleaning the plastic well with an old sock and some denatured alcohol to remove any debris or grease. 

Plastic is slick and if you want the paint to adhere well, the surface has to be properly prepped.

Cleaning plastic pitcher before painting it

2. Choose The Correct Paint

What kind of paint will stick to plastic? 

Choosing the correct paint is equally as important. We used a paint/ primer combo spray that was made for plastic. Krylon and Rustoleum both make excellent products.

Luckily, we always have cans in the garage, leftovers from other plastic painting projects.

3. Spray It

So we set up an old box in the backyard and gave it a few coats. 

Spray painting a plastic vase

We waited for each one to dry completely before adding another and we only sprayed the outside.

A little overspray did make its way into the top of the pitcher, which was fine.

However, we intentionally didn't paint the entire inside, since I knew I wanted to use it to display fresh flowers and I wasn't sure if the paint would make them wilt faster. 

I already have a tenuous relationship with plants, I didn't need any outside interference.

Even if I was only dealing with cut blooms.

White spray painted plastic pitcher on cardboard box

Now, the trick to this project, much like my faux milk glass DIY, is to choose a high gloss paint so that the finish mimics a translucent glass.

Trust me, there's nothing charming about a painted plastic pitcher that looks like a painted plastic pitcher. 

Thankfully, that wasn't an issue with my fabulous summer find.

Two bucks and two hours later, the makeover was complete and I had a brand new addition to my white pitcher collection. 

Super shiny.

A total showstopper filled with my signature color.

White pitcher filled with red roses on kitchen countertop

And absolutely no chips.

Now if I could just make the chocolate ones in my house disappear.

For a little while, anyway.

Or maybe just until after supper. 



Stunning Plastic Pitcher Makeover Pin clear pitcher on deck railing

Happy Crafting!!
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  1. Hey Girl I am a believer life is short eat dessert first lol! You are genius to paint this white. How cute. Amazing what a little spray paint can do. Love the bottom of this pitcher so sweet. Happy Thursday. xoxo

    1. I’m with you, Kris…or at least that’s what I’ve been telling myself for the last year! Ha!! I’m telling you, the kid is gifted and it’s not good for my waistline! Thanks for the sweet pitcher words…It was a fun find and spray paint is king!! xxoo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Briana!! Gotta love that spray paint! 😉

  3. Great Job. Thank you for sharing this idea.

  4. I would never have thought it was plastic! I love ironstone as well.
    I can't wait to see your next project.

    1. It's my new favorite pitcher, Jenny and seriously, you'd never know it was plastic, even close up!

  5. I love white much!!! And this one turned into a beauty. I'll be looking for some plasticware!!!

    1. Thanks Cheri! It was a lucky find for sure.

  6. I really like the bottom of the pitcher, but leave it to you to kick it up a notch and make it even prettier..would love to find a twin and do it black for Halloween with Chinese lanterns and bittersweet in it.

    1. Thank you friend!! And now you've taken it up a notch with your fabulous Halloween idea. I am on the hunt...and of course, if you find one first, I hope you'll share your arrangement with us!!

  7. I would not have known it was plastic.....the pitcher looks great! :D

    1. Thanks Ricki! No one knows, which is just what I’d hoped…

  8. Great job and it looks like the real thing. Pinned for me to remember to give this a try. My hubby will be happy another ironstone pitcher doesn't show up. I can't help myself. Enjoy the dessert, life's to short

    1. Thanks Cindy!! It really does look like the real thing...and I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only pitcher obsessed girl in the room. ☺️

  9. WOW, I would never have known that was plastic if you hadn't told me. Now, about that dessert thing. I am a firm believer that after the age of 40 there are no rules pertaining to the order of eating. I just made that up on the spur of the moment, and I'm sure you are under 40 so this doesn't apply to you. Anyway, I hope you have my address to send some of the leftovers to me. xo Laura

    1. Laura, thank you for the kind words about my pitcher and my age! I can assure you that I am WELL above 40 - (by more than a decade, since it’s just us girls). 😉 So looks like I can keep eating my dessert whenever I like. Of course, I’d still be happy to send you some treats. Goodness knows we have enough of them!!

  10. I love it, another masterpiece.
    I love that your daughter enjoys baking. I would love to join you with the taste tests.

    1. Come on over, Carla! I'll trade you some homemade treats for some fresh eggs. Or flowers!! Haha... you pick!!

  11. I gave my girls kitchen aids a few years back. They use them a lot, but not like your daughter!
    That pitcher is so cute! And I would never have thought to paint it. It looks like the real deal!

    1. Thanks Mari!! I’m so glad she uses it, it wasn’t a cheap gift, as you well know. People keep telling me that they’re surprised I didn’t get red. I told them I did it on purpose, so when she moves out, it will match whatever kitchen she has…because it’s not staying here!! Haha!!

  12. I had the same thing happen to me too. We got a mixer for y daughter a few years back and lo and behold everyone in the house gained weight. Now we have hidden that mixer in the closet to keep temptation away. Your pitcher seriously does not look like it is plastic. In fact it looks priceless now!!

    1. Thanks Mary and trust me, that mixer may have to take a little trip. If it's this bad now, I can't imagine what the holidays are going to look like around here...haha!!

  13. Replies
    1. Thanks Penny! Spray paint to the rescue. Again!

  14. What, you mean eating dessert first isn't a thing? Huh! Unless you pointed it out, one would never know this was plastic in your pitcher grouping. Well done!

    1. Haha! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who likes my cake before my meal. And thanks for the lovely pitcher compliment!

  15. WOW! There is no way I'd think that pitcher is plastic! Beautiful! As for dessert before dinner, well, you could start with dessert and cut out dinner and save calories that way! I know, not helpful! ;)

    1. Thanks Amy!! Even I forget it's plastic when I bump into it! And I like your thinking when it comes to dessert. I think I may try that!!

  16. Kim, that pitcher is just beautiful. I wouldn't know it from the real thing if you hadn't said it. I love the idea of dessert before dinner, or how about two desserts and you could skip dinner altogether. Your sweet girl made a beautiful pie. I remember baking a lot when I first got my KitchenAid and I was working so they all loved me because we had something sweet for our break all the time..Happy Sunday..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy! I have to say the pitcher has worked out well. No chips yet! Haha! My daughter has been baking up a storm for sure. She's becoming quite competent with that mixer. Hence my dinner dilemma! Happy weekend!! xo

  17. Replies
    1. Thanks Florence! I like it this way, too and I often forget that it's not glass.

  18. I can't believe that the pitcher is plastic Kim. It looks so real and now you don't have to worry about it breaking or chips. It's so nice to have you hubby help out with your DIY's too!

    1. Thanks Julie! It's worked out super well and yes, he's very helpful. I have him helping me with curtains today. Haha! Poor guy!!

  19. Kim,
    Love the fantastic makeover....I never would have thought that it was plastic!! And I never would have thought of painting it but I LOVE it!! Stay safe, healthy and happy!!

    1. Thanks Debbie!! It has such great lines. As soon as I saw the pitcher I knew it would look great painted and unbreakable!! A bonus!!

  20. It looks like the real thing!! Bless the man or woman who invented spray paint :D

    Oh, and eating dessert first is good for you. It helps absorb the nutrients faster and it's supposed to make you not eat so much. Clearly my body didn't get that memo, because I still eat a full plate of food after dessert.

    1. Spray paint is the best!! And I like your way of thinking when it comes to dessert. Unfortunately, my body doesn't seem to be getting the memo either. Haha!!