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Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark

October 25, 2021

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If you're a big fan of Oreo dessert recipes, you have to try this milk chocolate Oreo cookie bark recipe. 

Amazing double chocolate taste and super easy to make.

Chocolate Oreo Chocolate Bark on a plate near pumpkin centerpiece

Well, this weekend it happened. 

Fall finally arrived.

It was quite shocking actually, since it's been rather warm so far.

In fact, the day before we were walking on the beach in shorts and sweatshirts.

But by Saturday afternoon, I was wearing my winter coat. The real deal one.

Not good.

However, being old, and wiser, and knowing full well that I can't fight Mother Nature, I've decided, in recent years, to fall into fall with open arms.

So I spent the weekend doing just that. 

We covered the fish pond

Added a few more mums to the front stoop.

Fall Front Stoop with floral door wreath and mums on steps

And made some changes inside, too.

The result is a house full of autumn splendor...decor, makeovers and, best of all, treats.

And that's what I have to share with you today. Sugar. 

It's another easy Oreo dessert recipe (my favorite kind) and pairs well with my beloved beverage of choice, hot water

Of course it's not a traditional fall recipe, it's perfectly decadent anytime of the year, but since it is fall...well, you know.

Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark

Most Oreo bark recipes are made using white chocolate. We're not a fan, too sweet.

So instead we made our with regular milk chocolate.

Here's how we did it. 


Oreos - we used about 1/2 bag
Milk Chocolate Chips or Melts - we used one package of chips

*your measurements will vary based on how many cookies you use and how chocolatey you want surrounding them.


Wax Paper
Chocolate Melter
9x13" Glass Dish - or smaller if you use less than a whole package of cookies
Spatula - This Pioneer Woman set is on my list for Santa. 

Recipe Directions:

Start by placing Oreos in a plastic bag. You're going to break them and this is the easiest and neatest way to do that.

Grab a spoon, place the bag on your counter and press down on the spoon to crush the Oreos.

Crushing Oreo Cookies For Baking

You don't want the pieces to be too small, so do this gently. 

When you're done, place Oreo pieces aside.

Crushed Oreo Cookies For Baking In A Bowl

Next up, you need to melt your milk chocolate.

Years ago, I bought this handy dandy little Wilton Candy Melter and it's worked wonderfully well.

Melting Chocolate In Wilton Melter

However if you don't have one of these numbers, here is an excellent article on how to melt chocolate in a variety of ways.

Once your chocolate is set, line your glass pan with wax paper.

Then dump your Oreo pieces into the pan, spread them out evenly and pour the chocolate on top.

You can use a spatula to smooth it all out and make sure the chocolate gets in and around the cookie pieces.

Oreo Chocolate Bark In glass pan with wax paper

Place the pan in the fridge for a few hours and you're done.

It's not super easy to cut once it's cold.

We tried using a knife, but it turns out the pizza cutter worked best.

Either way, pretty or not, it was delicious!

Chocolate Oreo Chocolate Bark on a plate near pumpkin centerpiece

It was hard to keep around for more than a day.

But that's ok, it was easy enough to whip up more.

A few last thoughts.

*We didn't use a full bag of Oreos for our recipe. We just used what we had on hand, about half a bag. Then we added about a bag of chocolate chips in.

Both of those will vary based on how many cookies you use and how much chocolate you want them buried in. 

*We didn't spray the wax paper. The chocolate peeled away easily and we didn't want to muddy the taste with oil or spray.

*We used the glass pan rather than a baking sheet, since, depending on how many Oreos you use, the bark can get rather thick.

The cookie sheet's sides can be too low to contain the melted chocolate.

Of course, real bark is thinner, but we're not pros over here.

*You can use white chocolate, colored chocolate melts and even add peppermint if you like.

*Lastly, keep in mind we ate ours on its own, but this would make a super topping for a cake or crumbled over ice cream.

Especially homemade ice cream.

Maybe even ice cream with a frozen chocolate shell to boot. 

I mean after all, if I'm going to embrace the cold, it might as well taste good. 


Oreo, Oreo Cookie Dessert, Chocolate Bark
Author: Kim @ Exquisitely Unremarkable
Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark

Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark

Whip up a decadent dessert with this deceptively easy Milk Chocolate Oreo Cookie Bark recipe.
Prep time: 15 MinInactive time: 2 HourTotal time: 2 H & 15 M


  • Oreos
  • Milk Chocolate Chips or Melts


  1. Place Oreos in a plastic bag. 
  2. Break them into small pieces with a spoon, set aside.
  3. Melt chocolate.
  4. Add wax paper to 9x12' glass dish and place Oreo pieces inside.
  5. Pour chocolate over Oreos.
  6. Place in refrigerator for about 2 hours or until cool and solid. 


*You can use white chocolate or colored melts or add peppermint or the holidays

Did fall finally visit you this weekend?

Chocolate Oreo Chocolate Bark Pin

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  1. The chocolate Oreo cookie bark looks so yummy and perfect for holiday entertaining. Thanks for the recipe to make it Kim.

    1. Thanks Julie! Super simple to do and (unfortunately) completely addictive. Stay dry tonight!!

  2. Easy and yum. We are pretty chilly here in Illinois too. Lots of rain yesterday. Have a good week. xoxo

    1. We're going to get lots of rain (and winds and thunder...) tonight. I am not's a good night for Oreos! xxoo

  3. Okay this is awesome. I'm making it with dark chocolate.

    I may try Oris with pumpkin cream inside.


    1. Oh my goodness...that sounds amazing!! You are always thinking my creative friend.

  4. Yum, yum, yum…. I love any type of bark!!

  5. Kim, this sounds so good! But, did you use an entire package of oreos? How much chocolate did you use?? Wasn't sure of the size of pan you used, it looks smaller than a 9x13 in the pics.
    Thanks so much!!!!!!!! chris

    1. Hi Chris!! GREAT questions. Thanks for taking the time to ask. I just went back in and amended the post. I would say this is one of those recipes where we just kind of went with what we thought would taste good. We used 1/2 a bag of Oreos and about a bag of chocolate chips and ours fit in a dish that was a bit smaller than 9x12. However, you can use more of both...or less, depending on how much milk chocolate you like.

      Also, it doesn't need to fill the entire pan, if you have a 9x12, which is what I figured most people would have on hand.

      The real key here is the size of the Oreo pieces. If you crush them up more, the bark will be thinner and more like traditional bark. If you leave them on the larger size, it'll be chunkier and hard to smooth out...but it tastes just as good! Hope that all helps!!

  6. That looks yummy Kim! I may have to try this with the GF oreos. I have not tried them yet, but I bet they are just as yummy as the originals. Thanks for sharing this recipe. I like easy recipes most of all!

    1. I've heard that the Oreos come in gluten free varieties now. That's awesome! And I'm with you, all about the easy recipes!

  7. Looks so easy and I bet addicting! We are getting lots of rain and I am loving it. Soup time.
    Stay warm.

    1. Thanks Linda! You’re right on both accounts…easy and addicting!!

  8. Well, once you said "over ice cream," it was all over for me! Yum! I'd probably make mine with dark chocolate, and the rest of the family's with milk chocolate.

    1. Right there with you, Amy!! I’m a sucker for ice cream. Enjoy the week!!

  9. Kim, fall sure did visit us this past weekend, Liquid Fall. We had more rain than we here have seen in a long while. It was good. I have been really good about cutting back on my sweets but this post gave me hope for the holidays. Once a year isn't such a bad idea and your front porch is so darling and festive, but classy as always..Happy Tuesday..xxoJudy

    1. If it's only once a year, Judy, I think it's ok to splurge and trust me, this is a splurge. Lots and lots of chocolate! And I think your rain made its way here. Boy did we get a lot of it this morning!! Stay dry! xxoo

  10. YUM. Thank you for the recipe. This will be a fun recipe to make for Christmas!

  11. Yum! Looks good and I bet my hubby would love it! Thanks!

  12. We are having as close to fall as you can get in Central Texas - this weekend I will enjoy my wine at my firepit in my own backyard. Ahhh, its the little things... Your Oreo bark would go lovely with a nice Cab Sav (:

    1. Chocolate and wine...a lovely combination! Enjoy your weekend!!

  13. I love Oreos! YUMMY! BTW, your front porch is so cute and welcoming!

    1. Thanks Ricki!! It's a teeny tiny stoop, but I try to make the most of it. Flowers help. 😉